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Brock Family Photos
Submitted by Dan Franklin
Needs help confirming identity of these folks:

Photo circa 1865.  
May be Green McKinnis Brock  b.1833, AL; 
Need verification.
Locket photo 2"x 2", circa 1865  May be  Mary Ann Peebles  b.1840, AL; who married Green McKinnis Brock on 4 Apr 1858, Polk Co, TX.  
Need confirmation.
Tin-type photo
This was also from the same box of Brock photos.  A couple of relatives said they looked like the Pace family.  William Henry Brock b.8 May 1866, Polk Co, TX married Myra Pace b.5 Nov 1876, Polk Co, TX on 27 Apr 1901, Polk Co, TX.

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