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The Ancestors of Vickie Beard Thompson


Aubrey David BEARD

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 6 in 1900.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 15 in 1910.

CENSUS RECORDS: He was 24 in 1920, single, living with his parents.

HISTORY: The following note was written by D. Frank Beard, the second youngest son of Aubrey David Beard. My earliest memory of dad was when I was about 18 months to two years old. We were living in Providence, Kentucky on what was called the Rock Road. All I can remember is walking off the front porch, down three steps of stairs, and over to the front lawn where Dad, Harold and George were helping a man get a mule or horse and plow into an area where we were planting a garden. On my 40th birthday in 1975 I went to visit the home which was still standing, and as Mother said, looked just as it did when we left there 38 years before except for some minor changes. The lady who lived there said she moved in right after we moved out. The gate where the mule went into the garden was gone, but the lady said I described it just the way it was, even to the type of wire the fence was made of. She said her husband took it down and developed grass because he didn't want to mess with a garden. There were no steps off the porch but the lady said the ground level was raised because of standing water problems. It appears the memory goes back almost to birth. I have the journal of Dad's for the year I was born in that house in 1935. Dad jokingly stated at the end of his journal, that at years end he had made about $377.00 or just over $1.00 per day and had 15 cents of borrowed money in his pocket. Dad moved to several locations after leaving the "Rock Road" in Providence. Aubrey and family moved to Oklahoma because Aunt Nina and Uncle Clyde Brewer and their family was living there. Also living there at that time was Grandma Rose Etta and son Duell and Aunt Cleo and Uncle Loftin Jones and their daughter Billie Ruth. In 1942 we were living on Walker Street in Marion. Dad was working as a general contractor at the time, as he had been for many years. His specialty was paper hanging, and he was the best in the area according to many that knew him. Only one of his children, my older brother Donald, carried the paper hanging tradition on. In 1994, though retired on Social Security, Don continues to "hang it on the walls". Dad and Mom were divorced in 1942 and the decree stated that we live with Dad. The next year on July 19th, we arrived to Woodlake California where several of the family had moved to in 1930. Dad worked as a guard at Sequoia Field, an Army Air Corps training base, till the war was over in 1945. After an uncomfortable stay living at "McGee's Camp" at the outskirts of Woodlake, and working at Hunes Packing House, Dad moved us into Uncle George Beard's house in town. It was the home Uncle George had built for Grandmother Rose Daniel Beard. Dad lived there for several years, and I have many fond memories of those years there. It is where Dad first heard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in 1949 and 1950. The church was all he talked about and in October of 1951, Dad was baptized for the first and last time in his life. I and my older sister Violet (Sis) were baptized the following year on 5 July 1952. For the next 10+ years, the church was his life. He served in many positions in the Exeter Branch, but mostly as Branch Clerk. Some of his old church friends are here listed. Chester Seace age 99 and still going strong, Dar Howell, Ephriam Rodrigeuz, Norman Ingoldsby, Sis. Marge Mangine, the Cranstons, Terrys, Gublers and many others he called friends. Dad kept a fairly consistent journal for many years. The earliest writing I have of his was in 1917 in Kentucky. His last entry into his journal was Friday 19th Jan 1962. All it states is Up at 9:45. The Day before he wrote = Irene (Don's wife) took me to see Mr. Van Housier about painting and Papering. We got the job. Don said dad was real excited about doing some paid work again. Helen said she thought the day of his stroke was Saturday, because J. B. was at a bar drinking when Don brought Dad home from the job they were working on in Elderwood. Don and Dad started the job Saturday morning, and stopped at noon for lunch. Dad was sitting in the floor eating a sandwich when the stroke hit. Don took him to Helen and J. B.s then to the hospital. He had suffered a paralytic stroke on his right side. He couldn't speak for about a year. He couldn't walk unassisted the rest of his life. Two years later on 25 Jan 1964, with the help of a wheelchair and some of his good friends, Dad was able to go to the temple in Los Angeles to receive his endowments and all necessary ordinances for exaltation in the next life. He suffered on for several more years, with operations and medication that only prolonged the inevitable. Heavenly Father finally said, it's enough, and on the 23rd day of January 1974, his spirit left his emaciated earthly body, and returned to his heavenly home. Though a 5th grade drop out in grammar school in the year 1908, Dad went on to become a well educated and rounded out man. He took correspondence courses for many years to improve his lot in life. Many of these were studied while at work as a boiler man or watchman or other types of jobs where he had a few minutes to read while working. One of his great loves was writing poetry and novels. One story he worked on for many years was titled "The Screaming Rock". None of his writings were ever published but it wasn't from lack of trying. Maybe I can carry on where Dad left off. It would take several volumes to put on paper the life story of Aubrey David Beard. He was known and loved by many, and will be missed always. I hope this little "History of Dad" will help keep his memory alive and well. Written at the home of D. Frank Beard at 1350 W. 300 N. #51 Clearfield, Utah on the 4th of December 1994. Sunday. (This little bio written by his son Frank Beard.)

