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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



He was 91 years old when he died. But there is no date on the newspaper

Amiasettia DIXON

She was 1 in 1880.

Elton DIXON Sr.

He was 18 in 1900. He was a young man when he died. He left a wife and a
young child to mourn his passing.

John Wesley Riley FRALEY

He was 7 in 1880.


She has an obituary listed in St. Clair county.

Mary Nancy FRALEY

She was 5 in 1880. She is 25 in 1900 single and still living at home.

Edmund Franklin FRALEY

He was 3 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 4 June 1900 Doyal Twp, St. Clair, Missouri page 3010B, SD#6, ED#149, family #112/112
FRALA, Edmond F. head, APR 1876, age 24, md 0 years, MO KY MO farm laborer
FRALA, Amanda wife, JUL 1882, age 17, no children, MO MO Indian Territory
Edmond was renting a farm.


She was 17 in 1900 and did not have any children yet.

James T. FRALA

He was 8 in 1880.

Margaret FRALA

She was 6 in 1880.

William Wesley FRALA

He was 5 in 1880. He was 24 in 1900 working as a farm laborer and still living at home.

John Thomas FRALA

He was 3 in 1880.

Edward Theodore FRALA

He was 1 in 1880 and was listed as Edmond.

He was the father of 7 children and the oldest and youngest child preceded him in death.