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Submitted by Norma McLoughin, April 2005

    This is a fenced and landscaped, very well maintained small cemeteryŚlocated in the
Midway community.  It is on private land, and permission would be necessary to visit.

A large marble stone and an American flag grace the entrance.
The stone is inscribed with names of Dickens family members:
        Watson 1895-1978
        Ollie 1898-1989
        Ruby Schlottman 1917-____
        Helen Grube 1920-____
        Oliver 1923-2002
        Evon 1925-1928
        Lloyd 1931-____
        Floyd 1931-____
        Doyle 1936-____

Graves in cemetery are:
Dickens, Dixie Marie 1926-____; DS w/ Watson Oliver
Dickens, Jimmy Doyle b-Sept. 1943, d-Apr. 22, 1970
Dickens, Neva Evon  b-Oct. 21, 1925,  d-June 30, 1928
Dickens, Ollie 1898-1989; DS w/ Watson
Dickens, Watson 1896-1978; DS w/ Ollie
Dickens, Watson Oliver b-Feb. 16, 1923,  d-March 17, 2002;  DS w/ Dixie Marie
        WW II (Army)
Grube, Frederick William  b-Oct. 18, 1911,  d-Aug. 30, 1988; DS w/ Helen Estelle
Grube, Helen Estelle  b-April 1, 1920-_______; DS w/ Frederick
Schlottman, Paul G. 1914-2000; DS w/ Ruby
Schlottman, Ruby E. 1917-____;  DS w/ Paul

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