Jessie Holeman DOSS

HISTORY: Mama Jessie was real supertitious. Some of her things were whatever door you come in thats the door you leave out of. Don't put a baby in front of a mirror before they are a year old or they'll die before they are 21 years old. When Mama Jessie was three years old she moved to Charleston, Missouri. They lived in a tent while her daddy was cutting timber. Snakes were all over the places. She didn't go to school until she was about 7 or 8 years old because her mom wouldn't let her, this school was in Clay. She hated school didn't like it at all. The last school she went to was at Wheatcroft and she only went to 5th grade then quit and never went back. Her nickname was Judy. From Charleston they moved back to Kentucky then over to Illinois in about 1908 lived in Marion, Illinois then moved over to Harrisburg, Illinois and lived there for a while then moved back to Kentucky. While they lived in Harrisburg her brother George Doss and Will Smith were working in the coal mines together. It was almost quitting time some slate fell from the ceiling and squashed George and he was smashed up pretty good. He lived for about four days after the accident. He called everyone in to talk to them before he died. Mama Jessie was the last one he called in and he put his hand on her hand and said Judy you be a good girl now and then he died. I don't think she ever got over his death completely. Mama Jessie was married to Burt Ward for about two weeks when she found out he was already married. I don't know if the marriage was annulled or if there was a divorce. Mama Jessie was living in Kansas City, Missouri when she found out he was a bigamist. This info was given to me by my Aunt Helen Beard Loftis. I wish Mama Jessie was here to tell me the story of her life. About all I can do is try to remember some of the things I've been told over the years. Mama Jessie always insisted she was born in 1900, but all the records including the Social Security Death Index and the 1900 Census show her born 5 March 1899. I guess she just felt that being born in the 1800's made her seem too old. Mama Jessie was a very pretty girl and woman before age took it's toll. Before my Dad (Frank Beard) was born his Mom and Dad used to dance a lot to waltz music. My Dad and I have developed a great love for waltzes. For many years Mama Jessie took in washing and ironing for people in the area where she lived. My Dad recalls many times seeing her heating water in a big black kettle in the back yard. She as many other women of the time also made her own lye soap. When the song "Grandma's Lye Soap" came out in the 50's, it brought back a lot of memories to my Dad. I can remember her making the lye soap and her having me stir the big black kettle out in the yard while the soap was doing whatever it was suppose to do. It was real hot work and made you sweat. As far as I know Mama Jessie never worked outside the home, but with 10 children to raise it would explain why. Mama Jessie was a great story teller and some of the stories she told us kids have been passed on to her grandchildren, great and great-great-grandchildren. Mama Jessie didn't have much formal education but was always ready to share her knowledge and experience with family and friends. I guess most everyone thinks their mother was the best cook in the world and my Dad is no exception. No one could cook beans and cornbread that tasted as good as Mama Jessie's. One of my favorite foods that Mama Jessie made for us was called "Plain Cornbread". It would last for several days or even weeks and never go bad. My Dad used to take it with him on his travels about the country. It also served him as a weapon to throw at dogs or other animals that got aggressive and tried to bite him. The bread was as hard as a rock, but tasted great. One of my Dad's good cousins in Hopkinsville, Kentucky named Wallace Marquess, sent him a picture of Mama Jessie when she was a baby, less than a year old. Now I can see why she was such a pretty woman, she was a beautiful baby. Mama Jessie did not like to think of herself as old enough to have grandchildren and so she came up with the name of Mama Jessie for all of her grandchildren to call her. We never called her grandma, mamaw, granny or anything like that, she would not stand for it. If you would give her a hug and a kiss before you left after your visit she would give you a quarter to take home. We always seem to stop in and get us an ice cream cone on the way back to our house. She had a little dog named Tina. (Just some rememberance of my Daddy's Mom by me Vickie Beard Thompson 28 April 2003.)

