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Cauble-Burch Cemetery
Peachtree Village, Tyler Co., TX
Summitted by Sallie Cannon, Nov. 2002.

Peachtree Village is two miles North of Chester on Highway 106 running from Corrigan to Woodville.
The Cemetery is less than .5 miles east of Peachtree Camp and Kirby Chapel, and across the highway
on property now held by Tyler County Heritage Society and cared for by volunteers and employees
of Peachtree Camp.

Valentine Burch  b. Feb. 14, 1813  d. Nov. 26, 1892
         1936 Texas Centennial Marker
Helen E. Cauble  b. Aug. 15, 1819 d. Apr. 3, 1889,  wife of Valentine Burch
Peter Cauble  d. Mar. 9, 1870, Aged 84 years
Mary Rotan  d. Nov. 9, 1860, Aged 66 years, Wife of Peter Cauble
James Burch  b. Oct 12, 1847  d. May 20, 1898, Age 50 years
        (son of Valentine & Helen Burch)
M. P. Hammons  b. Dec. 13, 1871  d. Aug. 5, 1899
        (son-in-law of Valentine & Helen Elmira Cauble Burch)
J. I. Byrnes, MD b. Aug. 9, 1840  d. May 6, 1892
         (son-in-law of Valentine & Helen Elmira Cauble Burch)

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