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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



PROBATE RECORDS: Hunterdon County, New Jersey film #802467, pages 205 to 209
Isaiah QUIMBY, written - 22 May 1804, codicil - 31 Dec 1804, probated 17 Apr 1807
He mentions the following people: wife - Mariam, sons - James, Moses & Job, daughters - Ann, Sarah, Rachel,Tabitha CHAPMAN, Martha BLACKFIN, Mary STOUT deceased who was wife of David STOUT, grandchildren - son and daughter of Mary STOUT but not named, Isaiah BARCROFT but does not give parents names, Samuel HOLT but does not give parents names, (Isiaiah does not mention Elizabeth (She is dead by 1800), Aaron (He does not die until 1849) and Phoebe (She supposely dies after 1815)in his will.) Witnesses were - Isaac VAN CAMP, Mahlon COOPER, James MAJORS


NOTES: Some people give her year of birth has 1725 instead of 1723.

NOTES: Info on Rachel's children was submitted to World Family Tree in 1997 by:
Jeanne E. SIDES of 88 Kittredge Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201-1920


NOTES: Larry Hill's book states that Samuel married Achsah Parks in about 1775. But a record I found says that Samuel died young in July 1750.


ORPHANS COURT RECORDS: From the Pennsylvania State Archives, Orphans Court Dockets, Volume 1-3, 1772-1824: "At an Orphans court held at Bedford in and for the County of Bedford the twenty sixth day of August the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred eighty before James Martin, Thomas Paxton, Moses Reed, Esquires Justices of the same County Came into Court Elias Stillwell eldest son of Obadiah Stillwell deceased a Minor above the age of fourteen years and choose Edward Coombe and Jeremiah Stillwell to be Guardians over his person and Estate. ~ Also at the request of Eleanor Warford late Widow of the above named Obadiah Stillwell deceased the Court appoint Edward Coombe and Jeremiah Stillwell to be Guardians over the persons & Estates of Eleanor, Susannah & Obadiah Stillwell Minor Children of the said Obadiah Stillwell deceased under the age of fourteen years."
"Orphans Court Bedford 23 March 1782, James Martin, Gideon Ritchie } Esquires David Espy ----- James Warford and Eleanor his wife appeared in Court and Exhibited and account of their Administration on the Estate of Obadiah Stillwell deceased and had the same passed by the Register and allowed by the said Court by which it appears to the Court by the said Account that a Ballance [sic] L 90 s7 -2 remains in the hands of the Accountants and distribution being made there appears to be due Elias the eldest son of the said deceased."

Doctor David BLAIR

MILITARY RECORDS: Served in Revolutionary War from Bedford and Washington Counties in Pennsylvania.

NOTES: On 10 June 1775 David purchased a tract of land on the west side of the Monongahla River from John Martin. Taxed in 1785 and 1793 in East Bethleham Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. (Info from book by Laurence Hill, entitled "Warford, Fisher, Kaes, Kuhl, Stout, Pickney SLFHL #929.273 W231h)

CENSUS RECORDS: 1790 Washington County, Pennsylvania page #253
BLAIR, David 1 male over 16, 3 males under 16 and 4 females

CENSUS RECORDS: 1800 East Bethleham, Washington County, Pennsylvania page #36
BLAIR, David 1 male 16 to 26, 1 male over 45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16 to 26, 1 female over 45

CEMETERY RECORDS: Tombstone records says he was 68 years and 10 months old when he died which would make him born 6 Sep 1737. This record found by Karen Greding. I found a birth date of 8 August 1745 on and same death date as Karen Greding. Laurence Hill's book also gives birth date of 8 August 1745.

PROBATE RECORDS: Warren County, Ohio 1803-1859, Will & Estate Records
David BLAIR, estate record September Court 1806, adminstratix was his wife Jane BLAIR.


She is one of the 4 females in 1790.

She is over 45 in 1800.

Jane had sisters named Rachel and Elizabeth and her mother was also named Elizabeth and her father and a brother were both named Joseph.

Joseph BLAIR

He is one of the 3 males under 16 in 1790.

Andrew BLAIR

He is one of the 3 males under 16 in 1790.