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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


William Henry Harrison COWAN

CENSUS RECORDS: 21 Aug 1860 Union County, Kentucky page #517, family #1462/1462
COWAN, Wm. H. age 24, male, farmer, md in the census year, KY
COWAN, Louise age 20, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 19 Sep 1870 Lindle Pct, Union, Kentucky page #309, family #51/52
COWAN, Wm. age 45, male, works on farm, KY
COWAN, Louiza age 40, female, keeps house, IN
COWAN, Benjamin age 9, male, KY
COWAN, Andrew J. age 7, male, KY
COWAN, Thomas J. age 5, male, KY
COWAN, Martha age 4, female, KY
COWAN, Ady age 2, female, KY
COWAN, Lucy age 1, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 11 June 1880 Bells Mine, Crittenden, Kentucky film #1254410, Page #100
William H. COWAN Head, M M W 45, KY
Occ: Farming Fa: SC Mo: TN
Martha L. COWAN Wife, F M W 32, AL
Occ: Keeping House Fa: --- Mo: TN
Thomas J. COWAN Son, M S W 16, KY
Occ: Farm Hand Fa: KY Mo: IN
Martha E. COWAN Dau, F S W 14, KY
Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: IN
Addie COWAN Dau, F S W 12, KY
Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: IN
Lucy COWAN Dau, F S W 11, KY
Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: IN
William H. COWAN Son, M S W 4, KY
Fa: KY Mo: AL
Nannie G. COWAN Dau, F S W 2, KY
Fa: KY Mo: AL
Katie J. COWAN Dau, F S W 1/12, KY
Fa: KY Mo: AL

MARRIAGES: Union County, Kentucky film #562174

MARRIAGES: Hardin County, Illinois film #965704

Louisa Belle FRYAR

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 Sep 1850 Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana page #24, family #1109/1108
BURNETT, Samuel age 26, male, farmer, $1000, OH
BURNETT, Martha age 25, female, IN
BURNETT, Sarah age 6, female, IN
BURNETT, Jeremiah age 3, male, IN
BURNETT, Alwilda J. age 8/12, female, IN
FRIAR, Geo.W. age 16, male, farmer, IN
FRIAR, John A. age 14, male, IN
FRIAR, Louisa B. age 12, female, IN

She was 20 in 1860.

She was 40 in 1870.

Benjamin Franklin COWAN

He was 9 in 1870.

Andrew Jackson COWAN

He was 7 in 1870.

Thomas Jefferson COWAN

He was 5 in 1870.

He was 16 in 1880.


She was 2 in 1870.

She was 12 in 1880.

Colonel James REED Sr.

EMAIL: My name is Sylvia Reed. I have recently come across a small cemetery and, since I am really into geneology, thought I'd try to give these people to their families! :) I was looking on your website and this seems to be the James Reed you have. On the headstone (and it does have a War of 1812 star next to the headstone), it reads, "Col. James Reed Born in Rowan Co., N.C. 1750 Died in Miami Co., Ohio 1820 Revolutionary Soldier 1776-1782 married Mary McMahon Dec 6, 1774 Born in Rowan Co., N.C. 1755 Died in Miami Co., Ohio 1810" (Received this email 16 July 2003)

EMAIL: Vicky - I found them in a little cemetery called Pinegrove Cemetery. On the "online" map of cemeteries in the area, it is called Reed Cemetery, which is why I became interested in it! I didn't get a picture of it yet, but when I do, I'll email it to you! (Received this email 17 July 2003 from Sylvia Reed.)

EMAIL: Hi Vickie! I was doing some searching and wondered if James had a son named Samuel who could have been in this area with him. I'm finding that James had two deeds done, two different plots of land I believe. One was from the US Government and one was from a Samuel Reed. Just wondered! :) Thanks!! Sylvia (Received this email 5 Oct 2003 from Sylvia Reed.)


NOTES: Her last name as also been found as McMakin and McMachan.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Her father gave consent for her marriage.

PROBATE RECORDS: Elizabeth and Mary McMahan were to have 25 pounds each in their father's Will in 1787.

NOTES: She prepared the second days feast for her brother William after his marriage to Rebecca Foster in 1790. There was a two day wedding festival held in their honor.

Margaret DE HOOFE

NOTES: She was of French descendant.