Ermon Edward FRALEY

He was 5 in 1920.

He was 15 in 1930.

MILITARY RECORDS: Papaw (Ermon) served as a 3rd Class Petty Officer in the United States Navy Reserve, on a hospital ship in the South Pacific during World War II. He received a honorable discharge. He never would say much about his service. Mamaw (Daisy) said that Papaw (Ermon) never would talk about that time.

NOTES: Ermon Fraley died at his home at 1 PM, Thursday Aug 4th, with his daughter Amy and granddaughter Kim Beard Ekstrom, holding his hands. All of the children and grandchildren, except Deanna, Tony and Barry were there. I, Frank Beard, was not able to be there, but I recorded an old hymn that was one of Ermons favorites, "Peace In The Valley", which was played at the funeral. An old friend of mine, Virgil Hughes and his wife were at the funeral and asked if I was there. A few days later Virgil's wife passed away and was buried at Deer Creek also. Ermon was a hard talking but also hard working man as long as he was able. The first time I met him in Ky. was when he lived at the foot of Hardins Knob, just a few miles from Sheridan, Ky. Jean and I was dating at the time and I helped him clear some trees off his land. He was only 43 at the time, and I was 21, but I couldn't keep up with him. In other words "he worked my butt off". I'll miss seeing him when I visit Kentucky. Vickie will write more, but I wanted to put this in her records. Frank Beard 30 Aug 1994 at 1350 W. 300 N. #51 Clearfield, Utah.

Connie Rose FRALEY

She died in the Children's Hospital in Louisville. Connie and Edward apparently died of the same thing, which we now know may have been encepalitis.

Edward Jewell FRALEY

He had mucus and pus come out of his eyes and ears right before he died on Easter Sunday. The doctors did not know what in the world had caused it or why he died. Edward and Connie apparently died of the same thing, which we now know may have been encepalitis.

James Hayes BIGHAM Sr.

Livingston County, Kentucky cemeteries 1738-1976

MARRIAGES: Caldwell County, Kentucky book #976.9 F829k

CENSUS RECORDS: 1850 Livingston County, Kentucky film #442978

PROBATE RECORDS: Wills of Livingston County, Kentucky film #318175 page #163
His WILL was probated 15 August 1856, and was written 7 July 1856. He mentions son James if he returns from California alive, daughter-Peninah, his grandchildren of daughter Martha now deceased (John, Elizabeth, Louisa, and Martha), son, Samuel P., his nieces son Tilford Holloway, and his granddaughters of son Samuel P. (Sallie and Cinthia).

Information from a Family Bible in the possession of Mrs. Vernon Andrew (Bessie Alvis) of Woodburn, Kentucky.

Bigham Family Records film #1598133 item #4

James Hayes BIGHAM Jr.

In his fathers WILL, it says he will leave something to his son James Jr. if
he returns alive from California.

In 1860, he is 32 years old living with his step mother and with a family by the last name of Hunter. He has $3300.00, he must have found some gold.

PROBATE RECORDS: Wills of Livingston Co, Kentucky film #318175 p.201, His
WILL, was probated 2 Oct 1860, he mentions his stepmother Sarah Bigham, and his sisters:Loven, Given, Penina (apparently he made it back from California.).

Lynn Burrell ANDERSON

Uncle Lynn Anderson wrote a memorium about his brother-in-law, George A. Beard which was in the local Clarksville, Arkansas newspaper, shortly after George's death. The article stated that Mr. Anderson, was a Rev. L.B. Anderson of Oklahoma City who was then 90 years old.

