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****A special thank you to Mary Harper, because without her help and
         encouragement I never would have completed this project!*****
Transcribed by Beverly Evins.  Since handwriting is subject to interpretation, I encourage you to
compare my results to the original documents located in the Polk County Courthouse.

                           Polk County Texas Marriage Book B

Abbott, William C.         to  Martha Chamber      on   May 4, 1856            Page -79
Adams, A. G.                to  Amanda M. Garner   on   December 13, 1850 Page-23
Aden, A. A.                   to  Mary Cochran          on   February 2, 1851     Page-25
Ainsworth, James P.       to  Margaret Brown       on   November 8, 1849   Page-10
Ainsworth, Margret        to  Peter Cashaw           on   September 2, 1855   Page-73
Anderson, Eunice           to  Isaac S. Cook          on   July 26, 1854        Page-61 & 62
Augustine, Virginia S.     to  Robert Lucilous Williams on   July 19, 1855      Page-71
Austin, Althea E.            to  George W.  Nelson    on   March  4, 1849        Page-1

Bailey, Alphonso P.        to  Ellen  Victery           on  November, 17, 1853     Page-49
Baker, Bradford             to  Malinda Brashears   on   April 5, 1849                Page-2
Batey, Martha J. A.        to  A. R Carter              on   December 25, 1855     Page-74
Beatty, Mary Ann           to  William L. Booth      on   April 17, 1856              Page -80
Benet, Martha A.            to  A. Ellis                     on   August 2, 1854             Page-59
Bishop, Elizabeth             to  Hiriam Lewis           on   August 22, 1854           Page-60
Blackwell, Lavicy            to  Charles Gilcrease     on   May 10, 1854              Page-55
Blukely (Blakely?), Mary to  James Ellis               on   August 17, 1855           Page-70
Boon, Julia A.                  to  Robert Rucker        on   October 22, 1849         Page-10
Booth, William L.            to  Mary Ann Beatty     on   April 17, 1856              Page -80
Brake, Elizabeth              to  Elisha Vickery         on   July 22, 1849                Page-4
Brandin, Lucretia             to  Major McKim         on   August 14, 1850           Page-17
Brashears, Malinda          to  Bradford   Baker     on   April 5, 1849                Page-2
Brooks, John W.             to  Amanda A. Danley  on   July 2, 1856                  Page -82
Brown, Margaret             to James P. Ainsworth  on   November 8, 1849       Page-10
Bundick, Jane E.             to  William  C. Jones      on   July 18, 1850               Page-16
Burch, Richard                to  Angelina Womack    on    September 5, 1852      Page-37
Burch, Samuel L.             to  Mary Jane Smith       on  February 8, 1855          Page-67
Burch, William H.            to  Rebecca Elizabeth Eastman on  March 23, 1854  Page-57
Burrough, Dillard R.         to  Eliza N. Taylor          on February 10, 1857         Page-89
Burroughs, Mary  S. E.    to  Henry A. Towns        on   July 6, 1854                 Page-59
Butler, Adaline C. to  J. L. (or  I. L ) Forrest on   July 19, 1853             Page-44
Butler, Martha                 to  Joseph Lewis             on  December 9, 1855        Page-76
Butler, S. G.                    to  S. P. Reynolds           on   July 17, 1855               Page-70

Carns, Sarah C.             to  R. H. McClanahan      on   September 14, 1854     Page-61
Carr, George W.           to  Mary Darden               on   August 15, 1852           Page-36
Carr, Martha Ann          to  John W. Seymore        on   October 13, 1851         Page-32
Carr, Mary Ann             to  William R. Hodges       on   February 17, 1852        Page-33
Carson, Amanda            to  William McGee           on   August 30, 1849            Page-8
Carter, A. R.                 to  Martha J. A. Batey      on   December 25, 1855       Page-74
Cashaw, Peter               to  Margret Ainsworth      on   September 2, 1855         Page-73
Chamber, Martha          to  William C. Abbott       on   May 4, 1856                  Page -79
Cherry, Aaron               to  Mary Gillinghan           on   May 15, 1851                Page-28
Choats , Clarinda A.      to  James N. Oliphant      on   July 5, 1851                    Page-29
Clark, William H.           to  Florida Glover            on   May 1, 1856                  Page-79
Cochran, Mary              to  A. A. Aden                 on   February 2, 1851           Page-25
Cochran, Travis S.         to  Sarah A. Mainer         on   December 16, 1856       Page-87
Collins, Minerva             to  Henry Kellar              on   May 4, 1854                   Page-58
Colvele, B.                     to  Sarah J. Hardin          on   June 2, 1850                   Page-15
Conley, William C.         to  Susan A. Singleton     on   June 19, 1856                 Page-81
Connet, Thomas J.         to  Catherine Robb          on  February 23, 1854           Page-54
Cook, Isaac S.               to  Ennice Anderson        on   July 26, 1854              Page-61 & 62
Cook, William Austin      to  Phedoria Womack     on   October 12, 1854           Page-62
Crew, John                     to  Sarah J. Wilson          on   February 14, 1850          Page-13
Cummings, Henry           to  Martha Roe                on   May 18, 1851                Page-29
Curry, Lena                    to  William Ferrell            on   August 14, 1850             Page-17
Curvell, Batiste               to  Sarah Hudson             on   May 1, 1853                  Page-43

