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         Ward 15

           Ward 15 is made up of nine enumeration districts - 113 through 121, and had nearly
           21,000 residents (according to the 1920 enumeration district description for Erie
           County, New York). To go directly to the census data, click on the e.d. number. To
           go to the surname list first, click on the applicable letters under the e.d. number.
           Links to e.d.'s not transcribed or on-line will go back to this page.
           Last updated on 26 June 2001.

        First District
             e.d.113 Not transcribed

        Second District
             e.d.114 Not transcribed

        Third District
             e.d.115 Not transcribed

        Fourth District
             e.d.116 Not transcribed

        Fifth District
             e.d.117 Not transcribed

        Sixth District
             e.d.118 Not transcribed

        Seventh District
             e.d.119 Partial District  Temp. surname list  

        Eighth District
             e.d.120 Partial District  Temp. surname list  

        Ninth District
             e.d.121 Not on-line yet


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