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Union Springs Cemetery
Corrigan, Texas
Submitted Oct. 2001; Updated June 2004 by O. Jones Perkins

Directions:  From signal light at the intersection of HWY 59 and HWY 287
in Corrigan, Texas. Go north on HWY 59 for 0.2 mile, turn left on W Ben
Franklin Street and cross railroad tracks, turn right onto Union Springs
Road for 1.0 mile to cemetery entrance.  Signs are posted.

Adams, Adella Marshall b. 31-Mar. 1871 d.15-Oct. 1923; Wife of John S.
Adams, Gladys C. b.13-Oct. 1902  d.12-Jan. 1985; Wife of Paul
Adams, John S. b.13-Oct. 1867  d.15-May 1952; Husband of Adella
Adams, Paul N. b.21-Mar. 1894  d.13-Mar. 1965;
        Sgt, Btry E. 344 Field Arty WW I
Aden, Julius Lee b. 14-Dec. 1915  d. 4-May 1991; Husband of Helen
        TSgt, US Army, WW II.
Aichelmon, George b.18-Apr. 1863 d. 29-Jun. 1941; No Marker.
Alexander, Horace M.  b. 3-Sep. 1926  d. 24-Oct. 2000; Metal Marker
Alexander, Julia  b. 23-Apr 1925    d. 12-May 2004; Wife of Horace
Allen, Carroll  b. 11-Mar. 1901  d. 2-Feb. 1978; Husband of Delores;
        CEN, US Navy, WW II.

Allen, Delores  b. 1918    d. 2004; Wife of Carrol

Allen, Mary  b. 2-Mar. 1845  d. 14-Feb. 1900
Allen, Myrtle B.  b.1887  d.1972; Wife of Robert; Wed January 4, 1949
Allen, Robert  b.1889  d. 1968; Husband of Myrtle
Allsbrook, Charley Edward  b. 15-Sep. 1919  d. 12-Jun. 1991
        Cpl. US Army WW II.
Allsbrook, Mary Janette  b.5-Nov. 1933  d. 9-Apr.,1992
Allsbrooks, Charlie H. b.16-Oct. 1873   d.15-Dec. 1945
Alsbrooks-Beckham, Gladys  b. 3-Mar. 1904  d.19-Sep. 1976; Wife of Martin
Alsbrooks, Charlie b.15-Nov. 1903  d.30-Jan.1958
Alsbrooks, Clarence. L.  b. 25-Sep. 1900  d.6-May 1955; Husband of Ella Mae
Alsbrooks, Ella Mae  b.8-Aug. 1907  d.15-Oct.1977; Wife of Clarence
Alsbrooks, John C. b. 25-Sep. 1925  d. 1-Jan. 1980; Husband of Joyce;
    PFC US Arny WW II
Alsbrooks, L. C. b. 24-Dec. 1927  d.17-Mar. 1984
    CPL, US Army Korea
Alsbrooks, Martha Ann  b. 4-Mar. 1872  d.4-May. 1964; Wife of Martin Luther
Alsbrooks, Martin b. 5-Apr. 1901 d. 10-Nov.1951; Husband of Gladys
Alsbrooks, Martin Luther  b. 6-Feb. 1870  d. 26-Jul. 1936; Husband of Martha
Alsbrooks, Ola b. 19-Mar. 1924  d. 24-Oct. 1927; Daughter of Clarence.

Alvarez, Rejinaldo "Chato"  d. 9-Sep 2002

Anderson, Frederick  b.1909  d.1954
Anderson, John H.  b.1-Jun. 1888  d. 26-Nov. 1948
Anderson, Lettie  b.16-Mar. 1876  d.15-May 1925; Wife of P. A.
Anderson, Nancy  b. 8-Sep. 1895  d. 21-Feb. 1978
Anderson, P. A.  b. 7-Mar. 1865  d. 31-Dec. 1938; Husband of Lettie
Andrews, Clyde E.  b. 29-May 1887  d. 30-Mar. 1959; Husband of Mattie
Andrews, Lois Lucille  b. 2-Jan. 1915  d. 3-Feb. 1925
Andrews, Mattie A.  b. 1-Jun. 1890  d. 28-Nov. 1985; Wife of Clyde
Andrews, Thomas Eugene  b. 23-Feb. 1913   d. 10-Nov.1984; "Jack".
    PFC, US Army
Andrews, Winzel Braly  b. 4-Dec. 1919  d. 31-May 1986; Husband of Nancy;
    TSGT, US Army, WW II.
Archer, Henry Melvin  b. 1-Feb. 1906  d. 8-Apr. 1970; Husband of Betty
    Wed June 16, 1956.
Armstrong, Alton Brooks, Sr.  b. 13-Apr.1904  d. 9-Dec.1999; Husband of Maudie;
    Reverend A. B.
Armstrong, Charles A. b. 14-Mar.1879  d. 14-Nov. 1906
Armstrong, Maudie L.  b. 30-May 1909  d. 13-Dec. 1988; Wife of A.B.;
    Wed September, 18, 1924.
Arnold, Alton   b. 27-Jul.1912  d. 9-Nov. 1994; Husband of Myrtle
Arnold, Barney F.  b. 6-Nov. 1920  d. 23-Aug.1944
    Sgt., 376 AAF Bomb SQ, WW II.
Arnold, Bithey E. b. 1887  d. 1985;  Wife of Richard
Arnold, Hazel Jones  b. 22-Jul. 1895  d. 4-Apr.1964;  Wife of James
Arnold, Horace Lee  b. 25-Jan.1891  d. 12-Apr.1966; Husband of Lora
    F3, USNRF, WW I.
Arnold, James Maxey, Sr.  b. 19-Sep.1895  d. 18-Dec.1976;  Husband of Hazel .
Arnold, John C.   b. 22-Mar.1894   d. 13-Apr.1960;  Husband of Mary
Arnold, Jurdon B.  b. 1849  d. 1913
    Pvt, Co K, 61 Ala  Inf, CSA.
Arnold, Lora A.   b. 11-Jan.1898  b. 2-Apr.1986;  Wife of Horace .
Arnold,  M. A.  b. 1852  d. 1939;  Wife of Jurdon
Arnold, Mary A.  b. 19-Dec.1908   d. 3-Dec.1984;  Wife of John .
Arnold, Mildred  b. 1922  d. 1983
Arnold, Myrtle b. 7-Apr.1909  d. 2-Feb. 2000;  Wife of Alton
Arnold, Richard A.  b. 1878  d. 1946;  Husband of Bithey

Artherhold, Alfred R.   b.15-July 1938    d. 23-Nov 2002;  Husband of Louise

Ashbaugh, Robert Edward  b. 26-Sep.1925  d. 28-Sep.1991
    TEC5, US Army, WW II.
Ashworth, Jewel  b.18-Oct.1916   d. 21-Nov. 1986;  Wife of James Ashworth
Atmar, Lynne Morris b. 17-Aug. 1915   d. 3-Jun. 1969; TSgt, US Army, WW II.
Atmar,  Mabel Morris  b.______   d.  8-Sep.,1967
Atwell, Nellie Potts b. 30-Nov.1900   d. 2-Apr.1973
Aydelotte - King, Minnie  b. 7-Sep.1884   d. 24-Aug.1968; Wife of Frank & Mr. King
Aydelotte, Frank R.  b.16-Aug.1870  d. 21-Jun.1931; Husband of Minnie
Aydelotte, Frank R.  b. 17-Jan.1905  d. 1-Jun.1979;  Husband of Willie
Aydelotte, Willie Hubbard  b. 22-Oct.1906   d. 9-Feb.1994; Wife of Frank
Bagwell, Walter Norman b. 23-Jul.1912  d. 30-Nov. 1983
Bailey, Charles A. b. 29-May 1915 d. 24-Jul.1998; Husband of Edna
Bailey, Edna K. b. 9-Feb. 1920  d. 5-Aug.1965; Wife of Charles
Bailey, Infant  b. 14-Jul. 1902  d. 23-Jul. 1902; Daughter of H. M. & Mattie Bailey
Baker, Alford  b. 2-Dec. 1907  d. 3-Jan. 1975; Husband of Daphnea
Baker, Alford Jr. b. 4-Dec. 1931  d. 20-Dec. 1975;
    Sgt. US Marine Corps Korea
Baker, Joe C. b. 22-Dec. 1883  d. 10-Jun. 1984
Baker, Leona G.  b. 25-Mar. 1901 d. 2-Apr.1983; Wife of Arthur Baker
Baker, Marie  b.1926  d. 1992; Metal Marker
Baker, Mary Idell  b. 16-Apr. 1919 d. 17-Jun. 1986; Wife of Mittie
Baker, Mittie Odell  b. 12-Oct. 1912  d. 20-Jan. 1978; Husband of Mary
    SSgt. US Army WW II

Baker, Polly R.  b. 31-Jan 1924    d. 1-May 2004;  Wife of James T. Baker

Ballard, Johnnie C. b. 8-Mar. 1905  d. 27-Dec. 1987; Wife of N. B.
Ballard, N. B. "Nap"  b. 18-Sep.1905 d. 19-Sep.1981; Husband of Johnnie
Barbour, Ann Frances  b. 15-Oct. 1888  d. 25-Jan. 1960
Barclay, Ethel C.  b. 12-May 1908  d. 26-Feb. 1990; Wife of John
Barclay, Herschel Lee  b. 5-Feb. 1923  d. 18-Sep. 1995; Husband of Joyce
Barclay, Infant  b. 4-Oct. 1932  d. 4-Oct. 1932; Daughter of John & Ethel
Barclay, John M. b. 5-Dec. 1900   d. 26-Jun. 1991; Husband of Ethel, Wed Dec. 25, 1931
Barclay, Joyce M. Sturrock b. 26-Jan. 1926  d. 11-Aug. 1998; Wife of Herschel
Barfield, Evener M.  b. 25-Apr. 1899  d. 30-Jan. 1975; Husband of Willie
Barfield, Iva P. b. 1898  d. 29-Oct. 1986; Wife of John
Barfield, John H. b. 1891 d. 1978; Husband of Iva
Barfield, Sidney Faye  b. 24-Jun.1939  d. 9-Aug. 1987, (Buddy).
Barfield, Willie W.  b. 14-Dec. 1897  d. 24-May 1944; Wife of Evener
Barnes, Baby  b. 1-Jan. 1945  d. 1-Jan. 1945
Barnett, Gladys A. b. 1928  d. 1948
Barnett, William S.  b.13-Mar. 1921 d. 17-Jun. 1961
Bass, Baby  Died  25-Jun. 1912
Bass, Cina Palmer  b. 1849  d. 1898; Wife of William N. Bass
Bass, H. M.  b. 15-Feb. 1880  d. 23-Feb. 1910
Bass, Troy Mardez  b. 1912  d.1914
Bates, Betty Jean  b. 10-Sep. 1930  d. 12-Apr. 1992
Baucom, Richard   b. 24-Sep.1870  d. 7-Jan.1938

Baxter, Larry Douglas  b. 6-Sep 1955    d. 7-May 2002;  Husband of Darlene

Baxter, Maurice G.  b. 28-Aug.1919  d. 29-Aug.1967;
    Sgt. US Marine Corps WW II - DSM Purple Heart
Baxter, Nellie Elizabeth b. 23-Sep.1896  d. 21-Apr. 1946
Beattie, Earnest  b. 1-Aug. 1870 d. 26-Aug. 1899

Beaty, Hester Loving  b.10-Sep.1922  d. 5-Dec. 2002;  Wife of Junious

Beaty, Junious Ivison  b. 25-Sep. 1921  d.22-Dec. 1995;
    SSgt US Air Force WW II

Beauchamp, Pearlie  b. 10-Mar. 1918   d. 14-July 2002; Wife of Roy

Beauchamp, Roy  b. 30-Jun. 1903 d. 26-Feb. 1955; Husband of Pearlie
Belk, M. A. C.  b. 11-Jan. 1823 d. 26-Mar. 1901
Bell, Amos B.  b. 22-Nov. 1905  d. 17-Mar. 1932
Bell, Baby  {No Dates}; Child of Jim
Bell, Baby  {No Dates}; Child of Jim
Bell, Baby  {No Dates}; Child of Jim
Bell, Baby  {No Dates}; Child of Jim
Bell, Baby  {No Dates}; Child of Jim
Bell, Baby  {No Dates}; Child of Jim
Bell, Belinda Kay  b. 13-Jan. 1965  d. 9-Feb. 1977
Bell, Betty Jo  b.15-Jul. 1927  d.12-Jul. 1941

Bell, Cecil  b. 3-June 1918  d. 7-Mar. 2002;  Husband of Lottie

Bell, George Washington  b. 5-Apr. 1896  d. 25-Jan. 1979; Husband of Lela;
        Pvt US Army WW I
Bell, Henry Oscar  b. 21-Jan.1944  d. 27-May.1967
Bell, Jim, Rev.  b. 1866  d. 1937; Husband of Willie; Reverend
Bell, Johnnie Bob  b. 25-Jan. 1931  d. 9-Nov. 1992
        TSgt US Air Force  Korea & Vietnam
Bell, Lela "Tots" b. 30-Mar. 1906 d. 20-Dec. 1989; Wife of George; Wed Jan. 9, 1926
Bell, Lester L. b. 3-Feb. 1918  d. 26-Nov. 1992; Husband of Mary
Bell, Lewis B. b. 3-Dec. 1900  d. 17-Jan. 1959
Bell, Lottie L.  b. 1909  d. 1991
Bell, Mary Bernice b. 26-Jan. 1922  d. 21-May 1987; Wife of Lester; Wed. Dec. 8, 1940
Bell, Olga Lee  b. 24-May 1908  d. 8-Dec. 1999
Bell, Ollie   b. 28-Jul. 1906  d. 7-Jan. 1991; Wife of Oscar
Bell, Oscar  b. 28-Feb. 1894  d. 1-Feb. 1976; Husband of Viola & Ollie
Bell, Sonja  b. 27-Oct. 1948  d. 13-Jan. 1987
Bell, Viola  b. 25-Dec. 1894  d.  23-Jul. 1932; Wife of Oscar
Bell, Willie A.  b. 1872   d. 1964; Wife of Rev. Jim
Bergman, Clarence Everitte  b. 17-Nov. 1893  d. 29-Aug. 1953
Bergman, Clayton M.  b. 24-Apr. 1919  d. 30-May 1988; Husband of Billie;
        2nd Lt. USAF WW II
Bergman, Cleo  b . 30-Sep. 1896  d. 10-Nov. 1958
Bergman, Donnis Edwin  b. 1898   d. 1909

Bergman, Douglas Edwin  b. 13-Oct. 1951 d. 2-May  2002; Son of Ruth

Bergman, Edwin Felton  b. 4-Nov. 1922  d. 15-Feb. 2000; Husband of Ruth; Wed June 24, 1950
Bergman, J.  b. 24-Dec. 1871  d. 22-Jun. 1917
Bergman, Jacob Hunter b. 24-Feb. 1895  d. 14-Feb. 1981; Husband of Roberta;
        SFC US Army WW I
Bergman, James Solomon  b. 1909  d. 1910
Bergman, Jessie D.  b. 1874  d. 1966
Bergman, Lehma  b. 4-Mar. 1903  d. 11-Jan. 1941; Wife of Owen
Bergman, Leo  b. 9-May. 1870  d. 1-Dec. 1933
Bergman, Little Bud  b. 1905  d. 1906

Bergman, Lucy   died: 30-Mar  2004

Bergman, Lula  b. 1871  d. 1969
Bergman, Owen E.  b. 29-Oct. 1893  d. 21-Jun. 1932' Husband of Lehma
Bergman, Roberta L.  b. 29-Jul. 1903  d. 2-Dec. 1985; Wife of Jacob
Bergman, Vernon E.  b. 19-Sep. 1928  d. 1-Dec.1977
        AS US Navy WW II
Bergman, Vernon L.  b. 26-Aug. 1900  d. 13-Dec. 1953
Bergman, Wallace  b. 1900  d. 1937
Berman, William E., Dr.  b. 22-May 1888  d. 22-Nov. 1944; Medical Doctor
Bergman, William Edward, Jr.  b. 5-May. 1913 d. 18-Apr. 1988; Husband of Francine;
       Lt. US Navy WW II
Berry - Herrington, Sina  b. 14-Aug. 1897  d. 23-Nov. 1986; Wife of Ealey
Berry, Ealey  b. 5-Jan. 1883  d. 5-May 1961; Husband of Sina
Billeaudeau, Ronald Lee b. 7-Sep. 1945  d. 23-May 2000; Husband of Sandra
Birch, Annie  b. 12-Mar. 1859  d. 30-Sep. 1937; Wife of W. H. Birch
Birch, J. L.  b. 1851  d. 1938
Birch, Joseph M.   b. 29-Mar. 1878  d. 24-Jan. 1956; Husband of Sallie
Birch, Lorraine  b. 29-Jul. 1919  d. 2-Jun. 1983; Wife of Tommy
Birch, M. V.  b. 21-Jan. 1851  d. 8-Dec. 1903; Wife of W. H. Birch
Birch, Robert E.  b. 30-Aug. 1912  d. 9-Mar. 1997; Husband of Lora
Birch, Sallie E. b. 24-Sep. 1887  d. 17-Dec. 1948; Wife of Joseph
Birch, T. F.  b. 4-Sep. 1842  d. 9-Feb. 1922
Birch, Tommy G.  b. 18-Mar. 1910  d. 25-Feb. 1997; Husband of Lorraine
Birch, W. H.  b. 14-Mar. 1840  d. 2-Jun. 1924
        Pvt. Co E Hebert's Brig. 37 MS Inf. CSA
Black, Alice G. Maxey  b. 8-Aug. 1905 d. 2-Apr. 2001; Wife of Preston
Black, Brunette Ann  b. 28-Aug. 1950  d. 23-Mar. 1951
Black, Mary Lou  b. 15-Jan. 1929  d. 26-Dec. 1993; Wife of James
Black Preston F.  b. 1900  d. 1979; Husband of Alice
Blagrave, Clarence  b. 6-Oct. 1896  d. 2-Mar. 1967; No Marker
Blagrave, Richard Henry  b. 10-Dec. 1872  d. 3-Aug. 1941

Blalock, Dolly Lyndell  b. 6-Feb. 1927  d. 21-Jan. 2004;  Wife of Lewis Blalock

Blalock, Lewis Sr.  b. 27-Jun. 1911  d. 26-Jul.1984

Bohanan, Phinkas  "Bo"  b. 10-Oct. 1916  d. 8-Dec. 2003

Bollier, Alison Andrew  b. 3-Jun. 1940  d. 17-Jun. 1940
Bollier, Robert Earl  Died  8-Aug. 1962; Son of Kenneth & Dale Bollier
Bollier, Ruth McGahee  b. 15-Oct. 1901  d. 3-May 1986; Wife of Walter
Bollier, Walter Joel  b. 23-May 1901  d. 13-Jan. 1983; Husband of Ruth
Bolton, Barbara Nan  b. 12-Feb. 1943  d. 3-Jul. 1981
Bolton, Henry William "Bill"  b. 14-Jan. 1923  d. 20-Aug. 1994;  Husband of Mary;
        TEC4 US Army WW II
Bounds, George L.  b. 7-Jan. 1871  d. 5-May 1940; Husband of Mary
Bounds, Mary B.  b. 18-May. 1876  d. 17-Mar. 1964; Wife of George
Bowers, Antonia  b. 13-Jan. 1875  d. 3-Jul. 1972
Bowers, Joe   b. 19-Mar. 1874  d. 19-Nov. 1920
Bowling, Elmer G.  b. 1928  d-1993; Metal Marker

Bowling, Johnnie B.  b. 1926   d.15-May 2004; Wife of Elmer

Box, Arthur Lee  b. 22-Mar. 1896  d. 15-Oct. 1952
Box, Mary Jo  b. 16-Jan. 1930  d. 2-Dec. 1954
Boyd, Hazel L.   b. 21-Nov. 1926  d. 27-Aug. 1989; Wife of Lee
Boyd, Lee Roy  b. 2-Nov. 1908   d. 31-Oct. 1974; Husband of Hazel
Brackin, Robert Barney  b.1946  d. 1948
Brackin, William J. "Bill"  b. 4-Apr. 1898  d. 11-Aug.1991
Brader, Etha  b. 18-Sep. 1914  d. 22-Feb. 1988; Wife of Herbert
Brader, Herbert W.  b. 19-Nov. 1910  d. 13-Jun. 1988; Wed Nov. 9, 1931
Branch, Billy Lee  b. 1-Nov. 1948  d. 17-Jan. 1986
Branch, Frank  b. 11-Mar.1894  d. 19-Feb.1984;
        US Army  WW I.
Branch, John C. b. 1888  d. 1967; Husband of Sarah
Branch John C., Jr.  b. 15-May 1925  d. 23-Sep.1998
Branch, Sarah E.   b. 1896  d. 1965; Wife of John
Brazil, Emma  b. 1854  d. 1936
Brazziel, Alton  b. 21-Nov. 1901  d.25-Apr.2000; Husband of Nell
Bazziel, Bonner B., Jr.  b. 21-Jun. 1941 d. 29-Jun. 1941; Son of Slim Brazziel
Brett, Delia  b. 1890  d. 1977; Wife of Ollie
Brett, Joe Darrell "Buddy"  b. 6-Nov. 1958  d.7-Aug. 1990
Brett, Ollie C.  b. 1888  d. 1966; Husband of Delia; Wed Jan. 23, 1910
Brewer, Grady, Jr.  b. 25-Jan.1932  d. 14-Feb. 1994

Bridwell, Allyson Rae  b. 9-Apr. 1996   d. 3-Aug. 2002; Daughter of Melany & Jeff

Broaddus, Blanchie Mae D.  b. 4-Jan.1915  d.21-Nov.2000; "Wart"; Wife of Red;
    Wed Sep. 23, 1939
Broaddus, Edward K. b. 13-Dec. 1877  d. 10-Jul. 1951
        Pvt. 44 Spruce SQ AS  SAW & WW I
Broaddus, Ernest C. "Bo"  b. 24-Nov. 1924 d. 29-Sep. 1978; Husband of Louise;
        Cpl. US Army WW II
Broaddus, Grover Hillard  b. 20-Aug. 1914  d. 14-Jun.1992; "Red";
        US Marine Corps, WW II
Broaddus, John Clark  Died 4-Apr. 1935
Broaddus, Mary C.  b. 10-Jul. 1887  d. 21-Nov. 1976; Wife of Edward
Broaddus, Robert Austin  b. 12-Dec. 1911  d. 19-Feb. 1983; SSgt US Army WW II
Broaddus, Sandra Kay  b. 20-May 1950  d. 29-Sep. 2001; "Wife of Charles David, Sr."
Brock, George C.  b. 8-Mar. 1908  d. 24-Jan. 1989; Husband of Vester
Brock, James D.  b. 1916  d. 1953
Brock, Jessie J.  b. 1887  d. 1918; Husband of Mattie
Brock, Mattie L.  b. 1887  d. 1967; Wife of Jessie
Brock, Nancy J.  b. 7-Feb. 1862  d. 22-Feb.1927
Brock, Vester R.  b. 27-Aug. 1909  d. 9-Sep. 1978; Wife of George
Brooks, Dan Coleman  b. 23-Jul. 1909  d. 22-Dec. 1977
Brooks, George R.  b. 7-Oct. 1871  d. 4-Oct. 1960; Husband of Sarah
Brooks, Sarah J.  b. 13-Nov.1883 d. 3-Jul. 1978; Wife of George
Brooks, Steven D'Wayne  b. 23-Jul.1974  d. 24-Jul. 1974
Brooks, W. L. (Mitt)  b. 31-Oct. 1914  d. 12-Mar. 1987; Husband of Mandy
Broshanan, Mary b. 10-Jan. 1895  d. 16-Nov. 1976; No Marker

Broughton, Jack Rodney  b. 20-July 1942  d.14-May 2003;
        Pvt. US Marine Corps

Brown - Woodrome, Helen  b. 30-Jul.1898  d. 3-Nov. 1989
Brown, Billy B.  b. 6-Jan.1925  d.1-Nov.1947
        TEC5, BTRY D55-A.A.R.T. BN.
Brown, D. Donnis  b. 1933  d. 1995; Husband of Marie; Wed Dec. 20, 1951
Brown, Delmar  b. 24-Feb. 1909  d. 19-Oct. 1971; Husband of Gertrude
Brown, Elizabeth  b. 17-Jul. 1893  d. 20-Oct. 1962
Brown, Gertrude  b. 24-Aug . 1914  d. 28-Aug. 1986; Wife of Delmar
Brown, Infant Son  Died 25-Dec.1950; Son of A. J. & S. F. Brown
Brown, Jack Dempsey  b. 25-May 1921 d. 29-Jan. 1929
Brown, James S.  Died  9-Nov.1909
Brown, Joe Lynn  b. 1930  d. 1936
Brown, Sam S.  b. 28-Oct. 1898  d. 30-Jun. 1953
Brown, Taylor  b. 1894  d.  1939
Brown,  Thomas B.  b. 1838  d. 6-Mar. 1904
        Pvt.  Co. K Clark's Regt. 14 TX Inf. CSA
Bruce, Robert J.  b. 12-Aug. 1853  d. 9-Aug. 1941
Buckner, R. M.  b. 5-Apr.1849  d.16-Apr.1918
Bullock, C. B., Jr.  b. 9-Jun. 1922  d.17-Apr. 1988
        MOMM2 US Navy WW II
Bullock, Christopher James  b. 6-Feb.1979  d.25-Aug. 2000; Son of James & Lavina
Burchfield, Alma  b. 9-Mar. 1928  d.7-Jul.1995; Wife of Clinton
Burchfield, Billy Brooks  b. 18-Nov.1932  d.10-Apr.1936
Burchfield, Clayton  A.  b. 27-May. 1906  d. 5-Aug.1946
Burchfield, E. M. "Pop"  b. 11-Mar.1901  d. 6-Jul.1988; Husband of Velma
Burchfield, Jim Henry  b. 10-Oct.1937  d. 14-Nov.1937
Burchfield, Joseph A.  b. 1-Nov.1866  d.1-Apr.1922; Husband of Winnie
Burchfield, Little Clayton  Died 13-Oct.1948; Infant Son of Clinton & Alma Burchfield
Burchfield, Mitchel T.  b. 21-Apr.1924  d.3-Jun.1973; Husband of Mattie
Burchfield, Tom  b. 28-May 1903  d. 30-Mar.1985

Burchfield, Truman C.  b. 28-Feb. 1939   d. 12-Nov. 2001
Burchfield, Velma Rose  b. 25-July 1903   d. 3-Feb. 2002; Wife of E. M.

