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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Valentin FROLICH

Dutch Reformed Church of Katsbaan, Ulster, New York film #897082 item 2...
He served in the Rev. War and received a pension #W16995 he served in the New
York line and enlisted from Tryon Co, N.Y. later Montgomery Co, N.Y. at time of
enlistment..Only 2 children named in his pension records others are mentioned
but not named...

Johannes FROLICH

Lutheran Trinity Church of Stone Arabia in Palatine, Montgomery County, New
York film #533495...
!In his fathers pension record he states that he is 70 years and 6 months old on
5 April 1841...


NOTES: Family records of William Marion Joyner say that Mary's husbands name was Henry Seals.

The following are SEAL families in the same general area as the Hall family.

CENSUS RECORDS: 6 Sep 1850 Dist #2, Union County, Illinois Page #165, Film #442918, Family #286/286
MEISENHIMER, Elias age 33, male, farmer, $2000, NC
MEISENHIMER, Mary age 30, female, NC
MEISENHIMER, Martha age 11, female, IL
MEISENHIMER, Anna age 9, female, IL
MEISENHIMER, Marion age 7, male, IL
SEALS, Henderson age 16, male, farmer, TN
They are listed just two pages away from Robert H. Davis. CENSUS RECORDS: 17 Sep 1850 Dist #13, Carmi PO, White, Illinois page #290, family #346/346
SEAL, James B. age 50, male, farmer, VA
SEAL, Nancy age 50, female, TN
SEAL, Candes age 23, female, TN
SEAL, Elizabeth age 21, female, TN
SEAL, Permalia J. age 17, female, TN
SEAL, Mary age 14, female, TN
SEAL, Mahala age 12, female, TN
SEAL, Martha age 10, female, TN
SEAL, Benj. age 7, male, TN
BRANT, Henry age 4, male, IL

CENSUS RECORDS: 17 Sep 1850 Dist #13, Carmi PO, White, Illinois page #290, family #348/348
SEAL, John age 44, male, farmer, $500, VA
SEAL, Catherine age 43, female, KY
SEAL, William W. age 23, female, laborer, TN
SEAL, Benj. age 15, male, laborer, IL
SEAL, Joel age 14, male, IL
SEAL, Coleman R. age 6, male, IL
NICKSON, Margaret age 10, female, IL

CENSUS RECORDS: 6 July 1860 Shawneetown PO, Gallatin, Illinois page #950, family #658/658
BYRD, William age 30, male, farmer, $3000 & $700, TN
BYRD, Ellen L. age 24, female, IL
BYRD, Richard A. age 1, male, IL
BYRD, Mary R. age 10, female, IL
SEALS, Hardy age 27, male, TN
There is a William BYRD getting married in Gallatin County to Eleanor WISEHEART on 2 Jan 1854

CENSUS RECORDS: 17 Aug 1860 Bolton PO, Williamson, Illinois family #2422/2155, page #1112
SEAL, Jacob age 26, male, farmer, $300 & $200, TN
SEAL, Eliza age 23, female, IL
They were married in the census year. How is this SEAL family related to the one that Mary married?

Mary Anna Tullum HALL

She was in the under 5 age bracket in 1840.

She is 10 in 1850.

CENSUS RECORDS: 21 Aug 1860 Bolton PO, Williamson, Illinois family #2466/2190, page #1112
HALL, Mary age 20, female, domestic servant, TN
Living in the home of James and Mary ORGAN. She is the right age to be my Mary, but where is her daughter Anna Susan who was born in February of 1859? She is just 3 pages from her brother William Hall and one page after Robert H. DAVIS who is listed with his sister and brother-in-law.

MARRIAGE RECORDS: Illinois Statewide Index
John BEAVIONS to Mary SEALS 26 Dec 1882 Gallatin County, Illinois. (Is she our Mary Hall Davis Seals???)

James Melvin SEALS

CENSUS RECORDS: 1 June 1900 Santa Cruz Station, Manila, Philippines, Company D, 20th Infantry
SEAL, James M., Private, from Cameron, Texas age 22, born Oct 1877, TX TN IL, he could read & write. (Not sure if this is my James but the age fits.)

MILITARY RECORDS: He was killed in the Phillipine Islands during the Spanish American War according to family stories.


HISTORY: In the afternoon of the third of September, 1812, Elias Payne and a man whose name was Coffman were hunting for "bee trees" in the woods about two miles north of the Pigeon Roost settlement and were surprised and killed by a party of Indians. This party of Indians, which consisted of ten or twelve warriors, nearly all of whom were Shawnee, then attacked the Pigeon Roost settlement about sunset and, in the space of about one hour, they killed one man, five women and sixteen children. Elias his wife and 7 children were killed in the Pidgeon Roost Massacre in Scott County, Indiana. "Jeremiah Payne (who lived near the fort at Vienna, but seven miles north from Pigeon Roost) was warned of danger when his cows, bellowing very loud, came running to the house with spears and arrows stuck in their sides. Taking his wife and only child, Lewis, to the fort at Vienna, the father started on foot to warn his only brother, Elias (who lived five miles away), of their threatened trouble. He ran in a "turkey trot", as he called it - but too late. He found that the Indians had been before him and already done their deadly work. The wife and seven children of his brother had been massacred - parts of their bodies cut into strips and strung around trees...." (Info found at:


Kesiah her husband and 7 children were killed in the Pidgeon Roost Massacre in Scott County, Indiana.