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Johan Adam Papst Reunion;

Aug. 16 and 17 2002.

St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Morrisburg, On.



Web Master John William Poaps  lives in Hamilton and was the inspiration behind the first reunion of the descendents of Johan Adam Papst. Through the, Poaps, Poapst, Papst, Popps, Paupst, Pabst, web site, a small number of followers indicated their interest in a meeting near the original homestead of Johan and Eva Marie Hamm. The original homestead has become a farmers field and the grave stones of  Johan and Eva Marie are thought to have been ploughed over. The closest descendent living in the immediate area is Ron Poapst, son of Garret Poapst and a gt, gt, gt grandson of Daniel Frederick. Ron now lives in the house originally built by John F (T?), Daniel's oldest son, in the mid 1880's or so.  Ron joined his father in the home about 15 years ago and commuted to his school teaching job in Carlton Place, about 80 minutes away, for the next 8 years. A surprise descendent, relocating from Montreal and now living not far away in North Lunenburg are Mr & Mrs J Dreschler. Mrs. Drechsler is the former Joan V Poaps an 8th generation descendent of Johan, and we think via Rudolph and Elizabeth Zettle. There are many more descendents living in the Cornwall area.



About a dozen people indicated on the internet website, an interest in attending the proposed reunion and after a short postponement, the Lutheran Church in Morrisburg confirmed that we could rent their hall for the Friday nite and Saturday gatherings. Sandra Salmon and her mother kindly arranged for the hall and baby sat the group during their coming and goings. The Salmons are descendents of Johan through Carrie Ada Jane Poapst and Daniel Frederick. Our "patriarch", chief historian and "Papst" author, Col. Ervan L Amidon USAF (Ret) and his wife, of Traverse City Mi was invited but due to health reasons could not attend. He did send his best wishes and advised that his manuscript of the Papst family was, after 10 plus years of research, almost ready for the publisher.


Those attending were;

a)      Committee members; John William Poaps; Bill Hayes and wife Barbara; Richard A Poaps.


b)      Lutheran church members and oversee-ers, Sandra Salmon and Mrs Salmon.


c)      From the USA;

-Cecile and Herb Turkington from New Jersey

-Dorothy and Bob Paupst from Pennsylvania.

-Bill and Barb Hayes from Michigan, with Barb’s mother and Bill’s brother and wife.



d)      From the Ottawa area;

-Arlene Wilson *

-Audrey* and John Moore

-Diane Young*

-David and Beth Poaps.

* Very much involved and responsible for the accumulation of data and preparing the current 40 page Papst Family tree manuscript.


e)      Local people were;

-Mrs. J.V. Drechsler-North Lunenburg

-Mr. Ron Poapst-North Lunenburg

-Mr Wayne Berton Poapst-Merrickville

-Ms. S. Salmon-Morrisburg

-Mrs Salmon-Morrisburg


f)        From the Toronto area;

-John William Poaps

-Richard A (Sam) Poaps



Doors to the Lutheran church hall officially opened at 4:00 PM on Fri Aug 16th and about 14 relatives, met, many for the first time. Everybody was invited to complete a family group sheet indicating their immediate forefathers and children and then introduced themselves, indicating their decadency from Johan Adam. Bill and Barb Hayes produced an impressive manuscript of Johans’ descendents through to the Hayes. Our American cousins were not only taking advantage of the Canadian dollar, but continued to research other branches of their family in NY state and Ontario.


Others had various versions of the family tree or charts of their immediate family line. A Papst crest was produced and a few maps and scrap books appeared. Unfortunately no family bibles showed up, even though it was felt that at least one might make an appearance. Research for a suitable dinner place for Friday found  about 11 people headed for the Centennial restaurant in the Morrisburg mall. Eating out on Friday evenings in Morrisburg is popular, but two tables were eventually corralled and everybody satisfied. After, about 5 returned to the hall to review a few items before closing up at 10:00 O’Clock.


The next morning we gathered from 9:00 to 11:00 to review and acquaint and then everyone broke up into small groups and headed for destinations or cemeteries in Cornwall or the surrounding area. There are about 14 cemeteries in the Osnabruck area, so there is plenty to see or research for those inclined, healthy and interested.


Some noted how well kept the cemeteries were while others felt that the Waterdown cemetery, was in need of very much attention.


After or instead of cemetery visiting, several headed for the local genealogist and historian, Lynne Cook’s home (and museum/library). She and husband Mahlon, house a most impressive assembly of local family facts, figures and books. Lynne says that she has over 30,000 family records. She is also the local registrar for persons wishing to authenticate their UEL heritage. Late Saturday afternoon we re-convened to sort through some more items and details. Audrey and John Moore arrived and offered for sale a recent thumbnail history; “Memories of Leonard and Other Recollections” compiled by Gerald E. Poaps and put together with Audrey’s help. It covers the history of the Poaps mill complex at Leonard and other aspects of life from the late 80’s to almost present day.  Saturday night, we managed to confirm our dinner needs early enough, and about a dozen enjoyed an excellent buffet dinner at the McIntosh Inn. The McIntosh is definitely the place to meet and stay in Morrisburg. Returning to the hall more pictures were taken.


As a special treat for the Papst relatives, Lynne opened her house for those wishing to continue research on the Sunday. Others headed for the local museum of the “Lost Villages’, and others to the restored, Upper Canada Village, built on the Long Sault islands.


A quite enjoyable time was had by all and it was considered that another reunion in a few years could be of interest. At that time, considerably more relatives would be contacted through direct calls, letters and newspaper advertisements. For an initial effort John William is to be applauded and thanked as the driving force to get the first Papst reunion in to the history book. As a local souvenir, coffee mugs of South Stormont were made available at a nominal cost.



Richard A (Sam) Poaps