Burchfield, Winnie B.  b. 18-May 1868  d. 2-Mar.1941; Wife of Joseph
Burdette, Florence Martha  b. 15-Jul.1931  d. 29-Dec.1990
Burke, Francis J.   b. 8-Jun.1908  d. 30-Jun.1982; Husband of Ruby
Burke, Lewis Joseph  b. 28-Nov.1931  d. 3-Jul.1993
        TSgt. US Air Force
Burke, Ruby Ford  b. 12-Sep. 1911  d. 27-Jul. 1994; Wife of Francis
Burks, Avis Knox  b. 8-Jun. 1917  d. 22-Jun. 1989; Wife of Ocie
Burks, Jessie Dale  b. 26-Mar. 1935  d. 6-Jan. 1937
Burks, Lula L.  b. 21-Feb. 1879  d. 17-Jan. 1954; Wife of Clifford
Burks, Morris E.  b. 23-Jan. 1910  d. 8-Oct.1973
Burks, Ocie  b. 25-Jul.1911  d. 30-Jul. 1993; Husband of Avis; Wed May 31, 1934
Burks, Ocie Keith  b. 12-Jul. 1940  d. 29-Nov. 1994; Husband of Rhonda
Burks, W. Clifford  b. 2-Oct. 1875  d.17-Aug. 1954; Husband of Lula
Burnett, Myrtle  (no dates)  Daughter of W. F.
Burnett, Ruth  (no dates)  Daughter of W. F.
Burnett, Susie Mae  b. 28-Jun. 1889 d. 24-Mar. 1987
Burnett, Thelma  (no dates)  Daughter of W. F.
Burnett, W. F.  (no dates)
Burnett, W. F., Mrs. (no dates)
Byrum, Emma Marie  b. 9-Feb. 1928  d. 23-May 1989; Wife of Gerald
Byrum, Gerald  "Shorty"  b. 27-Apr. 1926  d.14-Oct. 1991
            TEC4 US Army WW II
Byrum, J. Michael  b. 24-Feb. 1956  d. 21-Nov. 1989
            SP4 US Army
Byrum, J. W.  b. 16-Aug. 1923  d.7-Apr. 1980
            Cpl. US Army WW II.
Byrum, Jerry Lynn, Jr.  b.10-May 1965  d. 10-May 1965, Baby
Byrum, Joe Gregory  b. 5-Dec. 1954  d. 14-Sep. 1957
Byrum, Lorene Geneva  b.1937 d.1995
Byrum, Nettie  b. 8-Dec. 1890  d. 9-Oct. 1975; Wife of Thomas
Byrum, Thomas James  b. 27-Mar. 1892  d. 20-Dec. 1974; Husband of Nettie
Byrum, Thomas Jerald  b. 9-Jul. 1948  d. 8-Dec. 1965
Cannamore, Helen Louise b. 1943  d. 20-Jun. 1943; No Marker
Cannamore, Milburn Theo b. 1913  d.1982;  Husband of Minnie
Canon, Mary Elizabeth  b.12-Jan. 1904  d.19-Apr. 1904;
    Daughter of  M. B. & E. P. Canon
Cantrell, Leulla Redd  b. 1 Jan. 1900  d. 4 Oct. 1999
Capps, Garlon  b.14-Oct. 1909  d. 24-Mar. 2000;  Husband of Ola Mae
Capps, Ola Mae  b. 6-May 1917  d. 6-Apr. 1984;  Wed November 16, 1935.
Carraway, Helen  McCluskey b.19-Nov. 1921  d. 26-Jul. 1994
Carter, Billy Don  b.15-Jun. 1926  d. 20-May 1995
Carter, George W., Rev.  b. 2-Apr.1850  d. Mar. 1918: Reverend
Caton, Hortense  b. _____    d. 8-Jul. 1954
Caton, Will H.   b. 1872  d. 1940
Cauthorn, Albert Percy  b. ____  d. 3-Jun. 1888
    10 yrs., 5 mos., 5 days; Eldest Son of  R. S.
Cauthorn, Elmer  b. ____   d. 3-Jul. 1884
    1 yr., 11 mos., 14 days.  3rd Son of  R. S.
Cawthon, Laverne b. 6-Apr. 1921  d. 23-Nov. 1991
Ceniceros, Adolph Felix b. 27-May 1982  d. 17-Nov. 1982
Chadwick, Allie b. 6-Jun. 1876  d.19-Jun. 1954;  Wife of Joe
Chadwick, Joe P.  b.11-Oct. 1872   d.11-Jan. 1967;  Husband of Allie
Chadwick, William R.  b.12-Aug. 1839 d.18-Feb. 1914;  Born in England
Chadwick, Willie M.  b. 23-Dec.1899  d. 13-Mar. 1900
Chambers, Cathorine  b.12-Nov. 1879  d. 17-Jun. 1913;  Wife of Noel
Chambers, Evelena W.  b. 1-Mar.1935  d.15-Oct.1987
    No Marker; Daughter of Roy Lee Wilkins
Chambers, Lila Cecil  b. 28-Jun.1910   d.13-Oct. 1910
Chambers, Mertie Olga  b. 28-Jul. 1900  d. 21-Dec. 1900
Chambers, Noel  b.12-Mar. 1872   d. 3-Sep. 1935;  Husband of Cathorine
Chandler, Alfred J.  b. 6-Feb. 1835   d. 26-Jun. 1906;  Pvt., Co A, 6 Bn, TX Cav, CSA.
Chandler, Arra Elizabeth  b.1885   d.1967
Chandler, Baby  b.____  d. ___; Metal Marker; Child of J. W. Chandler
Chandler, Dink  b. 1880  d. 1968;  Husband of Mary
Chandler, Donis D., Jr. "Donnie"  b.15-Jan. 1953  d. 26-Dec. 1991;
    Son of Donis, Sr. & Lorene
Chandler, Donis D., Sr. b.10-May 1916  d. 17-Sep. 1971
    Cpl, 3883 QM Truck Co, WW II.
Chandler, Dorothy A.  b. 27-Aug.,1924  d. 11-Apr.,1998
    Wife of William;  Wed April 10, 1943.
Chandler, Doyce  b. 5-Apr.1915  d. 20-Mar.1928
Chandler, Drew H.  b. 6-Nov. 1879  d. 20-Oct. 1961;  Husband of Nettie
Chandler, E. Doyle  b. 5-Aug. 1934   d.17-Jan. 1999
    Son of Mary Jo Skains
Chandler, Eliza Skinner  b. 1840 d. ____;  Wife of Alfred, Mother of Russel & Emmie
Chandler, Eliza Taffena  b. 1847  d. 1926
Chandler, Elizabeth  b. 1879  d. 1949;  Wife of William D.
Chandler, Emma  b. 1849  d. 1934;  Mother of Woodard
Chandler, Essie Genora  b. 3-Aug. 1899  d. 8-Nov. 1989
Chandler, Florence  b. 12-Nov. 1909  d. 10-Jan. 1929
Chandler, Fred G.  b. 12-Feb. 1914  d. 22-Nov. 1978
Chandler, Hazel Mae  b. 5-Oct. 1915  d. 19-Dec. 1915
Chandler, James Blackburn  b. 28-Dec. 1901  d. 31-Jul. 1967
Chandler, James W.  b. 1-Jan. 1880  d. 8-Dec. 1965;  Husband of Julia
Chandler, Jane, Mrs.  b. Oct. 1831  d. Oct. 1929;  Wife of Ransom D.
Chandler, Janie  b. 1872  d. 1961

Chandler, Jewel   b. 9-Sep. 1925   d. 6-Mar. 2002; Daughter of Maudie & A. B. Armstrong

Chandler, Jim  b. 15-Dec. 1909  d. 20-Mar. 1986;  No Marker, Son of James W.
Chandler, Jimmie L.  b. 8-Mar. 1913  d. 11-Jul. 1990;  Wife of Verdo
Chandler, Johnny  (No dates);  Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Chandler
Chandler, Julia  b. 19-Jul. 1887  d. 21-Sep. 1975;  Wife of James W.
Chandler, Leona  (One date only) 13-Aug. 1939;  Baby
Chandler, Mary Elizabeth  b. 1892  d. 1929;  Wife of Dink
Chandler, Maudie Kay  b. 18-Feb. 1930  d. 11-Jun. 1985
Chandler, Missouri  b. 2-Nov. 1881  d. 9-Apr. 1927;  Wife of Russel
Chandler, Nettie  b. 7-Dec. 1882  d. 3-Mar. 1970;  Wife of Drew
Chandler, R. B.  b. 4-Mar. 1854  d. 17-Nov. 1933

Chandler, R. P.  b. 30-May 1923  d. 19-May 2003; Son of Willie & Julia Jones Chandler

Chandler, Ransom D.  b. 1824  d. 15-Feb. 1910;
    Pvt, Co A, Gould's Batt. G, TX Cav., CSA.
Chandler, Russel  b. 21-Oct. 1875  d. 4-Nov. 1932;  Husband of Missouri
Chandler, Russell Eugene  b. 22-Oct. 1919  d. 4-Jan. 1973;
    TEC5, US Army, WW II.  BSM.
Chandler, Verdo R.  b. 19-May 1905  d. 28-Mar. 1983
    Husband of Jimmie;  Wed  August 29,1931.
Chandler, Wilbert Lee  b. 2-Jun. 1941  d. 14-Sep. 1944
Chandler, William "Buck"  b. 1857  d. 1933
Chandler, William Collis  b. 6-Jul. 1951  d. 9-Apr. 1980;  Sp 4, US Army, Vietnam
Chandler, William D.  b. 1873  d. 1929;  Husband of Elizabeth
Chandler, William W.  b. 15-May 1912  d. 17-Dec. 1997;  Husband of Dorothy
Chandler, Woodard   b. 1881  d. 1963;  Son of Emma
Charley, Flora Emma  b. 6-Apr. 1882  d. 8-Jun. 1970;  Wife of Stewart
Charley, J. F.  b. 24-Jun. 1846  d. 6-May 1918; Born at Richmond Harbor, Ireland
Charley, Mary Ann  b. 8-Oct. 1862  d. 17-May 1921
Charley, Stewart Parnell  b. 19-Mar. 1886  d. 18-Apr. 1970
    Husband of Flora;   Wed  June 19, 1913.
Charley, Susie Caroline  b. 7-Feb. 1853  d. 30-Jan. 1892
Chavers, Lewis Anthony  b. 18-Sep. 1955  d. 6-Apr. 1982;  Tony
Chavez, Lorraine C.  b. 3-Jul. 1954  d. 8-Sep. 1981
Chessher, Jewel Arnold  b. 20-Jul. 1910  d. 23-Oct. 2000; Wife of Robert
Chessher, Robert Oliver  b. 26-Aug. 1911  d. 13-Aug. 1976
    Husband of Jewel;  TEC5, US Army, WW II.
Chessher, Shirley Miller  b. 17-Aug. 1937  d. 1-Feb. 1989;  Wife of Robert.
Choura, Robert L.  b. 27-May 1921  d. 30-May 1985
    SSGT, US Army Air Corps, WW II.
Christie, Eulia V.  b. 26-Jul. 1869  d. 25-Apr. 1951
Christie, J. B.  b. 9-Apr. 1869  d. 26-Jan. 1931
Christopher, Charlie Fred  b. 1865  d. 1924
Clarke, Bartley J.  b. 29-May 1912  d. 13-Oct. 1977
    TEC3, US Army, WW II.
Clay, William Henry  b. 1-Nov. 1880  d. 10-Oct. 1951
Cliburn, J. W.  b. 15-Dec. 1850  d. 22-Sep. 1918; Husband of L. E.
Cliburn, L. E.  b. 11-Oct. 1853  d. 4-Jun. 1903;  Wife of J. W. Cliburn.
Clinard, William W.  b. 18-Oct. 1912  d. 15-Feb. 1981

Cloud, Aline  b. 12-Aug.  1911  d. 30-Apr. 2004; Daughter of William & Lessie

Cloud, Earl  b. 7-Nov. 1909  d. 6-Sep. 1978;  Husband of Blanch.
Cloud, Lessie  b. 1884  d. 1967; Wife of William.
Cloud, William R.  b. 1878  d. 1951; Husband of Lessie.
Cobb, Ada  b. 1878  d. 1948;  Wife of John W.
Cobb, Elaine Haynes  b. 15-Mar. 1923  d. 21-Feb. 1981
    Wife of John V.;  Wed November 28, 1946.
Cobb, John W.  b. 1866  d. 1938;  Husband of Ada.
Cobb, Marie Ada b. 13-Dec. 1912   d. 13-Dec. 1912;  Daughter of John W.& Ada.
Cobble, Angeline A.  b. 21-Aug. 1856  d. 27-Jan. 1932;  Wife of Samuel.
Cobble, Earl C.  b. 29-Oct. 1895  d. 12-Mar. 1957;  Son of Samuel & Angeline.
Cobble, L. A., Mrs.  b. 18-Feb. 1862  d. 29-Jun. 1942
Cobble, Leona Elizabeth  b. 31-Dec. 1879  d. 13-Oct. 1949
Cobble, Samuel P.  b. 13-Sep. 1859  d. 3-Apr. 1952;  Husband of Angeline.
Cockrell, Allen W.  b. 13-Aug. 1900  d. 22-Feb. 1977;  Husband of Clara.
Cockrell, Ben  b. 14-Oct. 1868  d. 6-Jan. 1940;  Husband of Elisha.
Cockrell, Bennie Sue  b. 27-Feb. 1941  d. 22-Feb. 1948; Daughter of B. T. & Ponell.
Cockrell, Bennie T.  b. 1904  d. 1994;  Husband of Ponell
Cockrell, Cindy Ann  b. 12-May 1969  d. 10-Sep. 1975;  Daughter of Billy Mac & Shirley.
Cockrell, Clara Mae  b. 25-Jun. 1904  d. 4-Aug. 1988;  Wife of Allen.
Cockrell, Djuana  b. 25-May 1970  d. 28-Jul. 1978;  Child of Lonnie Cockrell.
Cockrell, Edna E.  b. 16-Jan. 1920  d. 14-Sep. 1985;  Wife of Everett.
Cockrell, Elisha  b. 5-Nov. 1875  d. 16-Oct. 1925;  Wife of Ben.
Cockrell, Elmer "Honey"  b. 1915  d. 26-Aug. 1997
Cockrell, Elmer Lloyd "Chick"  b. 1946  d. 1999
Cockrell, Emma Lorene  b. 3-Oct. 1912  d. 26-Jan. 1998;  Wife of Yancy.
Cockrell, Ervin  b. 8-Aug. 1896  d. 22-Jul. 1977; Husband of Luna.
Cockrell, J. B.  b. 26-Mar. 1924  d. 22-Dec. 1998;  Husband of LaRue.
Cockrell, Jack W.  b. 13-Jul. 1898  d. 21-Dec. 1964;  Husband of Maud.
Cockrell, Jasper Reagan  b. 18-Nov. 1925  d. 28-Oct. 1999;  "Poppie".
Cockrell, Lena Green  b. 11-Jan. 1910  d. 28-Oct. 1977
Cockrell, Luna  b. 12-May 1898  d. 30-Sep. 1996;  Wife of Ervin.
Cockrell, Luther  b. 16-Mar. 1915  d. 4-Jun. 1944
Cockrell, Maud M. b. 9-Dec. 1899  d. 9-Dec. 1967;  Wife of Jack.
Cockrell, Michael E. b. 24-Jun. 1954  d. 29-Dec. 1976
    CM3, US Coast Guard. Wed March 26, 1976.
Cockrell, Wallace E.  b. 26-Dec. 1935  d. 31-Jan. 1936
Cockrell, Yancy Eddie  b. 16-Aug. 1910  d. 1-Oct. 1971;  Husband of Lorene.
Coker, Frank L.  b. 8-Aug. 1907  d. 30-Mar. 1983;  Husband of Myrtle.
Colvin, Hollie L.  b. 14-Jul. 1909  d. 9-Mar. 1996;  Wife of Olton.
Colvin, Olton P.  b. 6-Sep. 1903  d. 13-May 1966
    Husband of Hollie.  Wed April 06, 1929.
Colvin, Sally Sue  b. 17-Jun. 1947  d. 9-May 1950
Conner, Walter Phelion  b. 7-Oct. 1873  d. 11-Oct. 1927
Cook, A. G.  b. 19-Dec. 1914  d. 7-May 1976;  Sgt, US Army, WW II.
Cook, Bobby J. b. 20-Jul. 1953  d. 2-Nov. 1974;  SR, US Navy.
Cook, J. Vernon  b. 15-Jan. 1908  d. 13-Mar. 1967
Cook, Jay  b. 10-Dec. 1885  d. 4-Dec. 1957;  Husband of Sudie
Cook, Joseph Vernon, Jr.  b. 15-Oct. 1943  d. 8-Apr. 2000;  "Joe".
Cook, LaVonne  b. 20-Apr. 1969  d. 20-Apr. 1969
Cook, Patsy  b. 2-May 1942  d. 2-Feb. 1965
Cook, Sudie Jane  b. 27-Jun. 1895 d. 15-Feb. 1985;  Wife of Jay.
Coons, Francis Eugene, Sr. b. 11-Dec. 1930  d. 24-Jun. 1994
Cooper, Maxie  b. 28-Feb. 1924  d. 6-Aug. 1998;  Sgt, US Army, WW II.
Cooper, Pearl A. b. 18-Oct. 1903  d. 27-Jan. 1987; Wife of Walter.
Cooper, Walter E. b. 15-Nov. 1894  d. 23-Jul. 1957;  Husband of Pearl A.
Cooper, Winnie Pearl  b. 2-Aug. 1925  d. 15-Feb. 1985
Courtney, Blanche Jordan  b. 17-Jul. 1888  d. 23-Oct. 1977;  Wife of George.
Courtney, George W.   b. 1889  b. 1936;  Husband of Blanche.
Courtney, Jewell  b. 13-Apr. 1913  d. 21-Jul. 1942
Courtney, S., Rev.  b. 20-Jan. 1814  d. Sep. 1879;  Reverend
Courtney, Sam I. b. 20-Mar. 1891  d. 1-Aug. 1917; Cpl, Co I, 3rd Inf.
Coward, Lewis J.  b. 1889  d. 1951
Coward, Margaret L. b. 18-Jul. 1891  d. 9-Apr. 1989; Wife of Lewis.
Crager, J. D.  b. 1921  d. 1944
Crager, Martin  b. 27-Oct. 1884  d. 8-Nov. 1960;  Husband of Tots.
Crager, Minnie  b. 9-Jun. 1893  d. 20-Jan. 1943; Wife of Robert.
Crager, Robert  b. 13-Aug. 1895  d. 14-Sep. 1958;  Husband of Minnie.
Crager, Tots  b. 12-Oct. 1897   d. 10-Feb. 1970;  Wife of Martin.
Crain, Homer Bishop  b. 29-Nov. 1921  d. 13-Aug. 1984
    A1C, US Air Force, WW II & Korea.
Crain, Mable Marie  b. 15-Sep. 1920  d. 8-Mar. 1984;  Wife of Thomas.
Crain, Thomas Perry  b. 6-Jan. 1920  d. 2-Jun. 1985; SSgt, US Army, WW II.
Cravey, Baby  (One date only) 1919.
Crawford, James E.  b.  24-Feb. 1873  d. 11-May 1952;  Husband of Sarah C.
Crawford, Sarah C.  b.  23-May 1878  d. 23-May 1972;  Wife of James.
Crecelius, Ada  b. 1-Jul. 1881   d. 9-Oct. 1971;  Wife of Sam.
Crecelius, Grady  b. 18-Jun. 1904  d. 15-Jul. 1977
Crecelius, Ina  b. 25-Feb. 1908  d. 30-May 1995;  Wife of Roy.
Crecelius, Roy  b. 24-Jun. 1900  d. 16-Apr. 1970;  Husband of Ina.
Crecelius, Sam "Sambo"  b. 30-Mar. 1928  d. 6-Oct. 1997
Crecelius, Sam J.  b. 17-Mar. 1876  d. 29-Jul. 1956;  Husband of Ada.

Crimmings, Sylvia G.  b. 29-Feb. 1896   d. 22-Jan. 1983;  (moved to Union Springs)

Crist, Eva Martin  b.______    d. 25-Nov. 1901
Cummings, Mary Ellen  b. 14-Dec. 1886  d. 13-Dec. 1947;  Wife of William.
Cummings, William Corry  b. .23-Dec. 1888   d. 2-Nov. 1977;  Husband of Mary.
Cummins, Billie R.  b. 5-Nov. 1920  d. 8-Aug. 1986;
    PFC, US Marine Corps, WW II.
Cummins, Esther Ann  b. 11-Jan. 1895  d. 24-Jan. 1973
Cunningham, Arthur  b. 1892  d. 1935
Cunningham, Gerald Eugene  b. 5-Sep. 1907  d. 22-Jan. 1908
    Son of Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Cunningham.
Cunningham, S. A.  b. 1853  d. 1932;  Wife of T. M.
Cunningham, T. M.  b. 1-Jun. 1851  d. 24-Aug. 1911;  Husband of S. A.
Currie, George Henry  b. 22-Feb. 1889  d. 5-Jan. 1975
Currie, Guy Monroe  b. 11-Aug. 1885  d. 3-Jan. 1965;  Husband of Julie.
Currie, Julie Ann  b. 23-Aug. 1885  d. 10-May 1956;  Wife of Guy.

Curry, Linda Louise  b. 6-July 1944  d. 21-Dec. 2002

Daniels, Charles Edward  b. 6-Feb. 1959  d. 5-Mar. 1997
David, Jud Harry  b. 29-Jul. 1917  d. 4-Sep. 1951;  SM2, US Navy, WW II.
Davis, Darrell W.  b. 18-Aug. 1953  d. 12-Dec. 1996
Davis, John Robert  b. 8-Feb. 1891  d. 18-Feb. 1991;  Husband of Lillie.
Davis, Lillie M. Campbell  b. 8-Aug. 1897  d. 22-Feb. 1989;  Wife of John.
Davis, Ora May  b. 1908  d. 1994;  Wife of Robert.
Davis, Robert G.  b. 1886  d. 1962;  Husband of Ora May.

Davison, Lloyd G.  b. 19-Dec. 1923  d.13-Jan. 2003

Dawson, Ada Hollingsworth  b. 25-Mar. 1891  d. 13-May 1967;  Wife of Edwin.
Dawson, Edwin Hannaford  b. 19-May 1883  d. 2-Jan. 1958;  Husband of Ada.
Day, Bonnie Fay  b. 14-Feb.1907  d. 15-Jan.1954
Day, Harry T.  b. 1909  d. 1976;  Husband of Betty.
Day, Matilda F.  b. 1886  d. 1962
Day, Nelda Lorraine  b. 27-Feb. 1936  d. 15-Jan. 1954; Daughter of Bonnie Fay.
Day, Robert C.  b. 7-Feb. 1945  d. 2-Jun. 1965
Deggs, Dergan  b. 18-Oct. 1875  d. 13-Dec. 1935;  Husband of Ina.
Deggs, Ina E.  b. 8-Mar. 1879  d. 27-Nov. 1966;  Wife of Dergan.
Dehtan, Robert Stevion  b. 11-Jul. 1951  d. 9-Oct. 1992;  HN, US Navy, Vietnam.
Delapp, J. C.  b. 1850  d. 1910;  Husband of Nancy.
Delapp, Nancy Ann  b. 1850  d. 1911;  Wife of J. C.
Denham, Luther L., Jr. "Bookie"  b. 19-May 1925  d. 10-Apr. 1983;
    Husband of Molly;  TEC4, US Army, WW II.
Denham, Molly W.  b. 19-Jan. 1925  d. 5-Sep. 1983;  Wife of Luther.
Dennis, Harvey  b. 10-Feb. 1892  d. 22-Nov. 1966;
    Husband of Vera.  Wed February 03, 1915.
Dennis, Vera Arrant  b. 5-Feb. 1900  d. 25-Dec. 1992;  Wife of Harvey.
DeSpain, Lillie B.  b. 6-Jun. 1902  d. 11-Dec. 1996;  Wife of Thomas.
DeSpain, Lillie Murl  b. 10-Mar. 1937  d. 26-Mar. 1947;
    Daughter of Thomas & Lillie DeSpain.
DeSpain, Thomas H.  b. Feb-29, 1876  d. 11-May 1951; Husband of Lillie.
Devereaux, Corinne  b. 4-Aug. 1910  d. 4-Aug. 1910;
    Daughter of D. D. & Annie Devereaux.
Devereaux, Lorinnie  b. 4-Aug. 1910  d. 1-Jun. 1912;
    Daughter of D. D. & Annie Devereaux.
Dickson, Cleveland  b. 12-Dec. 1906  d. 15-Aug. 1991;
    Husband of Rutha .  Wed October 12, 1929.
Dickson, Cleveland, Jr.  b. 26-Feb. 1944  d. 26-Feb. 1944;
    Infant son of Cleve & Ruthie Dickson.
Dickson, Gloria Faye  b. 2-Jul. 1938  d. 16-Mar. 1983; Wife of Wallace.
Dickson, John R.  b. 1876  d.  1941
Dickson, Rutha  b. 19-Dec. 1911  d. 3-Dec. 1994;  Wife of Cleveland.
Dickson, Sarah E.  b. 4-Oct. 1865  d. 5-Jan. 1951;
    Wife of John Dickson & Thomas Faulkner.
Dittfurth, Emma M.  b. 17-Oct. 1887  d. 6-May 1969; Wife of Ernest.
Dittfurth, Ernest  b. 23-Mar. 1877  d. 19-Feb. 1950; Husband of Emma.
Dixon, Essie May  b. 25-Aug. 1918  d. 4-Apr. 1993;  Wife of William.
Dixon, William Henry  b. 22-Jun. 1909  d. 2-Nov. 1981; Husband of Essie.
Donaldson, Patrick A.  b. 10-Jun. 1960  d. 14-Mar. 1991;
    CW2, US Army, Persian Gulf-Desert Storm.
Dotson, J. H., Sr. b. 1894  d. 1969;  Husband of Ollie.
Dotson, Ollie B.  b. 1896  d. 1960;  Wife of J. H., Sr.
Dotson, Thurman Forest  b. 1922   d. 1997;  Metal Marker.
Doyle, Sharon Lanance  b. 15-Aug. 1956  d. 8-Oct. 1958
Driggers, Daniel A. "Danny"  b. 19-Dec. 1947  d.  4-Oct. 1988
Driggers, John Liney  b. 7-Sep. 1900  d. 26-May 1984; Husband of Willie.
Driggers, Willie Mae  b. 15-Oct. 1912  d. 10-Jan. 1982;  Wife of John.
Dube, Louise F.  b. 18-Dec. 1853  d. 13-Aug. 1904;
    Wife of J. P. Dube.  Born in Paris, France.
Dudley, Georgia Moulder  b. 31-Aug. 1902  d. 11-Feb. 1988

Duff, Joyce Marie Hughes  b. 30-May 1935  d.  4-Sep. 2002;  Wife of McCoy

Duran, Thais  b. 26-Dec. 1987  d. 26-Dec. 1987; No Marker.
Durham, Arlin T.  b. 22-Jan. 1919  d. 5-Dec. 1997
    Husband of Odessa.  WW II.
Durham, Emma M.  b. 7-Oct. 1893  d. 7-Apr. 1992;  Wife of Sam.
Durham, Odessa M.  b. 12-Jun. 1923  d. 14-Jul. 1988;  Wife of Arlin.
Durham, Sam S.  b. 23-Feb. 1893  d. 17-Nov. 1978;  Husband of Emma.
DuVall, DeWitt C.  b. 19-Aug. 1917  d. 18-Jul. 1964;
    Sgt, 232 Hospital Ship COM, WW II.
DuVall,  George  b. 7-Apr. 1875  d. 31-Jan. 1961;  Husband of Louisa.
DuVall, George P.  b. 17-Nov. 1918  d. 18-Nov. 1918;
    Infant Son of George & Louisa DuVall.
DuVall, Lou Ella  b. 23-Oct. 1920  d. 24-Oct. 1920
    Daughter of George & Louisa DuVall.
DuVall, Louisa  b. 20-Sep. 1892  d. 11-Nov. 1950;  Wife of George.
DuVall, W. G. b. 20-Nov. 1925  d. 23-Nov. 1925
    Son of George & Louisa DuVall.
Dyer, W. H.  b. 2-May 1882  d. 13-Jun. 1941; No Marker.
Earley, David A., Rev.  b. 10-Nov. 1904  d. 19-Sep. 1996; Husband of Mary; Reverend.
Earley, Mary Jane  b. 21-Aug. 1906  d. Feb-29, 1980; Wife of Reverend David.

