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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



NOTES: He also served in the Revolutionary War with his brothers. He died on the way to Kentucky some where in the Cumberland Gap area.

Alexander Locke PENNINGER

CENSUS RECORDS:1850 Union County, Illinois film #0442918, page #192, family #693/693
Alexander PENNINGER age 25 male farmer $400.00 North Carolina
Ann " 20 female North Carolina
William " 3/12 male Illinois

George ELDER

CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Livingston County, Kentucky page #7
Geo. ELDER 4 males under 10, 1 male 26 to 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 26 to 45

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 Sep 1850 District #1, Crittenden, Kentucky family #407/407
He has $1800.00 and was farming.

PROBATE RECORDS: George's will was probated 18 Nov. 1857. He listed children; John (Dead) Samuel--William--James--Margaret--Mary--Eliza--George Washington. His WILL was dated 5 April 1854, Crittenden County Will Book 1, pg 66.

NOTES: George was a charter member of the Bethany Presbyterian Church of Marion, Kentucky in 1803. When George was married in Livingston County, Kentucky in 1805, his surety was Samuel Henry and Robert Hillhouse. George donated land for the first school in Marion, Kentucky. He also owned a big part 200 acres, of what is now (1977) the city of Marion. Historical suppliment of the Crittenden Press, by Robert Wheeler. 7 Dec 1972. He has a nice headstone in the old Marion cemetery. George is listed in the Department of the Interior Land Warrant #28128, for 80 acres. Crittenden County Court Order Book 4, pg 341, 18 March 1872.

Nancy Agnes HENRY

All the girls listed for Samuel Henry in 1800 were listed as being under the age of 10 years. Nancy would have been 15 years old in 1800.

COURT RECORDS: Nancy ELDER, filed suit on 8 August 1860, against Abram WRIGHT, for possession of land. Nancy stated that her father, Samuel HENRY, died leaving 10 children besides herself: John, James, William, Samuel, Jane, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Margaret and Martha. James, John and William are dead, leaving some heirs, but she does not know who or where they are. Jane HENRY, married Alex DICKEY, and is dead and who or how many heirs she may have left she does not know. Rebecca HENRY, married R. D. HILLHOUSE. Elizabeth HENRY, married David HILLHOUSE, Mary Ann HENRY, married James ALEXANDER, Margaret HENRY, married William McNEALY, and Martha HENRY, married Horace SMITH. Nancy does not know where they are living or dead, where they may be found if living or who may may be their heirs. She knows, however, that all left Kentucky a great while ago and if any of them ever returned she does not know. She says she and the other heirs of Samuel HENRY, were entitled to his real and personal estate. In his lifetime, Samuel HENRY, made an entry and survey of 200 acres of land on Crooked Creek. A patent from the Commonwealth of Kentucky to Samuel HENRY, bears the date of 10 April 1857. The survey was made 27 August 1803 and regularly registered in the Land Office, but as the state price was to be paid by installments and was not fully paid until sometime afterwards; no patent was issued at that time. Nancy stated that her father was living on the land at the time and continued to live there until he moved away and no patent had been issued to him. When he left the country, he gave the benifit of this survey of land to Nancy, telling her that if she would pay the remainder of the state price and procure the patent, she might have it, but she was then married to George ELDER, and they claimed it all the time under the survey made by her father, but her husband, George ELDER, neglected to procure a patent until the time shown above. Her husband finished paying the state price and procured the issue and of right she ought to have the whole of the tract of land, but if she cannot hold it under her fathers gift, then she is entitled to one undivided eleventh part and her expenses, money paid to the commonwealth, etc for the patent. The land cannot be fairly divided as it would then be worthless. Nancy states that Abram WRIGHT, is now in the adverse possession of a portion of the survey, holding it under some pretended title that she and her sisters are married women and that the plaintiffs (Nancy ELDER's) husband died 28 August 1857. Nancy prays judgement against WRIGHT, and that he surrender possession of the land. Abram WRIGHT, gave an answer on 16 November 1860, to the above petition. He denied he is in possession of any land to which the plaintiff has any right. He asks that the case be dismissed. Samuel H. ELDER, gave a statement 23 November 1867. He stated that Nancy ELDER, departed this life intestate, leaving 7 children surviving her and one dead who left four children. They are: John ELDER, who is dead and left surviving him Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha and Ada as his heirs; S. H. ELDER; William ELDER; James ELDER; George M. ELDER; Margaret ELDER; and Mary ELDER; and Eliza ELDER. Mary and Eliza are married. Margaret and Eliza live in Iowa. James ELDER, lives in the upper part of Kentucky. The heirs are so widely scattered over the country and there are so many of them that it would be impossible to get them all before the court. The interest of the mother, Nancy ELDER, descended to them and it is their interest that the land should be sold. Nancy ELDER, left no surviving husband. Judgement made 13 May 1868 for defendant, Abram WRIGHT. (Circuit Court file #166)

