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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Sylvan Clement BIGHAM

In 1926 he was living in Ardmore, Oklahoma. In 1959 he was living in Phoenix, Arizona. He was still living in Phoenix, Arizona in 1971 when he died.

Thelma Estelle BIGHAM

In 1926, she had graduated from Marion High School as valedictorian. In 1959 she was living in Akron, Ohio.

Norval Tilford BIGHAM

In 1926, he was living in Crittenden county, Kentucky. When he died in 1959 the obituary said he was survived by three sisters: Mrs. Virgil Baird of Crayne, Mrs. J. H. Adams and Mrs. J. H. Minner of Akron, Ohio.


She was a step-child of William Adams. She died of a heart attack in her car.


She was 9 in 1880.

NEWSPAPER: The Crittenden Press Newspaper, November 10, 1892, Last night at 7 o'clock Mr.
Thomas Hearin and Miss Ada Doss were married at the Methodist Church by Rev. J. V. Guthrie in the presence of hundreds of friends. Miss. Doss is the handsome and vivacious daughter of Mr. C. E. Doss. They will live in Eddyville.

In 1909, they were living in Madisonville. In 1933, she was still in Madisonville.

James Robartus SUMMERVILLE Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS:1910 Matton & Blackford Road, Crittenden, Kentucky 147/147, he says they have been married for 14 years and he is a merchant.

Nellie DOSS

She was 5 in 1880.

NEWSPAPER: The Crittenden Press Newspaper, August 20, 1903, Mrs. Bert Summerville and her two children spent the day with her father, Mr. C.E. Doss, one day last week.

In 1910, she says she is the mother of 2 children and both are still living.

In 1933, she was living in Marion.


In 1910, she was 12 years old.

James Robartus SUMMERVILLE Jr.

In 1933, he was living in Marion.

Edward H. DOSS

He was 3 in 1880. He was 23 in 1900 living at home, work was as an express agency.

CENSUS RECORDS:1910 Walker St, Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky 111/116, he says they have been married for 9 years and he is a farmer.

Lucille B. WALKER

In 1910, she says she is the mother of 3 children and all are still living.

Frank Marshall DOSS Sr.

He was 3 months old in 1880.

He was 20 in 1900 living at home work was as a tobacco stripper.

NEWSPAPER: Crittenden Press, August 27, 1903
Frank M. Doss has meet with an unusal misfortune. Last Tuesday night his ear drum bursted and he suffered intense pain. There is no known cause for the accident. He is under the treatment of his physician, and when able will go away to some ear specialist, probably in Cinninnnati. Frank is a fine boy and his many friends hope that he will recover his hearing in that ear, which of course has not been possible since the ear drum bursted.

When he was married he was a bartender.

MARRIAGES: Hardin County, Illinois Register #1, page #288

His tombstone is a Woodmen of the World marker.

Lou Ella DOSS

She was 2 in 1880.