Lynn served in the Union Army during the Civil War in Company E 48th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, as a private. He enlisted 18 July 1863 at Princeton, Kentucky and was mustered out 15 Dec 1864 at Bowling Green, Kentucky. I have a copy of his pension records. The description he gave in his pension files as to what he looked like is has follows: 5 foot 6 inches tall, blue eyes light complexion, and light colored hair. He died in the Old Soldier's Home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

CENSUS RECORDS: 17 Sep 1850 Marshall County, Kentucky film #442980

CENSUS RECORDS: 14 Jun 1880 Elizabethtown, Hardin, Illinois film #1254211

CENSUS RECORDS: 1900 McFarland Place Rd, Elizabethtown, Hardin, Illinois film #1242972

CENSUS RECORDS: 18 Apr 1910 Minton Ave, Erick, Beckham, Oklahoma film #1375256

Charlotte BEARD

She was 5 in 1850 and it says she was attending school.

She was 16 in 1860.

NOTES: In Lynn's pension record he states that Charlotte died 14 years before, the date on the pension was 27 June 1898. That would mean she died in 1884. But on another paper dated 20 March 1915, he states that she died in 1879. On the 1880 census records he is a widower then so she more then likely died in 1879, as was stated by Lynn in 1915.

Alexander BEARD

MARRIAGES: Livingston County, Kentucky {MR#1-101}
Alexander (made his X) BEARD to Huldah FORD, married 21 Feb 1838 by William Pippin a Justice of the Peace. Bond dated 19 Feb 1838 and bondsman was Cutchings COUNCIL. Alexander BEARD of lawful age and Huldah FORD daughter of Lucy FORD whose consent was proven by Cutching COUNCIL dated 20 Feb 1838. "Mr. James A. DELLEM pleas to let Alexander BEAIRD have his lisons." signed Lusy (made her X) FORD, witnessed by John F. BEAIRD.

CENSUS RECORDS: 27 August 1850 Livingston County, Kentucky film #442978, page #356
BEARD, Alexander age 35, male, not working, unknown
BEARD, Matilda age 25, female, KY
BEARD, Juliann age 11, female, attends school, KY
BEARD, Sharlot age 5, female, attends school, KY
BEARD, Nancy age 3, female, KY
BEARD, William J. age 1, male, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 21 July 1860 Crittenden Springs PO, Crittenden, Kentucky page #358, family #410/410
BEARD, Alexander age 43, male, farmer, $100, SC
BEARD, Huldah age 37, female, KY
BEARD, Julia A. age 19, female, KY
BEARD, Charlotte age 16, female, KY
BEARD, Nancy A. age 13, female, KY
BEARD, Wm. I. age 11, male, KY
BEARD, Maggy A. age 3, female, KY
BEARD, George A. age 3/12, male, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 5 Aug 1870 Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky page #18, family #24/30
BEARD, Alexander age 58, male, farmer, SC
BEARD, Huldah age 52, female, keeping house, KY
BEARD, M. A. age 14, female, KY
BEARD, George age 13, male, works on farm, KY

Huldah FORD

MARRIAGES: Livingston County, Kentucky {MR#1-101}
Alexander (made his X) BEARD to Huldah FORD, married 21 Feb 1838 by William Pippin a Justice of the Peace. Bond dated 19 Feb 1838 and bondsman was Cutchings COUNCIL. Alexander BEARD of lawful age and Huldah FORD daughter of Lucy FORD whose consent was proven by Cutching COUNCIL dated 20 Feb 1838. "Mr. James A. DELLEM pleas to let Alexander BEAIRD have his lisons." signed Lusy (made her X) FORD, witnessed by John F. BEAIRD.

She was 25 in 1850 and was listed as Matilda.

She was 37 in 1860 and was listed as Huldah.

She was 52 in 1870 and was listed as Huldah, and they lived next door to Anthony Franklin and his wife.

She was 58 in 1880 and was listed as Huldah.

