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Peebles Cemetery – Old Israel Rd.
Location:  Hwy 146 north to Old Israel Rd to Castlewood Rd, approximately
50 ft to gate on right.  Cemetery is on left approx 1/8 mile  Livingston, TX
Indexed on July 26, 2000 by Beverly Evins & Joyce Munson;  Updated July 2003

???, Andy    ( name scratched onto base of FHM )
Alexander, Andrew Jackson Sr.  b-Oct.23,1910 d-Dec.7,1977
Alexander, Bessie Peebles  b-1884 d-1965
Alexander, Isaac P.  b-Oct.20,1905  d-Oct.4,1989;  DS w/ Josie
Alexander, J. N.  b-1880 d-1942
Alexander, Josie  b-Dec.31,1909  d-July 23,1997;  DS w/ Isaac P.
Alexander, Lewis P.  b-Sept.14,1902 d-Sept.3,1972
Alexander, Majorette Robinson  b-Sept. 4, 1913  d-Sept. 29, 2002
Alexander, Wendy Lee b-July 5,1964 d-Nov.27,1989
Alexander, Wiley E.  b-Oct.15,1948 d-Oct.18,1948
Barlow, Cashmere  b-July 21,1902 d-Apr.17,1990 mar-May 11,1939;  DS w/ Hazel
        Pvt. US Army
Barlow, Ethel  b-Oct.18,1884 d-June 18,1920
Barlow, Gerald Oakley b-Aug.25,1894 d-Feb.5,1948
        Texas Pvt. Air Service WWI
Barlow, Hazel Juanita b-June 14,1921  d-______  mar-May 11,1939;  DS w/ Cashmere
Barlow, J. B.  b-Oct.__,1912  d-Aug.22,1977;  FHM only-Corrigan FH
Barlow, Joseph - Unmarked *
Barlow, William Henry  b-Mar.3,1892  d-Oct.26,1973
        Pvt. US Army WW I
Basham, Zenie b-1917 d-1999
Baxter, Earl b-1930 d-1986;  FHM only
Berry, Eric L.  b-Sept.1,1936  d-______  mar-Oct.29,1981;  DS w/ Ruth E.
Berry, Ruth E.  b-Aug.18,1937  d-______  mar-Oct. 29,1981;  DS w/ Eric L.
        (died Oct. 17, 1978 per SSDI)
Boswell, Elsie A.  b-Oct. 8,1924  d-July 9,1999
Bracewell, Elmeda J.  b-Aug.13,1886  d-May 2,1977
Bracewell, Randolph D.  b-Jan.8,1880  d-Aug.29,1948
Bryan, John Dale  b-May 30, 1844  d-Nov 13, 1961-Unmarked*
Buckley, Mary C. b-July 20,1855  d-June 4,1928
Buckley, Mrs. Willis   b-July 10, 1885  d- Aug. 19, 1955-Unmarked*
Chambers, James A. b-June 24,1879  d-Sept. 21,1949
Chambers, Marvin V.  b-July 27,1930  d-Feb.26,1990
Chambers, Ora May  b-Dec.11,1894  d-Oct.11,1946
Chambers, Thomas b-Jan.14,1933  d-Dec.20,1979
        Texas SP3 US Army Korea
Chambers, Tillman b-Nov.22,1936  d-June 24, 1959
Childree, Young L. b-Oct.11,1860  d-Dec.30,1930
Clifford, J. Pinckard b-Nov.15,1888 d-Jan.4,1974
Clifford, Jennie E.  b-Aug.31,1868  d-Aug.20,1933
Clifford, Richard A.  b-July 4, 1851  d-Jan.2,1920
Close, Hazel Miller  b-Oct. 30, 1900  d-Feb. 11, 1971-Unmarked*
Collins, Ronald L.  b-July 30,1939  d-Oct.3,1998;  “Soar with the Eagles”
Curtis, Mikenzie LaNette  b-May 8,1985  d-May 8,1985;  “Our Daughter”
Dame, Florence L.  b-1885   d-______;  “At Rest” (died Jan. 7, 1972 per SSDI)
Day, Albert Gene b-Aug.12,1914  d-Mar.2,1991
Drake, Dezzie Norris b-1902  d-1975;  “Mother”; DS w/ Jewel D.
