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Patrick Lally 1825

Born: 1825 County Mayo, Ireland
Married: Mary Connell b. 1835 County Mayo, Ireland

Dennis 1855
Bridget 1859
Martin 1861
James 1863
Anthony 1865
Sarah 1867 (My Great Grandmother)

The Belmullet Roman Catholic Parish recorded baptismal records for the first four children listed here. The record for Dennis lists Doolough, a fishing village on the west Mayo coast, as the townland of his parents.

The photo on the right was taken Jun 2012 and shows the road sign for Doolough. The sign is in Irish because the townland of Doolough is located within a Gaeltacht. In Ireland, this is a district where the government recognises that Irish is the predominant language.

The ship SS Calhoun arrived in New York on May 13, 1865 with the following passengers:
Patrick Lally, 40, Laborer
Mary Lally, 36, Wife
Dennis 7
Mary 4
Bridget 4
Martin 3
James 7 mo

Their son Anthony was born three days later on May 16, 1865. He was baptized in Scranton, PA on May 21, 1865.

President Abraham Lincoln had been assassiinated on April 14.

1880 Census: 24 year-old Dennis worked in the steel mill and lived on Beech St. with 45 year-old mother Mary, 14 year-old brother Anthony, and 12 year-old sister Sarah. Mary's mother, 75 year-old Bridget Connell was living with them. Mary's father, 87 year-old Anthony Connell lived next door.

On Feb 12 1912, Mary Connell Lally passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sarah Lally Manley. Her death certificate identified her parents as Anthony Connell and Bridget Sweeney, both born in Ireland.

Pat Lalley, a grandson of Dennis, has published a much more extensive genealogy website on his family called the Seventh Son.

Me, standing on the shore in Doolough, Jun 2012
Blacksod Bay is behind me.