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Preussisch Friedland Synagoge/Synagogue

The Synagogue in Preussisch Friedland.

Die Synagoge in Preussisch Friedland.

Information about the Synagogue in Preussisch Friedland

The location of the synagogue before 1900 is unknown. The real
estate was sold in 1900 for 1,260 RM to Wilhelm Krause, who bought
it on condition that he would tear down the old synagogue and
another house. A new synagogue was built in 1900 on Stretziner
Steet. The cost of the new building was around 33,000 RM, but this
did not include the cost of the the interior. Until the beginning of
the 19th century, Jews lived outside the city in the "Jewish Alley,"
between PF and Dobrin. This would explain the old Jewish cemetery in
the woods on the south side of the city lake. One stone has the date
1878 on it. The new Jewish cemetery was located on Kesselsee street.
The Jewish community had:

262 members in 1885
149 members in 1913
118 members in 1930
118 members in 1933

The Jewish Cemetery from the beginning of the 16th century. 2002.
It is between Preussisch Friedland and Dobrin. Photos by Miguel Calatayud.

Der jüdische Friedhof vom Anfang des 16 Jahrhunderts an. 2002.
Es ist zwischen Preussisch Friedland und Dobrin. Fotos von Miguel Calatayud.

Sally Freundlich 1852-1878. Photo by Miguel Calatayud. 2002.

Sally Freundlich 1852-1878. Foto von Miguel Calatayud. 2002.

Aerial view of PF in 1929 with location of the Synagogue noted. Postcard of Axel Kornfuehrer.

Luftaufnahme von PF in 1929 mit Platz von Synagoge. Karte von Axel Kornfuehrer.

This is where the Synagogue stood. All that is left is the steps. Photo by Paul Sternberg 2004.

Dies ist, wo die Synagoge stand. Alle, daß Überreste die Schritte sind. Photo von Paul Sternberg 2004.

A map of the cemetery in the city.

Eine Karte von den Friedhof in die Stadt.

The cemetery as it appears today.

Der Friedhof, als es heute erscheint.

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