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The Bragg Family


                Cousins of Thomas Alfred Bragg

                     A Little Family Book


Presented by:


The Greer Society

1068 Pinewood Dr

Sparks NV 89434



Second Edition, 11 September 1994

Permission for nonprofit reproduction

is granted.


     Copyright February 1994 The Greer Society, Sparks NV



Funded by}


The Greer Society                




     Alvin Allen

     Helen Henagar

     Norris Maxwell

     Opal Meyers




     Alice Blakestad   

     Charles Barnum

     Helen McClausland

     Jennie Gallacher

     Karen Folmer

     Linda Greer

     Robert Leslie

     Shirley Clayvielle

     Willie Bilbo




     Enumerated and recognized in the Endnotes and text




     The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

     The Family History Center in Reno, Nevada

     The People of Lincoln County, New Mexico

     The White Oaks Historical Association




     I'm not a professional writer; therefore this book may contain errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and data. As in all genealogical work, personally verify all data before using.


                  Essayist, Janet Ann Barnum

          Great Granddaughter of Thomas Alfred Bragg


                     Ben Bragg  1852--1896


                    Frontiersman & Pioneer


Subject                      Page


Preamble                     04

Benjamin Bragg               05

and Benjamin Goats           05

Lincoln County               05

Bragg                        07

George A. Bragg              08

Benjamin Bragg               11

The Stanphill Connection     13                

Thomas Alfred Bragg          15

Alice J. Bragg               20

Emma E. Bragg                21

Charles Alfred Bragg         22

Eva Bragg                    26

Mary Virginia Bragg          27

James William Bragg          28

The McDaniel Connection      30

Alfred Bragg's Family        32

Gallacher Family             43

George Thomas Bragg          47

Mary Francis Bragg           47

Joseph Beckman               48

The Henley Connection        48

The Branum Cousins           53

Jessee and Nancy Bragg       54

The Goats Connection         60

The Mystery                  61

Mollie Delphora Goats        63

Benjamin F. Goats            63

The Cowboys                  67

Tell Your Children           68

Index                        69

Endnotes                     73





                  The Mysticism in Genealogy

     When I was a young girl, I had occasion to converse with an impressive man named Thomas Alfred Bragg who was my great grandfather. Now, I hold and play with my grandson who is one year old. Someday, I'll tell him about Thomas Bragg. That will be the magical moment. In my single lifetime, I have bridged two lives: Thomas of my past and Ryan Garrett Bishop of the future. If my Grandson lives a normal healthy life, he may live until the year 2090. Thomas was born in 1874. That time-span was 226 years in which my existence was intimately intertwined.

     I'm still young and more grandchildren and great grand children will follow. The time-span may increase to 300 years in which my life touched others.

     Although their veins carry similar blood, neither Thomas nor Ryan can know the other except through me. That reality is the mystical imperative in Genealogy.

     Recording the connection between people is our obligation as Genealogists. We build chains using priceless links.

     The Greer Society urges all Lincoln County families to record their family's history: Grandparent's, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, children, and other relatives. Note when they came to Lincoln County, by what means, by which route, their profession, where they lived and when. Send that information to The Greer Society where it will be filed and recorded.

     Act quickly, for memories fade and tomorrow is uncertain.


                Benjamin Bragg & Benjamin Goats

     This is a genealogical account of Benjamin Bragg and Benjamin F. Goats who lived in Texas and whose offspring came to Lincoln County, New Mexico in the 1880's. Two of those children, Mollie Delphora Goats and Thomas Alfred Bragg married and brought forth a strong family that continued their line in several states of our country.

     The most fascinating aspect of early Lincoln County Genealogy is the degree to which every person seemed to be a cousin, or some other relative, to every other person. Often, individuals were unaware any kinship existed, but it was there, buoyed by a sea of marriages.

     Hust, Terrell, Pfinston, Greer, Bragg, Oswald, Cain, Corn, Zumwalt, Goats, Coats, two McDaniel lines, Duggar, Skinner, Purcella, Sutherlin, and the Branum families formed irrevocable bonds like fingers interlaced, one hand bound unto another.

     I despair because of my poor knowledge of Spanish American Genealogy in Lincoln County. It seemed to me when I was in High School that my Spanish American friends were all related to one another as a cousin or a second cousin, although with many different surnames, and they were proud of their large family.

     Perhaps, that interlacing of kinship provided strength for people in a land which offered declining opportunity. This book  chronicles a tiny piece of that family strength.


