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Polk County Texas
Separate Property Of Married Women
Book B 1849-1872
Mary Collins - Page 7
Transcribed by Joyce Munson & Beverly Evins


Schedule of the Separate property of Mary Collins; a resident of Polk County and State of
Texas, to be recorded in accordance with the provisions of an Act of the Legislature of
the State of Texas entitled an Act “to provide for the registration of the Separate Property
of Married Women”
                     “Twenty six hundred bricks”
                     “Two hundred and six feet of Lumber”
                     “Fifteen head of hogs”
                     “Three heifers”
                     “Two Cows & Calves”
                     “One mare & Colt”
                                                  Signed by  Mary Collins
                                                     and her husband
                                                     J A M Collins
The State of Texas}
       Polk  County  }  Before me William M. Kincaid a Notary Public in and for the
County, duly Commissioned and sworn personally appeared Mary Collins, and John
Collins her husband, and and acknowledged the Signatures appended to the above
Schedules to be their own proper signature, and that the property described in Said
Schedule to be Sole and Separate Property of the said Mary Collins.  In testimony
whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of my office
 This the 5th day of Demb A.D. 1849      William M. Kincaid
{Notarial Seal}                                        Notary Public for P.C.

Filed for Record at 1 O’Clock PM 12th Dec. 1849
                                                                 Jno P. Kale Clk & R  PC

The State of Texas}
        Polk County  }  I certify that the foregoing Schedule of the Separate Property of
Mary Collins and the Certificates thereto were this day recorded in my office in Record
Book of the Separate Property of Married Married Women  B  Page 7  at 3 O’Clock PM
{Seal}  In Testimony thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of my office
this 12th day Dec. 1849
                                                                   Jno P. Kale  Clk & R P C


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