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Succession of Nicholas Calliham
Submitted by Mary Harper 

SUCCESSION of Nicholas Calliham.
Sarah A. Calliham Bond Letter & C.
Filed in Office March 14, 1848
John A. Wooten CPCPC by Wm. D. Dillon. D.C.

Know all men by these presents that I, Sarah A. Calliham, of State of Texas, Polk County, as principle and Drury Manning and W. B. Hardin of Polk County as securities, all of the State of Texas, are held and firmly bound to the Judge of Probate of the County of Polk, and his succession in office for the use of any one interested in the estate in the sum of Ten Thousand dollars good and lawful money of the United States of America to be paid and to which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves jointly and severally, our and each of our heirs, executors and administrators firmly by their presents, sealed with our scrawls, from (?---?), this 28th day of February 1848. 

Whereas, the above named Sarah A. Calliham has been duly appointed administratrix of all and singular the effects, goods, chattels, lands and tenements, of this estate of Nicholas M. Calliham late of said County of Polk, deceased. 

Now if the said Sarah A. Calliham shall well and faithfully perform the duties of her trust as administratrix as aforesaid according to law then the foregoing obligation to be null and void otherwise to remain in full force and effect. 

Signed, sealed and delivered     )                       Sarah A. Calliham 
In my presence                         )                       Drury Manning 
                                                                        W. B. Hardin 

Approved in Open Court this 26th day of March 1848. 
Judge of Probate for Polk County

The State of Texas  )
Courty of  P O L K ) 

Drury Manning and W. B. Hardin whose name appear to the above bond
and acknowleged thus they and each of them signed, sealed, and delivered the same for the purposes therein expressed and named,  (____) my hand and seal of office at my office in Livingston this 26th day of March 1848. 
            John A. Wooten
            Clk P. C. P. C. 
            By Wm. D. Dillon 
            D. C. 

Probate Court         )
January Term 1848 )

In open court personally came and appeared Sarah A. Calliham who took and subscribed to the following oath. 
I do solemnly swear to well and faithfully discharge the duties of my trust as administratrix of the estate of Nicholas M. Calliham deceased, according to law, to the best of my skill and ability so help me God. 

Attest                                                                     Sarah A. Calliham 
C. Holshousen                ) 
Judge of Probate P.C.    )

The State  of  Texas       )
County of  P O L K       ) 

I certify that the above and foregoing bond was recorded in Book A and pages 85 & 86 this 22nd day of May 1848. 
Witness my hand and this seal of said Court at Livingston. 

                       John A. Wooten,  C. P. C. P.C.
                       By Wm. D. Dillon, D.C. 

The State  of  Texas     )
County of  P O L K     ) 

Probate Court  January Term 1848

Whereas Sarah A. Calliham filed her petition before the said Probate Court, of the county aforesaid praying for letters of administration upon the estate of Nicholas M. Calliham, deceased, upon which petition due & legal notice has been given and no legal objections has been filed thereto; and whereas at the present Term of said Court the said petitioner, has filed the necessary bond and security as required by law. 

Now therefore know all whom it may concern that Claibourne Holshousen, Judge of Probate for said County have and by these presents, do constitute and appoint her the said Sarah A. Calliham administratrix of the estate of Nicholas M. Calliham deceased giving and hereby granting to her the said Sarah A. Calliham all the powers and privileges that may be necessary for the settlement of said estate. 

     In Testimony of  & C.
     C. Holshousen 
     Judge of Probate P. C. 

The State  of  Texas     )
County of  P O L K     )

 I certify that the above letter was this date Recorded on page 87 in Book A. 
 Witness my hand and seal of said Court at office in the Town of Livingston this 22nd day of May 1848.

John A. Wooten C.P.C.P.
      By Wm. D. Dillon D.C.

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