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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


William Richard JACOBS

He was 21 in 1870.

Marzilla Augusta ELDER

She was 19 in 1870.

Richard Warren STOREY

He died in the Pacific Ocean.

Henry Clark WHEELER

CENSUS RECORDS: 31 Aug 1850 Dist#2, Crittenden, Kentucky 324/324

CENSUS RECORDS: 25 July 1860 Marion PO, Crittenden, Kentucky family #497/512
WHEELER, Henry C. age 51, male, farmer, $2800 & $4400, KY
WHEELER, Caroline age 37, female, KY
WHEELER, James A. age 18, male, farm laborer, KY
WHEELER, Robert C. age 17, male, farm laborer, KY
WHEELER, Isaac F. age 13, male, KY
WHEELER, Henry L. age 7, male, KY
WHEELER, Mary V. age 5, female, KY
WHEELER, Isabel age 3, female, KY
WHEELER, Wiley age 13, male, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 23 July 1870 Marion PO, Crittenden, Kentucky family #79/79
WHEELER, Henry C. age 57, male, farmer, $1200 & $500, KY
WHEELER, S. C. age 44, female, KY
WHEELER, Henry S. age 18, male, KY
WHEELER, Frances B. age 15, female, KY
WHEELER, Laura I. age 12, female, KY
WHEELER, Ann M. age 9, female, KY
RAGSDALE, Wesley age 18, male, KY

Sarah Caroline RICE

She was the widow of R. Fowler when she married Henry.

She was 37 in 1860. She was 44 in 1870.

Frances B. WHEELER

She is listed as Mary V. age 5 in 1860. She was 15 in 1870.

Laura Isabel WHEELER

She was 3 in 1860. She was 12 in 1870.


Listed as Ann M. age 9 in 1870.

Francis Irvin TRAVIS

He died of the flux at the age of 32. He was married. He said he had 5 children in his Will but did not name them.

Susannah Clark WHEELER

She is mentioned in her grandfather John Wheeler's Will.