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James E. "Pude's" Bootleg Whiskey Recipe!

The Plumley Bootleg

Whiskey Recipe

This Recipe was related by Johnie F. Plumley who participated in the Bootlegging process many many years ago and was present when it was distilled and sold.  I take this recipe to be gospel according to the legends and would be able to be produced today if the ingredients were available to be had.


  • 50 lbs sugar

  • 10 lbs rye (dried)

  • 2 lbs yeast

  • 30-35 gal water

  • 1 lb charred white oak chips


Warm water and yeast until bubbling.  Mix in sugar and rye and seep for 8 days at a low boil in a copper boiling pot.  At about 8 days the bubbling will slow and the mixture will turn yellow. 


Pour the hot alcohol thru the charred white oak chips and it will give it the woody taste.  That makes Whiskey!   You can make it into Gin by adding 2 tablespoons of juniper juice that is available from the local Drug Store.