Eaton, Arthur Ray  b. 8-Feb. 1937   d. 2-Aug. 2002;  Husband of Lou E.
Eaton, Tamara Lynn  b. 16-Dec. 1985  d. 30-June 2002
Edens, Annie Lou  b. 15-Nov. 1909  d. 21-June 2002;  Wife of Nelson

Edens, Benjamin Franklin  b. 1864  d. 1944;  Husband of Mary Lena.
Edens, Cordelia  b, 1896  d.  1984;  Wife of Wilfred.
Edens, Emma Elizabeth  b. 1895  d.  1989
Edens, Ernest A.  b. 1-Jun. 1919  d. 11-Mar. 1943;
    Lt, Test Pilot, AAF, WW II.  Killed in Service.
Edens, Frank  b. 1900  d. 1935
Edens, Mary Lena  b. 27-Sep. 1872  d. 26-Nov. 1958;  Wife of Benjamin.
Edens, Nelson C.  b. 12-Jan. 1908  d. 10-Apr. 1969
Edens, Wilfred  b. 1892  d. 1963;  Husband of Cordelia.
Efner, Lucy C.  b. 7-Jan. 1884  d. 15-Jul. 1945;  Wife of Charlie.
Efner, Charlie C.  b. 18-Aug. 1883  d. 19-Feb. 1963;  Husband of Lucy.
Eidson, Joe Carl  b. 23-May 1925  d. 5-Apr. 1998;  Husband of Barbara.
    PFC, US Army, WW II.
Elder, Sammie Lean Wiggins  b. 6-Nov. 1934  d. 24-Jun. 1973;  No Marker.
Elliot, Mattie  b. 1875  d. 1917
Ellis, Bud  b. _____   d. 1-Nov. 1954; No Marker.
Ellis, Henry Augusta  b. 1912  d. 1993;  Husband of Mable.  Wed July 25, 1936.
Ellis, Mable Eddith  b. 4-Feb. 1921  d. 14-Oct. 1999;  Wife of Henry.

Emanis, Priscilla Darlene  b. 1-Apr. 1970   d. 31-Jan. 2004;  Wife of James

Emmons, Elmer Lee  b. 1900  d.  1978;  Husband of Lola.
Emmons, John Melvin  b. 9-Jun. 1927  d. 8-Dec. 1965;  S1, USNR,  WW II.
Emmons, Lola Mae  b. 1902  d. 1953;  Wife of Elmer.
England, Ruby Alois  b. 1925  d. 1977
English, Amber Gwendolyn  b. 23-Mar. 1971  d. 26-Sep. 1993
Farrior, William Dave "Bill"  b. 10-Jul. 1971  d. 5-Mar. 1995;  Wed June 12, 1993.
Faulkner, Luther  b. 26-Mar. 1898  d. 27-Nov. 1924;  Brother of Nora.
Faulkner, Nora  b. 3-Dec. 1900  d. 2-Aug. 1996
Faulkner, Tennie  (No dates),  No Marker,  Sister of Nora.
Faulkner, Thomas M.  b. 26-Nov. 1854  d. 3-Jul. 1901;
    Father of Nora, Tennie, & Luther.
Felipe, Norma  b. 1-Oct. 1957  d. 15-Sep. 2000
Fenley, L. F., Mrs.  b. 11-Dec. 1861  d. 20-Oct. 1909
Fenley, Martha McMillian  b. 1829  d. 1900
Fenley, R. D.  b. 1890  d.  1916
Fenley, Violett M.  b. 19-Nov. 1893  d. 19-Oct. 1918;  Wife of  D. W. Fenley.
Fenley, Z. P.  b. 1854  d. 1924
Ferguson, Mary Elizabeth  b. 1920  d. 1989;  Metal Marker.

Ferguson, Stephen  b. 30-July 1981   d. 17-Apr. 2002;  Son of C. Phillips & J. Ferguson

Ferry, Albert M.  b. 11-Aug. 1913  d. 6-Jan. 1990;
    Sgt, US Army Air Corps, WW II.
Ferry, Roberta C.  b. 18-Dec. 1912  d. 25-Aug. 1973; Wife of Albert.
Finegan, Ernest S.  b. 4-Sep. 1908  d. 9-Mar. 1983;  Husband of Velma.
Finegan, Ronnie Joe  b. 17-Oct. 1936  d. 26-Apr. 1986
Finegan, Velma S.  b. 17-Mar. 1911  d. 24-Jan. 1990;  Wife of Ernest.
Flock, Earnest Leroy  b. 14-Dec. 1926  d. 9-Mar. 1998; US Army, WW II.
Flores, Mario  b. 8-Mar. 1968  d. 9-Apr. 2000;  Metal Marker.
Fortune, Addie Ellen  b. 1876  d. 1963;  Wife of J. J.
Fortune, Carroll D.  b. 17-Jan. 1901  d. 1-Feb. 1981;
    Husband of Mary.  Wed October 09, 1921.
Fortune, Ezra L.   b. 26-Feb. 1910  d. 6-Jun. 1982;  Husband of Opal.
Fortune, Harvey C.  b. 15-Dec. 1907  d. 25-Dec. 1956
Fortune, J. J.  b. 21-Dec. 1878  d. 11-Aug. 1966;  Husband of Addie.
Fortune, Jessie Lee  b. 10-Jan. 1905  d. 16-Oct. 1981;  Wife of Walter.
Fortune, Joseph Allen  b. _____  d. 23-Nov. 1938
Fortune, Mary Moore  b. 4-Oct. 1900  d. 5-Jan. 1983;  Wife of Carroll.
Fortune, Opal P.  b. 22-Aug. 1904  d. 14-Nov. 1993;  Wife of Ezra.
Fortune, Walter S.  b. 4-Aug. 1903  d. 4-Nov. 1979;  Husband of Jessie.
Foster, Alma  b. 12-Mar. 1895  d. 1-Jan. 1920;  Wife of Clyde Foster.
Foster, Bertie  b. 2-Jul. 1888  d. 7-Aug. 1967;  Wife of Clyde Foster.
Foster, Clyde  b. 4-Mar. 1893  d. 30-Jun. 1988;  Husband of Alma & Bertie.
Foster, James Edward  b. 3-Sep. 1922  d. 3-Feb. 1999;  Husband of Juanita.
    Y2, US Navy, WW II.
Foster, Juanita  b. 18-Apr. 1927  d. 23-Mar. 1994;  Wife of James.
Fowler, Gertrude M.  (One date only) d. 25-Aug. 1889
    Age  5 Mos. & 23  Days.  Child of  O. D. & E. M.
Fox, Alvin  b. 16-Mar. 1925  d. 26-Sep. 1976;  Husband of Ella.
    PHM3, US Navy, WW II.
Fox, Bertie Mae  b. 1907  d. 1976;  Wife of Glaucus.
Fox, Glaucus  b. 1903  d.  1970;  Husband of Bertie.
Frankens, Mabel E.  b. 5-Dec. 1918  d. 19-Jun. 2001;  Wife of Roy.
Frankens, Randy Joe  b. 10-Mar. 1954  d. 17-Sep. 1981
Frankens, Roy R.  b. 7-May. 1906  d. 27-Jan. 1991;  Husband of Mabel.
Franklin - Jones, Fronnie  b. 1910  d. 1986
Franklin, Maude Moore  b. 1889  d. 1942
Franklin, Richard C.  b. 1900  d.  1956
Franklin, William Arthur  b. 10-Jul. 1889  d. 13-Jul. 1953
Fuller, Warren Harvey  b. 21-Aug. 1905  d. 27-Feb.1908
Gallaway, Leslie Howard  b. 10-Aug. 1910  d. 12-Nov. 1959;  Husband of Edna.
Galloway, Edna Placker  b. 8-Feb. 1914  d. 10-Feb. 1951;  Wife of Leslie.
Garcia, Fortunate  b. 24-Nov. 1945  d. 12-Apr. 1979; No Marker.
Gay, Patsy Porter  b. 1904  d. 1951;  Wife of Ralph.
Gay, Ralph Horace b. 1901  d. 1944;  Husband of Patsy.
George, Andrew B.  (One date only) d. 8-Apr. 1883
    Age 3 Mos. & 22 Days.  Son of  J. R. & M. M.
George, Mary Smith  b. 26-Aug. 1851  d. 15-May 1891
George, W. O.  b. 1880  d. 1957
George, William  b. 18-Feb. 1868  d. 21-Oct. 1886;  Son of M. A, & George.
Gholson, Newman T. b. 23-Jun. 1907  d. 4-Apr. 1991;  Husband of Vinnie.
Gholson, Vinnie P.  b. 28-Jul. 1907  d. 12-Dec. 1972;  Wife of Newman.
Gifford, George L.  b. 15-Dec. 1893  d. 16-Apr. 1962;  PFC, US Army, WW I.
Gifford, George M.  b. 1864  d. 1947