Drake, Jewel D. Sr.  b-1899  d-1987;  “Father”;  DS w/ Dezzie
Drake, Samuel P.  b-1945  d-_____
Farmer, Herzel Rosco  b-Feb.5,1929  d-Nov.22,1977
            US Marine Corps WWII
Farmer, R. E.  b-1948  d-1987;  FHM only
Farmer, Thomas b-1924  d-1990;  FHM only-bad shape
Fields, A. M. H.  b-Jan.18,1860  d-Oct.16,1904
Fields, Benjamin   b- May, 1870   d-Oct. 10, 1947
Fields, David   b-May, 1870   d-Oct. 12, 1943  (Fields Twins)
Garcia, Maribel  b-1975  d-1984
Gettle, Nicholas C.  b-Jan.25,1885  d-Sept.7,1956
Gibbins, Regina Lynne b-Sept.16,1953  d-Nov.17,1997;  “Mother”
        (Handcarved wooden HS with rose)
Gibson, Harry E. “Gene” b-Feb.4,1935  d-Sept.19,1989
Goodwin, David E.  b-Feb.6,1947  d-Sept.14,1992
            BM3 US Navy Vietnam
Green, Clarence Franklin b-Oct.18,1912  d-Apr.1,1993
Green, Jim    b-June 19, 1864  d-Dec. 24, 1960-Unmarked*
Green, Lizar Francis b-March ???   d-July 1954?  ( Unreadable FHM )
            (b-Mar. 14, 1925  d-Jan. 10, 1954, per 1976 cemetery book)
Green, Mary Ann  b-Oct.31,1906  d-Feb.24,1942
Green, Ruth Jane b-1901 d-1977
Green, Theodore  died- Nov.20,1958;  “58 yrs, 0 mon, 9 days”
Hargraves, Pearl Gardner  b-Dec.13,1910  d-Oct.27,1998;  “Beloved Mother”
Harris, Joel A.  b-Sept.15,1906 d-Jan.26,1936
Henry, Sallie b-1851  d-1937;  DS w/ Jesse Laurence“Sister”
Hill, Alvis Gene Sr. b-1928  d-1990
            Pvt. US Marine Corps WWII
Hill, Keith W.  b-June 1,1957  d- June 25,1983
            “Beloved son of Ruth Berry – Safe in the arms of Jesus”
Hinson, Fannie Peebles  b-Nov.26,1880  d-Aug.1,1956;  DS w/ George
Hinson, George Henry  b-Nov.17,1877  d-Sept.15,1956;  DS w/ Fannie
Hinson, Rowena  b-Mar. 7, 1911  d-Feb. 8, 2003; DAR; DRT
Holden, Calvin Whitfield  b-Aug12, 1879  d-Feb. 5, 1951-Unmarked*
Holden, Gussie Vidler b-Jan.31,1895  d-May 22,1982
Holden, Hye Sun b-1943 d-1986;  FHM only
Holden, James T.  b-Jan 12, 1927   d-Dec 1, 1949-Unmarked*
Hoyland, Dessie Lee  b-Apr. 12, 1927  d-_____; "Wife of Gerald W."
Hoyland, Gerald Wilson b-1925 d-1986
        AM3 US Navy WW II
Johnson, Audie b-1973  d-1998;  “In loving memory”
Johnson, Jimmy  b-1936  d-2002; Pace FHM only
Johnson, Theresa A. b-1965 d-1969;  “In Loving Memory”;
        (b-Sept. 3, 1965, d-Sept. 3, 1969, per 1976 cemetery book)
J. M. L.-just initials, no dates
LaVergne, Mary Louis Goodwin  b-Mar.12,1929  d-May 2,1994
Laurence,  Eliza L. b-Apr.2,1835  d-Feb.4,1908
Laurence, Jesse  b-1849 d-1931;  DS w/ Sallie Henry “Mother”
Laurence, Jessie L.  b-Jan.1,1861  d-May 4,1922
Lawrence, A.C.  b-1919  d-1998;  FHM only
Lawrence, Baby Boy 1907 ( Single date )
Lawrence, Baby Cade b-1909  d-1911
Lawrence, Baby Rachel b-1912  d-1913
Lawrence, Beamon D.  b-Jan.4,1912  d-Aug.10,1952
Lawrence, C. P.  b-June 7,1870  d-Aug.7,1935
Lawrence, G. B.  b-May 14, 1888  d-Feb.18,1910
Lawrence, J. B.  b-1863  d-1932  “W.O.W.”
Lawrence, J. M.  b-Nov.11,1896  d-Feb.13,1910
Lawrence, Mae A.  b-Nov.11,1876  d-Oct.18,1963
Lawrence, William J.  b-Jan.13,1893  d-Apr.11,1959
            Texas Pvt. Co G 33 Inf WW I
Liles, James Marvin  b-Aug.10,1920  d-Dec.22,1993
            Pvt. US Army WW II
Luthe, Mary Chambers b-May 23,1915  d-______; (died Sept. 15, 1993 per SSDI)
McGinnis, Thomas W.  b-Feb.1,1893  d-Sept.20,1933
McKenzie, Sarah A.  b-Apr.6,1835  d-Nov.1,1904  (headstone broken in ½)
Messick, Stephen Ross  b-Apr.14,1963  d-May 8,1999
        “Beloved son, brother, uncle, nephew”
Mills, Addie Mae b-Sept. 11,1908  d-July 27, 1988;
Mills, Hazel Barlow  b-Oct.31,1899  d-Feb.10,1970  mar-May 12,1928; DS w/ T.C.
