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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Marjorie Louise DEGENHARDT

Duell Franklin Beard (Tog), writes the following: We just received the news
this morning, Sunday November 5th, 1995, that our little Margie had passed
away. The first of the family spouses to go. She died in the hospital at
Santa Rosa, California. She and Bill were taking their daily walk when the
heart attack started. We all thought she would be one of the last to go
because of her healthy life style. One of her favorite songs that she used to
ask me to sing to her was, "Don't Fool Around With Calico When You've Got Silk
At Home". Margie was without a doubt, "SILK". She will be missed by many, and
her memory will be cherished throughout the years. We love you Margie...
(Written by Tog, 6th November 1995)...
!Margie was raised by her grandparents William and Mary Degenhardt in Altoona,
Pennsylvania. She was born prematurely with permanent sight damage and they
didn't think she would live.

Harold Crawford WALLS

He died of cancer at 2:30 AM this morning 19 June 1997, at the Murray Hospital.

Archiles WHEELER Sr.

NOTES: Archilles, Archelaus and Archibald are some of the spellings I have found when talking about him in the old records.

NOTES: He resided in Buckingham and Bedford Counties, Virginia, and also Madison, Green and Adair Counties in Kentucky. It must be noted that there are few records of a legal nature found for Buckingham County before 1769, Buckingham Court House burned in that year. Tax lists, Land Patents and land surveys are found at the state level. There are also a few publications that collate some information of historical nature. Sometimes early marriage records have been gleaned from Military & Pension records.

NOTES: The first known record found for Archelaus Wheeler is the tax list by George Hooper in Buckingham County, Virginia. This is in Buckingham County, Virginia Tithables, 10 June 1774 on page 1. There are also other Wheeler Tithables listed for the same area in the 1773-74 lists. As far as can be determined, there is only the one group of Wheelers residing in Buckingham County. Such circumstance could indicate they were all related to the John Wheeler of the original 400 acre land patent. Archelaus next appears in Bedford County, Virginia where he signed a Legislative Petition dated 21 November 1781. Others signing the petition on the same page were Benjamin Wheeler (also from Buckingham) and Roland Wheeler and Thomas Wheeler. Archelaus is known to have sold his land in Buckingham County to David Coupland. A deed record found in Prince Edward County (Deed Book 1789-1816, pages 65-66, dated 19 January 1795) shows that David Coupland purchased the Tract of land of 130 acres in Buckingham from Archelaus Wheeler. A land survey of Buckingham County shows a Coupland adjacent to Charles Wheeler in 1780. Archelaus Wheeler is listed in the Personal Property Tax lists for the southern district of Bedford County from 1782 through 1791. Bedford County Order Books give several interesting records of the Wheelers of Bedford County. Archelaus is qualified as Constable and Deputy Sheriff in 1787. (Order Book 9, pages 33 and 36.) There are numerous other court records in which Archelaus was participant. Archelaus witnessed a deed dated 13 June 1789 of land purchased by James Wheeler of James Payne for 30 acres on branches of Beaver Dam Creek. The deed was recorded 28 February 1791. This James Wheeler is also believed to be from Buckingham County and possible a nephew, who was the son of Charles Wheeler, Sr. of Buckingham.

NOTES: Archelaus moved prior to 1800 to Kentucky. A History of Garrard County, Kentucky and Its Churches by Judge Forrest Calico states on page 209 that Archibald Wheeler was living on Paint Lick Creek before 1800. In 1792 he is on the tax list of John Adams (Kentucky Historical Society Register, Volumn 23, page 124.) In 1796 he is said to have removed to Green County on a delinquent tax list by the Sheriff of Madison County, Kentucky. (The Kentucky Researcher, Volumn 3, March 1965, page 5.) Adair County was formed from Green County, Kentucky in 1801. Archelaus is found on Census records in that county from 1800 to 1830.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1810 Adair County, Kentucky page 15
WHEELER, Archibald

CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Adair County, Kentucky page 60

