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Livingston Man Still Carrying Four Leaf Clover 
He Plucked 14 Years Ago in Germany 

     "Cullen Coogler and his 14-year old four leaf clover are preparing to celebrate another Armistice Day this week.  And that brings on quite a little story--how the partnership between the two came to be formed, Cullen being Irish and the clover being of German origin.
     "It was in May, 1919, and Mr. Coogler then was Private Cullen Coogler of Company M, 9th Infantry, 2nd Division, in the Army Occupation in Germany, homesick, tired, digusted, and a few other adjectives of the sort not usually found in print.
     "One day while standing on parade, Private Coogler, fatigued from standing in one posistion, risked a "bawling out" and a few days in the guard house by dropping down on the ground behind the line.  It was while he was lying on the ground that hw notices the four leaf clover.  He plucked it carefully and put it in his pocket.
     "Before he had time to get up from the ground the order came from the First Sergeant to "count off".  The men started counting, one, two, three, four.  Had Private Coogler been standing in line where he should have been, his number would have been three.
     "His four leaf clover had brought him luck, for the order was given for all the men with odd numbers to step out.  They were marched away to spend eight more months of service in the Army of Occupation.  The others were sent to embarkation camp the next morning and from there home.
     "That is why Mr. Coogler still carries the sprig of clover with him everywhere he goes.  And don't try arguing with him that there is no such thing as luck.   He knows better."

Thursday, November 9, 1933; Page-1

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