County History of Christian County, Kentucky book #976.978 H2c, John was born, reared, educated and married in Rowan county, North Carolina. He moved to Knox county, Tennessee shortly after his marriage and then in 1808 they moved to Christian county, Kentucky. They settled on Brush Fork of the Tread Water River in Hamby Precinct. In 1818, they moved to Madison County, Missouri, and while he John, was in Christian county, Kentucky on business in Sept of 1822, he took sick and died at the home of James C. Clark.

PROBATE RECORDS:Christian County, Kentucky Will Books 1797-1900 book #976.978p28g page 28.. There was a Noncupative Will written 30 Dec 1822 and probated 1 Jan 1823 mentions wife Nancy and children but does not name the children. The witnesses were James C., Joseph and Hannah Clark. Will Book C, page 506. The Commonwealth of Kentucky Christian County We the undersigned Certify that on the 6th Day of September Last John Renshaw late of this County then a Resident of the State of Missouri Madison County Came to the House of James C. Clark, Sick (One of the undersigned) and Continued with him the said James until Monday Evening following the 9th of the same month at which time he Died without any Recovery. But on Saturday Evening proceeding his Death Towit on the 7th of the same month he apprehending as we Conceived his approaching desolution and Conceiving him to be of a Disposing mind was asked how he wished his property disposed of In Case he should not Recover from that sickness which he answered in the following manner (And wished us the undersigned to take notice Accordingly that is to say). First he wished all his Just Debts should be paid out of his Estate and the Residue and whole of his property both Real and personal should be Invested In his wife, Nancy Renshaw and subject to her Control under the herein after mentioned modifications (that is to say) her Controle to be Compleat during her Life or Widowhood with the Intire priviledge he himself might Exercise was he alive In Giving to her children as they may Come of Age or married as Her Circumstances might Justify or her prudence dictate. However to a final Eaqual division among his Heirs at Law But at her Death or in Case of her Intermarriage the whole of his Property both Real and personal to be Eaqually divided among his Heirs at Law. He then mentioned a Horse he had a few days before traded with the said James C. Clark for, for a Note he the said Renshaw till then held on Laurence Brasher of the State of Allabama. He said he wished the said James to sell said Horse with the mare he Rode in together with his Travelling Effects Consisting of Saddle Bridle Cleaning Clothes and some Store goods or if he had an Opportunity to send them to his Family and that the said James had full Liberty to Recend the Bargain respecting the Horse and Keep him himself and trade the note to some other person for what it might bring or what the said James Saw proper to take and in what sort of Pay and Respecting the Pursel debt and Other Business said James was Authorized by Power of Attorney to TransAct for him the said Renshaw He want him still to Seercise the same authority for the benefit of his Heirs and Particular said Respecting the Pursel Debt he wanted him the said James to act on Intire Discretion in Collecting that Debt and in what kind of pay and when and if Collected to Remit the same to said Nancy Renshaw. He was then asked if he wished the said Nancy his Exectriss he Answered that he wanted no Executor and further said not. Witness our hands December 30, 1822 Jas C. Clark Jos. Clark Hannah X Clark her mark. Take notice that at the Next March Term of the Christian County Court I shall prove the foregoing Will of John Renshaw and perhaps administer on the Estate of said Renshaw. Yours ? James Clark

Nancy REED

NOTES: After her husband John died in 1822, Nancy and her children came back to Kentucky from Missouri in 1826 to live. She was the mother of 8 children.

Thomas RENSHAW Sr.

NOTES: He and his wife Jane were on the Baltimore County, Maryland Tax List in 1710. By 1744 he and wife Jane sold 134 acres called “Brother’s Discovery” to James RIGBEE and 100 acres of the same tract to Nathaniel PORTER.

PROBATE RECORDS: He left a WILL dated 13 Aug 1748 St. George's Parish, Harford County, Maryland and was probated in 1751. His will gave 250 acres to eldest son John and another 250 acres to second son Abraham.


She was executor of her husbands Will.

Elijah RENSHAW Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1790 Sailsbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina
RENSHAW, Elijah 1 male 16 and upward, 3 males under 16, 4 females

Elijah RENSHAW Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1790 Sailsbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina
RENSHAW, Elijah 1 male 16 and upward, 3 males under 16, 4 females

Elijah RENSHAW Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1790 Sailsbury District, Rowan County, North Carolina
RENSHAW, Elijah 1 male 16 and upward, 3 males under 16, 4 females


CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Christian County, Kentucky family #688/742

CENSUS RECORDS: 19 June 1880 Hamby, Christian, Kentucky film #1254409, Page 148D
Occ: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC
Malindy RENSHAW Wife F M W 63 KY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: NC

Melinda MCCORD

She was 63 in 1880.