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Polk County Texas
Separate Property Of Married Women
Book B 1849-1872
Eliza Bundick - Pages 2 & 3
Transcribed by Joyce Munson & Beverly Evins

Page 2
 A Schedule of Separate Property of Eliza Bundick, wife of Charles Bundick Sen.,
Oct. 7th AD 1848

320 acres of Land lying, being and situated in Polk County of the State of Texas, conveyed
in the first instance from Sophia Ralph to Eliza Murdock & afterwards by P. N Glaze atty of
said Eliza Murdock to Charles Bundick Sen. & by Said Bundick to me by deed of this date,
and for consideration expresses in Said deed all of which appears of Record in this County—

350 acres of  Land also lying being and situated in Said County part of the headright of John
Dickerson conveyed by  P. N. Glaze  as atty-for Eliza Murdock, to Said Charles Bundick Sen.
by deed dated 17th Sept. 1848 & by said Charles to me by deed of the date with this schedule,
also of record in this county.
320 acres of Land lying being and situated in Said County conveyed in the first place by Saml.
Ralph to Eliza Murdock & by P. N. Glaze as atty of said Eliza Murdock, to Charles Bundick Sen.
& by said Bundick to me by deed of the date of this Schedule Deed from Glaze to Charles
Bundick, dated 16th Sept. 1848, recorded in records office of this County.

A Negro Woman, a slave by the name of Sylvia or Cilvia aged 38 years of Black Complexion-
& following children of the said Sylvia to wit  Dilia a negro girl 16 years, black complexion,
Sally 14 years Black complexion, Rose 10 years of yellow complexion, Peter 8 years Black
Complexion, Bill 6 years Black complexion, Charlotte a girl of yellow complexion  between
ages 4 & 5 years—
                                                         Eliza Bundick

I Charles Bundick Sen. do recognize the foregoing described property as the Separate
Property of the said Eliza Bundick, my wife.  Oct. 7th 1848
Witness                                             Charles Bundick
W. H. Palimer (or Palmer)

State of Texas  }
Polk County     }
Personally appeared before me Robert Hooker a Notary Public in and for the County & State
aforesaid duly commissioned and sworn Eliza Bundick, Wife of Charles Bundick Signoir to me
well known who claims and and acknowledges this property Claimed in the Schedule hereunto
attached to be her Separate Property
In witness whereof  I have hereunto set my name and affix the seal of my office
this 2nd day Nov. 1849

{Notarial Seal}                                Robert Hooker
                                                        Notary Public for
                                                          Polk County

Page 3

The State of Texas }
Polk County         }   Personally appears before me Charles Bundick Sen., whose name
appears to the foregoing instruments in writing to me known, and acknowledges the property
therein named to be the Separate Property of his wife Eliza Bundick
{Seal}   In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my name and affixed the Seal of my office
             this 9th day of Apl. 1849
                                                            Jno. P. Kale Clk Polk Co. Co.
Filed at 9 O’clock AM 9th Apl. 1849
                                                            Jno. P. Kale Clk & R Polk Co.

The State of Texas  }
Polk County           }  This is to Certify that the foregoing Schedule of the Seperate
Property of Eliza Bundick and Certificates thereto were recorded in my Office in record
Book B of the Separate Property of Married Women, pages 2 & 3, at 9 O’clock AM this
20th Apl. 1849
{Seal}   Given under my hand and seal of my office the date last above written.
                                                             Jno. P. Kale  Clk & R  Polk Co.

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