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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Doctor Collin B. WOOSLEY

In the 1850 census he was 5 months old.

MARRIAGES:Christian County, Kentucky

He was 30 in 1880, a doctor, living with his wife at his mother's home.

In 1882 he graduated from the medical school at the University of Louisville.

HISTORY: A History of Christian county, Kentucky page 676/677... He was a well known physician of Fairview, Christian, Kentucky. He was descended from Revolutionary War ancestors on both sides. His great-grandfathers were Thomas and Moses Woosley, who with two of their brothers Aaron and William, were soldiers from Virginia.

Riverside Cemetery grave marker, Hopkinsville, Kentucky


She was 25 in 1880.


He died shortly after he graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1903.

Lavinia E. WOOSLEY

She was 20 in 1880 and was a school teacher.

Thomas WOOSLEY Jr.

MARRIAGES: Halifax County, Virginia
Surety for marriage was William Woosley, Witnessed by Thomas Woosley Sr. and Benjamin Hubbard. This was his first marriage.

MILITARY RECORDS: Served in Virginia Continental Army Revolutionary War Pension #W1005, I have a copy of the abstract of his pension records. He received 100 acres of land for his service as a private during the Revolutionary War.

HISTORY: Trigg County, Kentucky --- The name of but one Revolutionary soldier appears as such upon the Trigg County records. In 1820, June 19, Thomas Owsley (indexed Woosley) made application for a pension, and produced in open court the following schedule of his property: "An old horse, one cow, one calf, two two-year-old heifers, fourteen sheep, two sows and seventeen pigs, six old pewter plates, five knives, as many forks, and some wooden utensils of little or no value."

Left Virginia and came to Kentucky first to Lexington, then Barren County, then to Christian County, Kentucky by 1814.

Perrin's History of Christian County, Kentucky.

He was 90 in 1850 living with his son Moses Woosley. The census calls him an old soldier of the Revolutionary War.

Jane S. WALL

NOTES: She was the widow of William Covington. "Wilford-Williford Family History"

Thomas WOOSLEY Sr.

NOTES: Some information I have received says he was born about 1730 in Scotland or Ireland, but I have found nothing to substantiate this. Also that his first name was Moses. If the Thomas Woosley who wrote his Will in 1705, is his grandfather then Thomas Sr. would have been born in Virginia. I doubt they would have gone back to Scotland or Ireland.

NOTES: Information received from Betty Marr of 430 Obispo #106, Long Beach, California 90814. She believes like I do that Thomas is his name and not Moses as a lot of people have thought. (May 1993)

NOTES: Thomas was one of the witnesses to his son Thomas Jr.'s marriage in 1786. It seems that most of his sons were over 25 years old before they ever married. Some of his sons moved to Kentucky, some to Tennessee, and some to northern states. He served in the Revolutionary War along with about seven of his sons according to family tradition. Also according to tradition he was the father of 14 sons and one daughter. My grandmother Jessie Holeman Doss, said her mother always told her that Thomas and a bunch of his boys fought in the Revolutionary War together.

NOTES: Information from CD100 Automated Archives in 1993.

Elizabeth WATERS

NOTES: She would have been about 50 years old when her last child was born. It is not impossible but I am beginning to think maybe Susannah is a granddaughter instead of a daughter. There is no record of Thomas Woosley being married more then just the one time. Even though he was quite a bit older then Elizabeth.


After the Revolutionary War he left Virginia and went to the Texas area where he lived and died. In the 1930's he had a granddaughter who was very old who lived around Dallas that told what little she new about the Woosley family. She died shortly after.

Samuel WOOSLEY Sr.

He moved from Virginia to Whitley County, Kentucky about the year 1815. He then moved to Edmondson County, Kentucky in about 1830. He was buried in the neighboring county of Grayson.


When Phebe and Sam married, her surety was Thomas Bailey, could be her brother or father, she signed on her own consent.

She was 78 in 1850 in Edmondson County, Kentucky.