Dailey , Mary Ann Elizabeth  to  Elbert W. Womack on   February 10, 1853       Page-42
Danley, Amanda A.        to  John W. Brooks          on   July 2, 1856                    Page-82
Darden , Mary                to  George W. Carr          on   August 15, 1852             Page-36
Daughdrill, S.                  to  Ginsy  Westover          on   September 7, 1854         Page-60
Davis, Caroline B.           to   T. A. McCardle         on   June 1, 1848                   Page-2
Davis, E. C.                    to  Susan A. Powell          on   August 5, 1855               Page-72
Davis, James Jr.              to  Sarah A. Finch            on   August 25, 1850             Page-18
Davis, Minerva A.          to  James H. McCardell    on   February 24, 1853          Page-42
Dean, Lou Ann              to  Samuel Gillim                on   December 7, 1854         Page-65
Dobbins, John               to  Ann Irene Johnson         on   October 16, 1856        Page-84&8
Dooley, Joel M.            to  Martha Williams             on   April 6, 1854                 Page-54
Dugan, Mary A.            to  Logan W. Stinson          on   November 24, 1850       Page-21
Dunnaman, Sidney  H .  to  Sarah W.  McDonald    on  December 22, 1853         Page-5

Eastman, Rebecca Elizabeth to  William H. Burch       on  March 23, 1854            Page-57
Ellis, A.                        to  Martha A. Benet               on   August 2, 1854             Page-59
Ellis, Benjamin F.          to  Sophiah Lee Rucker         on   May 8, 1853                 Page-43
Ellis, James                   to  Mary Blukely (Blakely?)   on   August 17, 1855           Page-70
Elliser, C. H.                to  Mrs. Mary New                on   November 9, 1852       Page-41
Eliser, Mary                 to  C. W. Ludlow                   on   July 17, 1856                Page-82
English,Arena               to  Thomas C. Hicks              on   June 8, 1854                 Page-53
Evins (Evens) , W. F.   to  Nancy Melvina Weathers  on November 16, 1855        Page-75

Ferrell, William           to  Lena  Curry                        on   August 14, 1850               Page-17
Finch, Penelope          to  James W. Morris                on   August 18, 1853               Page-45
Finch, Sarah A.           to  James Davis Jr.                  on   August 25, 1850               Page-18
Finch, Susan Ann        to  James E. Smith                   on   October 5, 1854               Page-62
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth    to  William Schofeild                on   February 8, 1855              Page-67
Fitzgerald, Martha E.  to  John C. Schofeild                on   November 13, 1856         Page -86
Fitzgerald, William      to  Nancy Elizabeth Hubert       on   December 31, 1850         Page-23
Folkner, Sarah            to  Thomas P. L.  Kinard         on   October 30, 1850             Page-20
Forrest, J. L. (or  I. L. ) to  Adaline C. Butler             on   July 19, 1853                    Page-44
Furgurson, Delitha      to  Abner P. Womack              on   February 17, 1853            Page-46

Garner, Amanda M.     to  A. G.  Adams                    on   December 13, 1850          Page-23
Garner, Eliza Jane         to  Thomas B. Shotwell          on   October 16, 1856             Page -84
Garner, William H.        to  Frances A. Haynes            on   February 2, 1853             Page-51
Gee, Martha C.            to  W. Reid Moore                 on   June 9, 1852                    Page-34
Gibson, Elizabeth C.      to  Robert Wright                  on   May 29, 1856                  Page-80
Gilcrease, Charles         to  Lavicy Blackwell              on   May 10, 1854                  Page-55
Gillim, Samuel               to  Lou Ann Dean                  on   December 7, 1854           Page-65
Gillinghan, Mary            to  Aaron Cherry                   on  May 15, 1851                   Page-28