                        Lincoln County

     A measure of knowledge about Lincoln County, New Mexico is necessary to understand and appreciate it's importance to the Bragg and Goats family. Lincoln County attracted families from many states, but most settlers came from Texas. The influx began after gold was discovered in White Oaks in 1879. Shafts were dug named North Homestake, South Homestake, Little Mac, Lady Godiva, Old Abe, and several lesser mines.

     South of White Oaks, claims were producing small amounts of precious metal by 1880 in the Nogal area. The major mines were the American, Helen Rae, and Hope. In the Bonito area, the biggest mine was the Parsons mine. There were much smaller ones operating like the Silver Mine and the Blue Front.

     Railroads pushed into Capitan to exploit its coal fields, and a line was planned to serve White Oaks. Before 1900, the mining business began to crumble. In time, the railroads were shut down; Nogal turned into a farming area; White Oaks became a ghost town; Capitan became a ranching community; Bonito City was inundated with water in 1935 caused by the construction of Bonito Dam. The vast resources of the Lincoln County forest came under the control of the Mescalero Apache Indians, and the Lincoln National Forest.

     The county seat of Lincoln County was established at Las Placitas in 1869. This was known as Bonito Plaza. In 1878 the county was doubled in size and became the largest county in the United States at that time. The name was changed from Las Placitas to Lincoln in 1878.

     In 1912, the county seat was moved from Lincoln to Carrizozo. Carrizozo was then the only going concern in Lincoln County because, it was a busy railroad town of the El Paso South Western Rail Road. Lincoln Village declined. The last known Lobo was killed near Carrizozo on the flats 20 January 1920. Our story shall end about that same time.

     The population of Lincoln County was approximately as displayed:

     Census Precinct     1900     1910     1920   Precinct

          Lincoln       1,065     1,024       894     1

          San Patricio    335       700       822     2

          Las Palas       345       621       503     3

          Picacho         384       319       369     5

          Raventon        183       229       214     5

          Encinoso        242       189       282     6

          Jicarilla       122       173       102     7

          White Oaks      804       471       357     8

          Capitan/Gray    670       567       625     9

          Ruidoso         343       290       300     10

          Nogal           165       284       237     11

          Bonito          300       337       315     12

          Corona          PNE       700       713     13

          Carrizozo       PNE     1,082     1,404     14

          Oscuro          PNE       289       146     15

          Ancho           PNE       482       370     16

          Spindle         PNE       PNE       244     17

          PNE = Precinct Not Enumerated or data not available.

     New Mexico had 360,247 enumerated citizens in 1920.



     Most Bragg families in America originated in England. Bragg is a Devon name; the Brags of Devonshire had a long history and were prosperous and thriving. "Bragg" means lively and cheerful, suggesting one who boasts. The Bragg name has continued in England for over one thousand years. They are descended from Chief Brego. The Bragg Family Crest is "A lion's head erased, AR., collared vaire, OR and AZ." There are several variations of Bragg: Bragge, Brag, Brage, Braggs, Braig, and Brague. The Braggs are one of the oldest families in America.

                    Jesse Bragg--Patriarch

     Jesse Bragg was born about 1787 in the territory of Mississippi. He married Nancy Waney. From that union came several children of whom complete genealogies have not been compiled. Jesse died about 1847 before he could move to Texas. His wife gathered her children and her belongings and moved to Young County, Texas. She was born in 1796 in Tennessee and died in Texas in 1870.

     I presumed our Braggs originated in Alabama but could not establish that fact. Norris Maxwell determined that Jesse and Nancy Bragg moved from Alabama to Mississippi in 1832 or 1834. Part of the family moved to Young County, Texas by 1850. They went to Texas to acquire land in the Robertson Colony near Corsicana in May 1850. The primary counties occupied by the Braggs after 1860 were Navarro, Young, Hill, and Shackelford.      Jesse and Nancy's family consisted of the following children:

     William Bragg born about 1812 in Alabama. He married Mary          about 1840. She was born in 1817 in Alabama.

     George A. Bragg born in Alabama about 1814, married

          Mary Polly Meyers on 18 September 1837. She was born               about 1824 in Mississippi.

     Joseph Bragg born 14 February 1816.

     Thomas Bragg born about 1820 in Alabama married

          Francis, who was born about 1828 in Alabama.        

     Nancy Bragg born about 1825 in Alabama married

          James Allen Johnson.

     Benjamin Bragg born 26 February 1828 in Alabama married

          Martha A. Beasley 21 April 1853 Navarro County, Texas.

     Alfred C. Bragg born 19 September 1829 in Alabama married

          Susan Emiline Boggs Harris on 22 December 1850 in         Navarro County, TX.

