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Obituaries for Norah Cornelia Beuhring 
Submitted by Peggy Pike Gordon

"Nora Beuhring died on the 31st inst.  She was the daughter of F. G. L.
Beuhring and M. M. Beuhring.  Born in Virginia, Colorado Co. (sic), in 1850;
and professed religion in Moscow, in 1870; joined the M. E. Church, South;
and died at J. F. Roe's house, Moscow, Polk Co., Texas.  Her funeral was
January 31, 1877.  She left brothers and sisters and the church in Moscow.
R. M. Kirby."

Moscow, Polk County, Texas, Saturday, April 14, 1877

Trinity, Texas, February 18th, 1877

 THE FELL destroyer, Death, has again been in our midst, and claimed for his victim, Miss Nora C. Beuhring, leaving her relatives and friends to mourn her untimely departure for the untried realities of eternity.  She took her departure on the 31st of Jan., 1877; her body to wait in hope in the grave until the resurrection, and her soul, as we trust, to enter into that "rest which remaineth for the people of God."  Deceased was one of the most respected and esteemed young
ladies of the county.  Her pure life needs no comment.  She was a practical christian, in her religious sentiments she was a Methodist and died "trusting in Jesus;" her religion was of that type that beautifies and adorns every day circumstances.  Patient amid all provocations, always kind, gentle and uniformly cheerful.  So sweet, so winning in her ways, so good she was a universal favorite.  Yes, and truly, "none knew her but to love, none named her but to praise."  And as is the case with those of few frailties, she was ever ready to hide them in others with the mantle of charity.  "The silver cord is indeed loosed, and the golden bowl is broken;" and death, whose icy touch decays all things earthly, has stricken her down in the pride of her youthful womanhood, regardless of the beautiful rainbow of promise, which spanned across the bright heavens of her future hopes.  Whilst this affliction is mysterious, her friends mourn not as those without hope, feeling well assured that she is now safe from the temptations of this life, and has reached the banks of
  "That beautiful, beautiful river, 
    That flows by the Throne of God."
But now that she is gone from amongst us, and her spirit has taken its flight beyond the skies to mingle with the pure essences of heaven, let us cherish her many virtues in the golden urn of memory.  Her extraordinary energy and industry, and force of character, her kind, courteous bearing, her high sense of the importance of life, and her conscientious regard for duty are fresh in the memories of all.  It is but meet and proper that we should drop a silent tear upon the grave of such, and plant above their smouldering ashes a "forget-me-not" - a sweet emblem of truth, that, though dead, they still live in our memories. 
  IN THIS spirit and inasmuch as we are desirous of placing on record some testimonial of our esteem for our beloved sister, we therefore offer the following preamble and resolutions:
  Whereas, IT HAS pleased Him, who doeth all things well, to take unto himself, thus early in life, our beloved friend and sister, Nora C Beuhring; and
  Whereas, IT IS meet and proper that we, the members of the United Friends of Temperance, of which the deceased was a most worthy member, should express our appreciation, and the deep sorrow we feel in the loss we have sustained; as well as tender the bereaved relations and friends our most heartfelt sympathy, co-mingling our grief with theirs; therefore
  Resolved, THAT WE have learned with deep sorrow of the death of our sister, Nora C. Beuhring, late member of the Council; and that while we lament her loss, and the Inscrutable Providence that so early removed her from a life full of hope and promise, we will endeavor to bow in submission to the will of our omniscient God.
  Resolved, THAT IN the death of our sister the community has lost one of its brightest ornaments, the Council, one of the purest and noblest of its members whose genial spirit and high Christian character endeared her to every member.
  Resolved, THAT IN sister Nora C. Beuhring, we recognize one who possessed the qualities of a noble woman and the spirit of a kind and christian lady, and that "we sorrow not as those without hope," but are comforted by the assurance that she has fallen asleep in Jesus.
  Resolved, THAT WE, of her own sex, will try to  profit by the example she has set us, to emulate her many virtues, her ladylike deportment, her regard for the wishes and welfare of others, her womanly self-respect and general integrity of character - to tread in her footsteps as she trod in those of the Blessed Master.
  Resolved, THAT HER many virtues are worthy of imitation, and the memory of them will be cherished in the hearts of all.
  Resolved, THAT WE tender to the relatives and friends of our departed sister, the expression of our heartfelt sympathy and tenderest commiseration at this sad bereavement.
  Resolved, THAT THESE resolutions be spread upon our minutes, and a copy of them be transmitted to the relatives and friends of the deceased, and also that they be published in the MOSCOW REVIEW.

    W. F. LISTER, Char., }
    J. S. FRISBY,             } Com.
    S. A. ROBB                }
    ADOPTED,  Feb. 18, 1877

Norah Cornelia BEUHRING, daughter of  Frederick George Louis BEUHRING & Melcina M. McGINNIS, was a twin to Cora Eugenia BEUHRING.  They were born June 1850 in Cabell Co, VA(WV)    According to family lore, she is buried near Moscow, Polk Co, TX, and that a Mr. Green placed a stone at her grave, but we have never located the it.

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