CHURCH RECORDS: Bethany Presbyterian Church of Marion, Kentucky, minutes written in by James Hawthorne, Moderator (He was moderator from 1853 to 1866) "About midnight our much esteemed mother in Israel, Mrs. Nancy Elder departed this life in the enjoyment of a comfortable hope of a blissful immortality. She was born in Pendleton District, South Carolina on September 25, 1785. About the year 1803 her parents, Samuel and Mary Henry settled in this vicinity and Nancy was united in marriage to George Elder, December 19, 1805. About the time this church was organized she became a member of it and continued for half a century to advance her _________ by life and conversation ________. She rests from her works which do follow her."

Margaret Eleanor ELDER

In 1850 she is living with her sister Eliza and Eliza's husband Joseph Hayden, she says she is 40 years old.

In 1867, she was living somewhere in Iowa, with her sister Eliza.

Samuel HENRY Sr.

NOTES: Tradition states that our Samuel Henry was a relative of the famous Patrick Henry who said "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death". I have not been able to prove this, but it is a very strong possiblity.

NOTES: Some family members say that Samuel was married once before he married Mary Bremar. I do not think this is a possiblity. When he married Mary Bremar he would have been around 21 years old so I can't see him marrying before that time. They say this first wifes name was Mary Beale. I think if there had been another wife Rev. Sharp would have probably mentioned her in his history of the Henry family. (10 Dec 2000)

LAND GRANTS: Samuel and his family moved to Livingston County, Kentucky the part that later became Crittenden County, Kentucky from Pendleton District, South Carolina in about 1803. Samuel had obtained a grant of land in Pendleton District in 1784. The land was located near Bradaway Presbyterian Church on Bradaway Creek. Samuel sold his land in Pendleton District in 1803. The deed reads as follows: "I Samuel Henry of Pendleton District, South Caroline for $188.00 paid by D. Tate, sell, release, and convey 110 acres beginning on Benjamin Brimer's old line, then running a west course S. W. to a post oak cornor, bounding on Andrew Tate's land, then running east S. E. to a black oak bounding on the cornor of File's land, then along Benjamin Brimer's old original line to the beginning cornor first mentioned. Said land being orginally granted to Jacob Reid by His Excellency Governor Charles Pinckney at Columbia Oct. 3, 1791, conveyed from him to James Mulwes and from him to the aforesaid Benjamin Brimer and from him sold to Samuel Henry, eyc, " (Deed Book G, p.242) (The original tract of land was purchased from Benjamin Brimer at a later date. Samuel had disposed of his orginial grant earlier.)

SOURCE: A History of the Henry Family by Rev. Eron M. Sharp, Memphis, TN, 1961, rev. 1978, p. 4: Samuel Henry, apparent son of James and Agnes Mitchell Henry was born in VA and lived for a time in York District, SC. He married Mary Braemer. When lands in western SC were opened for settlement after the Revolution, Samuel, along with several Braemer families, settled in the newly formed Pendleton District, SC (now Anderston Co). p. 5: Abbevile, SC platt book: Samuel Henry, citizen, 173 acres above the boundary line, on Mountain Creek, of Big Generostee Creek. Surveyed by Wiliam Lesly, District Surveyor on August 2, 1786, Recorded Oct. 27, 1786. There are several land transactions recorded between 1802 & 1803, in the Anderson Co, SC Court House that mention Samuel Henry, Benjamin Brimer, David Dickey, William Henry, etc.