     James C. Bragg born about 1833 in Alabama married Francis          Harris. Francis and Susan were sisters.             


                 George A. Bragg--Son of Jesse

     George A. Bragg was wounded by Indians while under attack on the Elm Creek settlement on 13 October 1864 in Young County Texas. Many defenders were killed. After the attack, a doctor from Fort Belknap arrived after a long trip.

     George was held down by five men while the Doctor cut the arrow from his body. It took several men to hold George, for like most Braggs, he was blessed by God with size and strength. George swore with the most vile tongue anyone had ever witnessed. George refused to die and went on to settle in the wilderness of Colorado.

     The families of Johnson, Bragg, Sutherlin, Purcella, and Cleghorn formed a close association in Texas, and it carried over into early Lincoln County, New Mexico to a lesser extent. It's noteworthy that the Negro slaves who lived among the Bragg and Johnson families took the names of Johnson and Bragg. These Negroes fought beside the settlers with a determined spirit.

          George's family was as follows:

     George A.Bragg born in Alabama in 1814

     Mary P. Meyers born in Alabama in 1818

     M. B.         born in Mississippi in 1839

     Martin V.     born in Mississippi in 1841 m. Martha Allen

     Nathan        born in Mississippi in 1842 m. Virginia

     Martha        born in Mississippi in 1846 m. Thomas Causey

     Susan         born in Texas in 1848

     Margaret      born in Texas in 1852 m. William C. Nations

     Luvilla       born in Texas in 1853

     Elizabeth     born in Texas in 1856

     Emily         born in Texas in 1859

Some, but not all of George's grandchildren are shown thus:

     Martin V. Bragg Husband of

     Martha Allen had these children:

     George Bragg

     Thomas D. Bragg

     Martin V. Bragg

     Allice May Bragg

     Albert Bragg

     Margaret L. Phoena Bragg

     Charles C. Bragg


     Margaret Louvine Bragg married

     Willis Carrol Nations who fathered these children:

     William J. Nations

     Mary Ann Nations

     Charley C. Nations

     Minnie Nations

     Bessie Nations

     Laura Bell Nations

     May Nations

     Dee Carrol Nations


     Nathan Bragg was the son of George Bragg and Mary Polly Meyers. Nathan married Virginia E. Allen. Their family are listed next:

     Nathan Bragg            Dec 1841  Texas

     Virginia E. Allen       Mar 1840  Tennessee

     George Bragg            Dec 1861  Texas    

     Ellen Bragg             Jan 1863  Texas

     Mary Mollie A. Bragg    Feb 1866  Texas

     Delia Bragg             Nov 1869  New Mexico Terr.

     Martha Mattie J. Bragg  Apr 1872  New Mexico Terr.

     Dora Bragg              Mar 1875  New Mexico Terr.

     Martin V. Bragg         Apr 1876  Colorado

     Alice May Bragg         Abt 1878  Colorado

     Margaret L. Bragg       Feb 1880  Colorado

     Charles C. Bragg        Jul 1882  Colorado


                  Joseph Bragg--Son of Jesse

     Joseph Bragg was born in Alabama. He moved to Roane, Navarro County, Texas with his mother about 1847. He married Julia Ann Eliza Hamilton in Navarro County 18 January 1849. He lived in Young County, Texas during the Elm Creek Raid. He moved back to Navarro County in December 1868.

     The Taos, Texas area had residents of John Hamilton, and his brother James, who owned slaves. Other residents were Joseph Bragg, Benjamin Bragg, George Bragg, and Alfred Bragg.

     Joseph's children are shown below.

          William L. Bragg       1850  Texas

          James Bragg        Sep 1851  Texas

          Elizabeth G. Bragg Feb 1853  Texas

          Nancy E. Bragg     Dec 1856  Texas

          Amanda F. Bragg    Oct 1860  Texas

              William Bragg--Son of Jesse

     William was born in 1812 in Alabama. His family moved frequently. They moved from Alabama before 1842 to Mississippi. Then they moved back to Alabama about 1843. Then, they moved to Texas about 1851. His wife, Mary, was born about 1821.

 The children of William and Mary were:

     Nancy Bragg   1842 Mississippi

     Jesse Bragg   1843 Mississippi

     Jane Bragg    1846 Alabama

     George Bragg  1848 Alabama

     Francis Bragg 1851 Alabama

     William Bragg 1854 Texas


     Jesse Bragg married Nancy Didama Bullard in 1868 in Hill County, Texas. A study of Jesse's family reveals corresponding data with Alfred Bragg's family thus:

     Jesse Jonathan Bragg    Apr 1843  Texas

     Nancy Didama Bullard    Feb 1848  Texas, Hill Co.

