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Here are  some autobiographical articles, and documents based on them, relating to Leopold (1849-1926) and Wilhelm JERUSALEM (1854-1923). They  were born in the small village of Drenice in Bohemia, which was part of the Jewish Community of the nearby town, Hermanuv Mestec. Their lives illustrate the fairly typical transition from country Jews dependent upon agriculture and the distillery trade to wealthy, educated, assimilated Jews in Prague and Vienna. In the case of Leopold  the documents also shows the transition from a Bohemian Jew to a Czech patriot, and the view taken of this by an anti-semite . :

Wilhelm Jerusalem: 

Meine Wege und Ziele from Gedanken und Denker von Dr Wilhelm Jerusalem (1925): Early life  (2MB); Full article (NOTE: 16MB!!)

Leopold Jerusalem:

Lebenserinnerungen published in Bnai Brith Monatsblätter : describes family life in the mid 1800s in Drenice.

In Memoriam published in Bnai Brith Monatsblätter 1926

Memoirs : original typescript used as basis for the published Lebenserinnerungen;difficult  to read [ obtained from a hitherto unknown relative, through a wonderful chance encounter via a visit to the Hermanuv Mestec Cemetery and the kind help of Mr Mares who looks after it]

The following two items were discovered when visiting the village of Drenice in the 1980s and speaking to one of the local inhabitants about the JERUSALEM family. They are anti-semitic articles using the above memoirs to illustrate the undesirable nature of Jews!!

Jewish patriarch out of liquor: Original notes (English translation) probably written in the 1920s, but could be later. Published in 1945 (see next item)

Jewish "patriarch" from Brandy: Anti-semitic article based on these notes published in Ariskly Boj (Arian Fight)  Vol XI, Number 7, Prague 17 Feb 1945 from "Argus;s notebook on people and happenings" (English translation)


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