Gindrat, David               to  Mary E. Palmer                on   September 2, 1852           Page-38
Gindrat,E. A.                 to  William Whitehead           on   June 4, 1852                     Page-34
Glaze, Patrick N..          to  Delia C. McDonald          on   March 14, 1849                Page-1
Glover, Florida              to  William H. Clark              on   May 1, 1856                     Page -79
Goff, Clarinda               to  Matthew T. Smith             on   October 20, 1852             Page-39
Goff, Sarah                   to  James King                       on   November 21, 1850         Page-26
Goodall, A. E.               to  Henry W.  Robinson         on   February 19, 1856           Page-77
Green, Mary Elizabeth   to  Reason Pilcher                  on   December 25, 1856         Page -88

Hamilton, James C.       to  Martha Ann Hubert           on   February 13, 1851            Page-27
Hammond, Samuel G.   to  Eliza Secreas                     on   July 15(or 18?), 1849       Page-5
Hansborough, William G. to  Viensia M. Hubert          on   May 1, 1853                    Page-48
Hardin, Sarah J.            to  B. Colvele                         on   June 2, 1850                    Page-15
Harrell, Francis M.        to  Susan D. Shotwell             on   May 22, 1855                  Page-64
Harrison, Mary              to  Joseph Wills                     on   December 12, 1850         Page-21
Harrison, William           to  Clarisa  Watts                   on   July 19, 1849                   Page-7
Haynes , Frances A.      to  William H. Garner             on   February 2, 1853             Page-51
Hibbets, Mary C.          to  William Wright                  on   January 17, 1850             Page-13
Hickman, Asa               to  Sarah Ann McKim            on   January 19, 1856             Page-75
Hickman, Hezehiah       to  Mary Ann Taylor               on   September 4, 1851          Page-31
Hickman, James           to  Jane Rae (or Roe?)            on   June 28, 1855                  Page-69
Hicks, Cornelia A.        to  W. M. Neyland                  on    January 15, 1851            Page-24
Hicks, Litha E.              to  J. M. A. H. Nash                on   May 16, 1850                 Page-15
Hicks, Mary Winnifred  to  John P. Kale                      on   August 10, 1852              Page-36
Hicks, Thomas C.         to  Arena English                     on   June 8, 1854                    Page-53
Hill, Elizabeth S.            to  Miles G. Stephens              on   February 23, 1854           Page-61
Hill, Harriett Elizabeth    to  Daniel  D. Moore               on   October 22, 1853            Page-48
Hill, John E.                  to  Mary Ann Williams             on   February 12, 1850           Page-12
Hines, Margarett F.       to  William E. Newly(Newby?) on  February 5, 1857             Page -90
Hobday, William          to  Amanda M. Smith                on  December 5, 1850            Page-22
Hodges, William R.      to  Mary Ann Carr                    on   February 17, 1852           Page-33
Holcome, Alfred          to  Julia Smith                            on   May 4, 1855                    Page-68
Hood, J.                      to  Britten Oquinn                      on   January 13, 1856              Page-78
Hood, Wiley                to  Martha Elizabeth Huffman     on   April 13, 1854                  Page-56
Hooker, Susan             to  W. J. F. (or WIF) Purvis      on   October 7, 1852               Page-38
Hooker, William N.      to   Eliza Smith                           on   December 9, 1852           Page-40
Hoot, Charles Wesley  to  Mary McClanahan                on   March 26, 1857               Page -90
Hornsby, Mary            to  Benjamin Tracy                     on   December 25, 1855         Page -76
Hubert, Martha Ann     to  James C. Hamilton                on   February 13, 1851           Page-27
Hubert, Nancy Elizabeth to  William Fitzgerald               on   December 31, 1850         Page-23
Hubert, Viensia M.       to  William G. Hansborough       on   May 1, 1853                    Page-48
Hudson, Sarah             to  Batiste Curvell                       on   May 1, 1853                    Page-43
Huffman, Martha Elizabeth to  Wiley Hood                     on   April 13, 1854                 Page-56