NEWSPAPER: Crittenden Press, Wednesday, 1 March 1883, Mrs. Hulda Franklin pick up your letter.

She was 76 in 1900, and was listed as Huldah, widow, living with her daughter Julia Beard Clark and family in Marion.

Sarah P. BEARD

Death record on film for Crittenden County, Kentucky died in 1856, of dysentery.


Minnie's father Lynn was living in her home when she died. After her death he moved to the Union Soldier's Home in Oklahoma City.


MARRIAGES: Hardin County, Illinois film #965704

DEATH RECORDS: Hardin County, Illinois film #965706

John BAIRD Sr.

CENSUS RECORDS: 1810 Abbeville County, South Carolina
John BAIRD Next door to James BAIRD

Info from Family Bible which was in the pocession of Nina Ordway of Marion, Kentucky.

Catharine MCKINNEY

NOTES: She was from Lone Cane in Abbeville County, South Caroline according to marriage records.

CENSUS RECORDS: 4 Sep 1850 Dist #1, Crittenden County, Kentucky page #232, family #318/318
BEARD, Catherine age 67, female, $300, Ireland
BEARD, Huey age 42, male, laborer, SC
BEARD, Agnes age 23, female, KY

CENSUS RECORDS: 21 July 1860 Crittenden Springs PO, Crittenden, Kentucky page #358, family #411/411
BEARD, Catherine age 80, female, $100, Ireland
BEARD, Nancy A. age 35, female, KY
BEARD, Susan E. age 16, female, attends school, KY
BEARD, Francis M. age 13, male, attends school, KY
BEARD, Ellen age 10, female, attends school, KY

She was 89 in 1870, born in Ireland, living with her son Hugh.


He was 42 in 1850 working as a laborer and living with his mother.

CENSUS RECORDS: 9 July 1860 Marion PO, Crittenden, Kentucky page #311, family #78/78
BEARD, Hugh age 52, male, farmer, $800 & $500, SC
(Living by himself.)

CENSUS RECORDS: 5 Aug 1870 Marion, Crittenden, Kentucky page #29, family #20/25
BEARD, Hue age 62, male, farmer, $600 & $500, SC
BEARD, Nancy age 42, female, at home, KY
BEARD, Ellen age 21, female, at home, IL
BEARD, F. M. age 22, male, works on farm, $110, KY
BEARD, Catherine age 89, female, at home, Ireland

CENSUS RECORDS: 1880 Union, Crittenden, Kentucky Film #1254410, Page #50
Hugh BEARD, Head, age 72, Farming, SC SC Ireland
Nancy M. BEARD, Sister, age 53, Keeping House, KY SC Ireland

LAND RECORDS: 222 1/2 acres were deeded to Francis Marion Beard on 15 February 1890, on the stipulation that Francis Marion would take care of Hugh and Nancy in there old age.

NEWSPAPERS: The Crittenden Press Newspaper, September 3, 1891
There are 40 men over the age of 70 in Crittenden County, Hugh Beard is 83 years old.

NEWSPAPERS: The Crittenden Press Newspaper,October 20, 1892
Hugh F. Beard was before the board of pension examiners Wednesday.

NOTES: He and his sister Nancy never married.

Margaret BEARD

She may have died young.


He may have died young.

Nancy Agnes BEARD

She was 23 in 1850, single, and living with her mother Catherine and brother Hugh.

She was 35 in 1860, single, and living with her mother Catherine.

She was 42 in 1870, single, and was living with her brother Hugh and her mother Catherine.

She was 53 in 1880, single, and was living with her brother Hugh.

She was 73, single, and living with her nephew Francis Marion Beard in Union Pct, Crittenden County, Kentucky.

NEWSPAPERS: The Crittenden Record-Press, Thursday, April 28, 1904
Aunt Nancy Beard died at her home with Marion Beard, last week; she was an old and respected lady and lived a quiet, devoted life.

NOTES: She never married. She lived with her brother Hugh and was buried near him at the Coleman or Donakey Place. She continued after his death to live at the small cabin. She was found one afternoon near the spring unconscious. Her nephew Francis Marion Beard took care of them in there old age.