Gilchrist, Glen Charles  b. 14-June  1914   d. 25-Dec. 2003;  "Husband of Rosalie;
        Wed. Aug. 10, 1935."
Gilchrist, Raymone Keith  b. 6-Aug. 1937  d. 18-Mar. 1953
Glawson, Buford  b. 28-Apr. 1924  d. 15-Feb. 1989;  Husband of Edna;
         PFC, US Army,  WW II.
Glawson, Johnnie  b. 6-Apr. 1953  d. 17-Aug. 1993
Glawson, Rayford Henry   b. 27-Jan. 1944    d. 31-Dec. 2002
Godfrey, Orlando B.  b. 27-Jun. 1907  d. 17-Jan. 1996; Husband of Sechrest.
Goff, Audrey Elaine  b. 1930  d. 1998;  Metal Marker.
Gomez, Lorenzo  b. 9-Oct. 1909  d. 31-Jan. 2001;  Metal Marker.
Gonzales, Andres  b. 4-Apr. 1968   d. 14-June 2002
Gonzales, Maria   b. ______  d. 21-Aug. 1989 (One Date Only)
Goodman, John B.  b. 19-Aug. 1876  d. 26-Nov. 1943;  Husband of Mary.
Goodman, L. H.  b. 28-Jan. 1920  d. 1-Jul. 1993
Goodman, Mary  b. 14-Mar. 1881  d. 15-Apr. 1949;  Wife of John.
Goodman, Tommie Elbert  b. 1912  d. 1982;  TEC5, US Army, WW II.
Gossett, Jimmy David  b. 12-Nov. 1951  d. 3-Oct. 1986;  "Gentleman Jim".
Gossett, Joe Paul  (One date only)  d.  6-Aug. 1979;  Infant.
Grady, Mollie  b. 20-Apr. 1861  d. 16-Nov. 1922
Gray, Frances Elaine  b. 4-Sep. 1930  d. 6-Jan. 1998
Gray, Thompson  (No Dates),  Hughes' Co. TX Lt. Arty, CSA.
Gray, W. G.  b. 6-Jan. 1876  d. 1-Nov. 1898
Grayson, Cynthia E.  b. 20-May 1844  d. 28-Feb. 1918;  Wife of Thomas.
Grayson, Thomas J.  b. 11-Aug. 1840  d. 7-Oct. 1901
    Pvt, Co C, Hebert's Brig, 37 MS Inf, CSA.
Gregson, Ida Mae  b. 15-Apr. 1915  d. 16-Jun. 1981;  Wife of Ray.
Gregson, Ray Estel  b. 1-Feb. 1905  d. 3-Jul. 1968;  Husband of Ida Mae.
Gregson, Sarah V.  b. 2-Mar. 1886  d. 28-Sep. 1948;  Wife of William.
Gregson, William L. b. 22-Dec. 1880  d. 22-Dec. 1935;  Husband of Sarah.
Griffin, Annie H.  b. 22-Apr. 1878  d. 1-Mar. 1959
Griffin, Chassity DaLynn   b. 5-Nov.  2001   d.  7-Apr. 2002
Griffin, Morris Coy  b. 28-Oct. 1927  d. 18-Oct. 1986;  Husband of Frances.
Griswold, Bud  b. 1883  d. 1963
Griswold, Docy  b. 1897  d. 1972
Griswold, Purvis B.  b. 29-Aug. 1915  d. 15-Mar. 1973
    1st Sgt, Co D, 23 Tank Bn,  WW II.
Griswold, Sigrid E.  b. 1920  d. 1999;  Wife of Purvis.
Guzman, Yolanda  b. 9-Feb. 1967    d. 28-Mar. 2004
Hambrick, A. W.  b. 20-May 1846  d. 14-Aug. 1914
Hambrick, Ada  b. 20-Sep. 1900  d. 30-Sep. 1900;  Daughter of A. W. & R. E. Hambrick.
Hambrick, Carroll E.  b. 1894  d. 1967;  Husband of Emma.
Hambrick, Charles  b. 10-Jun. 1890  d. 8-May 1918;  Son of A. W & R. E. Hambrick.
Hambrick, Emma J. b. 1899  d. 1979;  Wife of Carroll.
Hambrick, Lawanda J. "Bobbie"  b. 1940  d. 1976
Hambrick, William George  b.______  d. 20-Dec. 1927
Hamilton, Almeda J.  b. 24-Jul. 1906  d. 1-Mar. 1999;  Wife of Edgar.
Hamilton, Brunette  b. 30-Jun. 1870  d. 28-Jul. 1941;  Wife of Milton.
Hamilton, Edgar D. "Ed"  b. 20-Oct. 1899  d. 22-Jul. 1992;  Husband of Almeda.
Hamilton, Lucille "Dimple"  b. 23-Jan. 1926  d. 23-Mar. 1999
Hamilton, Milton E.  b. 30-Jan. 1872  d. 22-Feb. 1929;  Husband of Burnette.
Handley, Earl William  b. 30-Dec. 1898  d. 14-May 1978;  Husband of Pauline.
    SEA, US Navy, WW I.
Handley, J. D. "Buck"  b. 26-Aug. 1918  d. 25-Jan. 1983;  Husband of Anna.
Handley, Pauline K.  b. 7-Oct. 1900  d. 12-May 1929;
    Wife of Earl.  Child of L. B. & B. F. Knox.
Hanley, Lois  b. 26-Mar. 1899  d. 3-Sep. 1977;  No Marker.
Hardcastle, Mary Knox  b. 8-Aug. 1976  d. 28-Aug. 1976; No Marker.
Harding, Johnnie L.  b. 17-May 1895  d. 28-Jan. 1986;  Husband of Leatha.
Harding, Leatha  b. 18-Apr. 1887  d. 14-Apr. 1985;
    Wife of Johnnie.  Wed November 01, 1914.
Hargrave, Jeff M.  b. 11-Oct. 1930  d. 27-Apr. 1999;  Husband of Minnie.
     US Navy, Korea.
Harman, John Chester  b. 29-Dec.1949  d. 7-Apr. 1981
Harrell, William G.  b. 1885  d. 1977;  Husband of Zimmer.
Harrell, Zimmer F.  b. 17-Sep. 1896  d. 4-Oct. 1993;  Wife of William.
Harriman, Gorden F. b. 1899  d. 1967
Harris, James H.  b. 12-Jul. 1873  d. 20-Dec. 1910
Harris, John Kenneth, Sr.  b. 29-Jul. 1960  d. 7-Apr. 1998;
    "Kent". Husband of Gina.  Wed February 25, 1983.
Harris, Rhoda  b._____  d. 1915;  No Marker.
Harris, Robert Lee  b. 12-May 1905  d. 5-Jun. 1969
Harrison, Elmer A.  b. 5-Jan. 1918  d. 4-Apr. 1999;
    Husband of Winnie.  Wed October 31, 1942.
Harrison, Jean Marie  b. 1925  d. 1968;  Wife of  C. B., Jr.
Harrison, John T. b. 18-Sep. 1871  d. 29-Mar. 1948
Harrison, John W.  b. 4-Sep. 1850  d. 25-Feb. 1909
    Pvt, Co K, Clark's Regt, 14 TX Inf, CSA.
Harrison, Matilda  8-Jun. 1849  d. 17-May 1907;  Wife of John W.
Harrison, Winnie H.  b. 26-Sep. 1921  d. 18-May 2000;  Wife of Elmer.
Harvey, Martha   b. 22-Sep. 1812  d. 27-Sep. 1902
Harwell, Allie Perlee b. 10-Jan. 1870  d. 20-Oct. 1892;  Daughter of  T. J. & C. E. Grayson.
Harwell, John  b. 20-May 1891  d. 7-Jul. 1892;  Son of H. H. & A. P. Harwell.
Hatcher, Angela Meredith  b. 19-Feb. 1954  d. 22-May 1973
Hatcher, Lavelle Lee  b. 11-Jun. 1905  d. 19-Jul. 1992
    TSGT, USAF, WW II & Korea.
Hatcher, Louis Douglas    b. 11-Apr. 1951  d. 5-May 1976
Havard, Anna  b. 1897  d. 1948
Havard, Bobby Allen  b. 1990 d. 1990;  Metal Marker.
Havard, J. M. (Rell)  b. 23-Nov. 1881  d. 9-Dec. 1957;  Husband of Ramah.
Havard, Ramah L.  b. 14-Apr. 1900  d. 17-Jun. 1970;  Wife of J. M.
Hawkins, Thelma O.  b. 24-Jun. 1905  d. 24-Dec. 1979;  Wife of Winfred.
Hawkins, Winfred F. b. 18-Jun. 1897  d. 14-Nov. 1981;  Husband of Thelma.
Hazelwood, Lucille  b. ____  d. 22-Mar. 1999;  No Marker.
Hearn, Wilma Grace b. 20-Dec. 1930  d. 7-Dec. 1984;  Wife of Thomas.
Heck, Clara Mae  b. 1910  d. 9-Jan. 1997
Hecke, Kenneth E., Sr.  b. 15-Aug. 1935  d. 14-Jan. 1998;  Husband of Barbara.
Henderson, Alfred L.  b. 1889  d. 1962;  Husband of Nina Belle.
Henderson, Allen West  b. 29-Sep. 1891  d. 21-Sep. 1959
Henderson, Dorothy J.  b.  4-Feb. 1923  d. 12-Oct. 1992
    Wife of  W. G.  Wed June 28, 1941.
Henderson, Emma Gardner  b. 1871  d. Apr. 1892;  Wife of S. W. Henderson.
Henderson, J. L.  b. 15-Jan. 1854  d. 13-Jul. 1908;  Husband of Sarah.
Henderson, J. R.  b. 20-Mar. 1929  d. 13-Feb. 1990
    Husband of Odessa.  Wed January 17, 1948.
Henderson, Jack E.  b. 16-Jul. 1849  d. 28-Apr. 1912;  Husband of Mary.
Henderson, John  b. 24-Feb. 1895  d. 22-Jul. 1975;  Husband of Viola.
    Pvt, US Army, WW I.
Henderson, John Leonidos  b. 9-Sep. 1893  d. 11-Dec. 1912
    Son of J. L. & Sarah Henderson.
Henderson, Martha Ann  b. 1894  d. 1975;  Wife of Sam.
Henderson, Mary A.  b.  4-Oct. 1864  d. 18-Apr. 1951;  Wife of Jack.
Henderson, Mary Kathrine  b. ______  d.  27-May 1942
Henderson, Nina Belle  b. 1889  d. 1917;  Wife of Alfred.
Henderson, Sam H.  b. 1891  d. 1944;  Husband of Martha.
Henderson, Sarah Josephine  b. 14-Feb. 1863  d. 9-Sep. 1909;  Wife of J. L.
Henderson, Simon Garrell  b. 24-Jul. 1895  d. 7-Mar. 1896;
    Son of J. L. & Sadie Henderson.
Henderson, Viola b. 24-Aug. 1909  d. 24-Jun. 1999;  Wife of John.
Henderson, W. G.  b. 27-Jun. 1920  d. 7-Nov. 1993;  Husband of Dorothy.
    TEC4, US Army, WW II.
Hendry, Baby  b. 14-Aug. 1902  d. 28-Aug. 1902
Hendry, Frank P.  b. 8-May 1861  d. 1-Mar. 1945
Hendry, Irene  b. 1847  d. 1900
Hendry, James B.  b. 1810  d. 1890;  Husband of Ritty.
Hendry, James Garland  b. 5-Dec. 1893  d. 4-Aug. 1972;  Husband of Minnie.
    PFC, US Army, WW I.
Hendry, Jasper H.  b. 4-Oct. 1853  d. 3-Dec. 1932;  Husband of Minnie L.
Hendry Jasper L.  b. 25-Feb. 1909  d. 17-Apr. 1968
    MSgt, 549 Night Flr Sq, AAF, WW II.
Hendry, John F.  b. 7-Jul. 1896  d. 27-Jun. 1966;  Husband of Laura.
Hendry, John Floyd, Jr.  b. 5-Sep. 1926  d. 5-Mar. 1949;  Husband of Betty.
Hendry, Laura A.  b. 1-Apr. 1901  d. 27-Aug. 1981;  Wife of John F.
Hendry, Minnie L.  b. 29-Nov. 1867  d. 23-Feb. 1953;  Wife of Jasper H.
Hendry, Minnie Mary  b. 16-Apr. 1885  d. 31-Mar. 1965;  Wife of Garland.
Hendry, Nettie L.  b. 20-Jun. 1898  d. 19-Sep. 1995;  Wife of Paul.
Hendry, Paul S.  b. 24-Jun. 1898  d. 9-Jul. 1955;  Husband of Nettie.
Hendry Ritty Ann  b. 1811  d. 1881;  Wife of James B.
Hendry, William H.  b. 6-Dec. 1843  d. 18-Aug. 1892
Hendry, William Lavon  b. 12-Feb. 1918  d. 22-Feb. 1976;  Husband of Helen.
Hernandez, David G.  b.  22-Jul. 1922  d. 16-Apr. 1999;  Husband of Nolberta.
Herring, Ethel Irene  b. 13-Nov. 1910  d. 13-Aug. 1997;  Wife of Luther.
Herring, Eugene W.  b. 21-May 1909  d. 11-Sep. 1984;  Husband of Muriel.
Herring, Luther  b. 18-Jun. 1910  d. 10-Jun. 1982;  Husband of Ethel.
Herslow, Ollie C. Sanford   b. 8-Aug. 1957   d. 4-Jan. 2002;  Wife of Richard
Hester, Jessie M.  b. 26-Jan. 1891  d. 28-Nov. 1981;  Wife of William.
Hester, William A.  b. 2-Apr. 1887  d. 12-May 1965; Husband of Jessie.
Hickman, Clara Lee  b. 29-Dec. 1905  d. 1-Jul. 1961; Wife of Oscar.
Hickman, Daisy  b. 23-Oct. 1902  d. 23-Apr. 1975;  Wife of Edgar Hickman.
Hickman, Edgar T.  b. 21-Sep. 1867  d. 21-Dec. 1937;  Husband of Luella.
Hickman, Edgar T., Jr. b. 14-Dec. 1900  d. 2-May 1982; Son of Edgar & Louella Hickman. .
Hickman, Harvey R.  b. 1914  d. 1988;  Husband of Minnie.
Hickman, Luella Gibbs  b. 17-Sep. 1874  d. 25-May 1957;  Wife of Edgar T.
Hickman, Matt  b. 26-Jul. 1873  d. 8-May 1951;  Husband of May.
Hickman, May  b. 1876  d. 1964;  Wife of Matt.
Hickman, Minnie  b. 1907  d. 1993;  Wife of Harvey.
Hickman, Oscar Wilburn  b. 14-Feb. 1906  d. 7-Oct. 1982
    Husband of Clara.  Wed June 10.1929.
Hicks, Hebert  b.24-Jan. 1896  d. 18-Apr. 1904; Son of  W. E. & D. E. Hicks.
Higginbotham, Zack B.  b. 3-Jun. 1907  d. 6-Feb. 1973;  Husband of M. Louise.
    SSgt, US Army, WW II.
Hill - Doerr, Nellie Mae  b. 29-Sep. 1910  d. 16-Oct. 1987;  Wife of John I.
Hill, A. J.   b. Dec. 1852  d. May 1939
Hill, Bryant Talmage   b. 21-Jan. 1889  d. 18-Aug. 1954;  Husband of Fannie & Martha.
Hill, Carrie Jackson  b. 3-Sep. 1883  d. 11-Jan. 1942;  Wife of Thomas.
Hill, Daisy C.  b. 27-Mar. 1911  d. 9-Jan. 1998;  Wife of Bryan T.
Hill, Fannie  b. 24-Nov. 1892  d. 15-Aug. 1923;  Wife of Bryant Talmage Hill.
Hill, John I.  b. 1-Sep. 1905   d. 7-Feb. 1978;  Husband of Nellie.
    Sgt, US Army, WW II.
Hill, Martha Mayne  b.  9-Jan. 1898  d. 1-Sep. 1998;  Wife of B. T. Hill.
Hill, Mattie E.  b. 12-Dec. 1873  d. 25-Sep. 1956
Hill, Thomas William  b. 3-Nov. 1856  d. 5-Apr. 1919;  Husband of Carrie.
Hillin, Lawrence Glenn  b._____  d. 16-Apr. 1954;  Son of Billie & Maxine.
Hilton, Harold Wayne  b.____  d. 10-Mar. 1958
Hoffman, Harold Gene  b. 28-Jun. 1932  d. 29-Oct. 2000;  Husband of Dorothy.
Holland, J. C.  b. 8-Aug. 1885  d. 22-Dec. 1949;  Husband of Ola.
Holland, Ola Lee  b. 17-Feb. 1895  d. 6-Jul. 1993;  Wife of J. C.
Holland, Syble  b. 25-Mar. 1916  d. 22-Oct. 1940
Holliday, Lucille Watson  b. 7-Sep. 1940  d. 22-Nov. 1984
Hollingsworth, Claudia Gray  b. 4-Mar. 1871  d. 3-Oct. 1935;  Wife of Ivy.
Hollingsworth, Infant  (One date only)  d. 1-Nov. 1896
    Son of I. B. & Claudia Hollingsworth.
Hollingsworth, Ivy Bass  b. 3-Sep. 1859  d. 22-Jan. 1945;  Husband of Claudia.
Hollingsworth, Lewis I.  b. 25-Jul. 1893  d. 19-Jan. 1912
    Son of I. B. & Claudia Hollingsworth.
Hollingsworth, William A.  b. 1-Oct. 1899  d. 30-Nov. 1899
    Son of I. B. & Claudia Hollingsworth.
Hollingsworth, Theodore G.  b. 27-Nov. 1907  d. 4-Oct. 1967
    Major, Dental Corps, WW II.
Hollis, Baby Girl  b. 1929  d. 1929
Hollis, Flora  b. 16-Aug. 1897  d. 15-Jun. 1988;  Wife of Leo.
Hollis, J. W.  b. 1917   d. 1930
Hollis, Jack  b. 23-Feb. 1921  d. 2-Jan. 1995;  Husband of Vera.
Hollis, Leo  b. 1887  d.  1964;  Husband of Flora.
Hollis, Vera Belle  b. 23-Mar. 1923  d. 4-Nov. 1968;  Wife of Jack.
Hollomon, James F.  b. 1882  d. 1963;  Husband of Mattie.
Hollomon, Mattie G.  b. 1882  d. 1965;  Wife of James.
Hooker, Edna  b. 20-Jul. 1896  d. 23-Oct. 1988;  Wife of Leroy.
Hooker, Leroy  b. 26-Oct. 1882  d. 23-Sep. 1958;  Husband of Edna.
Hooks, Arinda  b. 9-Jun. 1892  d. 22-Apr. 1960;  Wife of Enoch.
Hooks, Enoch J.  b. 24-Apr. 1883  d. 24-Sep.  1979;  Husband of Arinda.
Hooks, John A.  b. 21-Mar. 1910  d. 23-Oct. 1965
    Cpl, 2511 Base Unit, AAF, WW II.
Hooper, James Edgar  b. 5-Mar. 1905  d. 7-Jan. 1979;  Husband of Lois.
    Pvt, US Army.
Hooper, James W.  b. 23-Feb. 1879  d. 26-May 1951; Husband of Mary.
Hooper, Mary J.  b. 24-Jun. 1879  d. 15-Dec. 1962;  Wife of James W.
Hoot, Viola  b. 25-Nov. 1896  d. 28-Oct. 1986;  Metal Marker.
Hopson, Glenn, Sr.  b. 28-Aug. 1927  d. 12-Dec. 1993
    Husband of Aline.  Wed October 22, 1957.
Horn, Nellie Marie  b. 22-Jul. 1914  d. 4-Sep. 1978
Howard, Myntie E.  b. 10-Feb. 1933  d. 30-Apr. 1974;  Wife of George.  .
Howell, Carl M.  b. 26-Oct. 1914  d. 21-Feb. 1985; Husband of Ernestine.
Howell, Eugenia Elizabeth  b. 1893  d. 1965;  "Bessie".  Wife of Albert.
Hubbard, Alcine Lewis  b. 31-Aug. 1914  d. 1-Sep. 1998; Wife of Oscar.
Hubbard, Amanda Cheyenne  b. 25-Sep. 1996  d. 10-Oct. 1996;
    Daughter of Christopher Hubbard.
Hubbard, Eric Jason  b. 17-May 1975  d. 27-Mar. 1993;  Son of Hal Hubbard.
Hubbard, Gracie Lee  b. 12-Oct. 1921  d. 1-Feb. 1980;  Wife of Woodrow.
Hubbard, Hugh W.  b. 20-Mar. 1949  d. 17-Jun. 1980
    Son of Woodrow & Gracie Lee Hubbard.
Hubbard, Janie Lee  b.1-May 1946  d. 12-Jun. 1946
    Daughter of Woodrow & Gracie Lee.
Hubbard, Marshall Blake b. 25-Jul. 1995  d. 25-Jul. 1995;  Son of Hal Hubbard, Jr.
Hubbard, Oscar James  b. 7-Sep. 1904  d. 6-Feb. 1995
    Husband of Alcine.  Wed April 21, 1945.
Hubbard, Patricia Ann  b. 16-Jan. 1944  d. 16-Jan. 1944;
    Daughter of Woodrow & Gracie  Hubbard.
Hubbard, Woodrow W.  b. 10-Nov. 1915  d. 24-Sep. 1997
    Husband of Gracie Lee.  Wed June 29, 1940.
Hudgens, John D.  b. 29-Jan. 1856  d. 8-Mar. 1879
Hughes - Harris, Edna Earl  b. 19-Jul. 1941  d. 26-Oct. 1979
Hughes, Alton C.  b. 30-Dec. 1930  d. 2-Nov. 1987;  Pvt, US Air Force.
Hughes, Bessie I.  b. 1900  d. 1974;  Wife of John.
Hughes, Claudie  b. 2-Jul. 1906  d. 16-Nov. 1963;  Father of Alton & Edna Earl.
Hughes, Everitt   b. 2-Nov. 1895  d. 2-Feb. 1974;  Husband of Gladys.
    Bugler, US Army, WW I.
Hughes, Florence  b. 11-Dec. 1908  d. 10-Feb. 1984;  Wife of Claudie.
Hughes, Gladys  b. 20-Feb. 1903  d. 30-Jul. 1995;  Wife of Everitt.
Hughes, Jimmy Patrick   b. 24-May 1932  d. 21-Apr. 1992;
    Husband of Helen.  Wed June 30, 1955.
Hughes, John E.  b. 18-Sep. 1926  d. 30-Aug. 1994;
    Pvt, US Army Air Corps, WW II.
Hughes, John H.   b. 1895  d. 1954;  Husband of Bessie.
Hughes, Joyce E.  b. 1-Jan. 1929  d. 29-Mar. 2001; Wife of John. Metal Marker.
Hughes, Louise  b. 4-Apr. 1949  d. 17-Jul. 1984; Wife of Alton.
Hughes, Marlin Cecil  b. 14-Nov. 1925  d. 18-Jul. 1999
Hughes, Sarah  b. 8-Nov. 1897  d. 19-Apr. 1974;  Wife of Willis.
Hughes, Willis E.  b. 11-Jan. 1884  d. 22-Oct. 1970;
    Husband of Sarah.  Father of Claudie.
Hunt, Hughline C. b. 15-Jun. 1905  d. 30-May 1975;  Wife of Lee.
Hunt, Lee  b. 26-May 1895  d. 23-Nov. 1976;  Husband of Hughline.
Hunter, Julia Robertson  (No Dates) Age 2 Mos. & 2 Days.  Baby of  C. E. & A. E.
Hurd, Marie   b. 11-Mar. 1913  d. 12-Oct. 1984
Ivey, Arthur  b. 16-Apr. 1896  d. 20-Aug. 1903
Ivey, Bertha Lee  b. 16-Mar. 1907  d. 9-Mar. 1990;  Wife of William.
Ivey, Elizebeth  b. 13-Aug. 1875  d. 5-Apr. 1903; Wife of James E.
Ivey, James E. b. 28-Apr. 1867  d. 15-Apr. 1953;  Husband of Elizebeth.
Ivey, William M.  b.16-Jun. 1895  d. 22-Jul. 1961;
    PFC, Co B, 21 MG Bn, WW I.
Jackson, Albert S.   b.  4-Jan. 1883  d. 15-Apr. 1960; Husband of Minnie.
Jackson, Eugene C.  b. 28-Nov. 1927  d. 21-Feb. 1995
    Husband of Veda.  Wed February 15, 1947.
Jackson, Eugenia Pauline  b. 20-Nov. 1855  d. 6-May 1943; Wife of Robert.
Jackson, Halcomb  b. 16-Dec. 1912  d. 30-Dec. 1912;
    Son of  E. H. & Rose Jackson.
Jackson, Henderson D.  b. 19-Nov. 1908  d. 18-Jun. 1912
    Son of Albert S. & Minnie Jackson.
Jackson, Kirtley  b. 4-Feb. 1915  d. 22-May 1918;
    Son of  E. H. & Rose Jackson.
Jackson, Kirtley  b. 4-Feb. 1895  d. 22-May 1918;
    Son of  E. H. & Rose Jackson.
Jackson, Laurie  b. 15-Sep. 1901  d. 26-Nov. 1918;
    Son of  E. H. & Rose Jackson.
Jackson, Maurine  b. 1-Dec. 1905  d. 25-Nov. 1918;
    Daughter of  E. H. & Rose Jackson
Jackson, Minnie  b. 8-Dec. 1879  d. 13-Nov. 1950; Wife of Albert.
Jackson, Robert Sidney  b. 20-Sep. 1843  d. 26-Jul. 1913; Husband of Eugenia.
Janosky, Adolph Emil  b. 1-Sep. 1904  d. 26-May 1986; Husband of Lorene.
Janosky, Lorene DuVall  b. 15-Mar. 1923  d. 28-Jan. 1998; Wife of Adolph.
Jenkins, Carl C.  b. 10-May 1908  d. 12-Jan. 1992;  Husband of L. E.
    TEC5, US Army, WW II.
Jenkins, L. E. "Sister"  b. 27-Jun. 1920  d. 8-Dec. 1999;  Wife of Carl.
Jenkins, Winnie Saxon  b. 8-Aug. 1908  d. 3-Oct. 2000;  Wife of John T.
Jennings, Everette Clay, Sr.  b. 8-Apr. 1908  d. 14-Oct. 1978
Jennings, William Parker  b. 2-Apr. 1909  d. 13-Jan. 1985
Jeo, Paula Carlene Branch  b. 4-Dec. 1957  d. 12-Feb. 1995
Jernigan, Baby Boy  (one date only) d. 4-Jul. 1936
Jernigan, Carl  b. 27-Mar. 1907  d. 21-Jul. 1966
    Cpl, Btry,  E, 59 Coast Arty,  WW II.
Jernigan, Edgar  b. 1-Aug. 1897  d. 12-Jun. 1900
Jernigan, Florene  b. 1914  d. 16-Feb. 2000;  Wife of Harvey.
Jernigan, Frank  b. 8-Oct. 1899  d. 13-Jul. 1941
Jernigan, Harvey  b. 1904  d. 1977;  Husband of Florene.
 Jernigan, Lucy Corene  b. 9-Oct. 1933    d. 24-Dec. 2002
Jernigan, Marian  b.  24-Aug. 1874  d. 10-Jun. 1960;  Husband of Sarah.
Jernigan, Sarah E.  b. 26-Dec. 1877  d. 18-May 1943;  Wife of Marian.
Jernigan, Willie Ann Bell  b. ____  d. 22-Feb. 1964;  No Marker.
Jezik, Frank J.  b. 29-Nov. 1911  d. 20-Jun. 2000;  Husband of Gussie.
Jezik, Gussie L.  b. 6-Nov. 1913  d. 27-Sep. 1996; Wife of Frank.
Jimenez, Eufracia B.  b. 1917  d. 1986
Jimenez, Leobardo N.  b. 18-Jan. 1908   d. 7-Mar. 2002
Johnson, A.  b. 8-Dec. 1847  d. 16-Dec. 1917;  Husband of Elizabeth.
Johnson, Charlie J.  b. 1922  d. 1947
Johnson, Clyde  b. 3-Jan. 1907  d. 9-Sep. 1981; Husband of Madie.
Johnson, Douglas M.  b. 6-Jun. 1946  d. 1-Nov. 1977
Johnson, Elizabeth  b. 20-Feb. 1856  d. 6-Nov. 1924; Wife of A. Johnson.
Johnson, Fannie  b. 1894  d. 1976;  Wife of Jesse Moore Johnson.
Johnson, Geniva Mae  b. 21-Feb. 1939  d. 22-Mar. 1939;
    Daughter of Thruman & Ruby.
Johnson, Jennie Lela  b. 3-Aug. 1879  d. 21-Aug. 1951; Wife of Robert.
Johnson, Jesse Hale  b. 1-Aug. 1931  d. 2-Feb. 1951
Johnson, Jesse Moore   b. 24-Feb. 1888  d. 5-Apr. 1958; Husband of Fannie.
Johnson, Lela Audry  b. 1923  d. 1950
Johnson, Madie  b. 8-Mar. 1914  d. 13-Aug. 1972; Wife of Clyde.
Johnson, Monroe  b. 23-Jul. 1888  d. 13-Jul. 1964
    Pvt, 1 Co, Development Bn, WW I.
Johnson, Naomi  b. 1894  d. 1968;  Wife of Monroe.
Johnson, Pauline  b. 1911  d. 1960;  Wife of Roy.
Johnson, Robert Henry  b. 1874  d. 1945;  Husband of Jennie.
Johnson, Roy M.  b. 1-Mar. 1909  d. 22-Mar. 1959
    Pvt, HQ & HQ SQ, AAF, WW II.