Irvin, S. G.                    to  Caroline Kinard                    on   October 7, 1850             Page-18
Isaacs, S. T.                  to  Susan Williams                      on   January 23, 1851           Page-25

Jackson, C. H.               to  Mrs. Caroline Jones             on   December 4, 1855          Page-73
Johnson, Ann Irene        to  John Dobbins                       on   October 16, 1856       Page-84&85
Johnson , Charles          to  Martha Tracy                       on   May 26, 1850                 Page-14
Johnson, John R.           to  Ann R. Smelly                      on   June 12, 1849                  Page-4
Johnson, Rachael          to  John McNulty                       on   June 20, 1851                  Page-28
Johnston, Matthew        to  Winnifred O’Steen                on  Decmber 3, 1854             Page-63
Jones, Mrs. Caroline      to  C.H Jackson                        on  December 4, 1855           Page-73
Jones, Emily J.              to  Henry McCormick                on  September 23, 1852         Page-37
Jones, Francis N.          to  Julia Smelly                           on   June 24, 1852                  Page-35
Jones, James M.           to  Catherine Vogle                     on  December 16, 1853         Page-51
Jones, James M.           to  Emily Eliza Owens                  on  February 19, 1855           Page-68
Jones, Jesse R.             to  Mary Ann Servilla Purvis         on  November 12, 1853        Page-49
Jones, Levi                   to  Caroline McDonald                 on  January 8, 1851               Page-24
Jones, Nancy Elvira      to  Samuel McCormack               on   October 25, 1849           Page-9
Jones, Rhoda E.           to  S.W. Moore                           on   July 21, 1850                  Page-16
Jones, Samuel B.          to  Mary Ann Watts                     on   September 8, 1850         Page-19
Jones, William  C.        to  Jane E. Bundick                       on   July 18, 1850                 Page-16

Kale, John P.               to  Mary Winnifred Hicks             on   August 10, 1852             Page-36
Kellar, Henry               to  Minerva Collins                       on   May 4, 1854                   Page-58
Kinard, Caroline          to  S. G. Irvin                               on   October 7, 1850              Page-18
Kinard, Elma               to  William V. Ward                      on   October 27, 1852           Page-40
Kinard, Thomas P. L.  to  Sarah Folkner                          on   October 30, 1850           Page-20
King, James                to  Sarah Goff                               on    November 21, 1850       Page-26
Kirksey, Elnora           to  Martin Taylor                          on    May 14, 1854                 Page-56
Larrimore, Mary Jane  to  William McGee                       on   October 11, 1851            Page-32
Lee, Lavincy               to  William R.  Richards                on   January 11, 1855             Page-66
Leggett, John W.         to  Dorcus McGee                       on   August 30, 1849              Page-8
Lewis, Hiriam              to  Elizabeth Bishop                      on   August 22, 1854              Page-60
Lewis, Joseph             to  Martha Butler                           on  December 9, 1855           Page -76
Lewis, S. S.                to  W. T. Walker                           on  December 22, 1854         Page-65
Lindley, Amanda         to  William Thomas Martin             on  November 1, 1856          Page -85
Lockheart, Samuel      to  Christian McGill                        on   April 23, 1856                 Page -81
Lott, Adalade             to  Thomas A. Sweat                      on   March 12, 1856              Page -78
Lott, Calvin                to  Malinda Tyler                            on   September 7, 1853          Page-45
Ludlow, C. W.           to  Mary Eliser                               on   July 17, 1856                   Page -8
Ludlow, Mahala Jane  to  James B. Schofield                   on  August 18, 1851               Page-30

