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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Ridge Prairie, Madison County, Illinois page 142
RENSHAW, Absalom

TAX RECORDS: By 1828 Absolum RENSHAW is in Cooper County, Missouri and on the stray's list. By 25 Aug 1835 he has bought land and is being taxed for it in Cooper County. The value of the land was $350.00 and was 95 acres located in Section 6, Township 45, Range 16 in Cooper County.

CENSUS RECORDS: 31 Oct 1850 Dist.#23, Cooper County, Missouri page 159,
Family #1276/1276
RENSHAW, Absolom age 54, male, farmer, $2000.00, GA
RENSHAW, Mildred age 56, female, NC
Family #1277/1277
RENSHAW, Elijah T. age 30, male, farmer, IL
RENSHAW, Winifred age 25, female, MO
RENSHAW, William age 7, male, attends school, MO
RENSHAW, Absolom age 5, male, MO
RENSHAW, John B. age 3, male, MO
STEPHENS, Rowan age 52, female, KY
STEPHENS, James B. age 21, male, farmhand, MO
STEPHENS, Charles age 17, male, farmhand, MO

The 1850 census says he was born in Georgia, but according to different family members he was born in North Carolina.


She was 56 in 1850.


CENSUS RECORDS: 5 Sep 1850 Dist#58, Moniteau County, Missouri page 23A, family #311
RENSHAW, John age 32, male, Baptist clergyman, $1200.00, IL
RENSHAW, Margaret age 32, female, KY
RENSHAW, Jackson age 13, male, attends school, MO
RENSHAW, William age 11, male, attends school, MO
RENSHAW, Elijah age 9, male, attends school, MO
RENSHAW, Martha age 6, female, MO
RENSHAW, Noland age 4, male, MO
RENSHAW, Mary Ann age 2, female, MO