Johnson, Thurman L.  b. 13-Aug. 1899  d. 20-Nov. 1963;  Husband of Ruby.
Johnson, Willie D.  b. 5-Mar. 1919  d. 4-Jul. 1945
Jones - Knight, Mary Ellen  b. 3-Aug. 1901  d. 1-Aug. 1966;
    Wife of Ode Jones & Olney Knight.
Jones, Almedia  b. 4-Oct. 1904  d. 15-Sep. 1994; Wife of Homer.
Jones, Arrilla  E.  b. 1890  d. 1968;  Wife of John C.
Jones, Art B.  b. 1882  d. 1939;  Son of Oscar & Lydia.
Jones, Calvin C.   b. 20-Apr. 1925    d. 8-Oct. 2001;  Husband of Billie
Jones, Carl Melton  b. 1895  d. 1976; Husband of Mabel.
Jones, Carrie B.  b. 30-Sep. 1888  d. 10-Apr. 1981; Wife of Elijah.
Jones, Clayton Douglas  b. 22-Dec. 1930  d. 23-Jun. 2000; Husband of Mary Lucille.
Jones, Clayton Eugene  b. 10-Jun. 1952  d. 20-Jun. 2001;  Son of Eugene & Gloria Jones.
Jones, Dewey Reavel  b. 1-Jul. 1928  d. 14-Aug. 1998
    Sgt, US Marine Corps, Korea.
Jones, Dura Burks  b. 10-Apr. 1901  d. 25-Feb. 1985; Wife of Walter.
Jones, Edmund Ralph  b. 28-Mar. 1907  d. 14-Mar. 1944
Jones, Elijah R.  b. 8-Nov. 1877  d. 27-Oct  d. 1949; Husband of Carrie.
Jones, Eunice H.  b. 5-Aug. 1892  d. 23-Nov. 1963;  Wife of Jesse.
Jones, Fred  b. 16-Jun. 1905  d. 14-Dec. 1958
Jones, Gilmer  b. 2-Dec. 1919  d. 12-May 1990
    SSgt, US Air Force, WW II.
Jones, Infants  b. (One date only)  d. 22-Apr. 1924;
    Children of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Jones.
Jones, J. B. "Buck"   b. 16-Feb. 1925  d. 21-Sep. 1992
Jones, J. Homer  b. 18-Nov. 1897  d. 4-Sep. 1974; Husband of Almedia.
Jones, Jesse R.  b. 14-Feb. 1881  d. 8-Jun. 1965;  Husband of Eunice.
Jones, John C.   b. 1881  d. 1949;  Husband of Arrilla.
Jones, John Carson  b. 1886  d. 26-Oct. 1918;  Son of Oscar & Lydia.
Jones, Lydia Louella  b. 1862  d. 1935;  Wife of Oscar.
Jones, Mabel Hambrick  b. 1906  d. 1983;  Wife of Carl.
Jones, Mary E.  b. 10-Oct. 1856  d. 28-Jun. 1951;  Wife of William E. .
Jones, Ode  b. 26-Sep. 1894  d. 26-Jan. 1958
    PFC, Co B, 345 Mg Bn, 90 Div, WW I. Purple Heart.
Jones, Oscar Dalton  b. 1861  d. 1940;  Husband of Lydia.
Jones, Samuel Claud  b.  1896  d. 1905;  Son of William & Stella.
Jones, Samuel U., Rev.  b. 12-Sep. 1852  d. 3-Nov. 1933;  Reverend.
Jones, Son  b. 27-Jan. 1916  d. 29-Jan. 1916; Son of  S.M. & Bertha Jones.
Jones, Stella  b. 22-Dec. 1879  d. 15-Oct. 1961;  Wife of William A.
Jones, Walter Thomas  b. 27-Mar. 1893  d. 26-Jun. 1989; Husband of Dura.
Jones, William A.  b. 16-Mar. 1865  d. 11-Jul. 1934;  Husband of Stella.
Jones, William Albert  b. 28-Jun. 1910  d. 1-Mar. 1985
Jones, William E.  b. 2-Nov. 1850  d. 5-Mar. 1924;  Husband of Mary E.
Jones, William Henry b. 22-Dec. 1881  d. 25-Sep. 1950
Jordan, Fred L.  b. 1930  d. 1945;  Son of William & Lucy Jordan.
Jordan, Lucy Bell  b. 1894  d. 1948;  Wife of William F.
Jordan, William F.  b. 1886  d. 1963;  Husband of Lucy.
Josey, Alice Veal  b.24-Aug. 1889  d. 23-Dec. 1982; Wife of John.
Josey, John Henry  b. 22-Feb. 1885  d. 30-Nov. 1975;
    Husband of Alice.  Wed June 25, 1913.
Jumonville, Betty L. Blalock  b. 11-Jan.1953   d. 2-Jan. 2004;  Wife of A. J. Jumonville
Kea, Delma  b. 17-Sep. 1923  d. 6-Feb. 1985;  No Marker.
Kelley, Amelia L.  b. 13-May 1840  d. 13-Mar. 1887;  Wife of James.
Kelley, David C.  b. 31-Aug. 1869  d. 22-Mar. 1940
Kelley, Esther (Judy)  b. 15-Dec. 1913  d. 16-Jun. 2001
Kelley, James Thompson  b. 12-Jan. 1836  d. 20-May 1889;
    Pvt, Co H, Hood's Brig, 5 Tx Inf, CSA.
Kelley,  James W.  b. 29-Jan. 1912   d. 2-Nov. 1991
Kelley, Lucy C.  b. 9-Jun. 1875  d. 1-Aug. 1970
Kelly, Thelma C.  b. 10-Apr. 1928  d. 30-Jan. 1999;  Wife of M. P. .
Kelsey, Eugenia  b. 1857  d. 1932;  Wife of H. P.
Kelsey, H. P.  b. 1855  d. 1936;  Husband of Eugenia.
Kendrick, Lila Faye  b. 30-Nov. 1929  d. 12-Jul. 1978
Kendrick, Mamie V.  b. 10-May 1893  d. 28-Jul. 1980; Wife of Matt.
Kendrick, Matt R.  b. 26-Sep. 1895  d. 21-Sep. 1979;
    Husband of Mamie.  Wed February  23, 1916.
Kennedy, Douglas Lynn   b. 10-Dec. 1962   d. 25-July 2002;  Son of Jean & Lynn
Kennedy, Sherman  b. 30-Jun. 1910  d. 25-Jul. 1950
Kent, Isophene  b.____  d. 15-Jan. 1989;  No Marker.
Kent, John Lowe  b. 21-Apr. 1909  d. 7-Mar. 1993;  Husband of Johnnie.
Kent, Johnnie  b. 27-Jul. 1911  d. 31-Aug. 1999
    Wife of John Lowe. Wed December 25, 1930.
Kimball, Lela Barclay  b. 1895  d. 1924
Kimmey, Clair Woodard  b. 14-Nov. 1920  d. 10-Nov. 1996
King, Allen "Buster"  b. 31-May 1908  d. 11-Nov. 1991;  Husband of Bonnie.
King, Bonnie Lancaster  b. 4-Aug. 1910  d. 22-Dec. 1999;  Wife of Buster.
King, Luke  b. ____  d. 11-Oct. 1977;  Beloved Son of James & Jimmie King.
King, Mary M.  b. 27-Sep. 1904  d. 20-Sep. 1950;  Wife of Obie.
King, Obie K.  b. 20-Apr. 1892  d. 23-Dec. 1949; Husband of Mary.
King, Quinton Robert  b. 7-Mar. 1919  d. 29-Mar. 2001; Metal Marker.
    US Army, WW II
King, Thelma Corinne  b. 2-Oct. 1920  d. 25-Jun. 2001; Wife of Quinton.
Kirby, Sarah Jane  b.11-Sep. 1903  d. 7-Jan. 1990; No Marker.
Kirk, Henrietta  b. 26-Apr.1922  d. 15-Dec. 1991;  Wife of James.
Kirk, James C.  b. 4-Feb. 1927 d. 28-May 1985; Husband of Henrietta.
    US Army, WW II.
Klein, Lois Maurine  b. 4-Mar. 1908  d. 18-Apr. 1908; Daughter of J. H. & Theodosia Klein.
Kneifel, Albert Adolph  b. 4-Nov. 1906  d. 10-Aug. 1987; Husband of Ella.
    Pvt, US Army, WW II.
Kneifel, Ella G.  b. 3-Feb. 1922  d. 17-Apr. 1998;  Wife of Albert.
Knox, Albro  b. 1906  d. 1953
Knox, Aletha A.  b. 8-Oct. 1896  d. 20-Oct. 1948;  Wife of Sullivan.
Knox, Annie L.  b. 1909  d. 1970;  Wife of Emmett.
Knox, Audrey A.  b. 26-Oct. 1910  d. 13-Sep. 1997; Wife of Wendell.
Knox, Beatrice  b. 27-Feb. 1903  d. 23-Apr. 1946;  Wife of Elmer.
Knox, Bettie F.  b. 22-Feb. 1875  d. 30-Jun. 1941;  Wife of L. B.
Knox, Cary L.  b. 1892  d. 1965
    Husband of Mary.  Wed November 26, 1912.
Knox, Corie  b. 1870  d. 1922; Wife of Frank.  Mother of Henry Grady.
Knox, Cynthia May  b. 6-Nov. 1887  d. 26-Nov. 1917;  Wife of Joseph.
Knox, Denman  b. 12-Jul. 1915  d. 13-Jul. 1999
    Husband of Clemotine. Married 63 Years.
Knox, Effie Lee  b. 4-Apr. 1922  d. 30-Mar. 1928
Knox, Ella  b. 3-Oct. 1862  d. 22-Jun. 1940;  Wife of J. A. Knox.
Knox, Elmer Lee  b. 8-Nov. 1902  d. 29-Sep. 1980; Husband of Beatrice.
Knox, Elsie Pearl  b. 8-Feb. 1904  d. 15-Jun. 1980;  Wife of Kenneth.
Knox, Emmer   (No Dates)  Daughter of W. F. Burnett.
Knox, Emmett D.  b. 1903  d. 1962;  Husband of Annie.
Knox, Frank  b. 1866  d. 1926; Husband of Corie.  Father of Henry Grady.
Knox, Gladys   (No Dates)
Knox, Gordon Ray  b. 26-Aug. 1955  d. 13-Mar. 1964;  Little Partner.
Knox, Henry Grady  b. 14-Jan. 1897  d. ____;
    In Memory.  Lost in France.  WW I.
Knox, J. A.  b. 14-Jul. 1862  d. 19-Feb. 1949;  Husband of Ella.
Knox, Jesse D.  b. 24-Sep. 1881  d. 18-Jun. 1952;  Husband of Josie.
Knox, Jewel  b. 22-Nov. 1917  d. 23-Nov. 1917
Knox, Joseph F.  b. 23-Apr. 1885  d. 19-Nov. 1962
Knox, Josie  b. 1-Feb. 1883  d. 20-Jul. 1965;  Wife of Jesse.
Knox, Joyce  (No Dates)
Knox, Kenneth Duren  b. 2-Dec. 1910  d. 20-Nov. 1977;  Husband of Elsie Pearl.
Knox, L. B.  b. 14-Apr. 1868  d. 26-Jul. 1954;  Husband of Bettie.
Knox, Libby  (No Dates)
Knox, Lorian  (No Dates)
Knox, Mary M.  b. 1892  d. 1976;  Wife of Cary.
Knox, Mattie Lee  b. 14-Aug. 1887  d. 30-Mar. 1967;  No Marker.
Knox, Pearl Hubbard  b. 5-Apr. 1909  d. 25-Sep. 1996
    Wife of Sullivan.  Wed May 22, 1949.
Knox, Simon  b. 8-Mar. 1884  d. 26-Aug. 1962
Knox, Sullivan  b. 16-Aug. 1890  d. 21-Apr. 1970;  Husband of Aletha & Pearl.
Knox, Wendell J.  b. 4-Jun. 1908  d. 28-Feb. 1985;  Husband of Audrey.
Kosler, Lola E. "Kookie"  b. 24-Dec. 1919  d.19-Jan. 1991
Kurtzeman, Charles  b. 4-Jan. 1856  d. 7-Jan. 1914
Kurtzeman, Emil, Jr.  b. 28-May 1917  d. 28-Oct. 1921;  Little Man.
    Son of  E. H. & Susie.
Kurtzeman. Pearl  b. 4-Sep. 1894  d. 16-Jun. 1922;  Wife of E. A.
Kurtzemann, Anna B., Mrs.  b. 2-Oct. 1865  d. 25-Sep. 1960
Kurtzemann, Emil H.  b. 9-Apr. 1888  d. 14-Mar. 1956;  Husband of Susie.
Kurtzemann, Johnny  b. 24-May 1919  d. 13-Sep. 1930;  Son of E. H. & Susie.
Kurtzemann, Susie M.  b. 1-Jan. 1892  d. 20-Apr. 1995;  (Charley).
    Wife of Emil.  Age 103 Years.
Lackey, John David, Sr.  b. 8-May 1932  d. 25-Dec. 1999; Husband of Elna.
Lafferty, Alma Jane  b. 12-Oct. 1898  d. 4-Sep. 1982;  Wife of Luther.
Lafferty, Annie  b. 1861   d. 1931;  Wife of Frank.
Lafferty, Bonnie Maxine b. 18-Aug. 1922  d. 28-Feb. 1992; Wife of Frank Freeman.
Lafferty, Drueann  b. 9-Jun. 1902  d. 18-Mar. 1996;  Wife of Emry.
Lafferty, Emry  b. 2-Sep. 1888  d. 30-Mar. 1943
    Pvt, 165 Depot Brgd.
Lafferty, Frank  b. 1859  d. 1920;  Husband of Annie.
Lafferty, Frank Freeman  b. 13-Aug. 1920  d. 7-Nov.1986;  Husband of Bonnie.
    F2, US Navy, WW II.
Lafferty, Iverson Charles  b. 28-Oct. 1924  d. 18-Jul. 1989
    MOMM3, US Navy, WW II.
Lafferty, J. M.  b. 25-Nov. 1917  d. 20-Oct. 1947
    Sgt, AAF, Dental Technician.
Lafferty, Luther B.  b. 17-Nov. 1896  d. 12-Apr. 1939
    Cpl, Co D, 360 Inf  Div, US Army.
Lafferty, Mary Lee  b. 29-Aug. 1923  d. 20-Nov. 1999;  Wife of G. C.
Lancaster - King, Maggie  b. 18-Dec. 1879  d. 6-Dec. 1968;  Wife of Jesse.
Lancaster, James H.  b. 1934   d. 2003
Lancaster, Jesse J.  b. 17-Jul. 1875  d. 10-Mar. 1957;  Husband of Maggie.
Lancaster, Mamie E.  b. 1881  d. 1966
Lancaster, May Belle  b. 22-May 1900   d. 24-Jan. 1996;  (Moved to Union Springs)
Landry, Linda  b. 19-Sep. 1947  d. 4-Mar. 1997
Lang, Eddie Carroll  b. 31-Jan. 1929  d. 11-Dec. 1984;  husband of Janell.
Lang, Hazel Marie  b. 1-Jan. 1942  d. 12-Aug. 1970
Lang, Louis William  b. 8-Aug. 1902  d. 26-Oct. 1963
Lang, Mary Rhoda  b. 18-Aug. 1903  d. 14-Jun. 1989
Langley. E. M.  b. 2-Jan. 1850  d. 2-Mar. 1891
Langston, Bessie B.  b. 10-Jun. 1920  d. 4-Aug. 1996
Langston, Joe Marion  b. 1-Nov. 1921  d. 8-Dec. 1989
    MOMM2, US Navy, WW II.
Largent John W., Sr.  b. 6-Mar. 1870  d. 20-Apr. 1945.  No Marker.
Largent, Opal Pate  b. 4-Feb. 1922  d. 24-Nov. 1978
Lavender, Eddie Doris  b. 1930  d. 1933
Law, D. F. John  b. 1895  d. 1946
Lawson, Murle D., II  b. 2-May 1962  d. 17-Aug. 1985
Lazalier, Guy Miles  b. 24-Apr. 1883  d. 24-Jul. 1966
Lewis, Angus  b. 17-Aug. 1885  d. 27-Apr. 1947;  Husband of Ida.
Lewis, Angus L.  b. 22-Dec. 1914  d. 25-Jan. 1958
    TSgt, 741 BMB Sq, AAF, DFC-AM-3OLC-PH, WW II.
Lewis, David A.  b. 1933  d. 1961
Lewis, Ida  b. 7-Feb. 1891  d. 7-Oct. 1962;  Wife of Angus.
Lewis, James Saxon  b. 9-Aug. 1920  d. 3-Oct. 1967
Lewis, Jeannette K.   b. 28-Nov. 1958  d. 2-Dec. 1958
Lewis, Jennifer K.  b. 28-Feb. 1960  d. Feb-29,1960
Lewis, Jill  b. 29-Apr. 1978  d. 30-Apr. 1978;  No Marker.
Lewis, Jonathan  b. 5-Sep. 1976  d. 24-Mar. 2000;  No Marker.
Lewis, Pearl Adams  b. 1902  d. 1954
Lewis, Wooten Eugene  b. 11-Jan. 1922  d. 14-Feb. 1971
    PFC, US Army Air Force, WW II.
Lloyd, Billie O.  b. 29-Feb. 1932  d. 10-Jun. 2001;  Wife of W. C.
Lloyd, Craton  b. 10-Jun. 1895  d. 21-Jun. 1985;  Husband of Tennie.
Lloyd, David  b. 1875  d. 1910;  No Marker.
Lloyd, George Ann Watson  b. 1880  d.1915;  No Marker.
Lloyd, Mildred  b.  20-Sep. 1932  d. 8-Apr. 1937
Lloyd, Retha  b. 7-Jan. 1898  d. 10-Nov. 1972
Lloyd, Tennie Eudora  b. 18-Jun. 1906  d. 28-Oct. 1994;  Wife of Craton.
Locke, Abner C.  b._____   d. 14-Feb. 1901
    Pvt, Co A, 6 Bn, Tx Cav, CSA.
Locke, Baby  (One date Only)  d. 21-Jun. 1906
Locke, Baby  b. 5-Apr. 1884  d. 9-Apr. 1884;  Child of Abner C. & Louizer
Locke, Baby  (No Dates).  Child of Abner C.
Locke, Betty Saxon  b. 1881  d. 1965;  Wife of William Dawson Locke.
Locke, D. Lucius  b. 30-Aug. 1903  d. 28-Sep. 1904;
    Son of W. D. & Betty Locke.
Locke, Delbert A.  b. 19-May 1924  d. 13-Jun. 1944;  Son of Patty.
    PFC, WW II.  Killed in Action.
Locke, Delbert H.  b. 11-Oct. 1877  d. 14-Oct. 1885
    Son of John G. & Emaline Locke.
Locke, Emaline  b. 1-Jan. 1845 d. 3-Jan. 1915;  Wife of J. G.
Locke, Emmit B.  b.17-Apr. 1888  d. 4-Jan. 1960;  Husband of Mattie.
Locke, Emmit B.  b. 2-Dec. 1919  d. 12-Apr. 1968
    PFC, 127 FA Bn, 35  Inf  Div, WW II.
Locke, G. W.  (No Dates). No Marker.  Husband of M. E. & Gertie.
Locke, George Bernice  b.22-Nov. 1905  d. 19-Aug. 1906
    Son of  W. D. & Betty Locke. .
Locke, Gertie  b. 21-Aug. 1873  d. 16-Mar. 1900;  Wife of G. W. Locke.
Locke, H. C.  b. 28-Feb. 1870  d. 25-Dec. __;
    Child of Abner C. & Louizer Locke.
Locke, Infant  b. 1-Feb. 1891  d. 1-Feb. 1891;  Daughter of G. W. & Gertie Locke.
Locke, Infant  b. 11-Oct. 1895  d. 11-Oct. 1895; Daughter of G. W. & Gertie Locke.
Locke, Irene  b. 26-May 1905  d. 18-Dec. 1975
Locke, J. C.  b. 1917  d. 1923
Locke, J. G.  b. 26-Aug. 1843  d. 16-Sep. 1915
    2nd Corps, Hood's Brig, 1 Tx  Inf, CSA.
Locke, James Earl  b. 22-Dec. 1896  d. 24-Feb. 1922
Locke, John E. "Buddy"  b.26-Aug. 1907  d. 1-Jan. 1953
Locke, Jonnie  b. 30-Jan. 1913  d. 7-Mar. 1913; Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Locke.
Locke, Loice  b. 19-Dec. 1911  d. 4-Apr. 1912;  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Locke.
Locke, Lorraine Hedge  b. 18-Nov. 1919  d. 26-Jul. 1985;  Wife of Emmit.
Locke, Louizer Meadows Jones  b. 1844  d. 17-Nov. 1885
    Wife of John W. Jones & Abner C. Locke..
Locke, Lucius E.  b. 1-Jan. 1908  d. 5-Jan. 1910;  Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Locke.
Locke, Lucius E.  b. 1873   d. 1944;  Husband of Marjrie.
Locke, Marjrie   b. 27-Mar. 1877  d. 15-Apr. 1919
    Wife of L. E.   Daughter of J. A. McMillan.
Locke, Marvin  b. 29-Jul. 1895  d. 10-Jan. 1916
Locke, Mary E.  b. 21-Oct. 1862  d. 10-Dec. 1888;  Wife of G. W. Locke.
Locke, Mattie O.  b. 20-Aug. 1899  d. 17-Dec. 1970;  Wife of Emmit.
Locke, Mildred  b. 24-Apr. 1902  d. 14-Aug. 1902;  Daughter of W. D. & Betty Locke.
Locke, Mollie  b. 1871  d. 1904
Locke, Patty  b. 6-Apr. 1902  d. 6-Apr. 1969
Locke, Pearl Ann  b. 6-Oct. 1901  d. 13-Aug. 1903
Locke, Robert  b. 28-Jul. 1881  d. 1-Oct. 1902; Child of Abner & Louizer Locke.
Locke, Sim  b. 28-Sep. 1889  d. 20-Nov. 1918
    WW I. Died in France.
Locke, Vada Lee  b. 29-Jan. 1900  d. 3-Aug. 1902;  Daughter of W. D. & Betty Locke.
Locke, W. W.  b. 2-Feb. 1876  d. 5-Oct. 1880;  Child of Abner C. & Louizer Locke.
Locke, William Dawson  b. 1880  d. 1943;  Husband of Betty.
Locke, Zebia E.  b. 1-Dec. 1888  d. 22-Sep. 1904;  Daughter of G. W. & M. E. Locke.
Lockhart, Doretta  b. 4-Jul. 1879  d. 27-Jul. 1945;  Wife of Lee.
Lockhart, R. L. (Lee)  b. 22-Feb. 1896  d. 13-Apr. 1968
    Pvt, Co D, 141 Inf, 36 Div, WW I.
Loftin, Gussie  b. 1901  d. 20-Apr. 1961;  Wife of Lee.
Loftin, Lee  b. 1889  d. 1966;  Husband of Gussie.
Lott, Barnett  b. 7-Oct. 1870  d. 8-Mar. 1955
Lott, Junious F. "Spudge"  b. 25-Nov. 1902  d. 24-Nov. 1970
Love, Bernice Redden  b. 1-Jan. 1941  d. 17-May 1994
Lovett, Dovie Dale  b. 24-Mar. 1923  d. 21-Dec. 1988
Lovett. Jack Thomas  b. 26-Feb. 1932  d. 17-Aug. 1992
    SSgt, US Air Force, Korea.
Lovett, Oscar Limuel  b. 1-Sep. 1894  d. 15-Apr. 1966;  Husband of Zemmer.
Lovett, Zemmer Jane  b. 18-Jul. 1897  d. 15-Dec. 1990
    Wife of Oscar.  Wed November 14, 1914.
Lowe, Carolyn Sue  b. 28-Oct. 1945  d. 5-Jan. 1995;  Wife of Melvin.
Ludlan, Sarah E. C.  b. 1863  d. 1938
Lumpkins, Margaret Ann  b. 1849  d. 1912
Lynn, Ester Bell Stovall  b. 10-Oct. 1914  d. 8-Dec. 1996
MaGee, Infant b. 29-Jul.1898  d. 29-Jul.1898; Daughter of R. N. & Julie
MaGee, Julie Cheatham  b. 24-Feb.1883  d. 14-Aug.1951; Wife of  R. N.
MaGee, R. N.  b. 13-Apr.1850  d. 5-Jan.1912; Husband of Julie
MaGee, William E.  b. 14-Apr.1910  d. 16-Mar.1945
        1ST LT, 90 Cav. Recon SQ, 10 Army Div. WW II
Mahaffey, George W.  b. 22-Nov.1859  d. 7-Mar.1947: Husband of Nancy
Mahaffey, Nancy Rutha  b. 8-Jan.1863  d. 12-Aug.1940; Wife of George
Mallard, Evie K.  b. 12-Nov.1912  d. 9-Feb.1993; Wife of Johnnie
Mallard, Johnnie "Henry"  b. 25-Oct.1902  d. 23-May 1973; Husband of Evie
Manry, Floyd David  b. 23-May 1916  d. 21-Aug.1972
        LT(JG), US Navy WW II
Manry, Harold Berlon  b. 28-Mar.1912  d. 1-Apr.1977; Husband of Lillian;
        S1, US Navy WW II
Manry, Winifred Thompson  b. 1914  d.1984; Wife of Berlon Manry
Martin, William Fisher  Died:   3-Apr.1923
        BGLR, 56 Field  Arty. 19th  Div.
Massey, Lois Marie  b. 1913  d.1973
Mathers, Audrey L. (Saxon)  b. 31-May 1905  d. 21-Aug.1983; Wife of Larry
Mathers, Larry L.  b. 31-Jul.1905  d. 8-Nov.1958; Husband of Audrey
Matthews, Hardy Lee  b. 9-Oct.1919  d. 16-Nov.1981: Son of Bessie Howell
Matthews, Harland C.  b.1923  d.1932; Son of Bessie Howell
Matthews, Jacob  b. 20-Nov. 2001   d. 21-Apr. 2002;  Son of Oscar
Maxey, Aaron E.  b. 1879  d.1940; Husband of Averilla
Maxey, Allen Grady  b. 7-Jan.1910  d. 1-Sep.1973; Husband of Ouida
Maxey, Annie  b. 21-Sep.1883  d. 17-Aug.1950; Wife of  J. E.
Maxey, Arthur Lee   b. 25-Apr.1901  d. 9-Oct.1952; Husband of Georgia
Maxey, Averilla E.  b. 1875   d.1926; Wife of Aaron
Maxey, Daughter  Died:  Apr.1914; Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron E. Maxey
Maxey, Edith Barbara   b. 3-Sep.1910  d. 26-Dec.1950; Wife of Howard
Maxey, Edward  b. 25-Feb.1916  d. 12-Jul.1935
Maxey, Eunice Wilmer  b. 28-Mar.1910  d. 25-Jun.1954; Wife of John P.
Maxey, Fred R., Sr.  b. 1908  d. 1982; Husband of Wesley
Maxey, Georgia Fay  b. 4-Apr.1902  d. 23-Feb.1995; Wife of Arthur
Maxey, Hamilton S. "Jack"  b. 1907  d.1948
Maxey, Harrell B.   b. 4-Dec.1921  d. 4-Sep.1972; Wed May 29, 1948;
        Cpl. US Army WW II.
Maxey, Helon Y.  b.11-Oct.1914  d. 8-Jan.1995; Wife of Robert
Maxey, Horace Everett  b. 23-Dec.1911  d. 24-Aug.1972
        PFC US Army WW II
Maxey, Howard Brooks  b. 23-Sep.1905  d. 25-Jan.1971; Husband of Edith
Maxey, Infant Son    b. 1904  d. 1904; Son of William & Nancy
Maxey, Infant Son  b. 1905  d. 1905; Son of William & Nancy
Maxey, J. E.  b. 4-Apr.1883  d. 27-Jan.1942: Husband of Annie
Maxey, J. R.  b. 24-Jan.1873  d. 21-Mar.1920; Husband of Sarah
Maxey, Jack Douglas  b. 1-Feb. 1929   d. 27-Dec. 2002;  Husband of Ruby
Maxey, James M.   b. 3-Jan.1895  d. 15-Dec.1899
Maxey, James W.   b. 28-Jun.1859  d. 8-Jul.1931; Husband of Mollie R.
Maxey, Joe David, Sr.  b. 10-Mar.1918  d. 10-Oct.1969: Married Cecllia Kovar;
        Pvt. US Army WW II
Maxey, John  b. 7-May 1883  d. 21-Jan.1958; Husband of Eunice
Maxey, John Hunter   b. 1909  d. 9-Jan.1944
Maxey, Laura A.  b. 29-Apr.1890  d. 6-Jul.1890
Maxey, Little Daisy  b. 26-Feb.1918  d. 19-Jan.1919; Daughter of William & Nancy
Maxey, Lydi  Ann   b. 1-Jun.1851  d. 2-Sep.1926; Wife of Preston Brooks
Maxey, Milton R.  b.17-Nov.1927   d.1-Sep. 2002
Maxey, Mollie R.  b. 3-Mar.1866  d. 10-Apr.1907; Wife of James
Maxey, Morris Rayburn  b. 15-Apr.1913  d. 21-Dec.1913
Maxey, Nancy E.  b. 1880  d. 1980; Wife of William P.
Maxey, Nora Mae  b. 29-Dec.1903  d. 29-Sep.2000; Daughter of Aaron & Averilla