THE KENTUCKY LAND GRANTS: Volume 1, Part 1, CHAPTER IV GRANTS SOUTH OF GREEN RIVER (1797-1866), THE COUNTIES OF KENTUCKY, page 332 Grantee: HENRY, Samuel --- Acres: 200 --- Book: 29 --- Page: 264 --- Date Survey: 27 August 1803 --- County: Livingston --- Watercourse: Hurricane Creek

LAND RECORDS: Livingston County, Kentucky On July 19, 1805, a survey of 200 acres was made in Livingston County, Kentucky for Samuel Henry, on the waters of Crooked Creek by virtue of a certificate granted to him adjoining the survey made for Obediah Russell, beginning the survey August 27, 1803 by Stephen Sullivan and Thomas Henry. This land and other lands which Samuel Henry obtained on Crooked Creek, is today in Crittenden County, Kentucky, a few miles from Marion.

CHURCH RECORDS: Samuel was an Elder in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, he represented the congregations of Bethany and Salem in Livingston County, Kentucky according to a certificate presented at the Ridge Meeting House April 2, 1805.

DEED RECORDS: Samuel just disappears off the Livingston County, Kentucky records. But it is believed that he moved to Lawrence County, Alabama as there is a deed at Smithland made on June 6, 1821 as follows: "I, Samuel Henry, of Lawrence County, Alabama, do hereby sell, convey etc. to John Alexander of Livingston County, Kentucky, 200 acres of land surveyed Feb 1799 lying and being in the county of Livingston and on the waters of Crooked Creek. Signed by Samuel Henry, Witnessed by: R. McEntire and James Moore." (Since the elder Samuel was the orginal owner of this tract of land, you would think that he would be the one selling it. I have not been able to locate a Will for Samuel Sr. in Livingston County. According to daughter Nancy's court records about this same land in the year 1860, her father Samuel Sr. left Kentucky many years before and gave her the land if she would finish paying for it. Nancy was the only child of Samuel Sr. that stayed in Kentucky the rest all left according to the same record.)

CENSUS RECORDS: In 1790 we find only one HENRY in Pendleton District, South Carolina
Samuel HENRY 1 male 16 years and older, 2 males under 16 years and 4 females, all white, no slaves

CENSUS RECORDS: In 1800 we find 3 HENRY's in Pendleton District, SC There were the following:
Samuel HENRY, with 2 males under 10, 2 males 10 to 16, 1 male 26 to 45, 4 females under 10, 1 female 26 to 45, no slaves -page 43-
John HENRY, with 1 male 10 to 16, 1 male 16 to 26, 1 male over 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 26 to 45, 2 females over 45, and 8 slaves. -page 50- (Could this be an older brother to Samuel?? Does he have a married son or daughter living with him and possibly a mother-in-law??)
William HENRY, with 2 males under 10, 1 male 26 to 45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 26 to 45, no slaves -page 26 (Could this be the brother to Samuel that we have listed???)

NOTES: This was also find in the 1800 census book of Pendleton County, South Carolina. Samuel Henry was in Pendleton in 1790, and he and John Henry--who was on the Pendleton grand jury 24 June 1791—in 1800 lived in what is now Anderson County. Some at least of this family moved from Wilkes County, North Carolina to Chester District, South Carolina and then to Pendleton, afterward to Jackson and Gwinnett Counties in Georgia, and eventually to Pontotoc County, Mississippi, where in 1850 John Henry, born in North Carolina in 1790, lived with his wife, Bethenia, daughter of Elijah Cornwell who moved from Pendleton to Georgia, where he died. A tract of 640 acres on Great Rocky Creek of Savannah River in what is now Anderson County, South Carolina was granted 8 October 1784 to William Sizeland or Seeland, who sold it to Colonel David Hopkins, a land dealer of Chester District, South Carolina, who in turn sold it, 5 December 1788, to John Henry of Chester District. John was in Pendleton by 1791 and was living there 2 March 1792, when he sold half the tract to Thomas Houston. The Houston family probably also moved down from Chester District, as James Houston had witnessed the 1788 deed there. In 1820, John Henry who married Bethenia Cornwell, was a neighbor of his brothers-in-law, Absalom Stewart and James Diamond, in Gwinnett County, Georgia, subsequently moving west. Also on the same page is the following: General Andrew Pickens was born at Paxtang, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 19 September 1739, his family moved to Lancaster District, South Carolina in 1752, and he served with distinction in the Revolution. He married, 19 March 1765, Rebecca Floride Calhoun aunt of Senator John C. Calhoun, and died in Pendleton District 17 August 1817. His son Andrew Pickens, Jr. (1779-1838), served as Governor of South Carolina, 1816-1818. See Alice Noble Waring, "The Fighting Elder Andrew Pickens" (1962). (This is probably the father or a relative of Jane Pickens who married John Mitchell Henry.)

