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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



NOTES: Adam was in America by 1774. He received a land grant of 250 acres on 15 Nov 1774 in Lancaster County, Camden District, South Carolina. Adam and Hugh were members of Cedar Springs congregation in Abbeville.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1800 Abbeville County, South Carolina page #24,
BAIRD, Adam 1 male 45 and over, 1 male 10 to 16, 1 female 16 to 26, 2 females 10 to 16, and 1 female under 10.

PROBATE RECORDS: Abbeville County, South Carolina
Adam's Will was written 9 Feb 1807 in Abbeville County, South Carolina. It was probated 8 April 1807. Executors were William Dale and Joseph McCrery. Witnesses: Elizabeth Weed, Mary Dale and Joseph McCrery. Children mentioned were: Jean Vickery, Mary Baird, grandchildren: Lily, John and Agnes Baird they lived with their grandfather and Elizabeth Hawthorn otherwise Baird.

Will of Adam Baird ==== In the name of God, Amen. I, Adam BAIRD, of the State of South Carolina, Abbeville District, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say: First, I will that all my lawful debts and funeral charges be paid and discharged by my executrix hereinafter named, also I allow that all my goods and chattels be sold and divided equally among my two daughters and four grandchildren that live with me: Jean VICKERY, otherwise BAIRD, and Mary BAIRD, my two daughters, and my four grandchildren, that is - Lily BAIRD, Elizabeth HAWTHORN, otherwise BAIRD, John BAIRD, and Agnes BAIRD. As for the half of my land on which I now live, I do bequeath unto my daughter, Mary BAIRD, during her life with all the appertenances belonging thereto, but if the aforementioned John BAIRD will give his obligation to the said Mary BAIRD for $12 yearly during her life, then at her decease the land shall be his and his heirs forever. Lastly, I do make and constitute William DALE and Joseph McCREARY my executors of this my last Will and Testament, dated Feb 9, 1807. I do hereunto set my hand. Adam BAIRD, Witnesses: Elizabeth WEED, Mary DALE, Joseph McCREARY Mary BAIRD, daughter of above, Died before 1 Nov 1813, Jane VICKERY, next of kin.


PROBATE RECORDS: Abbeville County, South Carolina Box 13 Packet 276
Her Will was probated 1 Nov 1813 by her sister Jane VICKERY. She apparently never married. Inventory 9 Nov 1813 by Samuel FOSTER, Edmund COBB, & Robert FOSTER Jr., Administrator: Jane VICKERY, with John BOYD & William WARD; Buyers at sale: Mary BUCK, Thomas OSBORN, Jean VICKERY, William WARD, John BOYD, John BAIRD, Nancy BUCK, Margaret BAIRD, James FOSTER, Ebenezer FOSTER

John BAIRD Sr.

MILITARY RECORDS: John served in the Revolutionary War. He served in Captian George Dunlap's company from 1 July to 1 Aug 1780, under Lieut. Thomas Thompson from 15 Feb to 8 Mar 1781, from 8 Aug until 19 Sep 1781, he was quartermaster under Colonel Postell, and was then under Lieut. Thomas Dunlap for a short period starting 27 Apr 1782.

PROBATE RECORDS: Abbeville County, South Carolina Box 11 Packet 222
Will of - John BAIRD was written 24 Apr 1797 and proved 28 Nov 1798 in Abbeville County, South Carolina. He mentioned wife but did not name her, mentioned sons: Adam, John, Andrew and Simon. The Will was set aside after two of the three witnesses to the will testified that they believed him to be insane at the time he wrote the will. None of his daughters are mentioned. Witnesses: Simon BAIRD, Alexander WHITE, John WHITE
Estate: John BAIRD, Probated 26 March 1798, Widow: Martha BAIRD, Bondsmen: Simon BAIRD, John WHITE, Samuel FOSTER, Hugh BAIRD, Adam HILL

Buyers at sale: Martha BAIRD (wife), William QUAY, Samuel MORRIS, James McCLINTON, Mary BAIRD (sister), James STEWART, Hugh BAIRD, Anthony YELDAL, Adam BAIRD (father), John GASTON, Jeremiah ABLE, Jean VICKERY (sister), Elijah LYON, Andrew WHITE, John WILSON, James FOSTER, Alexander WHITE.