Maxey, Norrine  b. 25-Feb.1939   d. 7-Jan. 2003;  Daughter of Howard & Edith
Maxey, Ouida Frances  b. 13-Sep.1916  d. 11-Feb.1995; Wife of Allen
Maxey, Preston Brooks  b. 6-Jul.1830  d. 19-Mar.1916
        Pvt. Co. A Gould's Batt. 6 TX Cav. CSA
Maxey, Prudie M.  b. 6-Feb.1895  d. 31-Jan.1979; Wife of Harry; Wed Dec. 22, 1927
Maxey, Sam K.  b. 1902  d.1979; Husband of Verdie
Maxey, Sarah L.  b. 16-Aug.1877  d. 28-Apr.1958; Wife of J. R.
Maxey, Son  Died: 23-Apr.1935; Son of Harry & Prudie Maxey
Maxey, Son  Died: May 1916; Son of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron E. Maxey
Maxey, Stuart Arnold  b. 27-Jan.1914  d.  1-Dec.1945
        SSgt.  I57 Inf.
Maxey, "Treasure"  b. 13-July 1904  d. 13-July 1904
Maxey, Twins  b.17-Sep.1953  d.17-Sep.1953: Sons of John W. Maxey; No Marker
Maxey, Verdie  b. 1910  d. 1999; Wife of Sam
Maxey, W. Harry  b. 28-Sep.1900  d. 24-Apr.1979: Husband of Prudie
Maxey, W. Robert  b.19-Aug.1902  d. 12-Jun.1984; Husband of Helon;
        Wed June 29, 1935
Maxey, Walter W.  b. 6-Dec.1897  d. 23-Nov.1899
Maxey, William  P.  b. 1875  d. 1961: Husband of Nancy
Maxey, Willis T.  b. 25-Jul.1888  d. 3-Jul.1893
May, Francis L.  b. 9-Dec.1911  d. 24-Jan.1981; No Marker
May, James Dewey  b.12-Jun.1910  d. 16-Jun.1984; Husband of Zula;
        Wed Aug. 27, 1932
May, Zula Effie   b. 12-May.1914  d. 8-Mar.1986; Wife of James
McCarty, Jonnie Mae  b. 1-Apr.1924  d. 29-May.1924;
        Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. B. McCarty
McCarty, Minnie  b. 1883  d.1950; Wife of Reverend C. B. McCarty
McClintock, Harvey Harris  b. 23-Mar.1913   d. 20-Jan.1985; Husband of Patricia;
        PFC US Army WW II
McClintock, Patricia B.   b.15-Mar.1912  d. 4-Apr.1992; Wife of Harvey
McCluskey, Claudia  b. 4-Aug.1896  d. 24-Nov.1971
McCluskey, George T.  b. 8-Jul.1924  d. 21-Mar.1984;
        MSgt. US Air Force WW II & Korea
McCluskey, Jack  b. 8-Jan.1920  d. 24-Apr.1975
        Sgt. US Army
McCluskey, Luther D.  b. 27-Oct.1926  d. 20-Oct.1981
        SP2 US Army WW II
McCommon, Isabelle P.  b.1923   d.1983
McCommon, Rodgers F.  b. 31-Mar.1918  d. 13-Sep.1990
        Sgt. US Army WW II
McEwin, Poly  b. 14-Feb.1892  d. 2-Oct.1920
McGehee, Eugenia  b. 15-Jul.1876  d. 24-Feb.1951; Wife of Lucius
McGehee, Lucius M.  b. 5-Jul.1872  d.1-Dec.1951; Husband of Eugenia
McKim, A. J.   b. 10-Apr.1858  d.11-Nov.1933
McKim, Mamie  b. 24-Sep.1892  d. 6-Dec.1922
McKnight, Byron M.  b. 1900  d. 1968
McKnight, Meta L.  b. 1906  d. 1983
McMichael, Birdie, Mrs.  b. 10-Apr.1881  d. 27-May 1945; Wife of John
McMichael, Clewis O.  b.12-Sep.1918  d. 17-Jul.1990
McMichael, Crawley Ruth  b. 10-Mar.1921  d.12-Jun.1968
McMichael, Eva A.  b. 1896   d. 1998; Wife of Horace
McMichael, Horace D.  b. 1885  d.1961; Husband of Eva
McMichael, Ida Meta  b. 22-Aug.1909  d. 6-Aug.1986
McMicheal, John Wesley  b. 1867  d. 1932; Husaband of Birdie
McMichael, Juanita  b. 31-May 1901  d. 2-Dec.1914;
        Daughter of John W. & Birdie McMichael
McMichael, Lois A.  b. 7-Dec.1926  d. 26-Nov.1988; Wife of Preston
McMichael, Preston A.  b. 11-Aug.1913  d. 14-Oct.1998; Husband of Lois
McMichael, Preston Allan   b. 4-May 1938  d. 15-Jan.1967
McMillan, Claud C.  b. 10-Apr.1891  d. 27-May 1962; Husband of Ida Lee
McMillan, Ida Lee   b. 1893  d.1975; Wife of Claud
McMillan, J. A.   b. 1-Jul.1853  d. 2-May 1911; Husband of Nancy
McMillan, Nancy Louise  b. 29-Aug.1854  d. 25-Mar.1937; Wife of  J. A.
McMillan, R. P.  b. 8-Nov.1913  d. 17-Mar.1980; Father of Barbara K. Hecke
McMillan, Sharron Ann  b. 1947  d. 1947
McMurray, Jno. A.  b. 26-Sep.1878  d. 22-Mar.1942
Meazell, Herman Willis  b. 28-Mar.1911  d. 5-Dec.1970; No Marker
Meazell, John Arch  b. 22-Mar.1890  d. 21-Feb.1959; No Marker
Mellard, Edgar E.  b. 16-Feb.1919  d. 8-Jan.1974
Mellard, Ernest E.  b. 1893  d.1955: Husband of Martha
Mellard, Martha A.  b. 1895   d. 1973; Wife of Ernest
Melton, William J.   b. 1900  d. 22-Jan.1987
Melvion, Dora  b. 20-Jun.1885  d. 1-Sep.1908; Wife of J. M. Melvion
Mercer, Cora A.  b.1895  d.1981; Wife of John
Mercer, John R.  b.1886  d.1950; Husband of Cora
Mercer, Madie Audine  b. 30-Oct.1914  d. 30-Aug.1916; Daughter of John & Cora
Mericle, Bertha M.  b. 23-Jul.1909  d. 5-Sep.1996
Miller, E. Price  b. 5-Aug.1881  d. 17-Jan.1963; No Marker
Miller, Grandma  b. 17-Jan.1861  d.  23-Aug.1944; (Georgia A.); Mother of Price Miller
Mills, Sammie Van Buren  b. 29-Mar.1865  d.  3-Oct.1940
Minchew, James Albert  b. 22-Jul.1943  d. 18-Sep.1997; Husband of Jerri;
        SP4 US Army Vietnam
Mobley, Lizzie Mae Kelly   b. 25-Feb.1908  d. 13-Feb.1947
Moffett, Clinton W.   b.1908  d. 1965; Husband of Jarvis R.
Moffett, Jarvis R.  b. 1910  d. 1979; Wife of Clinton
Moffett, Mellie, Mrs.  b. 4-Feb.1870  d. 5-Sep.1926; Wife of Walter
Moffett, Walter Eugene  b. 2-Mar.1881  d. 21-Jan.1952; Husband of Mellie
Moody, Susie  b. 9-Feb. 1913    d. 30-Sep. 2002;  Mother of Mary Sue Stone Jones
Moore, Annie Irene  b. 11-Mar.1873  d. 5-Dec.1881; Daughter of  D. A. & S. L. Moore
Moore, D. A.  b. 18-Feb.1847  d. 27-Sep.1899: Husband of Sophie L. Moore
Moore, Estelle C. S.  b. 17-Jul.1918  d.  4-Sep.1996; Wife of Jessie
Moore, Jemmie R.   b. 20-Sep.1879  d. 20-Nov.1881: Daughter of  D. A. & S. L. Moore
Moore, Jessie D., Jr.  b.13-Oct.1913  d. 3-Jul.1984; Husband of Estelle;
        Pvt. US Army WW II
Moore, Lois Sturrock  b. 15-Dec.1929  d.  6-Aug.2000
Moore, Michael M.  b. 29-Aug.1947  d. 3-Nov.1995;
        Cpl. US Marine Corps Vietnam
Moore, Nettie D.  b. 9-Mar.1876  d. 29-May 1902; Daughter of  D. A. & S .L. Moore
Moore, Opal P.  b.16-Sep.1913  d. 5-Jul.1973; Wife of Vernon
Moore, Richard E., Jr.  "Ricky"   b. 26-Mar.1953   d. 15-Jan.1978;
        Son of Richard & Lois Moore
Moore, Sophie L.  b. 27-Apr.1846  d. 18-Dec.1917; Wife of  D. A. Moore
Moore, Stephen R.  b. 2-May 1954  d. 4-May 1954; Son of Richard & Lois Moore
Moore, Vernon E.  b. 28-Jul.1909  d. 31-Aug.1964; Husband of Opal
Morgan, Arnold G.  b. 21-Nov.1945  d. 25-Nov.1945
Morgan, Cecil  R.  b. 11-Sep.1916  d.14-Jun.1972; Husband of Dorothy
            PFC US Army WW II
Morgan, Ceclia M.  b. 23-Dec.1942  d. 24-Dec.1942
Morgan, Clementine  b. 1889  d. 25-Feb.1957: Wife of Henry A.; Age 67 Years
Morgan, Dicy Ann   b. 1851  d. 1928; Wife of Henry T.
Morgan, Donald Henry   Died: 18-Dec.1943; Baby
Morgan, Dorothy J. Watts   b. 25-Aug.1922  d.17-Jul.2000; Wife of Cecil
Morgan, Henry Arnold  b.1893  d. 1965; Husband of Clementine
Morgan, Henry T.  b.1849  d. 1931; Husband of Dicy
Morris, Georgia M.  b. 1895  d. 1980; Wife of Walter M.
Morris, Guy H.  b. 1891  d. 1917
Morris, Irene Kimbrough H.  b. 20-Feb.1865  d. 28-Sep.1894; (Hunsacker);
        Wife of  A. W. Morris
Morris, Sarah Burch  Died:  7-Apr.1967
Morris, Walter M.  b. 1885  d.1966; Husband of Georgia; Wed June 09, 1910
Morris, Wilma D.  b. 25-Apr.1924  d. 2-Oct.1975
Morrison, Barnie  b. 1904  d. 1994; Wife of Floyd
Morrison, Emma E.  b. 22-Oct.1910  d. 30-Mar.1996; Wife of Hugh
Morrison, Floyd R. b. 1902  d.1958; Husband of Barnie
Morrison, Hugh K.  b. 30-Jan.1910  d. 30-Apr.1966; Husband of Emma; Wed Jan. 21, 1935
Mullican, Baby  Died:  27-Jan.1948; No Marker
Mullican, H. W., Mrs.  b.16-Mar.1892  d. 25-Nov.1949; No Marker
Mullican, Harvey W.  b. 1877  d. 1946
Mullican, Lillian Lorain  b. 1923  d. 1924
Mullican, Syble E.  b. 5-Feb.1912  d. 18-Jul.1961
Mullins, Frank J.  b. 7-Apr.1921  d. 24-Jun.1984; Husband of Evelyn
Mullins, Fred A. "Buddy"  b. 1939  d.1997
Mullins, John Douglas  b. 4-Jun.1944  d. 13-Jan.1991;
        Sgt. US Air Force Vietnam
Mullins, Lonnie A.  b. 16-Oct.1905  d. 2-Aug.1956
Murphy, Alvin O.  b.16-Apr.1928  d. 5-May 2001; Husband of Martha Lynn
Murphy, Ellis P.  b. 9-Jun.1894  d. 4-Mar.1973; Husband of Kate
Murphy, Ethel  P.  b. 3-Feb.1922  d. 13-Dec.1982; Wife of Kenneth
Murphy, Kate L.  b. 12-Jul.1898  d. 10-Dec.1983; Wife of Ellis
Murphy, Kenneth S.  b. 27-Jul.1923  d. 6-Jan.1981; Husband of Ethel;
        AMM3, US Navy WW II
Murphy, Lila DeLuna  b. 22-July  1923    d. 14-June 2002
Myers, Donald E.  b.1911  d.1982; Husband of Doris
Myers, Doris F.  b. 1919  d. 1973; Wife of Donald
Myers, James B.  Died: 11-Oct.1887; Age 6 Mons.; Son of  J. M. & I. J.
Myers, Monroe  Died: 14-Jun.1886; Age 16 Mos & 20 Days; Son of J. M. & I. J.
Nash, Coleta  b. 1909  d. 1994; Wife of Ottis
Nash, Ottis   b. 1902   d.1970; Husband of Coleta
Nava, Dora Elia Gonzalez  b. 9-Apr.1969   d. 26-Feb. 2004; Wife of Rogelio
Nelson, Frank  b. 17-Nov.1879  d. 30-Jan.1952; Husband of Mary
Nelson, Katharine Jackson  b. 1914  d. 1958
Nelson, Mary R.  b. 1890  d.____; Wife of Frank
Nelson, Minnie M.  b. 26-Oct.1865  d. 7-Jul.1899
Nevarez, Fermin  b. 24-Dec.1988   d. 12-Mar. 2003;  Son of Socorro Perez
Newman, Vernon F.  b. 17-Feb.1914  d. 21-Apr.1997; Husband of Gordie Pickle
Nixon, Alvin Glenn  b. 16-Apr.1937  d. 20-Aug.2001
Nixon, Arthur  b.13-Apr.1894  d. 12-Sep.1964; Husband of Frankie
        Pvt. CO I, 64 Inf.  WW I
Nixon, Bernis Calvin  b. 2-Apr.1920  d. 14-May 1993; Husband of Ruby
        SSgt. US Army WW II
Nixon, Frankie  b. 1898  d. 1976; Wife of Arthur; Wed July 1919
Nixon, James Edward (Bo)  b.19-Feb.1933  d. 18-Dec.1986
        A1C, US Air Force
Nixon, Ruby Johnson  b. 28-Feb.1919  d. 8-Oct.1978; Wife of Bernis & Thurman Johnson
Norbury, Edward T.  Died:  9-Oct.1884; Age 35 Years
Norman, Aaron M.  b. 24-Sep.1873  d. 15-Jul.1941; Husband of Sarah
Norman, Aaron M. Jr.  b. 4-Jan.1925  d. 25-Dec.1944
        CO I, 126 Inf. 32 Div.
Norman, Annie  b. 1-Sep.1904  d. 11-Feb.1952; Wife of Bill
Norman, Baby  Died: 6-Aug.1922
Norman, Bill  b. 25-Jun.1901  d. 22-Nov.1957; Husband of Annie
Norman, Elizabeth  b. 5-Jul.1908  d. 4-Apr.1989; Wife of Reverend R. E.
Norman, Mary Ann  b. 14-Oct.1864  d.15-Apr.1951; No Marker
Norman, R. E., Rev.  b. 24-Sep.1909  d. 6-Jul.1988; Husband of Elizabeth; Reverend
Norman, Sam A. (Shorty)  b. 27-Dec.1916  d. 27-Jun.1965; Husband of Vivian
Norman, Sarah A.  b.12-Oct.1882  d.12-Mar.1964; Wife of Aaron M., Sr.
Norman, Vivian L.  b. 2-Feb.1920  d. 10-Dec.1996; Wife of Sam;
        Children: Thelma, Billy, David
Norsworthy, Rhoda Mae  b.16-Feb.1912  d.13-Feb.2001
Norwood, Hazel  b.1910  d.1963
Nowak, Virginia S.  b. 16-May 1938   d. 2-Jan. 2002;  Wife of Philip; Wed April 23, 1960
Nowlin, O. C. "Carroll"  b. 24-Sep.1912   d. 19-Mar. 2004;  Husband of Doris Swann
Nowlin, Pearl Swann   b. 9-Dec.1913  d. 5-Jun.1980; Wife of O. C.
Oliver, Mary A.  b.10-Oct.1858  d.12-Sep.1893
O'Pry, Willie J.  Died: 6-Nov.1891; Age 23; Killey by Engine # 125
Owens,  D. W.  b. 23-Jan.1920  d. 20-Jul.1939
Owens, David Wayne  b. 22-Sep.1976  d. 23-Sep.1976: Son of William & Melba Owens
Owens, Dock  b. 24-Feb.1891  d.5-Dec.1925
Owens, Ettie  b. 30-Apr.1888  d. 3-Mar.1966; Wife of Ira
Owens, Ira  b. 26-Aug.1877  d.16-Jan.1958; Husband of Ettie
Owens, William Gilbert   b. 14-Apr.1910  d. 19-Sep.1949;
        PFC 1826 SVC Comd. Unit WW II
Parish, Musie  b. 1895  d. 1984; Wife of Zaner
Parish, Zaner  b. 1888  d. 1958; Wife of Musie
Parrish, Addie L.  b. 6-Jun.1902  d. 8-Nov.1982; Wife of Wesley
Parrish, Bunyan Orvel  b. 26-Oct. 1920   d. 1-Sep. 2003;  Husband of Noviree Parrish
Parrish, Hall James  b. 27-Jan.1906  d. 1-Dec.1970
Parrish, Noviree  b. 3-Feb. 1920   d. 27-Nov. 2003;  Wife of Bunyan Orvel Parrish
Parrish, Wesley Otto  b. 5-Oct.1888  d. 1-Jun.1978; Husband of Addie
        Pvt. US Army  WW I
Pate, Delma Dee  b. 17-Sep.1923  d.  6-Feb.1985
Pate, Harold Edwin "Sambo"  b. 9-Jul.1918  d.17-Oct.1981; Wed Oct. 9, 1941.
        Cpl. US Army WW II
Pate, Robert E.  b.  27-Apr.1920  d. 15-Sep.1994
        PFC US Army WW II
Patrick, Catherine  b. 23-Dec.1915  d. 18-Aug.1999; Wife of Joe
Patrick, Joe R.  b. 15-Jul.1910  d.15-Aug.1971; Husband of Catherine
Patterson, Carl L.  b. 1915  d. 1981
Pearson, Park  b. 14-Aug.1866  d. 22-Jan.1901
Peavy, Mattie  b. 27-Nov.1889  d.11-Jun.1975; Wife of William
Peavy, William Burke  b.1878  d. 1939; Husband of Mattie
Pecina, Jose I.  b. 4-July 1973   d. 25-Feb. 2002
Peden, Annie Mae  b. 1933  d. 1978
Peden, Florence  Rowena  b. 21-Feb.1930  d. 22-Mar.2001; Metal Marker
Peden, Jefferson  Dallas  b. 7-May 1958  d. 7-May 1958
Peden, John Barkclay  b. 2-June 1956   d. 24-Dec. 2003
Peoples, Lola Frances  b.1893   d. 1949
Perkins, Artie Small   b. 6-Mar.1892  d. 25-Dec.1974
Perkins, Daniel H.  b. 13-Dec.1847  d. 21-Nov.1924: Husband of Elizabeth
Perkins, Edward M.  b. 21-Sep.1896  d. 21-Jun.1959
        PVT, 29 Co. 165 Depot Bridgade WW I
Perkins, Elizabeth M.  b. 17-May 1854  d. 13-Feb.1914; Wife of Daniel
Perkins, Nora  b. 11-Aug.1888  d. 26-Mar.1952
Perry, Elmer W.   b.12-May 1926  d. 9-Sep.1989
        TEC5  US Army WW II
Perry, Vivier Ellen  b. 5-Apr.1898  d. 9-Jan.1954; Wife of William
Perry, Wallace Allen  b. 21-Feb.1928  d. 4-Feb.1982
        Rct. US Army WW II.
Perry, William C., Sr. "Billy"  b. 12-Jun.1919  d. 27-Apr.1994; Husband of Ruby;
        Pvt. US Army WW II
Perry, William Joseph  b.16-Apr.1893  d.1-July.1961; Husband of Viver Ellen
Peters, Thomas Carlton  b. 22-Oct.1894  d.  23-Dec.1905; Son of  I. W. & M. J. Peters
Petty, Bessie A.  b.18-May 1904  d. 4-July.1999; Wife of Samuel; Wed Feb. 13, 1924
Petty, Samuel  L.  b.13-Oct.1900  d. 3-July 2002; Husband of Bessie
Petty, Thomas Ellis  b. 12-Sep.1910  d. 5-July1988
        Cpl. US Army WW II & Korea
Phillips, Benjamin  Died: 14 Dec.1901; Husband of Martha
        Pvt. 10 KY Inf.
Phillips, Earl B.  b. 13-Nov.1922  d.14-Apr.2000
Phillips, Edna Aline Gregson  b. 20-Mar.1910  d. 26-Jun.1980; Wife of Otto
Phillips, Jacob L.  b. 6-Sep.1880  d. 1-Dec.1966
Phillips, Johnny Lawrence  b. 6-Jul.1971  d.17-Jul.1987
Phillips, Julia  b. 5-Sep.1893  d. 23-Feb.1970
Phillips, Lawrence Albert  b. 22-Feb.1939  d. 6-Nov.1995
Phillips, Lawrence Alvin  b. 11-Aug.1913  d.  27-Dec.1980
Phillips, Martha Jane  b. 23-May 1858  d. 25-Sep.1923; Wife of Benjamin
Phillips, Otto Koskey  b. 23-Jan.1907  d. 10-Jul.1976; "Barney"; Husband of Edna
Phillips, Rita Sue  b. 16-May 1942  d. 14-Aug. 1992; Wife of Donnie Phillips
Pickel-Newman, Gordie  b.1-Apr.1915  d. 19-Apr.2000;
        Wife of Leo Pickel & Vernon Newman
Pickel, Clark D.  b. 12-Jan.1900  d. 5-Mar.1977; Husband of Lena
Pickel, Earl L.  b. 28-Nov.1902  d. 8-Jun.1947; Husband of Mary
Pickel, Etheline  {No Dates} Daughter of  J. H. & F. E. Pickle
Pickel, Florence E.  b. 14-Apr.1876  d. 5-Aug.1917; Wife of Joel H.
Pickel, Herman  b. 13-Apr.1904  d. 13-Apr.1974; Husband of Nora;
        SC3, US Navy
Pickel, Infant Son  {No Dates}  Son of  J. H. & F. E. Pickle
Pickel, Infant Son  {No Dates}  Son of  J. H. & F. E. Pickle
Pickel, Infant Son  {No Dates}  Son of  J. H. & J. J. Pickle
Pickel, Infant Son  {No Dates}  Son of  J. H. & J. J. Pickle
Pickel, Jennett J.  b. 18-Nov.1862  d. 22-Jan.1895; Wife of Joel H.
Pickel, Joe Bailey  b. 1-May 1906  d. 29-Sep.1948
Pickel, Joel H.  b. 6-Feb.1860  d. 10-Jul.1917; Husband of Jennett & Florence
Pickel, Lena E.  b. 24-Aug.1912  d. 30-Dec.1995; Wife of Clark
Pickel, Leo  b. 26-Apr.1892  d. 31-Oct.1975; Husband of Gordie;
        Pvt. US Army WW I
Pickle, Mary B.  b. 21-Apr.1912   d. 15-Feb. 2002; Wife of Earl
Pickel, Nora Aletta  b.17-Feb.1904  d. 24-May 1999; Wife of Herman
Pierce, T. J.  b. 6-Oct.1849  d. 8-Jul.1915
Placker,  Beatrice  b. 26-Jun.1892  d. 9-May 1974; Wife of L. H.
Placker, L. H.  b. 20-Aug.1888  d. 27-Dec.1956; Husband of Beatrice
Pope, Ada Bell  b. 8-Sep.1912  d. 24-Nov.1981: Wife of Henry Z.
Pope, Benjamine F. (Bubba)  b.  3-Aug.1942  d. 18-Mar.1981; Wed Mar. 04, 1965
        SN, US Navy Vietnam
Pope, Benjamine M.  b. 10-May 1914  d. 5-Jun.1993
Pope, Henry D.  b. 17-Feb.1859  d. 4-Dec.1940
Pope, Henry Z.  b. 21-Nov.1907  d. 7-Aug.1990; Husband of Ada; Wed Mar. 7, 1936
Pope, James A.  Died: 26-Jul.1968; Infant
Pope, Mary Jane  b. 13-Dec.1884;  d. 16-Oct.1957
Pope, Mollie Ann  Died: 15-Oct.1943; Infant Daughter of Ben & Mollie Pope
Potts, Baby   Died: 1907 ; Son of  W. T. & Olive Potts
Potts, Donna  b. 26-Jun.1908  d. 1-Dec.1984; Wife of Joe Potts
Potts, Dorothy Edna  Died: 1924 ; Daughter of  W. T. & Olive Potts
Potts, Guy  b. 1-Apr.1876  d. 9-Apr.1964
Potts, J. H.  b. 31-Jan.1850  d.17-Apr.1924; Husband of Marilla
Potts, James William  b.31-Dec.1920  d. 15-Oct.1979; Husband of Willie
Potts, John Angell  b. 21-Mar.1916  d. 22-Dec.1947; Son of  W. T. & Olive Potts
Potts, Lee Roy  Died: 1899; Son of   W. T. & Olive Potts
Potts, Marilla  b.30-Jan.1859  d. 5-Jun.1916; Wife of  J. H.
Potts, Olive Angell  b.13-Dec.1880  d. 9-Apr.1941; Wife of William
Potts, Pamela Sue   Died: 13-Nov.1960; Daughter of James & Willie Anice
Potts, William Thomas  b.15-Nov.1872  d. 24-Sep.1966; Husband of Olive
Potts, Willie Anice  b.11-Dec.1924  d. 24-Jan.1968; Wife of James
Powell, John Burton, Jr.  b. 9-Feb.1927  d. 11-Mar.1990; Husband of Joy;
        SK3, US Navy WW II
Pridgen, Allen A.  b.19-Sep.1913  d. 24-Sep.1993; Husband of Ruth;
        SSgt US Army WW II
Pridgen, Henry R.  b.19-Sep.1926  d. 21-May 1990; Husband of Mildred
        WW II.
Pridgen, Mildred B.  b. 31-Jul.1919  d. 7-Jan.1981; Wife of Henry
Pridgen, Robert E.  b. 23-Feb.1911  d. 28-May 1995
        PFC, US Army WW II
Pridgen, Ruth Baker  b.18-Jun.1912  d. 25-Apr.1985; Wife of Allen
Pullen, Addie  b. 25-Dec.1889  d. 10-Mar.1941; Wife of  J. R. Pullen
Pullen, Emma Benefield  b. 2-Feb.1870  d. 1-Feb.1950; Wife of Dr. W.G. Pullen
Pullen, James Homer  b. 31-Mar.1892  d. 29-Nov.1940: Son of Dr.& Mrs. W. G. Pullen
Pullen, Lillian Rachel  b. 4-Apr.1923  d. 4-Dec.1925
Pullen, Marie Lazalier  b. 13-Jul.1909  d. 20-Nov.1986; Wife of William Sr; Mother of Mary
Pullen, Robert George  b. 9-Jan.1900  d. 16-Jul.1949
Pullen, Sybil  Inez  b. 5-Apr.1906  d. 28-Jul.1944
Pullen, William G., Sr.  b.17-Nov.1914  d. 25-Dec.1998; Husband of Marie
        US Army WW II
Pullen, William George, Dr.  b.1-Apr.1868  d. 25-Aug.1943; Husband of Emma B.;
        Medical Doctor
Pullen, William Jesse  b. 1895  d. 1963
Pullen, Zelma N.  b. 5-Jul.1895  d. 23-Dec.1995
Pullin, Nathan Elmer  b.10-May 1935  d. 31-Jul.1990;
        SN, US Navy Korea
Pullin, Wilhelmina  b.1927  d.1994; Metal Marker
Puntch, Carl Lynn  b.1932  d.1944; Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Puntch
Puntch, Catherine  b. 6-Dec.1934  d. 26-May 1975; Wife of John R.
Puntch, John H.  b. 27-Dec.1893  d. 24-Aug.1974
        Cpl US Army
Puntch, John R.  b.13-Mar.1926  d.12-Jan.2001; Husband of Catherine
Puntch, Lois  b. 1-Jan. 1907  d. 3-Nov. 2002;  Wife of John
Purvis, Charlene A.  b. 7-Jul.1935  d. 2-Mar.1992
Purvis, Hooker N.  b.1882  d.1948; Husband of Ida
Purvis, Ida L. Selman  b. 1892  d.1981; Wife of Hooker
Purvis, Jim  b. 3-Apr.1890  d.16-Aug.1927
Purvis, Vera Mae, Mrs.  b. 25-May.1903  d. 30-Apr.1945