PROBATE RECORDS: Adair County, Kentucky Will Book C, page 545: Archiles WILL was not dated but was proved in court 3 January 1831, he mentioned his wife Mildred, sons: William, Archiles, Allen and Samuel, daughters: Nancy Dabney, Mildred Wade, and Polly Grimes. The balance of his children were given their shares earlier. He does not mention their names. His wife Mildred and son William were the executors. He made his mark. The witnesses were John Butler, David Shields and John Smith.
"I, Archelus Wheeler of Adair County, State Of Kentucky, being of sound mind and memory. I do make this my last will and testament in form following that in this day. I desire that so much of my personal estate be sold as will pay and satisfy all my debts and funeral expenses, that may come against me or may occur at my death.
2ndly: After the payments of my debts and funeral expenses I give to my wife, Mildred Wheeler all of my estate whatsoever kind, have during her natural life.
3rdly: I desire that after the death of my wife Mildred that my land shall be sold to the highest bidder and the money arising from the sale of my land be divided as follows: To my son William Wheeler I give one-half, and the other half to be equally divided between my three sons as follows: Archelus Wheeler, Allen Wheeler and Samuel Wheeler.
4thly: I Desire that the remaining part of my personal estate which was left after paying my debts and funeral expenses shall be sold and the money arising to be equally divided between my three daughters (or they may divide the property as they choose) (viz): Nancy Dabney, Mildred Wade, and Polly Grimes. The balance of my children having received from me a full portion heretofore.
5thly: I appoint my wife Mildred Wheeler and my son William Wheeler my executors of my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills and testaments by me heretofore made.

In witness hereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this ____ day in the year _____."

John Butler, David Shields, John Truth

Kentucky, Adair County
Adair County court begun and held for county aforesaid on Monday the 3rd day of January 1831. The last will and testament of Archelaus Wheeler, deceased, was produced in court proven by the oaths of David Shields & John Butler subscribing witness thereto & ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of Mildred Wheeler (widow and relict of said Archelaus Wheeler) and William Wheeler the executors therein named, the executors thereof is granted they having executed & acknowledged bond in the penal sum of two hundred and forty dollars with Samuel Wheeler and Jacob Bur___ their security conditioned as the law directs; and taken the oath required by law.
Teste: Geo. A. Caldwell, District Clerk

NOTES: Some information on Archiles Wheeler and his decendants received from Sybil Wheeler Pereira of 1312 W. 10th St. Unit #1, The Dalles, Oregon 97058 (1998).

Mildred LYLE

They resided in Buckingham and Bedford Counties, Virginia, and also Madison, Green and Adair Counties in Kentucky. She is mentioned in her husbands WILL.


He may be the Charles who was in Wayne County, Kentucky with a wife and 4 children under 10 in 1820.


I have not yet proved John Wheeler as the next link in the chain.

Archiles WHEELER Jr.

He was mentioned in his fathers WILL.

CENSUS RECORDS: 2 Aug 1850 Dist #1, Adair County, Kentucky page #18, family #251/251
WHEELER, Archalus age 72, male, farmer, $1000, VA
WHEELER, Catherine age 62, female, KY
WHEELER, Isabella age 29, female, KY
WHEELER, Mary age 22, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 1 June 1860 Dist #1, Adair County, Kentucky page #126, family #221/221
WHEELER, Archelaus age 83, male, farmer, $250, Bedford Co, VA
WHEELER, Catherine age 75, female, keeps house, Lincoln Co, KY
WHEELER, Isabella age 35, female, keeps house, $1800 & $200, Adair Co, KY

Catherine RIDGLEY

She was 62 in 1850.

She was 75 in 1860.

Isabella WHEELER

She was 29 in 1850, single, living with her parents.

She was 35 in 1860, single, living with her parents.

Nathaniel Sikes WHEELER

CENSUS RECORDS: 1 June 1860 Dist #1, Adair County, Kentucky page #126, family #222/222
WHEELER, Nathaniel S. age 32, male, farmer, $5000, Adair Co, KY


She was 22 in 1850, single, living with her parents.


She was mentioned in her fathers WILL.

Malinda Ann WHEELER

She was mentioned in her father's Will in 1823.

MARRIAGES: Adair county, Kentucky 1802-1840, book #976.9675 V25b


She died at the age of 42, she was apparently unmarried.


She was mentioned in her fathers WILL.


He was the executor for his fathers WILL.


He was mentioned in his fathers WILL.