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Lost Gibson Cemetery
Sumitted by Ruth Peebles, October 2002

    Several Gibson families moved to Polk County around 1851 and the Hirom Walker Sr.
family came with them.  Two Gibsons had married Walkers.
    Gibson Family stories say they moved to Big Sandy in Polk County, but the area is
described as near where the Indian Reservation was later located and near the Joseph and
Cemantha Gassiott place.  They probably lived near Center Grove.
    These Gibson families lived in Polk County about 20 years before moving on to other
counties.  They first moved to Trinity County, but some later moved to Angelina County.
    Several of the men were Confederate Soldiers and they are listed in There Never Were
Such Men Before by Ruth Peebles.
    Some family members died while they were living in Polk County and are thought to be
buried in a family cemetery that is now lost.  Among these are:
Gibson, John  born 1814
Gibson, Levi  age 19, died 1860's
Gibson, Otena  age 3, died about 1872
Gibson, Rachel Walker  born 1792, sister of Hiram Walker
Gibson, Richard  born 1790
Gibson, Little Richard

Source: Trinity County History, Curtis Publishing Co.

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