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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Captain James FORD

HISTORY: [Some Heroes of the American Revolution (In the SC Upper Country), Bailey, 1924; reprinted 1976, Southern History Press, Easley, SC, p. 224.] 1776 In the area of Spartanburg County, South Carolina Captain James FORD and his wife were killed by Indians sympathetic with the British. FORD's daughters were taken captive by the Indians in this attack. FORD lived on the Enoree river near a placed called the Canebrake. Settlers sympathetic to the British sat beneath poles bound in white cloth, called "passovers." These were supposed to protect Tories from Indian attack, but FORD and his family were not so protected, even though they had a passover. Later, the daughters of Captain FORD were freed from their captivity. NOTE: The above mentioned daughters were captured on 20 June 1776. It is said Cassandra FORD was one of those daughters captured. QUESTION: Was the other captured daughter Permilia FORD, who soon after married William MITCHUSSON? I think it likely is significant that Permelia and William MITCHUSSON named one of their male children James Ford MITCHUSSON, and that they named their next female child Cassandra MITCHUSSON. James was a Loyalist who served as Captain of the South Carolina Provincial Militia of the Upper or Sparta area of Ninety-Six District. He served under Colonel Thomas FLETCHALL. William FORD was among those who rescued Cassandra FORD from the Indians.


Was living in Evansville, Indiana in 1990.


In "Fairfield County, South Carolina", Dec 1748 William MITCHUSON came forward and petitioned the Royal Council to deed some land to James Newton, his step-siblings, and Anne Hancock. He would have at least been 21 years of age to sign a petition. So that would put his birth year to at least 1727.

In "Camden County, South Carolina" William MITCHISON signed a petition for a road in the area 27 Jan 1749. He would have at least been 21 years of age to sign a petition for a road. So that would put his birth year to at least 1728.

In "South Carolina Colonial Soldiers and Patriots", it states that Ensign William MITCHUSSON served under Colonel Richard Henderson in the Cherokee War from 1759 to 1760.

In "Cravens County, South Carolina" William MITCHISON deceased inventory of estate by his wife Lucretia 2 July 1761.

We know William had at least these 3 children, namely: Edward 1748-1827, Margaret 1752-after 1782 and William Jr. 1755-1819. If there were other children there names are unknown at this time. These 3 however lived to be adults and marry.


He was 24 in 1850 living with his in-laws.


She was 22 in 1850.

Henry E. LEWIS

He was 1 in 1850.


He was left a horse in his father's Will.

He was 44 in 1850.


She was 40 in 1850.


She was 16 in 1850.


She was 14 in 1850.


He was 4 in 1850.

Alexander DUNN

He was 55 in 1850.


She was left a woman's saddle in her father's Will.

She was 50 in 1850. She was living with Lucretia and Edward in 1860.

Polly Ann DUNN

She was 32 in 1850 unmarried.

Lucretia DUNN

She was 30 in 1850 unmarried.

James DUNN

He was 23 in 1850 unmarried.

Alcey DUNN

She was 18 in 1850.

Thomas DUNN

He was 15 in 1850.

Joseph DUNN

He was 12 in 1850.

Edward DUNN

He was 10 in 1850.

James Byron CANSLER

He was 8 in 1880.

He was 25 in 1900, married 4 years, living in Christian County, Kentucky.

Susan Mildred BOYD

She was 3 in 1880.

She was 22 in 1900, mother of 2 children with both still living.

She was 33 in 1910, married twice, mother of 5 children with 4 still living.

She was 43 in 1920.

She was 52 in 1930.

NOTES: She is buried by her first husband James Byron Cansler as Mildred Jones and her second husband Robert L. Jones is buried in the same cemetery but not by her.