Quarles, Jack T.  b. 16-Jan.1914  d. 28-Sep.1968
Ragsdale, Billie Jean  b. 23-Oct.1929  d. 22-Feb.1990
Raines, Belva A. "Big Mama"  b. 1912  d.1991
Raines, Delmer L.  b. 1954  d. 1990
Raines, Delmer Lee  b. 14-Mar.1923  d. 5-Dec.1998
        Pvt. US Army
Rasberry, Herman  Crone  b. 22-Jan.1903  d. 27-Jan.1968
Rasberry, Rosa Hendry  b. 9-Jan.1871  d. 24-Mar.1969; Wife of W. G.
Rasberry, W. G.  b. 5-Aug.1871  d. 24-Jan.1943; Husband of Rosa
Rasberry, William Burl  b. 27-Oct.1913  d. 29-Apr.1942
Ratley, Debora Ann  b. 28-May 1955  d. 3-Jun.1955; Baby
Ratley, Otis  b. 1-Feb.1928  d. 22-Jun.1986; Husband of Ardell
Rayburn, Myrtle Ethel  b.19-Aug.1902  d. 1-Nov.1983
Read, Annie  b. 29-Jun.1893  d. 6-Oct.1975; Wife of Marion
Read, Coy   b. 1918  d. 1977
        CM3  US Navy WW II.
Read, Francis Florance  b. 6-Dec.1881  d. 1-Apr.1936
Read, Grace Truman  b. 14-Apr.1911  d. 3-Oct.1915; Daughter of A. F. & Ethel E. Read
Read, Jimmie  b. 11-Aug.1891  d. 25-Aug.1906; Son of S. M. & M. M. Read
Read, Lawrence L.  b. 2-Jul.1944  d. 2-Oct.1949
Read, Marion  b. 17-Aug.1888  d. 3-Apr.1958; Husband of Annie
Read, Mattie E.  b. 20-Jun.1849  d. 15-Sep,1921
Read, Mollie M.  b. 8-Aug.1872  d.________; Wife of Samuel
Read, Percy F.  b. 1-Aug.1891  d. 3-Jan.1947
        PFC, 111 Engineers 36 Div. WW I
Read, Sammie  b. 21-Sep.1893  d. 3-Aug.1907; Son of Samuel & Mollie
Read, Samuel M.  b. 14-Dec.1867  d. 7-Nov.1945; Husband of Mollie
Read, Wilma  A.  b. 13-Aug.1924  d. 18-Aug.1997
Redd, Chester Collis  b. 5-Dec.1914  d.1-Aug.1974
Redd, Chester H.  b. 4-Aug.1888  d.18-Nov.1978; Husband of Jodie
Redd, Edward Thomas  b. 30-Mar.1898  d.1-Mar.1975
Redd, Jodie B.  b.10-Feb.1899  d. 6-Aug.1978; Wife of Chester
Redd, Sarah E.  b. 14-Jan.1863  d. 12-Oct.1953
Redden, Hilton Milton   b. 8-Dec. 1917   d. 13-Feb. 2002;  Husband of Johnnie L.;
        "Wed 63 years"
Redden, Jerry  b. 12-Jun.1950  d.18-Apr.1994;
        SP4, US Army  Vietnam - Purple Heart
Reed, David S.  b. 29-Aug. 1921   d. 14-June 2003;  Husband of Dora Reed
        US Army WW II
Reily, Gordon Clinton  b. 26-Jan.1904  d. 27-Feb.1977; Husband of Julia
Reily, Julia Belle (Holly)  b.12-Apr.1909  d. 29-Nov.1994; Wife of Gordon
Reily, Michael Gordon, Sr.  b.15-Dec.1929  d. 21-Feb.1990;"Mickey"; Husband of Jean
Reily, Rayford Holley "Ray"  b. 22-Sep. 1934   d.19-Nov. 2001; Son of Gordon & Julia
Reily, Stephen Ray  b. 8-Oct.1957  d.10-Jun.1993
Reinhardt, Julius  b. 12-Jul.1892  d. 4-Jan.1966; Husband of Kittie
Reinhardt, Kittie  b. 4-Dec.1898  d. 15-Sep.1992; Wife of Julius
Reynolds, Nannie  b. 6-Jan.1875  d. 22-Mar.1961
Rice-Stricklin, Vida R.  b. 11-May 1898  d. 24-Dec.1994; Wife of Jesse Rice
Rice, Jesse E.  b. 17-Sep.1883  d.12-Mar.1971; Husband of Vida
Richardson, Daddy Crit  b. 21-Jan.1896  d. 15-Mar.1982; Husband of Letha
Richardson,  J. O.  d. 21-Feb.1922  d. 7-May 1946;
        PFC, ORD Dept.
Richardson, Mama Letha  b. 15-Nov.1897  d. 1-Aug.1986; Wife of Crit
Riddley, Gwendolia  b. 1943  d. 1991
Riddley, J. H.  b. 18-Aug.1949  d. 27-Oct.1951
Riddley, Mildred  b. 13-Feb.1918  d. 28-Feb.2000; Wife of William
Riddley, Sammy  b.15-July 1947  d. 24-Oct. 2001
Riddley, William C.  b. 6-Sep.1905  d. 8-Aug.1979; Husband of Mildred
Riley, Harold Edgar  b. 1943   d. 1995; Metal Marker
Riley, Mildred Nadine  b. 15-Jul.1955  d. 29-Jul.1979
Risenhoover, Ella Mae  b. 10-Sep.1936  d. 9-Oct.1987
Rittiman, George A.  b. 7-Mar.1915  d. 31-Oct.1983; Husband of Margarette
Rittiman, Margarette  b. 23-Dec.1918   d. 19-Jan. 2002;  Wife of George; Wed Sept. 3, 1938
Roberson, Alyne Kelley  b. 9-Mar.1904  d.  24-Dec.1938
Roberson, Joseph Alvin  b. 30-Aug.1902  d. 29-Aug.1983
Roberts, William D.  b. 19-Jan.1910  d. 10-Apr.1942; No Marker
Rodgers, Winston  b. 18-Sep.1900  d. 18-Jan.1904; Son of  R.C. & Alice Rodgers
Rosenfield, Rachel  b. 27-May 1950   d. 27-Jan. 2004
Ross, Fredie  b. 27-Aug.1886  d. 14-Feb.1900; Son of A. L. & M. J. Ross
Ross, Genita Gale  b. 9-Mar.1951  d. 12-Mar.1951
Ross, Joe H.  b. 13-Jul.1904  d. 25-Oct.1961
Ross, Mary  b. 11-Oct.1916  d. 7-May 1970
Ross, T. L.  b.  2-May 1912  d. 31-Jan.1987; Husband of Veda
Ross, Veda  b. 19-Jul.1918  d. 9-Nov.1952; Wife of  T. L. Ross
Rothe, Aline  b. 1908  d. 1994; Wife of  R. L.
Rothe, R. L. b. 1905  d. 1981; Husband of Aline
Runge, Jack E.  b. 21-Dec.1931  d. 3-Sep.2001; "In Loving Memory"
Runnels, Arthur  b. 1893  d. 1973; Husband of Sarah
Runnels, George E., Rev.  b. 1855  d. 1899; Husband of Joanna, Reverend
Runnels, Joanna J.  b. 1871   d. 1972; Wife of Reverend George
Runnels, Mae Louise  b. 1-Nov.1901  d. 8-Jan.1973; Wife of William
Runnels, Sarah  E.  b. 1891  d.1931; Wife of Arthur
Runnels, William E.  b. 26-Dec.1894   d. 7-Feb.1975; Husband of Mae
Russell, Minnie Martha  b. 25-Jan.1932  d. 22-Sep.2001; Wife of Simon Russell
Sage, Evelyn Sue  b. 13-Aug.1931  d. 22-Aug.2001; Wife of Fred Jr.
Sage, Fred E., Sr.  b. 15-Feb.1897  d. 5-Apr.1977; Husband of Siddie
Sage, Lula Kate  b. 14-May 1930  d. 22-Dec.1998; Wife of Billy J.
Sage, Siddie  E.  b. 24-Jul.1900  d. 27-Feb.1996; Wife of Fred Sr.
Sanchez, Samuel  b.  27-Aug.1956  d. 6-Dec.1986
Sanders, Beatrice  b. 18-Mar.1904  d. 7-Jan.1974: Wife of Clarence
Sanders, Clarence  b. 22-Jun.1902  d.25-Jun.1969: Husband of Beatrice
Sanford, Robert J.  b. 28-Dec.1926  d.17-Feb.1988; Husband of Margie;
        PFC US Army WW II
Sanford, Vinnie L.  b. 12-Dec.1922  d. 8-May 1988; Husband of Tracy; Wed Aug. 7, 1948
Santoyo, Inocensio   b. 1950  d. 1982
Saxon, Clayton P. "Buck"  b. 10-Jan.1910  d. 22-Jun.1969;
        PFC 877 ABN Engineers, WW II
Saxon, Cynthia Loraine  b.1884  d.1976
Saxon, Darl  b. 27-Jun.1913  d. 22-Aug.1913; Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Saxon
Saxon, Delbert B. "Buddy"  b. 27-Apr.1923  d.13-Feb.1994;
        Sgt. US Army Air Corps, WW II
Saxon, Infant  Died: 21-Apr.1959; Daughter
Saxon, James M.  b. 26-Nov.1878  d.15-Sep.1966; Husband of Myra
Saxon, John H., Sr.  b. 27-Oct.1902  d. 5-Nov.1978; Husband of Minnie
Saxon, Mary Ann  b.1852  d.1926
Saxon, Maude L.  b.1889   d.1970; Wife of William
Saxon, Minnie M. "Bill"  b.18-Sep.1907  d. 2-Sep.1977; Wife of John H., Sr.
Saxon, Myra B.  b. 30-Jun.1882  d. 25-Apr.1956; Wife of James
Saxon, R. D.  b. 1881  d. 1926
Saxon, Tommie  b. 14-Mar.1918  d.15-Dec.1999
Saxon, W. B. "Bill"  b. 28-Nov.1916  d. 5-Apr.1983
Saxon, William D.  b. 1884  d-1968; Husband of Maude
Schaeffer, Byela E.  b. 29-Aug.1892  d. 2-Oct.1980; Wife of Edgar
Schaeffer, Edgar, Sr.  b. 14-Sep.1893  d.31-Aug.1973; Husband of Byela;
        Pvt. US Army
Schaeffer, Louis  b. 29-Nov.1891  d. 22-Jul.1956
Schoenemann, Ellen  b. 14-Jan.1877   d. 8-May 1964; Wife of Otto; Wed Aug. 22, 1899
Schoenemann, Fay  b. 16-Dec.1915  d.3-Feb.1933
Schoenemann, Otto L.  b. 12-Apr.1878  d. 19-Jul.1964; Husband of Ellen
Scott, Floyd  b. 17-Nov.1941  d.17-Nov.1941; No Marker
Scott, Lloyd  b. 17-Nov.1941  d.17-Nov.1941; No Marker
Scott, Wesley, Sr.  b. 29-Jun.1918  d.24-Apr.1967; Husband of Lorine
Seigers, Huey  b. 28-Mar.1929  d. 29-Dec.1969; Metal Marker
Sharp, Dorris Mae Bergman  b. 14-Sep.1920  d. 1-Feb.1990
Sheddan, Edwin Bernice  b. 27-Nov.1906  d. 24-Mar.1992; Husband of Lois
Sheddan, Lois Wright   b. 4-May 1913  d. 1-Oct.1998; Wife of Edwin
Shelton, Charlotte Virginia H.  b. 20-Dec.1925  d.18-Feb.1993; (Hawkins); Wife of Byron
Shelton, Louise L.  b. 3-Feb.1890  d. 3-Jun.1975
Shely, Gene Darrel  b. 5-Jun.1933  d. 9-Jan.1947
Shepherd, Jim L.  b. 1889  d. 1970; Husband of Willie
Shepherd, William Estell  b. 21-Sep.1920  d. 9-Apr.1985; "Shep"
        TEC5, US Army  WW II
Shepherd, Willie M.  b. 1894  d.1973; Wife of Jim
Sherman, Alice A.  b. 21-Feb.1902  d. 31-Oct.1966; Wife of Claud
Sherman, Claud J.  b. 16-Feb.1894  d. 4-Mar.1967; Husband of Alice
Sherman, D.  b. 25-Dec.1853  d. 5-Feb.1927
Sherman, Edwin  b. 5-Aug.1910  d. 26-Mar.1990
Sherman, Elnor Jean  b. 28-May 1928  d.16-Jul.1928; Twin to Velma Dean
Sherman, Gayle  b.12-Jul.1915  d.14-Dec.1995
Sherman, Lillie Sims  b. 8-Jan.1885  d. 9-Aug.1968; Wife of Paul
Sherman, Mary Ann  b. 1885  d. 1971; Wife of Sidney;
        Children: Edwin, Gayle, Jake, Sherman, Paul
Sherman, Paul  b. 24-Dec.1882  d. 6-Mar.1963; Husband of Lillie
Sherman, Sidney E.  b. 1888  d. 1981; Husband of Mary Ann
Sherman, Velma Dean  b. 28-May 1928  d. 9-May 1929; Twin to Elnor Jean
Shirley, T. J.  b. 12-May 1930  d. 24-Jan.1987; Husband of Earline
Shirley, Wanda Sue  b. 30-Jul.1954  d. 31-Jul.1954
Short, Cleveland, Jr.  b. 1928  d. 1994; Husband of Mildred
Short, Mildred  b. 1929  d. 23-Aug.1987; Wife of Cleveland
Shumaker, Sister Senora  b. 10-Apr.1849  d.20-Feb.1921
Siegle, Loyce  b. 3-July 1924   d. 8-May 2004;  Wife of Sam
Siegel, Samuel  H.  b. 12-Feb.1918  d.12-Apr.1986: Husband of Loyce;
        Cpl. US Army WW II
Sims, Annie M. Shavan  b. 1888  d. 7-Nov.1954; No Marker
Sims, Cecil  b. 30-Jul.1912  d. 21-Oct.1977; No Marker
Sims, James L. "Jim"  b. 1-Jun.1883  d. 31-Jan.1956; No Marker
Sims, Willie L.  b.17-May 1923  d. 30-Mar.1988
        Pvt. US Army Air Corps WW II
Singletary, Arthur (A. F.)  b.13-Apr.1889  d.1-Jun.1971; Husband of Mary
Singletary, Arthur Ray  b. 5-Mar.1927 d.8-Jul.1989
Singletary, Mary Etta  b. 20-Aug.1896  d. 14-Sep.1986: Wife of Arthur
Sirman, Joe Pinkney  b. 28-Sep.1914  d. 26-Jan.1978; Husband of Marie
Sirman, John   b. 9-Aug.1879  d.18-Oct.1957; Husband of Kittie
Sirman, Kittie  b. 16-Jul.1881  d. 29-Jun.1955; Wife of John
Sirman, Marie  b. 20-Nov.1919  d. 30-May 2000; Wife of J. P.
Sirman, Myrtis  b. 7-Jan.1911  d. 26-Apr.1965; Husband of Roberta
Sirman, Roberta Edens  b. 1-Jul.1912  d. 3-Oct.1999; Wife of Myrtis
Sisk, Landon A.  b. 30-Nov.1894  d. 28-Dec.1958; Husband of Mattie
        PFC US Army WW I
Sisk, Mattie  b. 11-Aug.1894  d. 21-Apr.1961; Wife of Landon
Skains, Clementine, Mrs.  b. 27-Jul.1870 d.14-Apr.1951
Skains, F. P.  b.29-Aug.1859  d.15-Jul.1940
Skains, Mary Jo   b. 4-Jul.1913  d.11-Jan.1990
Skinner, Albert L.  b. 5-Mar.1904  d. 27-Jun.1907; Son of W.A. & Nettie Skinner
Skinner, Bernard  b. 5-May 1910  d.1-Jan.1979;
        US Army WW II
Skinner, Bertie G.  b. 1892  d. 1965; Wife of Ernest; Wed Oct. 11, 1910
Skinner, Billy {No Dates}; First burial in cemetery
Skinner, Cassie  b. 4-Jul.1851  d. 8-Jan.1918; Wife of James
Skinner, Crosby  b. 20-Jul.1891  d. 25-Sep.1930
Skinner, Daisy B.  b. 28-Nov.1911  d.11-Feb.1990; Wife of Grady; Wed Nov.16, 1935
Skinner, Dick  b. 4-Jul.1916  d. 21-Sep.1989; Husband of Dorothy
Skinner, Dorothy  b. 25-Aug.1926  d. 21-Apr.1985; Wife of Dick
Skinner, Elias  b. 15-Aug.1855  d. 26-Apr.1892
Skinner, Ernest L.   b. 1891  d. 1959; Husband of Bertie
Skinner, George Edger  b. 1885  d. 1959; Husbnad of Texaner
Skinner, Georgia A.  b. 12-Apr.1887  d. 13-Aug.1970; Wife of James
Skinner, Grady L.  b. 2-Oct.1907  d. 1-Feb.1994;  Husband of Daisy
Skinner, Infant Son   Died: 25-Mar.1890; Son of James & Cassie
Skinner, Infant Son   Died: 25-Mar.1890; Son of James & Cassie
Skinner, Isiah  b. 1853  d. 1931; Husband of Julia
Skinner, J. E.  b. 6-Dec.1877  d. 6-Dec.1882
Skinner, James  b. 5-Nov.1859  d. 18-Feb.1936; Husband of Cassie
Skinner, James Monroe  b.19-Sep.1880  d.10-Apr.1957; Husband of Georgia
Skinner, Jesse  b. 22-Sep.1856  d.10-Mar.1914; Husband of Martha
Skinner, Julia  b. 1851  d. 1909: Wife of Isiah
Skinner, Leon  b. 1917  d. 9-Aug.1989
Skinner, Loucretia  b. 26-Mar.1835  d.10-Jun.1909
Skinner, Lydia M.  b. 9-Mar.1884  d.11-Jan.1939
Skinner, Martha Elba  b. 30-Apr.1865  d.31-Jul.1929; Wife of Jesse
Skinner, May Bell  b. 31-Aug.1896 d. 1-May 1970; Wife of Urbana
Skinner, Rita  b. 7-Mar.1924  d. 27-Jul.1973: Wife of Seamon
Skinner, Seamon  b. 24-Sep.1920  d.14-Feb.1974; Husband of Rita
Skinner, Texaner  b. 1889  d. 1977; Wife of George; Wed Dec. 20, 1905.
Skinner, Urbana  b. 7-Jan.1889  d.27-Oct.1949; Husband of May Bell
Skinner, W. J.   b.16-Feb.1880  d.10-Sep.1886
Skinner, William Bryant   b. 8-Dec.1912  d.15-Jul.1980
        TEC5 US Army WW II.
Skinner, Willie Cecil   b.19-May 1912  d. 24-Jun.1973
Slaughter, Isaiah  b. 4-Mar.1858  d. 16-Jan.1909
Small, Suzon Anner  b. 18-Dec.1923  d. 5-Jul.1960
        S1, USNR WW II.
Small, Viola Langston  b. 14-May 1900   d.11-Dec.1981
Smiley, Sibyl Q.  b. 10-Jun.1912  d. 4-Feb.1993; Wife of William
Smiley, William R.  b. 9-Oct.1911  d. 26-Nov.1996; Husband of Sibyl; Wed Jan. 25, 1933
Smith, A. R.  b. 6-May 1864  d. 8-Jan.1942; Husband of Mary
Smith, Barto  b. 13-Apr.1892  d. 6-Jul.1964; Husband of Gladys
Smith, Beatrice  b. 1912   d. 21-Oct.1985; Wife of Campbell
Smith, Bessie Beulah  b. 1916  d.1948; Daughter of Miner & Hannah
Smith, Camilla  b. 20-Apr.1912  d. 11-Feb.1979; No Marker; Wife of Wesley
Smith, Campbell  b.1907  d. 8-Jul.1990; Husband of Beatrice
Smith, Charlie M.  b. 25-Jan.1914  d. 1-Sep.1977; Husband of Reba; Wed May 7, 1936
Smith, Clara B.  b. 8-Sep.1925  d. 29-Oct.1983; Wife of Fred; Wed  Jan 26, 1946
Smith, Fred E.  b. 17-Apr.1924  d.13-Mar.1989
        TSgt US Army Air Corps WW II
Smith, George P. b. 19-Mar.1875  d. 14-Jan.1949; Husband of Zeola
Smith, George W.  b. 1888  d.1966; Husband of Ruby;  Wed May 1920
Smith, Gladys  b. 18-Jan.1901  d. 26-May.1942; Wife of Barto
Smith, Hannah Gertrude  b. 1895  d. 1939; Wife of Miner
Smith, James Gus  b. 4-Oct.1899  d.18-Mar.1963
        CM1, USNR, WW II
Smith, James Martin  b. 8-Jan.1880  d.13-Jul.1950; Husband of Jessie
Smith, Jessie  b. 21-Feb.1888  d.10-Jul.1916; Wife of James
Smith, John G.  b. 9-Oct.1840  d. 3-Jul.1924
        Co G, Burnett's Rgt. 13 TX Inf. CSA
Smith, Kaydee Sue  b. 8-Jan. 2004   d. 22-Jan. 2004
Smith, Lamonia Ruth "Ruthy"  b. 26-Jan.1951  d. 8-Jul.1973
Smith, Lelia L.  b. 1885  d. 1975; Wife of Rolland R.
Smith, Lillie Efner  b. 27-Nov.1901  d.14-Nov.1973; Wife of W. Edward
Smith, Margret E.  b. 6-Dec.1850  d. 28-Feb.1923; Wife of John G.
Smith, Marguerite  b. 20-Aug.1910 d.13-Sep.1974
Smith, Mary W.  b.17-Mar.1870  d. 23-Jan.1939; Wife of A. R.
Smith, Miner Monroe  b.1891  d.1968; Husband of Hannah
Smith, Monnie  b. 13-May 1900  d. 26-Jun.1969
Smith, Reba P.  b. 6-Jan.1919  d. 16-Jun.1999; Wife of Charlie
Smith, Rolland R.  b. 1880  d. 1968; Husband of Lelia; Wed Feb. 16, 1903
Smith, Rolland R., Jr.  b. 28-Dec.1916  d.16-Oct.1994
        PFC US Army WW II.
Smith, Ruby C.  b. 1900  d. 1990; Wife of George
Smith, Son  b. 2-Oct.1919  d. 2-Oct.1919; Son of James & Jessie Smith
Smith, W. Edward  b. 8-Jul.1898  d. 2-Dec.1984; Husband of Lillie
Smith, W.S.N.  Died: 6-Nov.1921; Aged 83 Years
Smith, Walter W.  b. 28-Jun.1931  d.31-Dec.1976; Husband of Doris
        PFC  US Army Korea
Smith, Wesley Lankford  b. 29-Jun.1881  d. 20-Jul.1980; Husband of Camilla; Metal Marker
Smith, Zeola H.  b. 8-Feb.1890  d. 20-Oct.1918; Wife of George
Smotherman, Frances L.  b. 4-May 1906  d. 26-May 1986; Metal Marker
Smotherman, Lena Catherine  b.12-Jun.1900  d.11-Oct.1985
Smotherman, Walter J.  b. 20-Jun.1898 d.16-Apr.1985; No Marker
Soape, Ada Jean  b. 11-July 1933   d. 30-Aug. 2002; Daughter of Walter & Pearl Cooper
Soape, Glen Tippit  b.12-Oct.1928  d.24-Oct.1971; Husband of Ada J.
Sonnier, Mark  Died: 22-Sep.1897; Age 31 Yrs, 11 Mos, 17 Days
Sonnier, S. C.  b.12-Mar.1870  d. 21-Dec.1899
Spain, Charlie C.  b.14-Feb.1920  d. 19-Sep.1989
        MM2 US Navy WW II
Spain, Charlie Milton  b. 1874  d. 1938; Husband of Maud
Spain, Maud L.  b. 31-Dec.1893  d. 6-Aug.1973; Wife of Charlie
Sparks, Addie J.  b. 25-Dec.1885  d. 11-Oct.1943; Wife of Edward
Sparks, Addie Lee  b.1-Oct.1903  d. 2-Sep.1919; Daughter of  E. T. & A. J. Sparks
Sparks, Andrew M.  b. 1847  d.1928
Sparks, Charles  b. 5-Sep.1917  d. 28-Mar.1998; Husband of Ruby
Sparks, Connie B.  b. 13-Jun.1918  d. 6-Nov.1998; Wife of Orville
Sparks, Edward T.  b. 1875  d. 1935; Husband of Addie J.
Sparks, Howard Norman  b. 5-Feb.1909  d. 26-Dec.1912; Son of E.T. & Addie J. Sparks
Sparks, Marvin E.  b. 5-May 1911  d.21-Dec.1911; Son of E.T. & Addie J. Sparks
Sparks, Mary Kay  b.19-Aug.1944  d. 22-Nov.1953
Sparks, Orville D.  b. 30-Oct.1913  d. 30-Jan.1975; Husband of Connie
Sparks, Ruby  b. 29-Sep.1918  d.10-Nov.1981; Wife of Charles
Spell, Mary Laura  b. 27-Mar.1981  d. 27-Mar.1981; In Memory
Splettstosser, Maude  b.1894  d.1970; Wife of Roy
Splettstosser, Roy  b.1892  d.1969; Husband of Maude
Sprayberry, Darrell  b. 30-Oct. 1954   d. 8-July 2002;  Husband of Sherry Stamper
Sprayberry, Harold  b. 1-July 1938  d.18-Jan. 2003
Sprayberry, J. D. "Curtis"  b. 23-May 1915  d. 20-Nov.1979; Husband of Ruby
Sprayberry, Leo F., Sr.  b. 12-Jan.1920  d.19-Jan.1992; Husband of Audrey
            PFC US Army WW II
Sprayberry, Louetta  b. 1881  d. 1947; Wife of Roy
Sprayberry, Roy  b. 1891  d. 1983; Husband of Louetta
Sprayberry, Ruby Doris  b. 15-Dec.1915  d. 6-Oct.1996; Wife of "Curtis"
Spurlock, Beulah  b. 27-May 1915  d. 26-Jan.1997; Wife of Billy
Spurlock, Billy T.  b.18-May 1910   d. 8-Aug.1992; Husband of Beulah;
        Wed July 02, 1932
Spurlock, Donald Van  b. 28-Feb.1937  d. 27-Nov.1977
        FN US Navy
Spurlock, Eula  b. 27-May 1915  d.18-Aug.1988; Wife of J. W.
Spurlock, J. W.  b.12-Apr.1912  d.7-Mar.1990; Husband of Eula
Spurlock, Thomas Wadamere b. 24-Jan.1935   d. 7-Dec. 2001
        MSgt US Air Force Vietnam
Stainback, Eunice O.  b. 1908    d. 4-May 2002; Wife of Tommie
Stainback, Tommie B.  b. 28-Jun.1907  d. 22-Jan.1971
        PFC, 1849 SVC CMD Unit WW II
Stamper, Harvey L.  b. 3-Nov.1936  d. 24-May 1999; Husband of Molly
Stanford, Audrey Louise  b. 1-Aug. 1925    d. 21-Apr. 2003; Wife of Clenon Stanford
Stanford, Clayton J., Sr.  b.17-Jan.1919  d.19-Dec.1971; Husband of Alpha
Stanford, Clenon B.  b. 31-Oct.1920  d. 9-Feb.1972; Husband of Audrey
        Cpl. US Army WW II
Stanford, Etha L.  b. 1900  d. 1974; Wife of J. Edgar
Stanford, Ira James "Sonny"  b. 6-Aug.1942  d. 4-Jan. 2002;  Son of Audry
Stanford, J. Edgar  b. 1903  d. 1991; Husband of Etha
Stanford, Jennettie  b. 14-Sep.1875  d. 4-Jan.1965
Stanford, Jerry Richard, Sr.  b.16-Nov.1942  d. 21-Oct.1992
        SN US Navy
Stanley, James Arthur  b. 25-Jul.1903  d. 15-Feb.1990; Husband of Ollie; Wed May 07, 1927
Stanley, Lola Mae  b. 30-Dec.1935  d. 17-Dec.1990; Wife of James Henry
Stanley, Ollie Marice  b. 17-Mar.1910  d. 23-Jun.1997; Wife of James Arthur
Starkey, Emory  b. 1907  d. 1965
Starkey, Margaret O.  b. 1908  d.1996; Wife of Emory
Stephens, Neomia Phillips  b. 25-Apr.1918  d. 3-Feb.1990
Stevenson, Vincent H.  b. 8-Dec. 1935  d. 4-Apr. 2003;  Husband of Joann Coons Stevenson
Stewart, Carl E.  b. 1896  d.1954; Husband of Pauline
Stewart, Elvin Grady  b. 21-July 1932   d. 28-Apr. 2003; Husband of Billie Jean Alsbrooks
Stewart, Eva Bowers  b. 27-Dec.1900  d. 24-Jun.1977
Stewart, Pauline Z.   b. 1904  d._____;  Wife of Carl