NOTES: Information from Archive Record submitted by Lary Milton McGrew of 234 7th Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah. He states he is the 4th great-grandson of John and Lilias McClurken Baird.

Enoch BELT

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Hurricane, Crittenden, Kentucky Film #1254410, Page #77
BELT, Johnathan Head, age 26, Farming, KY TN TN
BELT, Sarah C. Wife, age 25, Keeping House, KY -- KY
BELT, Martha J. Dau, age 2, KY KY KY
BELT, Enoch Brother, age 28, widow, Works On Farm, KY TN TN

He was 48 in 1900, married for 19 years, living in Sheridan, Crittenden, Kentucky.


She was 43 in 1900 and said she was the mother of 4 children but only 3 were still living.

Corda B. BELT

She was 15 in 1900.

Claude B. BELT

He was 4 in 1900.

William BAIRD Sr.

NOTES: He received a land grant 8 July 1774 in Lancaster County, Camden District, South Carolina. He sold it 9 Feb 1779 to a James Adams. It was witness by his wife Jean Baird and also by Robert Baird, Mary Baird and Rebecca Baird. He also appears to have owned land in Laurens County, South Carolina which was conveyed to him by Hugh Baird. The Will records of Lancaster are lost, but some of the details of his will are revealed in the land records of Laurens in 1799 and 1802. They state that William Baird late of Lancaster had left the land conveyed to him by Hugh Baird to his sons William Jr. and Thomas.

Simon BAIRD Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1800 Abbeville County, South Carolina page #24,
Simon BAIRD 1 male 26 to 45, 1 male 10 to 16, 2 males under 10, 1 female 26 to 45, 1 female 10 to 16, 3 females under 10.

MILITARY RECORDS: He fought in the Revolutionary War for a total of 152 days in the years 1779 to 1781. He first served in the Foot service under Captain George Dunlap from 10 May 1779 to 12 June 1779. He then served in the Horsemen's service under Captain George Dunlap from 15 July 1780 to 18 Aug 1780, under Lieut. Thomas Thompson from 15 Feb 1781 to 2 Mar 1781, under Lieut. Thomas Dunlap from 17 Apr 1781 to 29 Apr 1781, under Lieut. James Kennedy from 28 June 1781 to 28 July 1781 and under John Gilbreath from 21 Oct 1781 until 18 Nov 1781. He received a grant of land for his service of 200 acres in Lancaster county on 5 June 1786. It was probably about that time that he married Margaret ADAMS. Sometime between 1790 and 1797, probably in 1795, as on 6 Apr 1795 Simon was granted land in 96 District in South Carolina. His widow Margaret lived in Abbeville on Belle View plantation until 1817, when she and her seven surviving children starting moved west. They spent a short time in Missouri, eventually settling in Hempstead County, Arkansas.

NOTES: His father's Will said he and Andrew were the two youngest sons.

PROBATE RECORDS: Abbeville County, South Carolina
His Will was probated 3 Jan 1803 by his wife Margaret, no children mentioned. Estate of - Simon BAIRD, Recorded 7 March 1803, Adminstrator: Margaret BAIRD, Buyers at sale: Robert FOSTER, Dr. JACK, Margaret BAIRD, Hugh McCORMICK, Robert GIBSON, James CONN, John SPENCER, John BOYD, Arthur MORROW, John WILLS, John SANDERS, Robert THOMPSON, John MORROW, James WIMMS

Margaret ADAMS

NOTES: She migrated to Missouri and soon after to Hempstead County, Arkansas with her children after Simon died according to family stories.