McAda, Jane M.             to  Elisha S.  Powell                  on  August 8, 1849                Page-6
McAda, William S.          to  Martha Jane Powell             on   January 24, 1850            Page-11
McCardell, James H.       to  Minerva A. Davis                on   February 24, 1853          Page-42
McCardle, T. A.              to  Caroline B. Davis                on   June 1, 1848                   Page-2
McClanahan, Mary          to  Charles Wesley Hoot          on   March 26, 1857              Page -90
McClanahan, R. H.          to  Sarah C. Carns                   on   September 14, 1854        Page-61
McClenny, Stephen G.     to Harriett M. Williams             on   December 25, 1850        Page-22
McConnell, Calvin           to  Bertie Terrell                        on   November 30, 1854       Page-64
McCormack, Samuel       to  Nancy Elvira Jones              on  October 25, 1849            Page-9
McCormick,  Andrew B. to  Elizabeth J. Terrell                on   December 4, 1856          Page -86
McCormick, Henry          to  Emily J. Jones                      on  September 23, 1852        Page-37
McCrory, Elizabeth J.      to  Sebon  J. Robins                  on   January 20, 1857            Page -88
McDonald, Caroline        to  Levi Jones                           on   January 8, 1851               Page-24
McDonald, Delia C.        to  Patrick N. Glaze                  on  March 14, 1849                Page-1
McDonald, Mary Jane     to  Joseph E. Rodgers              on  May 24, 1849                   Page-3
McDonald, Sarah W.       to  Sidney  H. Dunnaman         on  December 22, 1853          Page-50
McGee, Dorcus              to  John W. Leggett                  on   August 30, 1849               Page-8
McGee, Sarah A.            to  Wm. J. Smith                      on   October 26, 1854            Page-63
McGee, William              to  Amanda Carson                  on   August 30, 1849              Page-8
McGee, William              to  Mary Jane Larrimore           on   October 11, 1851            Page-32
McGill, Christian             to  Samuel Lockheart                on   April 23, 1856                 Page -81
McGowen, Fanny          to  William D. Mitchell               on   October 12, 1853            Page-47
McGowen, Mary L        to  Robert T. Robinson.             on   March 1, 1854                 Page-53
McKee, Martha Ann      to  D. S. Nowlin                        on   November 17, 1856        Page -87
McKim, Major              to  Lucretia Brandin                    on   August 14, 1850             Page-17
McKim, Sarah Ann       to  Asa  Hickman                        on   January 19, 1856            Page-75
McMickin, Levi S.        to  Emma J. D. Turner                 on   December 11, 1862        Page -91
McNulty, John              to  Rachael Johnson                     on   June 20, 1851                 Page-28

Mainar, Martha              to  Moses Tracey                      on   June 10, 1855                Page-71
Mainer, Sarah A.            to  Travis S.    Cochran             on   December 16, 1856       Page -87
Manning, Susan              to  R. P. Sansom                       on   January 16, 1850           Page-12
Marlow, Eliza Jane         to  Eli Tipton Jr.                         on   August 14, 1851            Page-30
Marsh, Sarah J.              to  William Tipton                      on   September 8, 1849        Page-6
Martin, William Thomas  to  Amanda Lindley                   on   November 1, 1856        Page -85
Massey(or Manry), Margaret J.  to  James  Turner           on  February 23, 1854         Page-52
Mays , M. F                   to  Lewis Turner                        on   February 3, 1850          Page-11
Meadows, Edward         to  Caroline E. Towns                on   December 11, 1855      Page-74
Menken, Alexander        to  Ada B. Theodore                  on   April 3, 1856                Page -77
Mills, Sarah Ann             to  Barnett Willingham                on   August 5, 1850             Page-20
Mitchell, William D.        to  Fanny McGowen                  on   October 12, 1853         Page-47
Moore, Daniel  D.          to  Harriett Elizabeth Hill             on   October 22, 1853         Page-48
Moore, John W.            to  Jane Williams                         on   September 18, 1856  Page-83&84
Moore, S.W.                 to  Rhoda E.  Jones                     on   July 21, 1850                Page-16
Moore, W. Reid            to  Martha C. Gee                       on   June 9, 1852                 Page-34
Morris, James W.          to  Penelope Finch                      on   August 18, 1853            Page-45

Nash, J. M. A. H.           to  Litha E. Hicks                      on   May 16, 1850                Page-15
Nelson, George W.         to  Althea E. Austin                   on   March  4, 1849              Page-1
New, Mrs. Mary             to  C. H. Elliser                         on   November 9, 1852        Page-41
Newly (Newby?), William E. to  Margarett F. Hines         on   February 5, 1857          Page -90
Neyland, W. M.              to  Cornelia A. Hicks                 on   January 15, 1851          Page-24
Nowlin, D. S.                  to  Martha Ann McKee              on  November 17, 1856      Page -87