Mills, Mary Ann  b-Sept.9,1869  d-May 24,1942
Mills,  Robert H.  b-Aug.22,1897  d-Jan.21,1976;  “Dad & Husband”
Mills, T.C. “Teck” b-Aug 25,1900  d-June 19,1968  mar-May 12,1928; DS w/ Hazel
Mooney, Johnnie b-May 3,1904  d-May 16,1907
Morris, Elizabeth Payne  b-1863  d-1935;  DS w/ John Seal
Morris, John Seals Jr.  b-1865  d-1930;  DS w/ Elizabeth
Nelson, Adelia A.  b-Nov.3,1865  d-Sept.10,1936
Nelson, William Walter b-Oct.18,1877  d-Nov.15,1956
Norris, Bewley  b-1873  d-1964;  TS w/ Lizzie & Cynthia
Norris, Cynthia Willis  b-1909  d-1938;  TS w/ Lizzie & Bewley
Norris, Lizzie  b-1873  d-1958;  TS w/ Cynthia & Bewley
Norris, William Ivy  b-Jan. 15, 1900   d-Apr. 30, 1911-Unmarked*
Parrish, Ruth Estelle Peebles “Mamo” b-Mar.29,1900  d-Sept.2,1992
Peebles, Alice Brock  b-Sept.13,1898  d-June 16,1975;  DS w/ Russell
Peebles, Mrs. B. C.  b-1818  d-1899
Peebles, Daniel W. Jr. b-Nov.20,1914  d-Feb.29,1992
Peebles, Darlene A.  b-Oct.2,1919  d-May 6,1998
Peebles, Elizabeth b-1867  d-1955
Peebles, Hallie b-Aug.23,1883  d-May 6,1967
Peebles, Harriet Cornelia  b-June 23,1862  d-Apr.7,1933
Peebles, Joel T.  b-1859  d-1905
Peebles, John E. Sr. b-Dec.9,1917  d-July 19,1992
Peebles, Lessie M.  b-1888  d-1902
Peebles, Luther J.  b-June 19,1924  d-Sept.14,1997
            Sgt. US Army Air Forces WW II
Peebles, Roy A.  b-Sept.13,1896  d-Sept.5,1980
Peebles, Russell Sheldon b-Aug.21,1893  d-Mar.8,1983  DS w/ Alice
Peebles, Wiley Jackson b-Dec.3,1855  d-July 8, 1914
Powers, Harmon A.  b-June 30,1875  d-May 8,1950
Powers, Ida E.  b-Jan.8,1880  d-Oct.17,1958
Powers, James Alfred b-Nov.10,1900  d-Mar.31,1975
Rankin, Earl W.  b-Apr.22,1907  d-May 24,1960;  “Our loved one”
Rankin, Gary Glenn  b-Feb.1,1940  d-Feb.12,1940;  “Baby Brother”
Rankin, James A.  b-Mar.31,1910  d-Nov.30,1959
            Texas Pvt. 1972 SVC Cond Unit WW II
Rankin, John W. b-1881  d-1947
Rankin, Lena  b-Jan.26,1889  d-Dec.21,1962;  “Mother”
Rankin, Willie b-Oct.5,1914  d-Nov.27,1978;  “Daddy”
Reed, Alford (Bill)  b-Mar.7,1908  d-Mar.19,1981;  DS w/ Eunice
Reed, Eunice M. b-Aug.17,1909 d-_____; (d-Mar 1, 2000-per SSDI)
Robeson, Harry E.  b-1904 d-1989;  FHM only
Ryan, John Dale b-May 30,1894 d-Nov.13,1961
            Louisiana Pvt Btry F 65 Field Arty WW I
Ryan, Nettie Peebles  b-1898  d-1980;  “A Christian”
Sherrod, Robert L.  b-Feb.20,1934  d-Jan.29,1999
            PFC US Army
Sims, Nellie O.  b-Feb.2,1922  d-Jan.18,1996;  DS w/ Thomas F.
Sims, Thomas Franklin  b-Nov.2,1908  d- Mar.25,1990;  DS w/ Nellie O.
            Sgt US Army WW II
Stewart, Jessie W.  b-Dec.24,1919  d-Apr.21,1989;  DS w/ Orzo
Stewart, Orzo b-Feb.20,1920  d-_______;  DS w/ Jessie W.
Sutton, Charles Richard   died July 20, 1942 - Unmarked*
Sutton, Emily    b-Apr. 14, 1862  d-Oct. 24, 1950 - Unmarked*
Sutton, W. H.  b-1868  d-1937;  “At Rest”
Tidwell, Wayne A.  b-Oct.6,1922  d-Apr.8,1974
            Texas SSgt. US Army WW II BSM
Unknown x19  all are marked w/ cement pad  or blank FHM
Vestel, Lurlene  b-July 24,1939  d-July 24,1939
Wooten, Cartha Durell  b-Apr.19,1911  d-Mar.14,1988  mar-Sept.16,1933; DS w/ Mildred
Wooten, Mildred A. Liles b-May 6,1918 d-_______  mar-Sept.16,1933; DS w/ Cartha
Young, Ruth  b-Feb.14,1905  d-July 7,1906  "Daughter of S.V. & G.L. Young"
Zill, Suzanna Silva Clifford b-June 16,1926  d-June 6,1995

*Unmarked graves indicated were previously included in the 1976 cemetery book.

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