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John T.Turner Cemetery
Located off Hwy 190 East of Livingston, on Turner Cemetery Rd,
 approx .5miles on right through gate at bottom of hill..

Marked Graves inventoried on May 26, 2000 by
Joyce McNiel Munson & Beverly Evins
Inscriptions / Comments
Ballard Beaulah Turner Nov.19,1884 Apr.17,1966 "Beloved Mother & Wife"
Ballard Dillard L.  Aug.23,1913 Nov.6,1941 "Beloved Husband"
Ballard John Wesley Sr. Mar.7,1919 Sept.20,1992 FHM Only
Ballard Landron Sept.21,1875 Jan.28,1934 "Beloved Husband & Father"
Ballard Lee July 7,1873 May 21,1944 Texas Pvt 11 Co Coast Arty
Ballard Martha Sept.1,1852 Nov.22,1932 .
Fisher Clem Turner June 22,1921 July 5,1973 Texas Tec 5 US Army Sig C. WW II
Griggs Joann Herring July 9, 1932 . DS w/ Robert
Griggs Robert E.  Jan.8,1932 June 1,1996 DS w/ Joann
Hendrix Aris C.  Oct.8,1905 Oct.8,1977 DS w/ Pearl B. 
Hendrix Pearl B. Sept 8,1908 Jan.23,1981 DS w/ Aris
Herring Bertie Oleta May 14,1910 Dec.16,1976 DS w/ Joe 
Herring Joe Bailey Sept.13,1908 Oct.7,1992 DS w/ Bertie
Holleman Clemmie Turner Feb.13,1900 June 2,1979 .
Meadow Edna Zimmerman
"Thanatopsis (Star shape)
1Cor. 15:29"
Napper Philip Franklin Sr. Mar.6,1868 Mar.12,1944 "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Napper Philip Franklin
Nov.3,1908 Oct.3,1931 "His memory is precious"
Turner Eliza Jane Aug 31,1860 Feb.18,1945 DS w/ John T.
Turner Faye Dunnam Sept 20,1926 . DS w/ Virgil
Turner Gertrude Morris Feb.16,1898 Jan.23,1923 .
Turner Gussie M.  Mar.6,1890 Oct.27,1988 .
Turner Honora Aug.12,1894 Apr.16,1980 .
Turner Jean Watson July 27,1933 . DS w/ Thomas
Married- Dec.19,1959
Turner Joe Edward Oct.7,1918 Oct.29,1968 Texas M Sgt. 410 Engr.
Const. BN WW II
Turner John Eugene.  Mar.9,1926 July 12,1995 DS w/ Marilyn
Turner John T.  Oct.31,1846 Dec.26,1910 Pvt. Co K Hoods Brig-
5th Texas Inf   CSA
Turner Marilyn "Lyn" 1934 . DS w/ John E. 
Turner Mildred Bruce Mar.9,1915 Sept.6,1969 DS w/ Virgel J.
Turner Perry W.  Apr.13,1929 Dec.25,1929 .
Turner R. C.  1896 1934 WOW Memorial
Turner Thomas Derrel June 11,1927 Oct.10,1980 DS w/ Jean Watson
Married- Dec.19,1959
Turner Vera Fisher Sept.18,1897 Jan.17,1938  (Buried next to Virgel J.)
Turner Virgil Delwin "Bill" July 27,1924 Nov.27,1896 DS w/ Faye
Cpl US Army WW II
Turner Virgil J.  Sept.18,1897 Aug.26,1978 DS w/ Mildred Bruce
Wilkinson Gertrude Turner Dec. 6,1892 July 27,1982 DS w/ Milam
Wilkinson Infant
 ( No other info. given )
Wilkinson Milam F. Apr 9,1890 Nov 28,1971 DS w/ Gertrude Turner 
Wilkinson Infant
Infant of D.P. Wilkinson
Wilkinson Infant
Infant of D.P. Wilkinson
Zimmerman Carra Turner Apr. 2, 1886 Dec 4,1963 "Beloved Mother & Wife"
Zimmerman Infant Daughter Sept.16,1908 Sept.16,1908 Daughter of S.B.& Carrie
Zimmerman Sol Bergman Apr.18,1885 Apr.6,1966 .
Zimmerman Turner S.  July 12,1909 Feb.9,1981 .

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