     William Jesse Bragg     Nov 1877  Texas, Schackelford Co.

     Maggie J. Bragg         Oct 1879  Texas, Schackelford Co.     

     Eveline A. 'Eva' Bragg            Texas, Schackelford Co.

     Georgia Bragg           Jul 1884  Texas, Schackelford Co.

     Ava Bragg                   1885  Texas, Schackelford Co.

     Abner Mood Bragg        Dec 1890  Texas, Schackelford Co.

     Rood Roody Bragg        Dec 1890  Texas, Schackelford Co.


     Extreme suspicion exists that Eva listed in Jesse's family was actually the Eva in Alfred's family, as they have the same name and were born in the same county at about the same time. Eva, above, judging from the other data, was born about 1883, the same as Alfred's Eva. These two families probably lived near one another as was the Bragg custom.

                   Benjamin Bragg--Uncle to Thomas

     Benjamin Bragg was born 26 February 1828 in the state of Mississippi. He married Martha A. Beasley on 21 April 1853 in Navarro, Texas. He died in Navarro County, Texas on 5 November 1905. His children were Mathew born 26 March 1855, Texas; James born about 1856, Texas; Jesse, born 1860, Texas; and Liza, born about 1861, Texas.

                   Ben Bragg--Father of Thomas

     Ben, as his family lovingly spoke his name, was born in Texas about 1852. Ben was the child of Alfred C. Bragg and Susan Emiline Boggs Harris Bragg. Ben married Anna D. 'Annie' Stanphill 23 October 1873 near Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas. His grandmother came to Texas from Mississippi. Ben's grandfather, Jesse, died in Mississippi before his family moved west.

     Ben made his living in various ways. In 1875, he worked in Hill County as a farmer. In 1880 he worked for the Rio Grande Railway Hospital Department in Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto County, Texas. William T. Bragg also worked at that location. His relationship to Ben is not known.

     Another, William Bragg, was listed as Ben's cousin, twenty-two years old, on the 1880 Palo Pinto Federal census. He worked for the railroad also. William was the son of William and Mary Bragg. William Bragg, Sr. was the son of Jesse.

     In 1887, Ben's family joined a wagon train bound for Lincoln County, New Mexico. The train passed through Lubbock, Texas before going through Roswell, New Mexico, then to White Oaks following a wagon road. It passed through Albany, Shackelford County, Texas where Benjamin lived and where his wife, Anna, gave birth to Charles A. Bragg on 17 February 1882. Ben joined the train in Shackelford County.

     Ben occupied land to build his quarters in Lincoln County north of Nogal and southeast of the mining town of White Oaks. The only access to his home was a mule trail from Nogal that wound around terminating at White Oaks. This was government land which he could not purchase, but he didn't have to pay for it either. His land would later become part of the vast Lincoln National Forest.

     Ben was a prospector as well as a goat and sheep rancher. Ben took over most of the prospecting work while his oldest son, Thomas Alfred Bragg, had a natural talent for herding sheep; therefore, Tom ran the sheep business. It was here he learned to select and breed quality mules. Eventually, he came to be the most respected mule skinner in Lincoln County.

     Ben and Thomas increased their sheep herd. They solicited the help of several Mexican herders which Ben hired from the large population of Mexican Americans who lived in Lincoln County.

     The herders had a custom of using nicknames. They named headquarters Benado. Benado means "Ben sin mas ni mas." In English that translates into "Just Ben, that's all," or "This is Ben's place."

     Just south of headquarters was a long, wide canyon where Thomas drove his sheep just before shearing. The Mexicans named that canyon "Canon Del Bragg." A smaller canyon south of Canon Del Bragg was named "Canon Del Bragg de Pequeno."

     One hundred years later, the official New Mexico Lincoln County map labeled these sites Benado Gap, Bragg Canyon, and Little Bragg Canyon in the exact location where they were named by the Mexican herders.

     Ben was nicknamed "Patron." Thomas carried the name "Muloamo." They knew who the boss was by calling Ben "Patron." Muloamo literally translates into mule master. An English interruption of Muloamo is mule skinner.

