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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson



Extracted birth or christening record for Heversham, Westmorland, England film #97370


Extracted birth or christening record for Heversham, Westmorland, England film #97370

William STOREY

Extracted birth or christening record for Heversham, Westmorland, England film #97370

Judge Samuel ELDER Jr.

He was 60 in 1850 living in Curran Pct, Saline, Illinois.

He was 70 in 1860 living by himself in Eldorado PO, Saline, Illinois.

He was 81 in 1870 living with his son William in Eldorado PO, Saline, Illinois.

HISTORY: After the death of his mother, he went to live with an uncle in Kentucky (Marion area). His uncle road horse back from Kentucky to get Samuel and Samuel road on the back of the saddle behind his uncle. Sam and Nancy lived near Marion, and lived there until they were the parents of about seven children. He moved to Illinois Territory about 1824, and bought his homestead from Coleman Brown, and built a double log house. He owned most of the land where the present city of Eldorado now stands in Gallatin county, Illinois. He served as Justice-of-peace, member of the county court, school commissioner, and first judge of Saline county, Illinois. There was another Samuel Elder in the county which was proven later to be a cousin, a son of his Uncle William. "It was never to hot, nor so cold, the rain never fell fast enough, nor the winter snows blew fierce enough to deter Judge Elder from coming to all his courts, and that, too on time. If likely to be a few minutes late, his faithful saddle horse, Blackhawk, came thundering into town."

HISTORY: Saline County Historical Society ELDORADO, Ill. (Sept. 22, 1997) — Judge Samuel Elder migrated into Illinois in 1824, crossing at Shawneetown. He traveled up the Kaskaskia Trail and bought land near Coleman Brown's blockhouse. He paid for it with proceeds from one month's hunting and trapping. He then built a double-log house that faced down the road. On humorous story told about Elder was the ghost that chased him from "Hanted Hill" -- the hill opposite the old city reservoir. Early residents thought the area was haunted because a man had been murdered there and stories told how the victim's ghost was often seen by travelers at night. One day Elder traveled to Raleigh, the county seat, to transact business. He tarried too long "over the cups" and it was late evening before he started back. In order to square himself with his wife Nancy, and his daughters, he bought a bolt of domestic material as a present and tied it to the saddle behind him. All went well until he reached the "Haunted Hill." Just then Old Black Hawk gave a snort and started at break-neck speed for home. The Judge held on for dear life, every once in a while looking back to see a white object bounding along behind him. When he reached home the family ran out to see why all the hurry. They found one end of domestic fastened to the saddle and all the rest floating out toward Raleigh. — This account is provided by the county Historical Society.

Nancy Margaret PINNELL

She was 60 in 1850.

NOTES: She had sixteen children all together three died without being named and only nine lived to adulthood.

Francis Marion ELDER

He was 38 in 1870, living with his brother William in Eldorado PO, Saline, Illinois.


She was 5 in 1880.

MARRIAGES: Crittenden county, Kentucky film #561065.

In 1916, she was living in Evansville, Indiana.

Samuel Jefferson HUMPHREYS

He was 5 in 1860.

He was 15 in 1870.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Hurricane, Crittenden, Kentucky Film #1254410, Page #63
HUMPHREYS, Samuel Head, age 25, Farming, KY VA TN
HUMPHREYS, Nancy J. Wife, age 26, Keeping House, KY TN TN
HUMPHREYS, Rosey B. Dau, age 5, KY KY KY
HUMPHREYS, Willie D. Son, age 1, KY KY KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 21 June 1900 Sheridan, Crittenden, Kentucky film #1240517
He says he has been married for 26 years.

CENSUS RECORDS:1910 Sulpher Springs & Hurricane Road, Crittenden, Kentucky family #153/159
He says they have been married for 36 years and he farms.

Nancy Jane HOOVER

She was 26 in 1880. On the 1900, census she says she is the mother of 6 children but only 5 are
still living. In 1910, she says the same.