Stockton,  Bobbie Jean  b. 6-Dec.1939  d. 27-Jun.2001; No Marker
Stone, Essie M.  b. 28-Jan.1918  d. 29-Jan.1992; Wife of Joe
Stone, Joe W.  b. 4-Nov.1912  d.19-Sep.1972; Husband of Essie
Story, Billie G. b. 27-Mar.1894  d.12-Oct.1963
        PFC, SUP CO, 143 Inf. 36 Div., WW I
Story, Oma L.  b.18-Oct.1907  d.______; Wife of Billy
Stout, John F.  b. 30-May.1946  d. 7-Oct.1985; Son
Stout, Pansy Lee  b. 22-Dec.1913  d. 26-Dec.1984; Wife of Richard
Stout, Richard C.  b. 12-Dec.1906   d. 26-Sep.1993; Husband of Pansy;
        Wed Aug. 24, 1931
Stovall, David Christie  b. 23-Oct.1911  d. 9-Dec.1984; Husband of Thelma;
        Wed Jul. 25, 1934
Stovall, David M.  b. 3-Feb.1886  d. 13-Feb.1957
Stovall, Janelle  b. 19-Dec.1935  d. 29-May 1978
Stovall, Jettie, Mrs.  b. 23-May 1891  d. 27-Aug.1947
Stovall, Thelma Lee  b.11-Jun.1914  d. 2-Feb.2000; Wife of Christie
Strauss, John Wiley  b. 20-Sep.1908  d. 3-Oct.1909
Strauss, Lela  b. 26-Feb.1879  d. 24-Feb.1979
Strauss, Lela Leona  b. 2-Aug.1907  d. 22-Nov.1908
Strauss, P. W.  b. 14-Jul.1880  d.10-Mar.1945; Husband of Lela
Strauss, Paul W.  b. 3-Jul.1912  d. 20-Sep.1949
Stringer, Gertrude  b. 22-Feb.1906  d. 6-Nov.1990; No Marker
Struthers, Annie Lee  b. 29-Jun.1914  d. 30-Jan.1988; Wife of James
Struthers, James  b. 31-Aug.1909  d. 10-Nov.1970; Husband of Annie
Stuart, Mirvia  b.14-Apr.1868  d. 25-Dec.1961; Wife of Thomas
Stuart, Thomas A.  b. 9-Dec.1865  d.16-Dec.1921; Husband of Mirvia
Sturrock, Lester W., Jr.  b. 11-Sep.1923  d. 4-Feb.1989
        TEC5, US Army WW II
Sturrock, Lester W., Sr.  b. 11-Sep.1895  d. 21-May 1979; Husband of Pheba;
        Wed Dec. 6, 1914
Sturrock, Pheba  M.  b. 15-Nov.1895  d. 31-May.1980; Wife of Lester Sr.
Sturrock, Spurgeon S.  b. 20-Sep.1919  d. 25-Oct.1944; In Memory
        S2, US Navy WW II.  Purple Heart
Swann, James C.  b. 1882  d. 1966; Husband of Minnie; Wed 1905
Swann, James C., Jr.  b. 9-Feb.1924  d.16-Apr.1947; Jim
Swann, Minnie L.  b. 1885  d. 1971; Wife of James C.
Swann, Shelby Douglas  b. 7-Oct.1906  d. 27-Jul.1981
Swanzey, Gilbert  b. 20-May 1918  d. 23-Sep.1996; Husband of Loraine
Swanzey, Loraine  b. 22-Jun.1918  d. 20-Jul.1995; Wife of Gilbert
Tatum, Hollie Lee Schaeffer  b. 10-Jan.1915  d. 23-Mar.1987
Tatum, Joshua Paul  b. 29-Dec.1977   d.10-Feb. 2003
Tatum, Tommy C., Sr.  b. 24-Apr.1938  d. 13-Jun.1996; Husband of Margaret;
        Wed May 7, 1955
Taylor, Charles Edward  b.10-Jan.1868  d.10-Jun.1948; Husband of Laura
Taylor, Chester E. "Chet"  b. 6-Sep.1937  d. 4-Jan.1999; Husband of Betty;
        Wed June 7, 1974
Taylor, Edward Oran  b. 6-Jun.1899  d. 14-Oct.1899
Taylor, Laura Harrison  b. 25-Feb.1876  d.17-Apr.1956; Wife of Charles
Taylor, Lee Cook   b. 24-Jul.1925  d.19-Aug.2001
Taylor, Mary Jewell  b. 2-Sep.1901  d. 27-Sep.1901
Taylor, Robert R.  b. 14-Mar.1918  d.16-Aug.1944; "Gave his life so others might live"
        Cpl. WW II
Taylor, Ruth Armstrong  b. 1885  d.1968
Taylor, Willie Lee Cook  b. 24-July 1925  d.19-Aug. 2001
Teer- Bennett, Ruth  b. 1926  d. 2000
Teer, Essie M.  b.15-May 1894  d. 23-Dec.1979
Teer, Fannie E.  b. 23-Apr.1870  d. 11-Sep.1944; Wife of Reverend I. D.
Teer, I. D., Rev.  b.19-Mar.1865  d. 24-May 1948; Husband of Fannie; Reverend
Teer, Joe B.  b.14-Feb.1904  d. 23-Nov.1958; Husband of Nettie
Teer, Marion R.  b. 2-Feb.1897  d. 23-Mar.1959; Husband of Essie
Teer, Nettie C.  b. 7-Jan.1903  d.30-May 1991; Wife of Joe
Terry, Sterling R.  b. 26-Jan.1925  d. 1-Jul.1998; Husband of N. Merial
Thomas, Barshaba A.  b. 20-Nov.1885  d.19-Jun.1966; Wife of Roy
Thomas, Bessie Mae  b. 11-Nov.1897  d.16-Jan.1978; Wife of Joe
Thomas,  Doris A.  b. 11-Feb.1927  d. 7-May 1971; Wife of Kenneth; Wed Sept. 10, 1945
Thomas, Ethel  b. 1895  d-1971; Wife of Jason
Thomas, George  b.30-Mar.1899  d.3-May 1981; Husband of Pearl
Thomas, Jason  b. 1890  d-1971; Husband of Ethel
Thomas, Joe  b. 26-Jul.1893 d.12-Aug.1976; Husband of Bessie
        Pvt. US Army WW I
Thomas, Kenneth Lee  b.15-Feb.1923   d. 21-Dec. 2002; Husband of Shirley Bell
Thomas, Lester  b. 14-Feb.1914  d.11-Jan.1987; Son of W. Edgar & Mamie Thomas
Thomas, Mamie Manry  b. 5-Mar.1882  d.30-Mar.1965;  Wife of William
Thomas, Marlin  b. 9-Nov.1910   d. 28-Sep.1977; Husband of Wilma
Thomas, Marlin Ray  b. 28-Sep.1938  d. 4-Jul.1991
        HA US Navy
Thomas, Mary Elizabeth  b.18-Dec.1857  d.10-Sep.1949; Wife of William
Thomas, Nancy G.  b.1939  d.1994; Metal Marker
Thomas, Pearl Vivan Jones  b. 15-Sep.1901  d.26-Jun.1981; Wife of George;
        Wed Dec. 27, 1919
Thomas, Roy F.  b. 22-Jan.1886  d.3-Feb.1976; Husband of Barshaba
Thomas, William Edgar  b. 3-Dec. 1881  d. 6-Feb.1954; Husband of Mamie
Thomas, William Franklin  b. 23-Feb.1856  d.17-Apr.1942; Husband of Mary Elizabeth
Thomas, Wilma   b.11-Feb.1912   d. 10-Jan.1996; Wife of Marlin
Thomason, George N.  b.18-Jan.1917  d. 11-May 1975; Husband of Mildred
Thomason, Nelson  F.  b. 4-Oct.1907  d. 14-Jan.1970
Thompson, Allyne Taylor  b.13-Nov.1923  d. 9-Aug.1989; Mother of Shirley Cockrell
Thompson, Barron L.  b. 1884  d.1964; Husband of Stella
Thompson, Howard D.   b. 16-Nov. 1927    d.  ______2004; Wife of Marie
Thompson, James O. b. 1872  d.1944; Husband of Sallie
Thompson, Marie  b. 30-Nov. 1939    d. 3-Jan. 2002;  Wife of Howard
Thompson, Mary Blanche  b. 11-Nov.1903  d. 1-Dec.1969
Thompson, Sallie  b.1859  d.1955; Wife of James O.
Thompson, Stella B.  b.1887  d.1971; Wife of Barron
Thornton, Arizona  b.1872  d.1958; Wife of G. C.
Thornton, G. C. b. 11-Oct. 1867  d. 24-Dec.1907; Husband of Arizona
Thornton, James  b. 30-Jan.1837  d. 22-Nov.1901;
        Pvt. Co. A Gould's Regt.  6th TX Cav. CSA
Thornton, M. D., Mrs.  b. 24-Nov.1841 d.11-Dec.1924
Tidwell, Eulalia  b. 8-Nov.1889  d. Feb-29.1956; Wife of Joseph
Tidwell, James Marvin "Fat"  b.24-Jul.1905  d. 12-Jan.1994; Husband of Marguerite;
        Wed June 28, 1931
Tidwell, Joseph F.  b. 1-Dec.1877  d. 30-Jun.1977; Husband of Eulalia
Tidwell, Marguerite E.  b. 8-Feb.1916  d. 2-Jun.1999; "Punkin"; Wife of James
Toler, James William  b. 2-Jul.1950  d. 2-Jul.1950; No Marker
Toler, Robert Chester  b.1925  d.1994; Metal Marker
Tompkins, Essie Lee  b. 28-Nov.1917  d. 3-Nov. 2000; Wife of O. B.; Wed Oct. 31, 1969
Tompkins, O. B.  b. 23-May 1912  d. 18-Jan.1979; Husband of Odell & Essie
Tompkins, Odell Watson  b. 6-Nov.1911  d. 3-Jan.1945; Wife of O. B.; Wed Dec. 16, 1941
Toney, Albert W.  b. 25-Dec.1895  d.11-Oct.1971; Husband of Gracie
Toney, Andrew J. "Dock"  b. 5-Apr.1897  d.17-May 1979; Husband of Minnie
        Pvt. US Army WW I
Toney, Ellen M., Mrs.  Died 1948; No Marker
Toney, Gracie M.  b. 25-Oct.1907  d. 4-Sep.1981; Wife of Albert
Toney, Melvin  b. 5-Oct.1925  d. 2-Feb.1995; Husband of Bessie; Wed Mar. 28,1947
Toney, Minnie  b. 26-Feb.1906  d.16-Jan.1990; Wife of Dock
Torbert, Dolly  b. 3-Jan.1874  d. 9-Nov.1963; Wife of James
Torbert, Gunn   Died: 21-Jun.1930
        PFC 107 Inf. 27 Div.
Torbert, James W.  b.1858  d.1948; Husband of Dolly
Torbert, Jim  b. 4-Feb.1897  d.22-May 1969
Torbert, Mollie M.  b. 2-Aug.1923   d.20-Mar. 2004; Wife of Sam
Torbert, Sam  b. 1907  d.1991; Husband of Mollie
Torbert, Velmer Margaret  b. 16-Apr.1917   d.  25-Nov.1957
Trejo, Santos  b. 25-Sep.1926  d. 29-Sep. 2002;  Husband of Maria M. Trejo
Tubbs, J. C.  b. 2-May 1922  d. 3-Oct.1984
        Pvt. US Army WW II
Tubbs, Mary  Died: 17-Mar.1991;  No Marker
Tunnell, Jim B.  b. 23-Apr.1913 d.12-Dec.1972
Veal, Dudley Lionell  b. 11-May.1908  d.15-Dec.1951
Venegas, Antonio  b. 24-Jul.1979  d.24-Jul.1985
Venegas, Daniel  Died: 14-Feb.1987; Fallecio El Senior Daniel Venegas
Vester, Martha Vinson  b. 23-Sep.1917  d. 8-Mar.1999
Vinson, David Clinton  b. 3-Jul.1914  d.17-Feb.1974
Vinson, Elias  b. 1-Jan.1898  d.14-Oct.1975; Husband of Elma
Vinson, Elma  b. 29-Nov.1898  d.14-May 1978; Wife of Elias
Vinson, Ethel Elizabeth  b. 14-Jun.1904  d. 27-Sep.1905; Daughter of E. N. & Ola Vinson
Vinson, G. C.   b. 16-May 1919  b. 25-Oct.1989; Husband of Ruth
Vinson, James  b. 7-Jan.1922  d.7-Dec.1941
        US Navy, Ship USS Downes, Killed WW II
Vinson, James A.  b. 17-Sep.1867  d. 6-Dec.1951
Vinson, Laura Jean  b. 23-Sep.1920  d. 7-Feb.1973
Vinson, Nettie Mae  b. 4-Feb.1890  d. 27-Dec.1974; No Marker
Vinson, Ruth  b. 25-Aug. 1919  d.12-Jul. 1983; Wife of G. C.
Vowels, Baby {No Dates}
Vowels, Bertha Moon  b. 18-Sep.1890  d. 20-Dec.1979; Wife of Joseph
Vowels, Joseph L.  b. 12-Mar.1870  d.18-Jul.1941; Husband of Bertha
Wadlington, James Seals  b. 12-Oct. 1921  d. 21-Feb. 1983; Husband of Emma
         PFC US Army WW II
Waldrep, Doris Alsbrooks  b. 5-May 1912  d. 23-Sep. 1993
Waldrep, Falby G.  b. 26-Oct. 1902  d. 24-Jan. 1972; Wife of Thomas
Waldrep, Jimmie Lee  b. 16-Oct. 1923  d. 25-Jun. 1972; Daughter of Thomas
Waldrep, Joe B.  b. 1902  d. 1982
Waldrep, John H.  b. 9-Jan. 1884  d. 12-Apr. 1963; Husband of Lela
Waldrep, Lela  b. 20-Jan.1889  d. 2-Jul.1962; Wife of John
Waldrep, Thomas Oda  b. 8-Oct. 1897  d. 11-May 1976; Husband of Falby
        Pvt. US Army WW I
Waldrep Waylon Oneal  b. 5-Oct. 1980  d. 5-Oct. 1980; No Marker
Waldrop, Martha Catherine  b. 8-Jan. 1889  d.6-Dec.1967
Walker, Caroline E.  b. 17-May 1833  d. 5-Mar.1911; Wife of J. B. Walker
Walker, Georgia  Pace  b. 1-Oct. 1917  d. 7-May 1978; Wife of Robert;
        Wed March 17, 1934
Walker, Hugh  b. 25-Aug. 1944  d. 23-Dec.1944; Son of J. D. & Ferne Walker
Walker, I. C.  b. 18-Feb. 1925  d. 17-Oct. 1994; Son of Jack & Rella;
        Sgt US Army WW II
Walker, J. B. (no dates) Husband of Caroline; No marker
Walker, J. D.  b. 19-Apr. 1910  d.16-Aug.1976;
        Pvt. US Army WW II
Walker, Jack  b. 30-Jan. 1897  d. 26-Oct. 1968; Husband of Rella
Walker, Rella  b. 19-Aug. 1904  d. 21-Apr. 1964; WIfe of Jack
Walker, Robert Elvin  b. 7-Jan. 1911  d.17-Apr.1986; (Wilson); Husband of Georgia
Walker, Ed  b. 17-Mar. 1872  d. 18-Jul. 1952
Waller, Charlie L.  b. 19-Jun.1907  d. 25-Sep.1982; Husband of Ila Fay
Waller, Ila Fay  b. 29-Sep.1908  d. 2-Apr.1980; Wife of Charlie
Walley, Robert D.  b. 1969  d. 1970
Walston, Frances S.  b. 5-May 1910  d. 25-Aug. 1976; Wife of Jasper
Walston, Jasper E.  b. 28-Oct. 1910  d. 18-Oct. 1985; Husband of Frances
Walters, James Robert  b. 21-Oct.1955   d.19-Nov.2002;
        Sgt US Air Force
Walters, Minnie V.  b. 24-Mar. 1894  d. 27-Jun.1993
Walters, Opal  b. 1900  d.1992
Ward, Cynthy Ann (no dates) Daughter of W. F. Burnett
Ward, Earl Eugene  b. 6-Aug. 1913  d. 26-Oct. 1992
        US Army & US Navy WW II
Wark, Ruby Lee Toney  b. 7-Dec.1927 d. 14-Sep.1948
Warren, Bessie  b. 1912   d. 1960
Warren, Joe Pickney  b. 25-Aug.1902  d. 27-Jun.1978
Warren, Thomas  b. 17-Aug.1922  d. 16-Apr.1947
Washburn, G. W., Jr.  b. 21-Sep.1885  d.19-Jun.1932
Washburn, George W.  b. 3-Nov.1853  d. 24-Feb.1907; Husband of Martha
Washburn, Ira  b. 25-Jan.1888  d. 22-Dec.1903
Washburn, Martha Dove  b. 25-Jul.1852  d. 2-Jul.1930; Wife of George W.
Watson, Ammer  b. 14-Jan.1861  d. 3-Jun.1941; Wife of Joseph
Watson, Edward  b. 24-Jul.1883  d. 23-Feb.1959; Husband of Margie
Watson, Ida  b. 1907  d. 9-Nov. 1985; Wife of William
Watson, Infant Son  (no dates) Son of John & Loudell Watson
Watson, Jodie  (no dates)  Daughter of W. F. Burnett
Watson, Joe B.  b. 1895  d-1980; Husband of Minnie
Watson, John David  b. 10-Aug. 1892  d.17-Feb.1959
        Pvt. Btry A 52 Field Arty. WW I
Watson, Joseph W.  b. 2-Sep.1851  d.10-Dec.1941; Husband of Ammer
Watson, Lena Loudelle  b. 15-Sep.1898  d. 18-Dec.1985; Wife of John; Wed Dec. 25, 1919
Watson,  Lois Evelena  b. 1917  d. 1919;  Baby
Watson, Margie  b. 6-Jul. 1888  d. 28-Apr.1919; Wife of Edward
Watson, Marie  b. 1919  d.1938; Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Watson
Watson, Minnie O.  b. 1898  d. 1979; Wife of Joe B.
Watson, Salina A.  b.1884  d.1954; Wife of William
Watson, Sandra Kay  b. 20-Aug. 1941  d. 8-Aug.1999; Wife of Ronnie
Watson, William C.  b. 1904  d. 1968; Husband of Ida
Watson, William Henry  b. 23-Nov.1878  d. 26-Oct.1951; Husband of Salina
Watts, Geneva R.  b. 26-Dec.1908  d. 24-Dec.1992; Wife of Carter
Watts, Sam Carter  b. 24-Dec. 1900  d.5-Dec.1980; Husband of Geneva
Weaver, Calvin  b. 21-Jul.1933  d. 22-May 1950
Webb, Eugene  b. 25-Sep.1887   d. 11-May 1973; Husband of Josephine
Webb, Josephine L.  b. 16-Sep.1883  d.19-Jan.1972; Wife of Eugene;
        Wed Oct. 25, 1905
Webb, Nancy  b.  4-Jun.1857 d.19-Sep.1937; Mother of Eugene Webb
Webber, Donald E.  b. 27-Nov.1949  d.16-Oct.1985; Husband of Jean;
        Wed Feb. 27, 1970
Webber, Jean Ann  b. 24-Dec.1950  d.16-Oct.1985; Wife of Donald
Weeks, Eugenia  b. 1903  d. 1926; Daughter of D. D. & Annie Devereaux
Weinstein, Horace P.  b. 9-Mar.1944  d. 9-Mar.1944; Twin
Weinstein, Ronald S.  b. 9-Mar. 1944  d.12-Mar.1944; Twin
Welch, Ester  b. 12-Apr. 1882  d. 12-Feb.1968
Wheatley, M. J.  b. 17-Apr.1890  d. 1-Feb.1976; Husband of Myra; Fackler, Alabama
Wheatley, Myra Kelly  b. 28-Nov.1896  d. 3-Aug.1986; Wife of M. J.; Navasota, Texas
Wheeler, Arthur Locke  b. 15-Dec.1939  d.20-Aug.1957
        FA, US Navy
Wheeler, Atmer  b. 19-Nov.1912  d. 8-Oct.1979; Husband of Frances
Wheeler, Edward Jeffie  b. 7-Sep.1896  d.9-Nov.1978; Husband of Elvy
Wheeler, Elba Inez   b. 8-Mar.1919   d.12-Jul.1919; No marker
Wheeler, Elsie A.  b. 1-Jan.1909  d. 22-Sep.1977; Wife of Millage
Wheeler, Elvy Inez  b. 19-Oct.1901  d. 26-Jan.1969; Wife of Edward
Wheeler, Emmanuel L.  b. 3-Jul.1937  d. 11-Sep.1998
Wheeler, Frances M.  b. 4-Jan.1907  d. 30-May 1989; Wife of Atmer
Wheeler, George L.  b. 12-Jun.1885  d. 13-Oct.1953; Husband of Mollisa
Wheeler, Hazel  b. 12-Jun.1903  d.17-Nov.1998; Wife of L. J.
Wheeler, Joel P.  Died 1-Feb. 1949; No Marker
Wheeler, L. J. (Lep)   b. 26-Apr.1893  d. 3-May 1973; Husband of Hazel
Wheeler, Millage F.  b. 18-Apr.1907  d. 28-Apr.1997
        US Army WW II - Purple Heart
Wheeler, Mollisa Evilen  b. Nov.1889  d.15-Jun.1951; Wife of George
White, Aline  b. 29-Jan.1908  d. 29-Aug.1937
White, Barbara Ann  b. 20-May.1946  d. 10-Dec.1991
White, Calvin Finnie  b. 24-Apr.1877  d. 25-Mar.1963; Husband of Clara
White, Clara Angeline  b. 20-Dec.1885  d. 3-Dec.1962; Wife of Calvin
White, Doris  b. 3-Apr.1932  d. 21-May 1981; Wife of Ed
White, Ed  b.16-Jan.1930  d. 16-Feb. 2002;  Husband of Doris
White, Jerry Wade   b. 6-Nov.1936  d.16-Jun.1992
White, Sarah C.  b. 22-Aug.1934 d. 24-Dec.1987; Daughter of Allen & Clara Cockrell
Wiggins, A. W.   b. 3-May 1917  d. 6-Mar.1973; Husband of Caroline; No Marker
Wiggins, Henry Morgan  b. 6-Mar.1897  d. 21-Dec.1943; Husband of Lottie
Wiggins, Jay G.  b.17-Jan.1925  d.18-Apr.1995; Husband of Mary V.
Wiggins, Lottie  b. 5-Sep.1896  d. 3-Aug.1976; Wife of Henry
Wiggins, Mary Lou  b. 31-Jul.1948  d.1-Aug.1948
Wilkins, L. J.  b. 3-Feb.1920  d. 22-Aug.1985
        TEC5, US Army WW II
Wilkins, Leona  b. 18-Oct.1932  d. 17-Sep.1933
Wilkins, Obera "Bee"  b.13-Dec.1926  d.15-Jul.1984; Wife of L. J.
Wilkins, Roy Lee  b. 27-Oct.1908  d.14-Sep.1977; No Marker
Willenberg, Mamie Cockrell  b.20-Dec.1905  d.1-Jul.1991; Wife of William
Willenberg, William Robert  b. 11-Aug.1894  d. 10-Apr.1979; Husband of Mamie
        PFC, US Army WW I
Williams, Agnes L.  b. 3-June1910  d. 15-May 2001; Wife of Murl
Williams, Amolisa   b. 1898  d. 1981; Wife of Ishmael
Williams, Arlie  b. 18-Oct.1916  d. 28-Feb.1942
        S1, US Navy, WW II.  Lost In Battle of Java Sea
Williams, Collin Edward  b. 23-Nov.1904  d. 30-Mar.1945; Husband of Esther
Williams, Denver L.  b. 16-Oct.1908  d. 8-Oct.1995; Husband of Robertus
Williams, Dorothy Lyvon  b. 6-Dec.1928  d.1-Nov.1931; Daughter of Denver & Robertus
Williams, Esther Fuller  b. 24-May 1902  d. 5-Mar.1995; Wife of Collin
Williams, Ishmael  b.1888  d.1929; Husband of Amolisa
Williams, John R.  b. 18-Feb.1852  d. 2-Jun.1935; Husband of Nellie
Williams, Mary Ann  b. 24-Apr.1860  d. 4-Apr.1939
Williams, Murl J.  b. 13-Sep.1900  d. 29-Jul.1971; Husband of Agnes
Williams, Nellie E.  b. 28-May 1853  d. 12-Mar.1925; Wife of John R.
Williams, Odast B. b. 16-May 1897  d. 6-Jan.1899; Son of J. M. & Mary Williams
Williams, Robertus  b.10-Feb.1908  d. 27-Jul.1980; Wife of Denver; Wed Jan. 07, 1928
Williams, Sidney Lynn  b. 12-Apr.1941  d. 13-Mar.2000; "Sonny"
Williamson, Harold R. (Dick)   b.1-Feb.1924 d.17-Mar.1970; Wed Feb. 24, 1944;
        TEC4, 64 Engr. BN, WW II
Williford, Amie  b. 5-Aug.1892  d. 7-Feb.1938
Williford, Connie  b. 1-Dec. 1899  d.16-Feb.1995; Wife of Wiley
Williford, Dain  b. 21-Oct.1915  d.1-Aug.1944; Killed in France WW II
Williford, Grady F.  b.16-Feb.1919  d.3-Aug.1944; Killed in France WW II
Williford, Mary  b. 20-Feb.1894  d. 7-Apr.1949
Williford, Wiley F.  b. 5-May 1887  d. 5-Jul.1956; Husband of Connie
Willis, Violet Sturrock  b. 28-Dec.1916  d. 6-Jan.2000
Willson, Effie Mae  b. 11-Mar.1911  d. 4-Mar.1975
Wilson, Charitie E.  b. 29-Jan.1842  d. 4-Apr.1919; Wife of T. Alexander
Wilson, T. Alexander  b.17-Oct.1831 d. 29-Dec.1908;
        Pvt Co. B  Neyland's Rgt. CSA
Wilson, T. H.  b. 29-Aug.1871  d. 6-Feb.1930
Wimberly, Charles K.  Died: 29-Jan.1935
        Pvt. 309 CAV
Wimberly, Mollie E. b.1861  d. 1935
Wingfield-Price, Julia  b.1906 d. 1989; Wife of Charles
Wingfield, Charles C.  b.1883  d. 1965; Husband of Julia
Wissel, Anna  b. 16-Jan.1889  d. 31-May 1977
Wolf, Dewey A.  b. 19-Apr.1898  d. 21-Jul.1994; Wed Sept. 21, 1936
Wolf, Victoria Q.  b. 26-Aug.1909  d.1-Mar.1998; Wife of Dewey
Woltz, Mary N.  b.1882  d. 1973; Wife of Wyatt E.
Woltz, Minnie R.  b.15-Dec.1884  d.28-Dec.1946
Woltz, Wyatt E.  b. 1879  d. 1970; Husband of Mary
Woltz, Wyatt Earl  b. 1910   d.1949
Wood, Ernest Carroll  b. 19-Mar.1899  d.14-Feb.1968: Husband of Essie
Wood, Essie Mae  b. 5-Jan.1906  d. 22-Apr.1995; Wife of Ernest
Wood, Otis Dean b. 7-Oct.1983  d.16-Oct.1998; Grandson of Otis & Ardell Ratley
Woodard, Cicero  b. 17-Nov.1859  d.12-Jul.1941; Husband of Sarah
Woodard, Edward, Rev.  b. 19-Aug.1891  d.4-Jul.1977; Husband of Martha; Reverend
Woodard, Martha  b. 5-Nov.1899  d.11-Mar.1989; Wife of Reverend Edward
Woodard, Sarah S. b.1-Feb.1864  d. 20-Aug.1946; Wife of Cicero
Wosnitzky, Edward  b. 22-Oct.1914  d. 3-May 1992; Husband of Maxine;
        WW II
Wosnitzky, Maxine  b. 16-Nov.1925  d.16-Apr.1991; Wife of Edward
Wright, E. W.  Died: 18-Jan.1954; No Marker
Yammer, Henrietta  b. 26-Oct.1942  d.12-Oct.1965
Yates, Bernice  b. 14-Sep.1921  d.23-May 1999; Wife of N.P.; Wed Oct. 6, 1937
Yates, N. P.  b. 25-Oct.1913  d.4-Jun.1994; Husband of Bernice
Zimmermann, Effie  b. 23-Jul.1893  d.18-Mar.1977; Wife of J. B.
Zimmermann, J. B. "Joe"  b. 11-Dec.1881  d. 6-Sep.1964; Husband of Effie
Zimmermann, Joe Knox  b. 20-Oct.1917  d. 3-Mar.1942; Son of J. B. & Effie

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