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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


George Washington FRYAR

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 Sep 1850 Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana page #24, family #1109/1108
BURNETT, Samuel age 26, male, farmer, $1000.00, OH
BURNETT, Martha age 25, female, IN
BURNETT, Sarah age 6, female, IN
BURNETT, Jeremiah age 3, male, IN
BURNETT, Alvilda J. age 8/12, female, IN
FRIAR, Geo.W. age 16, male, farmer, IN
FRIAR, John A. age 14, male, IN
FRIAR, Louisa B. age 12, female, IN

He was 24 in 1860, single, born in Kentucky, living in the home of Lewis and Louisa DAVIS in Union County, Kentucky.

CENSUS RECORDS: 22 June 1870 Clay PO, Webster, Kentucky page #242, family #34/34
FRIEN, G. W. age 33, male, farmer, $1000.00 & $200.00, OH
FRIEN, Lucy A. age 22, female, keeps house, KY
FRIEN, W. J. age 4, male, KY
FRIEN, Rosetta age 5/12, female, born in JAN, IN

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Bordley, Union, Kentucky Film #1254444, Page #654
FRYER, George W. Head, age 41, Farmer, OH PA PA
FRYER, Lucy A. Wife, age 32, Keeping House, KY KY KY
FRYER, William J. Son, age 13, Works On Farm, KY OH KY
FRYER, Rosey Dau, age 10, IN OH KY
FRYER, George H. Son, age 8, KY OH KY
FRYER, Lucy J. Dau, age 6, KY OH KY
FRYER, Mary F. Dau, age 2, KY OH KY
FRYER, Izeta F. Dau, age 3/12, KY OH KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 June 1900 Sturgis, Union, Kentucky page #178, family #203/205
FRYER, George W. head, age 67, Apr 1833, md 35 yrs, farmer, OH PA PA
FRYER, Lucy A. wife, age 52, Apr 1848, mother of 10 children with 8 living, KY KY TN
FRYER, Charles A. son, age 8, Aug 1891, KY OH KY


She was 22 in 1870.

She was 32 in 1880.

She was 52 in 1900, mother of 10 children with 8 still living.

William Joseph FRYAR

He was 4 in 1870.

He was 13 in 1880.

Lucy Jane FRYAR

She was 6 in 1880.


She was 2 in 1880.

Izeta F. FRYAR

She was 3 months old in 1880.

Charles Alvin FRYAR

He was 8 in 1900.


He came to America about 1638 and returned to England in 1641. In England he
was known as John Cook. He was confined in the Tower of London for about 4
months. He was brought to trial at the Old Bailey on 14 October 1660. He was
found guilty and two days afterward was drawn upon a hurdle from Newgate to
Charing Cross were he was executed by beheading. John's history is wrapped in
mystery, but there is a legend that he was a "Regicide", which means he
supported Oliver Cromwell and that he helped in the beheading of King Charles
the 1st.


He came to America with his brothers in 1638. He was one of the founders of
the church and first settlers of the town of Guilford. He left two daughters
and no sons to carry on his name.