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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Jacob HESS Sr.

I believe Jacob, Abraham and Catherine Hess were probably brothers and sister to each other.

William FLOYD

He is listed in the 1820 census in the 16 to 18 age bracket.

There is a William Floyd in the 1830 census of Smith County, Tennessee on p. 87.

DEEDS: Smith County, Tennessee Books B-M 1800-1852 US/CAN 976.852 R2p Vol 1 & 2
William Floyd to James Eaton 100 acres 1 Nov 1830 (p.20-21) Deed Book N William Floyd to Eli Rowland a tract of land in the town of Alexandria. 22 Aug 1835 (p.340) Deed Book M Richard Butler to William Floyd 76 acres. 9 Jan 1847 (p.432-433) Deed Book S William Floyd to John A. Moss a tract of land. 1847 (p.508-509) Deed Book S William Floyd to John A. Smart 76 acres. 20 Sep 1847 (p. 602-603) Deed Book S Henry Rutland to William Floid some livestock. 24 Aug 1849 (p.364-365) Deed Book T

His family lived around the Alexandria, DeKalb, Tennessee area.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1840 DeKalb County, Tennessee page #230
William Floyd 2 males under 5, 2 males 10 to 15, 1 male 30 to 40, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5 to 10, 1 female 10 to 15, 1 female 30 to 40

He was appointed postmaster of Alexandria 8 March 1847.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Alexandria, DeKalb, Tennessee
William FLOYD age 47 male merchant $4000.00 TN he had 8 slaves
Martha " age 47 female TN
Joshua " age 21 male clerking TN
Safrona C. " age 15 female at school TN
William T. " age 13 male at school TN
Robert D. " age 11 male at school TN
Elizabeth " age 8 female at school TN
Frances COFFEE age 13 female at school TN
William " age 5 male at school TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 1860 Alexandria, District #1, DeKalb, Tennessee family #15/15
William FLOYD age 57 male farmer $14,000.00 $25,000.00 TN
Martha " age 52 female TN
Joshua " age 32 male merchant $6000.00 TN
William " age 22 male law student TN
Robert TAYLOR age 21 male student TN
Elizabeth " age 18 female TN
Richard " age 16 male TN
William COFFEE age 14 male TN
Elizabeth GENTER age 54 female TN

He was a member of the House of Representatives of DeKalb County, Tennessee in 1861 as a Democrat.

Info on this family submitted by a Haskell Lee Wilson of 8817 Dirk Court, El Paso, Texas 79925, in 1970 to the LDS Church in Salt Lake City.

He lived in Alexandria, DeKalb, Tennessee and he had a son who was a prominent merchant there.

He is the William Floyd in the DeKalb County History that is said to have brought the first piano to the county before the Civil War. He also brought the first thrashing machine to the county. The first DeKalb County Fair (Grandpa Fair of the South) was held on the farm of William Floyd, on the creek at Alexandria.

His tombstone says died age 71 yrs 3 mos 29 days on 13 Dec 1873.


She was 44 in 1850.

Her maiden name maybe COFFEE.

Tombstone says Martha wife of Wm. Floyd died 5 Jan 1862, age 51 years.

Martha Jane FLOYD

Her tombstone says died age 15 yrs 2 months 3 days on 18 June 1848.

James Monroe FLOYD

Information received from Majorie Dodd Floyd 18 August 1992. Her address: 1619 Emmons Ave. Dayton, OH 45410

His family lived around the Commerce, Wilson, Tennessee area.

Is he the J. M. Floyd that a Washington Vantrease is giving the interest he has in the estate of Nicholas Vantrease too? Deeds of Wilson County, Tennessee Book D2 page #343, on 5 JAN 1860.

CENSUS RECORDS: 8 July 1870 12th Civile District, Commerce, Wilson, Tennessee film #553071, page 515, family #155/166
FLOYD, James age 41, male, farmer, $600 & $800, TN
FLOYD, Nancy age 38, female, keeping house, TN
FLOYD, Sarah age 16, female, at home, TN
FLOYD, Britton age 14, male, attends school, TN
FLOYD, Wiley age 13, male, attends school, TN
FLOYD, Wash age 12, male, attends school, TN
FLOYD, Nancy J. age 5, female, TN
FLOYD, John age 3, male, TN
FLOYD, Bob age 1, male, TN

Nancy Jane ODUM

She was 38 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 District 12, Wilson, Tennessee Film #1255286, Page 451B
Nancy FLOYD Self F W W 49 TN
Occ: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN
Mattie FLOYD Dau F S W 15 TN
Occ: At Home Fa: TN Mo: TN
John FLOYD Son M S W 12 TN
Occ: Laborer Fa: TN Mo: TN
R. H. FLOYD Son M S W 10 TN
Occ: Laborer Fa: TN Mo: TN
Kitching FLOYD Son M S W 8 TN
Fa: TN Mo: TN

Nancy Jane FLOYD

She was 5 in 1870. She was 15 in 1880.

