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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



When her father died in 1942 she was living in Crayne, Kentucky..

William Lycurgus BIGHAM II

He was 14 in 1920.

In 1951, he was living in Madison, Wisconsin.


He was 24 in 1920 living with his in-laws and working as a farm laborer.


She was 20 in 1920 and her and her husband are living with her parents in Marion.

She never had any children of her own.

She raised her three youngest sisters Violet, Mary and Sarah after their parents died.

She was a school teacher in Marion until about 1940 when she moved to Akron, Ohio.

In 1951 she was living in Akron, Ohio.

Mary Isabelle BARGER

She was 11 in 1920.


In 1910 she is living with her sister Addie Hill.

David Delaney ELDER

He was 3 in 1860.

He was 13 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 11 June 1900 Reno Twp, Washoe, Nevada page #262, family #379/398, living at 403 Vine St.
ELDER, David head, age 45, May 1855, md 22 yrs, farm laborer, IL IL IL
ELDER, Alice wife, age 45, Feb 1855, mother of 7 with 6 living, IL IL IL
ELDER, Jesse son, age 22, May 1878, clerk at tea store, IL IL IL
ELDER, Ella dau, age 20, May 1880, dress maker, CA IL IL
ELDER, Harold son, age 10, Sep 1889, attends school, CA IL IL
ELDER, Russell son, age 9, April 1891, attends school, NV IL IL

CENSUS RECORDS: 18 April 1910 Reno, Washoe, Nevada page #169, family #50/53, living at 825 So. Center St.
ELDER, David head, age 55, md 33 yrs, planer mill, IL IL IL
ELDER, Alice wife, age 55, mother of 7 with 6 living, IL IL OH
ELDER, James A. son, age 25, single, wagon driver transfer company, CA IL IL


She was 45 in 1900 and said she was the mother of 7 children but only 6 were still living.

She was 55 in 1910 and said she was the mother of 7 children but only 6 were still living.

She was 75 in 1930, widowed, living by herself in Sparks, Washoe, Nevada.


She was 20 in 1900 and was working as a dress maker.

James A. ELDER

He was 15 in 1900, living by himself, working as a farm laborer and living in Sweetwater Pct, Esmeralda, Nevada.

He was 25 in 1910, single, living with his parents and working as a wagon driver at a transfer company.

Russell ELDER

He was 9 in 1900 and was attending school.

William Vermillion BIGHAM

He was 21 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 18 June 1900 Justice Precinit #5, Jack County, Texas page 95A
BIGHAM, William head, age 42, Aug 1858, md 16 yrs, farmer, KY TN TN
BIGHAM, Cora M. wife, age 35, Apr 1865, mother of 6 with 5 living, TX TN TN
BIGHAM, Herbert V. son, age 13, Mar 1887, TX KY TX
BIGHAM, Ally G. son, age 11, Feb 1889, TX KY TX
BIGHAM, Sarah L. dau, age 6, Mar 1894, TX KY TX
BIGHAM, Carah H. dau, age 3, July 1896, TX KY TX
BIGHAM, Ola M. dau, age 1, Oct 1898, TX KY TX
They own a farm free of mortage and Herbert, Ally and Sarah had attended school for 4 months.

Cora Moody WOODS

She was 35 in 1900 and said she was the mother of 6 but only 5 were still living.

Herbert Vermillion BIGHAM

He was 13 in 1900.


He was 11 in 1900.


She was 6 in 1900.


He was 24 in 1850, single, living with his parents in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

He was 43 in 1870, married, living in Marion Pct, Crittenden, Kentucky.

He was 54 in 1880, single, living with his sister Mary in Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky.

He was 73 in 1900, widowed, living in the home of Clinton and Mary Armstrong Bryant. He is listed as Clinton's father-in-law, but he was really Mary's, Uncle instead. They are living in Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky.

Martha A. ELDER

She was 10 in 1850.

She was 40 in 1870.

CEMETERY RECORDS: Tombstone says Martha E. Armstrong wife of L. (Lapsley) Armstrong born 12 Aug 1830 (should be 1840) died 2 Jan 1872