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Service Station Owner Proves to Be a Hero
When He Extinguishes Blazing Fire Truck

    "It's an old saying among newspaper men that if a dog bites a man, it is not news.  But if a man bites a dog, well, that is news.
    "Proceeding on that theory then, it ought to be news when a fire truck catches fire.
    "While the new fire station is under construction the two trucks are being kept under the shed near the plant of the Livingston Gin Company.  As the big truck is naturally hard to start even in warm weather and extremely hard in cold weather, one of the city employees has been putting an electric heater under the hood in order to keep the engine and carburetor warm.  Ever so often the engine would be started and allowed to run for a while presumably in order to see if it could be started all right.
    "Tuesday morning, something went wrong with the program of warming up, for while the motor was running and the electric heater was on, gasoline in the carburetor caught fire and soon flames were all over the inside of the hood.
    "Elmer Bailey proved to be the hero of the occasion, for seeing the flames from his filling station across the street, he seized a hand extinguisher, rushed across the street and put out the blaze before any great damage was done.
    "A spokesman for the fire department stated Wednesday that a special called meeting of the firemen might be held in the next few days at which time resolutions will be passed asking that Mr. Bailey be awarded a medal and urging city council to speed up construction work on the new fire station."

Thursday, November 9, 1933; Page-1

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