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***Special Thanks to Mary Harper, without her help and encouragement,
      this project would not have been possible.***
These records were transcribed by Beverly Munson Evins, February 2000,and are subject to
interpretation . I encourage you to get a copy of the original from the courthouse for varification.

                            Polk County Texas  Marriage Book A

Abbey, Margaret Jane   to  John Burt                   on  August 27, 1846          page-1
Abby, Martha E. A.       to  James  Page              on  March 30, 1948           page-10
Ashworth  , Vicency      to  Patrick  Johnson         on  August ??? 1848          page-6
Askew,  Zemila Ann      to  John W.  Rotan          on  February 24, 1848       page-7

Bass, Cinthy                   to John Victery                on  February 20, 1848       page-11
Brown, Matilda              to William S.  Reese        on  November  24, 1846    page-1
Burt, John                      to  Margaret Jane Abbey on  August 27, 1846           page-1
Bulter, Destimoney         to  John A.  Loid             on  February 3, 1848          page-10
Butler, Mary                  to  Edward   Jones           on  August 31, 1848           page-15
Butler, Sarah                  to Archibald S.  McGee   on  January 27, 1847          page-2
Callihan, Eliza I.             to  James A.  Manning      on  April 17, 1848              page-13
Chesher, Seelia              to  James  Curry               on  February 10, 1848        page-8
Clepper, Lem G.            to  Mary Ann Faulkner     on  September 28, 1848     page-16
Currie, Edward              to  Maranda E. English      on  May 15, 1848              page-13
Curry, James                  to  Seelia Chesher             on  February 10, 1848       page-8
Curry, Julian                   to  David  Hornsby           on  July 8, 1847                  page-5

Decker, Isaac                 to  Ann J.  Harrell              on  January 23, 1849        page-23
Duglass , Ann I               to  John B.  Herald            on  April 27, 1847            page-4

English, Maranda E.      to  Edward  Currie             on  May 15, 1848              page-13
Epperson, Thaxton  L.   to  Emelia E. Hill                on  April 5, 1848               page-11

Faulkner, Mary Ann       to  Lem G. Clepper           on  September 28, 1848     page-16
Fields, William                to  Juliana Hook                on  December 28, 1848     page-21

Green, Obadiah               to  Elizabeth Osten           on  July 21, 1847                 page-6
Green, Robert N.            to  Martha McGee            on  December 14, 1848       page-19

Hardin, Martha                to  Martin A.  Jones          on  January 19, 1849          page-22
Harrell, Ann J.                 to  Isaac  Decker              on  January 23, 1849          page-23
Herald, John B.               to  Ann I. Duglass             on  April 27, 1847              page-4
Hickman, William            to  Catharine Hornsby       applied for on March 29, 1847 page-3
Hicks, Thomas C.           to  Litha E. Jones                on   February 17, 1848      page-9
Hill, Emelia E.                  to  Thaxton  L.  Epperson  on  April 5, 1848                page-11
Hook , Juliana                 to  William Fields               on  December 28, 1848      page-21
Hornsby, Catharine          to  William  Hickman        applied for March 29, 1847 page-3
Hornsby, David               to  Julian Curry                  on  July 8, 1847                  page-5

Johnson, Patrick             to  Vicency Ashworth        on  August ??? 1848           page-6
Jones, Edward                to  Mary Butler                 on  August 31, 1848            page-15
Jones, Litha E.                to  Thomas C.  Hicks        on  February 17, 1848         page-9
Jones, Martin A.             to  Martha Hardin             on  January 19, 1849           page-22
Jones, Melissa Ann         to  Absalom  McGee         on  December 7, 1848        page-24

Knight, W. J.                  to  Marietta Roszel           on  March 17, 1847              page-2

Lawrence, William          to  Elizabeth McDonald   on  March 22, 1847               page-3
Loid, John A.                  to  Destimoney Bulter      on  February 3, 1848             page-10

McAda, Martha Jane      to  John Westley  Sansom   on  October 5,  1848        page-17
McAda, Nancy               to  A.  Weathers                 on  May 27, 1847             page-5
McDonald, Elizabeth       to  William  Lawrence         on  March 22, 1847          page-3
McDonald, Leweza        to  John  Rion                      on  May 6, 1848               page-14
McGee, Absalom           to  Melissa Ann Jones          on  December 7, 1848      page-24
McGee, Archibald S.      to  Sarah Butler                   on  January 27, 1847        page-2
McGee, Martha              to  Robert N.  Green           on  December 14, 1848    page-19
McKim, Phoebe             to  James  Moore                on  November 7, 1848      page-18
McNaulty, Sarah            to  Sidney B.  White            on  January 26, 1848         page-8
Mainor, Richard S.         to  Mary Manning                on  April 19, 1848             page-12
Manning , Arminta          to  J. B.  White                    on  April 29, 1847             page-4
Manning, James A.         to  Eliza I. Callihan               on  April 17, 1848            page-13
Manning, Mary               to  Richard S.  Mainor         on  April 19, 1848            page-12
Moore, James                to  Phoebe McKim               on  November 7, 1848     page-18

Norsweather, Martha      to  John  Van Winkle          on  January 10, 1849         page-20

Orsworth, Washington     to  (no name) Sweet           on  September 27, 1847   page-7
Osten, Elizabeth               to  Obadiah  Green            on  July 21, 1847             page-6

Page, James                   to  Martha E. A. Abby         on  March 30, 1948        page-10
Pratt, Susan W.              to  Robert S.  Williamson     on  February  8, 1849     page-25

Reese, William S.           to  Matilda  Brown                on  November  24, 1846 page-1
Rotan,  John W.             to  Zemila Ann Askew           on  February 24, 1848    page-7
Rion, John                      to  Leweza  McDonald          on  May 6, 1848             page-14
Roszel, Marietta             to  W. J.  Knight                    on  March 17, 1847        page-2

Sansom, John Westley   to  Martha Jane McAda          on  October 5,  1848      page-17
Summers, Dorcas C.      to William  Wills                     on  March 31, 1847        page-3
Sweet, (no name)          to Washington Orsworth         on  September 27, 1847  page-7

Van Winkle, John           to  Martha Norsweather         on  January 10, 1849       page-20
Victery, John                  to  Cinthy Bass                       on  February 20, 1848    page-11

Weathers, A.                  to  Nancy McAda                  on  May 27, 1847            page-5
White, J. B.                    to  Arminta Manning               on  April 29, 1847           page-4
White, Sidney B.            to  Sarah McNaulty                 on  January 26, 1848      page-8
William S.                      to  Matilda  Brown                  on  November  24, 1846 page-1
Williamson, Robert S.    to  Susan W. Pratt                   on  February  8, 1849      page-25
Wills, William                 to  Dorcas C.  Summers         on  March 31, 1847        page-3

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