Oliphant, James N.          to  Clarinda A. Choats                on   July 5, 1851                  Page-29
Oquinn, Britten                to  J.  Hood                                on   January 13, 1856          Page-78
Osteen, James                 to  Mary M. Tracy                      on   May 7, 1854                Page-55
O’Steen, Winnifred          to  Matthew Johnston                 on   Decmber 3, 1854         Page-63
Owens, Emily Eliza          to  James M. Jones                     on   February 19, 1855        Page-68

Palmer, Mary E.              to  David Gindrat                       on   September 2, 1852         Page-38
Parsons, Nancy A.          to  E.  Vining                              on   June 4, 1854                   Page-58
Peace, Wiley J.               to  Lucy S. Stubblefield               on   February 25, 1850          Page-14
Peebles, Henry               to  Mary Purvis                           on   March 11, 1855              Page-69
Peebles, Jesse                to  May E. Sims                          on   January 25, 1857             Page -89
Pilcher, Reason              to  Mary Elizabeth Green             on   December 25, 1856        Page -88
Powell, Elisha S.            to  Jane M. McAda                     on  August 8, 1849                Page-6
Powell, Martha Jane       to  William S. McAda                 on  January 24, 1850             Page-11
Powell , Susan A.           to  E. C.   Davis                          on   August 5, 1855               Page-72
Prater, E.                       to  C. G. Tidwell                         on   July 4, 1849                    Page-5
Pratt, Mary                    to  Aaron W. Vickery                 on  March 23, 1851               Page-27
Purvis, Mary                  to  Henry Peebles                       on   March 11, 1855              Page-69
Purvis, Mary Ann Servilla to  Jesse R.  Jones                    on  November 12, 1853         Page-49
Purvis, W. J. F. (or WIF) to  Susan Hooker                     on   October 7, 1852              Page-38

Rae (or Roe?), Jane      to  James Hickman                      on   June 28, 1855                  Page-69
Reed,Claiborn              to  Catherine Rook                      on   June 6, 1852                    Page-33
Reynolds, S. P. (fe)      to  S. G. Butler                            on   July 17, 1855                   Page-70
Richards, William R.    to  Lavincy Lee                            on   January 11, 1855             Page-66
Robb, Catherine          to  Thomas J. Connet                   on  February 23, 1854            Page-54
Robb, John A.             to  Catherine Westcott                 on   August 17, 1856            Page-82&83
Robins, Sebon  J.        to  Elizabeth J. McCrory              on   January 20, 1857              Page -88
Robinson, Henry W.    to  A. E. Goodall                         on   February 19, 1856           Page -77
Robinson, Robert T.    to  Mary L. McGowen                on   March 1, 1854                 Page-53
Rodgers,Joseph E.       to  Mary Jane McDonald            on  May 24, 1849                   Page-3
Roe, Martha                to  Henry Cummings                   on   May 18, 1851                  Page-29
Rook, Catherine          to  Claiborn Reed                        on   June 6, 1852                    Page-33
Rowe, Martha J.         to  Montgomery Williams             on   October 18, 1849            Page-9
Rucker, Robert           to  Julia A. Boon                          on   October 22, 1849            Page-10
Rucker, Sophiah Lee   to  Benjamin F. Ellis                     on   May 8, 1853                   Page-43
Ryan, Winney             to  D. D. Thompson                      on   June 20, 1853                 Page-46
Ryans, Edy                 to  Moses C.  Tracey                    on  May 27, 1849                  Page-3