George Washington WOOSLEY

HISTORY: Kentucky, A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 2nd ed., 1885, Butler County; Lewis F. WOOSLEY, Butler County, was born 10 October 1859, on Big Reedy Creek, in Edmonson County, Kentucky where he grew to manhood. In 1881, he located in Butler County, where he now resides. His father, George W. Woosley a native of Whitley County, Kentucky, was born in 1817, and is now living in Edmonson County. He is the son of Samuel Woosley. George W. was twice married: first to Julia Siler, who bore him five children, as follows: Merrel, Terrel, Joseph, Mary J. (Oller), and Silas C. He was next married to Elizabeth OLLER, daughter of James Oller, of Edmonson County (born in 1828, died April 6, 1883). Their offspring are: Phebe F. (Willis), Cynthia A. (Thoms), Julia A. (Thoms), Elvira (Nash), Lewis F. (subject), Eliza (Willis), Dina E. and Martha T. Lewis F. obtained but a common school education. He was married November 29, 1879, to Miss Lucinda, daughter of Marvil and Elizabeth (Miller) Nash, of Edmonson County (born January 14, 1860). To them have been born Palvena and Luvena E. Mr. Woosley is a farmer, and owns 100 acres of productive land.


In 1820 he was in the Bedford County, Tennessee census records.

He went to Pike County, Arkansas for a little while but then came back to Bedford County, Tennessee.

He was in Bedford County, Tennessee again in 1840.

Elijah and his family more then likely came down the Tennessee River from Virginia in about 1819 to the area around Bedford County, Tennessee.

DEEDS: Bedford County, Tennessee Book NN, page #367
21 Oct 1844, Elijah Woosley to Joshua and William Woosley, Deed of gift of 125 acres. For the love and affection he has for his two sons.

CENSUS RECORDS: 17 Oct 1850 Dist#23, Bedford, Tennessee page #246, family #92/92
WOOSLEY, Elijah age 76, male, farmer, $300, VA
WOOSLEY, Sally age 31, female, TN
WOOSLEY, Mahaley age 27, female, TN
WOOSLEY, John age 19, male, laborer, TN
WOOSLEY, Nancy age 13, female, TN
WOOSLEY, Mary age 11, female, TN
WOOSLEY, Eliza age 2, female, TN
(Who did these 3 younger kids belong to?)


She was 31 in 1850, single living with her father.


She was 27 in 1850, single living with her father.


He was 19 in 1850.


His wife may have been a niece or cousin to his brother Moses' wife.

He moved from Virginia to Edmonson County, Kentucky, died in neighboring county of Grayson. He was living with a Samuel Woosley born 1802 in Grayson County, Kentucky 1850 census.

Benjamin WOOSLEY

HISTORY: Benjamin Woosley and his wife conveyed land to Gabriel Bolen in 1811 in Patrick County, Virginia. Information for the appraisal of the will of Benjamin Woosley 27th of October 1841. These people bought or received property from the estate: Elizabeth Woosley, Hezekiah Woosley, Samuel Cecil, William Cecil, William Barrette, and Peter Ratcliff. Elizabeth and Hezekiah were the administrators and they also received the most.


According to family history on the Woosley's given in book "Family Histories of Christian County, Kentucky 1797-1986" page 437, Joshua lived in Hart County, Kentucky. (No documentation was given for this.)

Joshua moved from Virginia to Hart County, Kentucky and was living there in 1828. From Mary Lay's records = By 1831, they were in Woodford County, Illinois. They may have lived in Indiana right before going to Illinois. Joshua was a school teacher and a Christian preacher.

According to Mary Lay of 1721 Stonebridge Rd. Alexandria, VA 22304-1038 from letter dated 2 June 1999. Joshua was born abt. 1782 and died 7 July 1852 in Woodford County, Illinois and is buried in the Woosley Family Cemetery on the old farm.

CENSUS RECORDS: 22 Nov 1850 Dist#56, Woodford County, Illinois page #496, family #755/757
WOOSLEY, Joshua age 63, male, farmer, $1500, VA
WOOSLEY, Polly age 50, female, KY
WOOSLEY, Elijah age 22, male, IN
WOOSLEY, Mary age 20, female, IN
WOOSLEY, Sarah age 18, female, IL
WOOSLEY, Julia age 16, female, IL
WOOSLEY, Maria age 14, female IL
RUSSELL, Eliza age 7, female, IL


She was 50 in 1850.


He was 22 in 1850.


She was 20 in 1850.


She was 18 in 1850.


She was 16 in 1850.


She was 14 in 1850.


He fought in the Revolutionary War, and had enlisted in Loudoun County, Virginia. He first applied for a pension on 19 March 1833 in Claiborne County, Tennessee and said he was 76 years old. His widow applied in April of 1846 in Caliborne County, Tennessee and she said she was about 95 years old.