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Probate-J. J. Vickery
Submitted by Joyce McNiel Munson 
Polk County Probate Records Book B
Page 273

The State of Texas,
Polk County.
To the Judge of the Probate Court of Polk County;
     Your Petitioner, Elisha Vickery, would represent to your honor that his brother, J.J.Vickery, obtained a head right certificate for three hundred and twenty acres of land as a citizen of Texas which said certificate bears date on the (blank) day of (blank) and issued by the board of Commissioners of Liberty County.
      Your Petitioner would further represent that after he obtained the said certificate, he went as a soldier of the United States Army to the government of Mexico during the pendency of the war between these two governments, and there departed this life.
     Your Petitioner would further represent that the said J. J. Vickery died without wife or child and during his last illness, he wrote a letter to your Petitioner in which he requested that he, your petitioner, should have the interest in said certificate which said letter is herewith Executed & Marked A and made to be taken as part of your petitioner's petition.
Petitioner would further represent  at that time that their Father, Aron Vickery was then alive and the legal heir of the said J. J. Vickery and that their father, the said Aron Vickery in consideration of the wish of the said  J. J. Vickery, deceased, that your Petitioner shall have the entire interest in the certificate verbally surrendered to your petitioner all his right and title and interest in said certificate as the heir at law of the said J. J. Vickery deceased to your petitioner. Petitioner would further represent that the said Aaron Vickery has departed this life without transferring in writing the said certificate to your petitioner and your petitioner would further represent that one Mary Vickery has administration upon the estate of said Aaron Vickery dec'd.  Your petitioner prays that the said Mary Vickery be summoned to appear at the next time of your Honorable Probate court and make answer to this your petitioner's petition and that your honorable court adjudges and decrees that the said Mary Vickery administrator as aforesaid transfer to your petitioner all the right title and interest of the said Aaron Vickery deceased in and to the said certificate and present to your petitioner such other and  further relief as your petitioners case may require.
Elisha Vickery

The State of Texas}
County of Polk     }
I certify that the foregoing petition and endorsement  therein was this day recorded in my office in Record Book pertaining to Estates in B page 273

Witness my hand and the seal of my office 2nd April, 1851
Jno. P. Kale Clk. RPC

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