Sanders, William          to  Mary Singleton                      on   February 10, 1853             Page-41
Sansom, Amanda S.     to  Thomas Stockton                  on   February 9, 1851               Page-26
Sansom, Mary             to  Rosford Sansom                    on   December 25, 1853           Page-50
Sansom, R. P.             to  Susan  Manning                      on   January 16, 1850               Page-12
Sansom, Rosford         to  Mary Sansom                        on   December 25, 1853           Page-50
Sansom, Sophronia      to  John W. Stephens                  on   May 1, 1853                      Page-47
Schofield, James B.      to  Mahala Jane Ludlow              on  August 18, 1851                 Page-30
Schofeild, John C.       to  Martha E. Fitzgerald                on  November 13, 1856           Page -86
Schofield, William       to  Elizabeth Fitzgerald                 on   February 8, 1855                Page-67
Secreas, Eliza             to  Samuel G. Hammond              on   July 15(or 18), 1849            Page-5
Seymore, John W.      to  Martha Ann Carr                    on   October 13, 1851               Page-32
Shotwell, Susan D.     to  Francis M.  Harrell                  on   May 22, 1855                    Page-64
Shotwell, Thomas B.   to  Eliza Jane Garner                    on   October 16, 1856              Page -84
Sims, Frances E.        to  Isaac D. Wills                          on   January 10, 1855               Page-66
Sims, May E.             to  Jesse Peebles                          on   January 25, 1857               Page-89
Singleton, Mary         to  William Sanders                      on   February 10, 1853              Page-41
Singleton,  Susan A.   to  William C.  Conley                 on   June 19, 1856                     Page -81
Smith, Eliza               to  William N. Hooker                 on   December 9, 1852               Page-40
Smelly, Ann R.          to  John R.  Johnson                    on   June 12, 1849                      Page-4
Smelly, Julia              to  Francis  N. Jones                   on   June 24, 1852                      Page-35
Smith, Amanda M.    to  William Hobday                     on December 5, 1850                 Page-22
Smith, James E.         to  Susan Ann Finch                   on   October 5, 1854                 Page-62
Smith, Julia               to  Alfred Holcome                      on   May 4, 1855                      Page-68
Smith, Mary Jane      to  Samuel L. Burch                     on  February 8, 1855                Page-67
Smith, Matthew T.    to  Clarinda Goff                          on  October 20, 1852               Page-39
Smith, Wm. J.           to  Sarah A. McGee                    on  October 26, 1854               Page-63
Sommers, Mary Ann  to  James T. Wallace(Wollam?)  on  July 8, 1855                        Page-72
Stephens, John W.     to  Sophronia Samson                on  May 1, 1853                       Page-47
Stephens, Miles G.     to  Elizabeth S. Hill                    on   February 23, 1854              Page-61
Stephenson, Harriett Amanda to  John C. Yeager        on  September 28, 1852            Page-39
Stinson, Logan W.      to  Mary A. Dugan                    on   November 24, 1850           Page-21
Stockton, Thomas      to  Amanda S. Sansom              on   February 9, 1851                Page-26
Stubblefield, Lucy S.  to  Wiley J. Peace                      on   February 25, 1850             Page-14
Summers, U. D.         to  Henry Warner                       on   June 17, 1852                    Page-35
Sweat, Thomas A.     to  Adalade Lott                         on   March 12, 1856                 Page-78

Taylor, Eliza N.          to  Dillard R. Burrough               on  February 10, 1857              Page -89
Taylor, James Jackson  to  Rachel  Watts                     on   September 7, 1856            Page -83
Taylor, Martin           to  Elnora Kirksey                       on   May 14, 1854                   Page-56
Taylor, Mary Ann     to  Hezehiah Hickman                  on   September 4, 1851            Page-31
Terrell, Bertie            to  Calvin McConnell                   on   November 30, 1854          Page-64
Terrell, Elizabeth J.    to  Andrew B.  McCormick         on   December 4, 1856            Page -86
Theodore, Ada B.     to  Alexander   Menken                on   April 3, 1856                   Page–77
Thompson, D. D.      to  Winney Ryan                          on   June 20, 1853                   Page-46
Tidwell, C. G.           to  E.  Prater                                on   July 4, 1849                      Page-5
Tipton, Eli Jr.            to  Eliza Jane Marlow                   on   August 14, 1851               Page-30
Tipton, William.        to  Sarah J. Marsh                        on   September 8, 1849           Page-6
Towns, Caroline E.   to  Edward Meadows                  on   December 11, 1855          Page-74
Towns, Henry A.      to  Mary  S. E. Burroughs             on   July 6, 1854                     Page-59
Tracy, Benjamin       to  Mary Hornsby                          on   December 25, 1855         Page -76
Tracy, Martha          to  Charles Johnson                       on   May 26, 1850                  Page-14
Tracy, Mary M.       to  James Osteen                           on   May 7, 1854                    Page-55
Tracey, Moses C.    to  Edy  Ryans                               on  May 27, 1849                  Page-3
Tracey, Moses         to  Martha Mainar                         on   June 10, 1855                  Page-71
Turner, Emma J. D.  to  Levi S. McMickin                     on   December 11, 1862         Page-91
Turner, James          to  Margaret J. Massey (or Manry) on February 23, 1854             Page-52
Turner, John D.       to  Sarah Ann C. Williamson           on  May 22, 1854                   Page-57
Turner, Lewis          to  M. F. Mays                               on   February 3, 1850             Page-11
Turner, R. A.           to  Mary Wilson                             on   January 22, 1854             Page-52
Tyler, Malinda         to  Calvin Lott                                on   September 7, 1853          Page-45

