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Submitted by Patsy Quick

     I,  Martha B. Hardin, being of a sound and disposing memory in view of  the uncertainty  of  life do make and publish  his  my last  Will  and  Testament.

     Item 1st It is my desire that all my just debts be paid out of the  first monies coming to the hands   of my executors.

     Item 2nd It is my will that all of the property,  real and personal  which  I  may  own at the time of   my death shall  be equally  divided  between all of my children in the  (-?-) and subject to   the provisions  (-?-)  and mentioned giving to the   children of each of our children as  have  already  died or who may die before I do the share to  which  the  parent  of   such child or children would have been entitled  had parent survived me. 

     Item  3rd  It  is  my will that  my  executors,  hereinafter  named,  immediately  after the probate  of my will,  select   three disinterested  and  competent  Commissioners(?) whose duty it shall be, after  being  sworn  to appraise all my  estate at its cash value an distribute  the  same  as  directed  in item 2nd of this will,  it being my  desire  and direction   that  said commissioners shall in  making said  divisions  give  to my daughter Easter Mary Hooker,  if she desires it,  my Negro woman,  Sylvia.   The  said  Easter Mary paying to  my  other  heirs,  whatever amount,  if any,  that the said  Negro Sylvia's appraised value  may exceed the share to which the said Easter Mary will be entitled in  the  equal distribution of my estate and receiving the deficiency,  if any, and I also desire that my daughter, Martha B. Clemmons  shall in said division receive my Negro woman, Clara Ann in the same manner and in subject to the same provisions governing the gift of  the woman Sylvia to my daughter,  Easter Mary.  And my son, James Gibson Hardin being  indebted to me in the sum of three hundred dollars money loaned by  me to him,  it is my will that in  said division of my estate, my said son James Gibson account to my other heirs for said sum of  money and that the sum be deducted  from his share subject to these  special provisions. I desire  my property divided as recited in Item 2nd.  of this Will. 

     Item  4th    I  give to my daughter,  Martha B.  Clemmons,  one of  my feather beds and suitable bed clothes to furnish it.

     Item   5th  My slave,  Bet,  having been a family servant and desiring that she shall be well provided for during her life,   I exempt her from the general division of my estate and desire that the Commissioners(?) dividing  my estate shall offer her without placing any value upon her to the one of my children she may elect for her owner at the time of the division.

     Item   6th  It  is  my will that the County Court take no  action  in relation  to  my estate further than  having my estate  inventoried  and  this will probated and registered.

     Item 7th    I  appoint my son William B.  Hardin and  my  son-in-law,   Robert  Hooker,  Executors   of this Will and   having full faith in their  integrity, I will that they shall not be required to give   any bond.

     The  testimony of all which I (-?-) at my hand,  on this 26th day of  December, 1861.
                                (signed Martha B. Hardin)
     Witness of
     (signed Jno. L. Henry)
     (signed Jas. A. Scruggs)

     State of Texas}
     County of Polk}
     Before  me,  Clerk  of  the  County Court of  Polk  County,  this  day  personally appeared John L. Henry, whose name   appears as a witness to  the above and foregoing will of date the 26th day of   December 1861 and  the said Jno. L. Henry  having duly sworn by me, stated upon death that   Martha B.  Hardin signed the above and foregoing instrument of writing  in  his presence,  her last  will and testament and that officiant said  James A. Scruggs signed their names to said  instrument as witness in  the  presence  of said Martha B. Hardin and in the presence  of  each other at the request  of said Martha B.

       John L. Henry

     Subscribed  and  sworn  to me on the 30th day of April  A.D.  1863  in  testimony  I have hereunto  have set my hand and   official seal the date  above as such.
                                    R. W. Cubby, Clk. C.C.Polk.

     I, R. W. Cubby, clerk of Polk County, do hereby certify that the above and  foregoing 
     will  and  affidavit thereto xxx  were  this  day  duly  recorded  in  my  office  in record 
      book 8 of wills  of   Polk  County, recorded on page 70, 71, & 72.
     witnessed my hand and official seal this May 26, 1863.
                                  R.W. Cubby, Clk. C.C.Polk 
                                 by C. J. Fields, Deputy

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