NOTES: By 1820 there are NO Henry's listed in the census records for Pendleton District, South Carolina.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1810 Livingston County, Kentucky, page #159,
Samuel HENRY 1 male 16 to 26, 1 male over 45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10 to 16, 1 female over 45 and 1 slave.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1820 Lawrence County, Alabama
Samuel HENRY, with 1 male over 21 years, 1 female over 21 years, 1 female under 21 years and one slave. (In 1820 Samuel should have had 3 girls under the age of 21 years, if this is Samuel Sr.) There is Samuel, William, James & John Henry in 1820 and also a Charles Henry in 1820. Who does Charles belong to??? All in Lawrence County, Alabama.

NOTES: From Betty Wall: A scout led a group from Pendleton District, South Carolina to Livingston County, Kentucky, his name was "Devil" John Jones, and that this same John Jones also migrated later and settled in what is known as Jones Valley, Alabama (named after him), in Jefferson County, Alabama, and that Samuel Henry could have followed him there. As I understand the writing, the writer is relating to Samuel Jr. assuming he died in "Alabama" and that his wife went to Leake County, Mississippi, to live with her daughter, Matilda Henry Harris (this would be Mary Henry). The writer also saying that this Mary Henry went with her daughter Matilda, to Union County, Arkansas, after the death of Matilda's husband Thomas in Leake County, Mississippi and that Mary Henry died in Union County, Arkansas. Who is the writer? (DEC 2000)


NOTES: She is mentioned in her father's Will and was to receive 5 shillings.


Member of Bethany Presbyterian Church, Marion, Kentucky Joined 1828.

Phoebe Amanda CALDWELL

Elder Family Of Crittenden County, Kentucky by Madaline Small of Marion, Kentucky 1970. At todays date 29 Jan 1994, Madaline Small is still living in Marion, Kentucky.

Joseph C. ELDER

Elder Family Of Crittenden County, Kentucky by Madaline Small of Marion, Kentucky -1970-. At todays date 29 Jan 1994, Madaline Small is still living in Marion, Kentucky.

Mary Jane ELDER

Elder Family of Crittenden County, Kentucky by Madaline Small of Marion, Kentucky -1970- At todays date 29 Jan 1994, Madaline Small is still living in Marion, Kentucky.

Sarah Catherine ELDER

Elder Family Of Crittenden Co. Ky. by Madaline Small of Marion, Ky. 1970. At todays date 29 Jan 1994, Madaline Small is still living in Marion, Ky.


Member of Bethany Presbyterian Church, Marion, Kentucky Joined 1828.


She is 45 in 1860 and a widow.

Samuel Henry ELDER

LAND RECORDS: Samuel H. Elder on 24 August 1843 between David Morrow and his wife Margaret and Henry Story and his wife Jane of Pickens County, Alabama, Samuel H. bought 500 acres from them.

GUARDIAN RECORDS: Samuel was appointed guardian to his niece daughter of his brother John, 11 August 1856 her name was Mary J. Elder.

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 Sep 1850 Dist #1, Crittenden, Kentucky family #400/400
He had $1500.00 and it said he and Sarah were married in the census year.

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 July 1860 Crittenden County, Kentucky page #312
He was 52 and had $3600.00

CENSUS RECORDS: 1870 Crittenden County, Kentucky page #331
He was 60 and had $6000.00

He died of pneumonia at the age of 70.