Vickery, Aaron W.   to  Mary Pratt                               on  March 23, 1851               Page-27
Vickery, Elisha          to  Elizabeth Brake                       on  July 22, 1849                    Page-4
Vickery, Elizabeth     to  R. B. White                             on  June 28, 1853                   Page-44
Victery, Ellen            to  Alphonso P. Bailey                  on  November, 17, 1853         Page-49
Vining, E.                  to  Nancy A.  Parsons                   on   June 4, 1854                    Page-58
Vogle, Catherine       to  James M. Jones                        on   December 16, 1853         Page-51

Walker, John D.       to  Elenor Wills                              on   July 23, 1849                   Page-7
Walker, John D.       to  Eleanor Wills                            on   April 31, 1851                  Page-31
Walker, W. T.         to  S. S. Lewis                               on  December 22, 1854           Page-65
Wallace(Wollam?), James T.  to  Mary Ann Sommers   on  July 8, 1855                       Page-72
Ward, William V.       to  Elma Kinard                           on   October 27, 1852             Page-40
Warner, Henry        to  U. D. Summers                          on   June 17, 1852                   Page-35
Watts, Clarisa          to  William Harrison                       on   July 19, 1849                     Page-7
Watts, Mary Ann     to  Samuel B. Jones                       on   September 8, 1850             Page-19
Watts, Rachel          to  James Jackson Taylor               on   September 7, 1856             Page -83
Weathers, Nancy Melvina to  W. F. Evins (Evens)         on  November 16, 1855            Page-75
Westcott, Catherine   to  John A. Robb                          on   August 17, 1856           Page-82&83
Westover, Ginsy        to  S. Daughdrill                            on   September 7, 1854             Page-60
White,  R. B.             to  Elizabeth Vickery                     on  June 28, 1853                      Page-44
Whitehead, William    to  E. A. Gindrat                           on   June 4, 1852                       Page-34
Williams, Harriett M.  to  Stephen G. McClenny             on   December 25, 1850            Page-22
Williams, Jane            to  John W. Moore                       on   September 18, 1856         Page-83&84
Williams, Martha       to  Joel M. Dooley                        on   April 6, 1854                       Page-54
Williams, Mary Ann   to  John E. Hill                              on   February 12, 1850              Page-12
Williams, Montgomery  to  Martha J. Rowe                    on   October 18, 1849               Page-9
Williams, Robert Lucilous  to  Virginia S. Augustine        on   July 19, 1855                      Page-71
Williams, Susan          to  S. T. Isaacs                             on   January 23, 1851                Page-25
Williamson, Sarah Ann C. to  John D. Turner                  on  May 22, 1854                     Page-57
Willingham, Barnett      to  Sarah Ann Mills                     on   August 5, 1850                   Page-20
Wills, Elenor                to  John D. Walker                      on   July 23, 1849                     Page-7
Wills, Eleanor              to  John D. Walker                      on   April 31, 1851                   Page-31
Wills, Isaac D.             to  Frances E. Sims                     on   January 10, 1855               Page-66
Wills, Joseph               to  Marry Harrison                      on   December 12, 1850           Page-21
Wilson , Mary             to  R. A.  Turner                         on   January 22, 1854                Page-52
Wilson, Sarah J.          to  John Crew                             on   February 14, 1850             Page-13
Womack, Abner P.     to  Delitha Furgurson                   on   February 17, 1853             Page-46
Womack, Angelina      to  Richard Burch                       on    September 5, 1852            Page-37
Womack, Elbert W.    to  Mary Ann Elizabeth Dailey     on   February 10, 1853             Page-42
Womack, Phedoria      to  William Austin Cook             on   October 12, 1854               Page-62
Worthy, Elmira            to  Wm. J. Young                       on   September 12, 1850           Page-19
Wright, Robert            to  Elizabeth C. Gibson               on   May 29, 1856                     Page -80
Wright, William           to  Mary C. Hibbets                    on   January 17, 1850                Page-13

Yeager, John C.          to  Harriett Amanda Stephenson  on  September 28, 1852            Page-39
Young, Wm. J.           to  Elmira Worthy                         on  September 12, 1850            Page-19

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