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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Willis Edward DOWELL

He was 7 in 1870. He was 17 in 1880.

When he was married in 1895 he was just visiting from Missoula, Montana, where he was the postmaster.

In 1907 he was living in Tolu, Kentucky.

Sarah Ruth BIGHAM

She was 1 year and 11 months old in 1920.

In 1951 she was living in Akron, Ohio.

Margaret E. HAYDEN

She was 7 in 1850.

She was 39 in 1880.

She was 59 in 1900, widowed, mother of 6 children but only one was still living. She is living in Dyers Hill Pct, Livingston, Kentucky.


She was 14 in 1880, living with her mother and step-father.


He was 3 months old in 1870. He was 11 in 1880 and was listed as Francis E.

In 1907 he was living in Welsford, Kansas.

John Thomas WOOSLEY Sr.

He was 8 in 1880.


She was 7 in 1880.

John Thomas WOOSLEY Sr.

He was 8 in 1880.

Nora Alzada WOOSLEY

She was 2 in 1880.

Robert E. DOWELL

He was 5 in 1870.

He was 15 in 1880.

He was living in Missoula, Montana and working as postmaster when he came back to Marion to get married in 1895 to Allie Croft.

In 1907 he was living in Wichita, Kansas.

Martha E. DOWELL

She was 1 in 1860.

She was 11 in 1870.