Greenberry CHAPMAN Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 12 July 1850 Dist#1, DeKalb, Tennessee page #6, family #87/87
CHAPMAN, Green age 47, male, farmer, TN
CHAPMAN, Sarah age 40, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Eliza J. age 18, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Nancy age 16, female, attends school, TN
CHAPMAN, Volentine age 14, male, attends school, TN
CHAPMAN, Julia age 11, female, attends school, TN
CHAPMAN, John age 9, male, attends school, TN
CHAPMAN, Barbary age 6, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Tabitha age 4, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Greenberry age 2, male, TN
CHAPMAN, not named age 3 days, male, born 9 July 1850, TN

CENSUS RECORDS: 1860 Dist#1, Alexandria, DeKalb, Tennessee family #42/42
CHAPMAN, Green age 60, male, farmer, $500.00 $500.00, TN
CHAPMAN, Sallie age 50, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Valentine age 22, male, farmer, TN
CHAPMAN, John age 19, male, TN
CHAPMAN, Nancy age 24, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Julia age 17, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Barbara age 15, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Tabitha age 13, female, TN
CHAPMAN, Green B. age 11, male, TN
CHAPMAN, Dixon age 9, male, TN


She is listed as under 10 years of age in the 1820 census records.

She was 40 in 1850

She was 50 in 1860.

They lived close to Commerce, Wilson County, Tennessee.


She was 16 in 1850.


He was 3 days old on the 1850 census.


She is not on 1860 census where is she?

James Richard CHAPMAN

He is not on 1860 census where is he?

William Clyde FRALEY

NOTES: He was a member of the Southern Baptist Church and worked as a railroad section foreman and a farmer.

Daisy Florence RANDOLPH

She was 10 in 1900.

She lived in Kissimmee, Florida when her mother died in 1950.

George Washington FRYAR

CENSUS RECORDS: 24 Sep 1850 Marrs Twp, Posey, Indiana page #24, family #1109/1108
BURNETT, Samuel age 26, male, farmer, $1000.00, OH
BURNETT, Martha age 25, female, IN
BURNETT, Sarah age 6, female, IN
BURNETT, Jeremiah age 3, male, IN
BURNETT, Alvilda J. age 8/12, female, IN
FRIAR, Geo.W. age 16, male, farmer, IN
FRIAR, John A. age 14, male, IN
FRIAR, Louisa B. age 12, female, IN

He was 24 in 1860, single, born in Kentucky, living in the home of Lewis and Louisa DAVIS in Union County, Kentucky.

CENSUS RECORDS: 22 June 1870 Clay PO, Webster, Kentucky page #242, family #34/34
FRIEN, G. W. age 33, male, farmer, $1000.00 & $200.00, OH
FRIEN, Lucy A. age 22, female, keeps house, KY
FRIEN, W. J. age 4, male, KY
FRIEN, Rosetta age 5/12, female, born in JAN, IN

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Bordley, Union, Kentucky Film #1254444, Page #654
FRYER, George W. Head, age 41, Farmer, OH PA PA
FRYER, Lucy A. Wife, age 32, Keeping House, KY KY KY
FRYER, William J. Son, age 13, Works On Farm, KY OH KY
FRYER, Rosey Dau, age 10, IN OH KY
FRYER, George H. Son, age 8, KY OH KY
FRYER, Lucy J. Dau, age 6, KY OH KY
FRYER, Mary F. Dau, age 2, KY OH KY
FRYER, Izeta F. Dau, age 3/12, KY OH KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 June 1900 Sturgis, Union, Kentucky page #178, family #203/205
FRYER, George W. head, age 67, Apr 1833, md 35 yrs, farmer, OH PA PA
FRYER, Lucy A. wife, age 52, Apr 1848, mother of 10 children with 8 living, KY KY TN
FRYER, Charles A. son, age 8, Aug 1891, KY OH KY