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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Sarah Emaline ELDER

She was 5 in 1860.

She was 14 in 1870.


CENSUS RECORDS: He was 10 in 1860.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 19 in 1870, married in December 1869, and he and his new wife are living with his father Joel in Hadensville, Todd, Kentucky.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 30 in 1880, living in Dist #80, Livingston County, Kentucky. Who are these two people that are living with his family? Mary HAYDEN, age 18, white, Domestic Servant, MS MS MS; William HAYDEN, age 22, white, Laborer, MS MS MS


CENSUS RECORDS: She was 17 in 1870.


He was 10 in 1850.

He was 29 in 1870, living in Pct #3, Crittenden, Kentucky.

He was 39 in 1880, living in Union Pct, Crittenden, Kentucky.

Margaret E. HAYDEN

She was 7 in 1850.

She was 39 in 1880.

She was 59 in 1900, widowed, mother of 6 children but only one was still living. She is living in Dyers Hill Pct, Livingston, Kentucky.

Newton Francis BINKLEY

He was one in 1880.

Johann Jacob KUHL

He was confirmed at the age of 16 in 1695.

Info from the book "More Palatine Families" by Henry Z. Jones, Jr. -1991-

Reverend Samuel BLAIR Sr.

He was a Presbyterian minister.

He was a Trustee of the College of New Jersey.

A lady named Virginia whose email in 2000 was had the children of Samuel and Frances on genforum.

Francinke VAN HOOK

Frances' mother was living with her when she died.

Reverend Joseph BLAIR

He was a Presbyterian minister.


She went to Kentucky.

Reverend Samuel BLAIR Jr.

He was a Presbyterian minister.

William Lawrence BLAIR

He was a lawyer and went to Kentucky.


He died young.

Larkin HART

NOTES: I figure Larkin is really born about 1827 as he is getting married in 1847. However he is listed as age 18 in 1850 and is living with his parents and no wife is listed with him. He would have been about 15 in 1847 if his age is correct in 1850. Maybe the marriage did not work or maybe she was pregnant and died in childbirth.

He was 18 in 1850.

He was 39 in 1870 living in Knox County, Kentucky.