William A. ELDER

He was 19 in 1860.

He served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

The death date on his tombstone is covered in concrete.


He is not on the 1850 census with his father.

He is not on the 1860 census with his father.

He served in the Union Army during the Civil War as a corporal in the 25th Illinois Infantry Company E.

James Wesley DONAKEY

CENSUS RECORDS: 28 Aug 1850 Livingston County, Kentucky page 357A, family #476/476
DONAKEY, James age 48, male, farmer, AL
DONAKEY, Dolley age 38, female, NC
DONAKEY, Ellenor age 19, female, KY
DONAKEY, Andrew age 13, male, KY
DONAKEY, Jonathan age 9, male, KY
DONAKEY, Enoch age 7, male, KY
DONAKEY, Dolley A. age 6, female, KY
DONAKEY, Charles age 4, male, KY
DONAKEY, Martha age 4/12, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Salem, Livingston, Kentucky Film #1254429, Page 340A
James W. DONAKY Self M W W 79 AL
Occ: Farming Fa: IRE Mo: ---
Andrew J. HARDIN Son-in-Law M M W 35 KY
Occ: Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Dolly A. F. HARDIN Dau F M W 34 KY
Occ: Keeping House Fa: AL Mo: NC
Charles H. HARDIN GrandSon M S W 12 KY
Occ: Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Lucien H. HARDIN GrandSon M S W 10 KY
Occ: Laborer Fa: KY Mo: KY
Ephraim T. HARDIN GrandSon M S W 3 KY
Fa: KY Mo: KY
Elsy L. HARDIN GrandSon M S W 2 KY
Fa: KY Mo: KY
Mollie M. HARDIN GrandDau F S W 9M KY
Fa: KY Mo: KY


She was living with her parents in 1850, age 37, and with her mother and her brother in 1860. She apparently never had married until she married James Donakey. He was a widower with several children when she married him. She died of rheumatism at the age of 63.

Reverend James Dickey ELDER

Infant baptism in Bethany Presbyterian Church of Marion, Kentucky 1816. Dismissed in 1838, means he moved away. He was a minister of the gospel and never married. This was a notation in an old family bible belonging to George Washington Elder and his wife Mary Ann Leach Elder.

According to J. B. Hitt at email 3904 Gardenia Ct. Louisville, KY 40220 James Dickey Elder did marry and had eight children. James Dickey Elder and his descendants are from J. B. Hitt II and I have not documented any of it myself.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Wellsville, Montgomery, Missouri Film #1254705, Page #183
Jas. D. ELDER Self M M W 64 KY
Occ: Farmer Fa: SC Mo: NC
Margarett ELDER Wife F M W 58 VA
Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: VA
Edgar ELDER Son M S W 25 KY
Occ: Farming Fa: KY Mo: VA
M. A. ELDER Dau F S W 23 KY
Fa: KY Mo: VA
T. J. ELDER Son M S W 22 KY
Fa: KY Mo: VA
Henry ELDER Son M S W 17 KY
Fa: KY Mo: VA

Margaret E. DODD

She was 58 in 1880.

Dodd Edgar ELDER

He was 25 in 1880, single, farming and living with his parents.

Margaret A. ELDER

She was 23 in 1880, single and living with her parents.

Thomas J. ELDER

He was 22 in 1880, single and living with his parents.

Henry W. ELDER

He was 17 in 1880.

Reverend Joseph B. HAYDEN

CENSUS RECORDS:8 Aug 1850 District #1, Crittenden, Kentucky 64/64, his occupation was listed as Cle. OSP ??? he had $880.00, he was 46 years old.

Eliza Jane ELDER

In membership rolls of Bethany Presbyterian Church of Marion, Ky., Eliza was listed as an infant baptism in 1819. She joined the church in 1833. In 1850 she was 31 years old. In 1867, she was living somewhere in Iowa.

Joseph A. A. HAYDEN

He was 10 in 1850.

Harriett L. HAYDEN

She was 8 in 1850.

Newton M. HAYDEN

He was 6 in 1850.


She was 4 in 1850.