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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Andrew BIGHAM Sr.

PROBATE RECORDS: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Andrew BIGHAM, will written 29 May 1788, probated, he mentions his wife: Agnes, sons: Andrew, William, John and Samuel, daughters: Agnes PATTON and Mary BIGHAM. Executors were sons: William and John BIGHAM, witnesses were: Erik Polk and Samuel McClearey


He apparently never married.

PROBATE RECORDS: Mecklenburg county, North Carolina book #975.676 p2f, p.25, Samuel BIGHAM, written 1821, probated Feb. 1823, It is my will that my brothers William and John and sister Mary Bigham divide the proceeds of the sale of my property consisting of the following: Negroes James, Julia, Sarah, Clarissa and Elias and their increase, any land in my possession at my decease, and all horses, livestock, and plantation tools. Executors: John Weeks and brothers William & John Bigham, Witnesses: Ephraim Kendricks & Robert Sturgeon.

William BIGHAM

PROBATE RECORDS: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina book #975.676 p2f, p.13, William BIGHAM, Written 16 Sep 1826, probated August 1824, I give to my brother John BIGHAM, my half interest in the plantation whereon we now live, my interest in the Alabama lands, my negro girls Harriett, July, Linda, Hannah, Amy and Myra, and boys Cato, William, Madison, Valentine and Mingo, as well as and all my horses, cattle and hogs, all household and kitchen furniture, a set of blacksmith tools, all my farm utensils, my part of the present crop, my rifle and silver watch. Old Linda is to be set free, but she is to remain in the care of my brother John. Should John marry, she is to have the choice of continuing to live in his home or to herself, in either case she is to remain under his protection. Executors: Ephraim Kendrick and Benjamin Morrow.

He apparently never married.


She never married.


Found marriage in parish records of Belfast I will have to find the film number and add it later.


She was left a cow and calf in her father's Will, provided she come back to Carolina.


PROBATE RECORDS: Mecklenburg county, North Carolina book #975.676 p2f, p.13, John BIGHAM, written 1 Jan. 1826, probated May 1826, I give to my wife Lavina the plantation on which I live, all livestock, farming utensils, household and kitchen furniture, stores of grain and fodder, and the following negroes: boys, Jim, Jo, Cato, Mose and Mingo, and girls Harriett, Clow, July, Susannah, Hannah, Claicy and Myra. It is my will that old negro Luce shall have her freedom and maintenance on my place. Executors: my friend John Weeks, witnesses: Benjamin Morrow and Eleazar Alexander.


She was about 40 years old before she had her first child a daughter by her second husband.

Samuel BIGHAM Sr.

His WILL, was dated 1821.

Andrew BIGHAM Jr.

He received 5 shillings from his father's Will.

MILITARY RECORDS: Pension Record #S1639, North Carolina, Entered service in December 1779, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, discharged in March 1780, re-enlisted a month later in same place, fought at battles of Ramsours Mills, Camden and Kings Mountains. Filed for a pension 6 Sept 1832 in McMinn County, Tennessee he said he was about 73 years old. He declares he was born 15 August 1760 in Ireland. He does not have proof of his age as it was destroyed by the Tories. He has lived in the following places since the war. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina ; Frederick County, Virginia ; Mecklenburg County, North Carolina ; Greene County, Tennessee ; Smith County, Tennessee ; and in McMinn County, Tennessee for the last 10 or 12 years.

Lucinda Freeman BIGHAM

MARRIAGES: KY Pioneers & Their Descendents book #976.9 F829k

She was 48 in 1860.

She had three small children when her husband James Henry Harrison Dunn died.

Madison Franklin DUNN

CENSUS RECORDS:9 Sep 1850 District #1, Crittenden, Kentucky 403/403, he has
$800.00 and is farming.

CENSUS RECORDS:30 June 1860 Salem, Livingston, Kentucky family #234/240, he is 41 years old.

He was married 4 times, his first three wives died at an early age. His
second wife was Lucinda Bigham Dunn. She was the widow of his brother James
Henry Harrison Dunn.

Lucinda Freeman BIGHAM

MARRIAGES: KY Pioneers & Their Descendents book #976.9 F829k

She was 48 in 1860.

She had three small children when her husband James Henry Harrison Dunn died.

Harvey A. DUNN

He was 18 in 1860.

Helen M. DUNN

She was 14 in 1860.

Colin DUNN

He was 10 in 1860.