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by Nollene Marsh, January 2004

    This cemetery is back in the woods, on top of a small hill, between Moscow and Camden off of
the old Moscow to Hortense Road.  In the 1860’s through the early 1900’s, there was a timber
related tram railroad terminal-sawmill related settlement located near it.  The Asa Hickman family
owned the land that the cemetery is on, living there and farming the land.  There is little sign of the
old Hickman home-place except for an occasional red chimney brick that turns up and the mimosa’s
and crepe myrtle bushes that still bloom around it.  The earliest known grave belongs to Asa’s first wife,
Sarah Ann McKim Hickman.  The land the cemetery is on is now owned by a timber company.  The
cemetery itself is fenced and is maintained by some of the Hickman descendent’s to keep it from getting
lost.  There is a well defined dirt road up to the cemetery that is semi-maintained by the timber company
and it is very nearly impassable in wet weather.  Since there are several deer-stands within view of the \
cemetery, it is not recommended to visit there during deer season.

DIRECTIONS:  Take Highway 59 north to FM 62 at Moscow, turn right (east) go about 1.5 miles to
McSpadden Road, turn right, go about 1 mile to Beard’s Crossing, (the first road to the left) turn left,
go about 3.7 miles to a dirt road on the left, marked with a  wooden sign pointing to the left that says
“Hickman Cemetery.”   Beard’s Crossing is not a county road and it is rough and beat-out most of
the time.  Beard’s Crossing dead-ends 3 miles further into FM 942.

Hickman, James b-August 10, 1857  d-April 18, 1928
        {Son of Asa & Sarah Ann McKim Hickman}
Hickman, Sarah Ann McKim  b-1840  d-1880, “Wife of Asa Hickman”
        {Mother of James Hickman}
Hickman, Walter b-January 30, 1893  d-October 22, 1918
        {Son of James & Rosa Kinard Hickman}


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