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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



CENSUS RECORDS: 24 Sep 1850 Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana page #24, family #1109/1108
BURNETT, Samuel age 26, male, farmer, $1000, OH
BURNETT, Martha age 25, female, IN
BURNETT, Sarah age 6, female, IN
BURNETT, Jeremiah age 3, male, IN
BURNETT, Alwilda J. age 8/12, female, IN
FRIAR, Geo.W. age 16, male, farmer, IN
FRIAR, John A. age 14, male, IN
FRIAR, Louisa B. age 12, female, IN

CENSUS RECORDS: 13 Aug 1860 Union County, Kentucky page #523, family #1503/1503
BURNETT, Saml. age 34, male, farmer, $500, KY
BURNETT, Martha A. age 32, female, KY
BURNETT, Sarah E. age 13, female, KY
BURNETT, Jeremiah age 12, male, KY
BURNETT, Alwilda J. age 11, female, KY

He was 45 in 1870, born in Ohio, married to a younger woman, living in Black Twp, Posey, Indiana.

Martha A. FRYAR

I don't have proof that her maiden name is Fryar. It is just a guess at the moment.

She was 25 in 1850.

She was 32 in 1860.


She was 6 in 1850.

She was 13 in 1860.

Jeremiah BURNETT

He was 3 in 1850.

He was 12 in 1860.

Alwilda J. BURNETT

She was 8 months old in 1850.

She was 11 in 1860.

Rosetta FRYAR

She was 5 months old in 1870 and it said she was born in January.

She was 10 in 1880.

George Henry FRYAR

He was 8 in 1880.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1900 Sturgis, Union, Kentucky film #1244115

Russell PROW

He was 19 in 1850, with his widowed mother, living in Dist #2, Union County, Kentucky.

He was 29 in 1860 living in Webster County, Kentucky.

Frances J. FRYAR

CENSUS RECORDS: 23 Aug 1850 Dist #2, Union County, Kentucky page #485, family #359/359
FRYER, Washington age 29, male, farmer, $400.00, IN
FRYER, E. age 18, female, KY
FRYER, George age 38, male, farmer, KY
FRYER, Jno. age 3, male, IN
FRYER, Frances age 9, female, IN
CAGEN, L. D. age 23, male, laborer, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 13 Aug 1860 Union County, Kentucky page #523, family #1504/1504
FRIAR, Jno. age 21, male, farmer, KY
FRIAR, Frances J. age 18, female, KY
FRIAR, Ann E. age 14, female, KY

MARRIAGES: Union County, Kentucky film #562205

I can not find her and her husband in 1870 in Kentucky, Indiana or any other state. Have they both died already???


MARRIAGES: Posey County, Indiana film #549430
Married by James Davis, Justice of the Peace

CENSUS RECORDS: 12 Sep 1850 Point Twp, Posey, Indiana page #230, family #931/931
FRIAR, Elias age 30, male, farmer, UNK
FRIAR, Sarah J. age 19, female, TN
FRIAR, Mary J. age 3, female, IN
FRIAR, Ann E. age 2, female, IN

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 July 1860 Black Hawk Twp, Jefferson, Iowa page #321, family #980/846
FRYER, Elias age 41, male, farmer, $2800 & $1190, IN
FRYER, Sarah age 29, female, TN
FRYER, Mary age 13, female, IN
FRYER, Almaliza age 11, female, IN
FRYER, Lucinda age 9, female, IN
FRYER, Sarah age 6, female, IA
FRYER, Clara age 4, female, IA
FRYER, Joseph age 2, male, IA

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 June 1870 Black Hawk Twp, Jefferson, Iowa page #24, family #148/153
FRYER, Elias age 50, male, farmer, $4500 & $2000, IN
FRYER, Jane age 40, female, keeping house, TN
FRYER, Anna age 21, female, IN
FRYER, Locinda age 18, female, IN
FRYER, Sarah age 16, female, IA
FRYER, Elizabeth age 14, female, IA
FRYER, Joseph age 12, male, IA
FRYER, John age 9, male, IA
FRYER, Martha age 7, female, IA
FRYER, William age 5, male, IA

Sarah Jane EDWARDS

She was 19 in 1850.

She was 29 in 1860.

She was 40 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 June 1880 Black Hawk Twp, Jefferson, Iowa page #24, family #148/153
FRYER, Sarah J. head, age 40, widowed, keeps house, TN TN VA
FRYER, Sarah J. dau, age 26, single, IA IN TN
FRYER, John W. son, age 18, IA IN TN
FRYER, Wm. E. son, age 15, IA IN TN
FRYER, Hank son, age 9, IA IN TN

NEWSPAPER OBITUARY: The Fairfield Ledger, 23 March 1892, Page 3, column 7, DEATH OF MRS. FRYER. Mrs. Sarah Jane FRYER died at her home in Black Hawk Township, March 19th aged sixty-two years. Deceased was a native of Tennessee, but removed to Indiana in childhood. There, March 19th, 1846 she was married to Elias FRYER. Six years later they came to Van Buren County, thence to this county, where the husband died March 28th, 1874. Eleven children were born to Mr. and Mrs. FRYER, eight of whom are now living—Eliza DELLINGER, Joseph and William in Hedrick, John at Shannon City, Lucy JACQUES at Eldon, Clara ABRAHAM in Fairfield, Isa CHANDLER and O. F. near the old home. Her remains were buried by those of her husband in the Moorman Cemetery, funeral services being conducted by Rev. W. S. MOORE.


She was 3 in 1850.

She was 13 in 1860.

Joseph FRYAR

He was 2 in 1860.

He was 12 in 1870.


He was 9 in 1870.

He was 18 in 1880 living with his widowed mother.

Martha F. FRYAR

She was 7 in 1870.

William E. FRYAR

He was 5 in 1870.

He was 15 in 1880 living with his widowed mother.

William HENSON

PROBATE RECORDS: Rutherford County, North Carolina Vol. 11, page #6
William HENSON Will was written 16 Dec 1793 and was probated in Jan 1795.

Jesse H. HENSON Jr.

MARRIAGES: KY Pioneers & Their Descendents book #976.9 F829k