     A brief record of Ben's family genealogy can be gleaned from a study of the known censuses thus:

            Bragg--Beckman Federal Census Sequence

1880 TX       1900 NM       1910 NM       1920 NM       Place

Palo Pinto    Lincoln       Lincoln       Lincoln       Born


Benjamin 28   Beckman   44   Beckman J. 55 Beckman J. 66 TX/PN

Annie D. 32   Annie D.  52   Annie D.  63  Annie D.  75  AL

Thomas   05   Thomas A.               (35)          45  TX

Alice J. 04   Fannie    23            (33)          (43) TX

Alfred C.01            (19)           (29)          (39) TX

  --          Chas      18   Chas A.   (29)          (39) TX

  --          Eva       16            (26)          (36) TX

  --          Emma      12            (22)          (32) NM

  --          Willie    09   William J. 18 Bill      28  NM  

William  22            (42)           (52)          (62) TX



     Alfred C. Bragg, appearing on the 1880 Hill County census above, either died, married or did not move to New Mexico with his family. It was once believed Alfred C. and Charles A. were the same child, but this was impossible if the marriage license of Charles Bragg recorded his date of birth correctly, i.e. 17 February 1882. He couldn't have been counted on the 1880 census two years before he was born. Possibly, Alfred Charles was born first and died as a child, whereupon, the next child was named Charles Alfred in his memory.

                   The Stanphill Connection

     The Stanphills entered Hill County Texas about the same time as the Bragg families. Several marriages occurred and the new families moved out of Hill County. In 1880, the census recorded the family of Alfred and Emiline Bragg, and James and Frances Bragg living next door to the family of Charles Stanphill and Francis A. Hammill Stanphill in the village of Peoria. The Stanphill children were Elizabeth age 2, and Kate H. aged eight months.

     In early times, families that lived near one another were often related through marriage. Records which were not destroyed by the great fire in Hill County, recorded Stanphill marriages in Hill County after 1873 as follows:

     Benjamin Bragg married Anna Stanphill 23 October 1873.

     Melton L. Collier married Fannie Stanphill 19 November 1874.

     R. G. Smith married Cynthia C. Stanphill 18 October 1875.

     Charles Stanphill married Fannie Hammill 11 March 1877.


     I recognize, but cannot prove, Stanphills Anna, Fannie, Cynthia, and Charles were from the same family. Charles and Fannie Hammill were listed on the Hill County census. The Stanphill-Bragg-Alabama connection is conspicuous.


     Charles Stanphill  33 Farmer Alabama

     Francis A.(Hammill) 21 Wife   Arkansas

     Elizabeth Stanphill 02        Texas

     Kate H. Stanphill  08/12     Texas


     Milton L. Collier, listed above, was the half brother of John Wesley Sutherlin who married Mary Francis Bragg who was the daughter of Alfred Bragg. Nancy Jane Young married Ashley Sutherlin in 1828 in Vermilion County, Indiana. They had three children. Ashley died in 1844, so Nancy moved back to her home in Clay County, Illinois where she married a Mr. Collier who had two children from a previous marriage, Sarah and James.

     Mr. Collier died and Nancy left Illinois with her brother-in-law William Sutherlin, the seven children from her first marriage, and Milton L. Collier from her second marriage. They moved to Navarro County, Texas, then to Hill County and Young County.

     Next, Nancy married Mr. Covington and moved to Sherman, Texas where they both died. The children of Milton Collier moved to El Paso, Texas. Milton Collier didn't venture westward from Texas according to present records, and he isn't presumed to be related to the Collier family of White Oaks mentioned later.

     The Stanphill family roots were in Alabama. That family is recorded below.

James Stanphill         1820 Alabama

Mother Stanphill   abt  1820 Mississippi

Anna D. Stanphill  Oct  1847 Alabama

Cynthia Stanphill  abt  1855 Alabama

Charles Stanphill  abt  1857 Alabama

Mary Stanphill          1864 Alabama

Margie Stanphill        1868 Mississippi

Fannie Stanphill   abt  1869 Alabama

     Anna may have had an additional brother, Reverend Jim M. Stanphill who was born in 1846 and married Seleusa Sorter who was born in 1845. Their children were:

Addie Stanphill                   1864

Vada Stanphill                    1866

Mary Elizabeth Stanphill              1868 Alabama

William A. Washington Stanphill   1870 Mississippi

Daniel Jackson Stanphill              1872 Alabama

Fannie Stanphill                  1875

Thomas Vinson Stanphill           1878

Jane Stanphill                    1880

Julia Stanphill                   1884

     Data about this family is available from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints file AFN:B2LX-9Q.


     Due to the gaps in the sequence of births, it's almost certain more children belonged to Anna's family, perhaps four more children. Since several Stanphill children married in Hill County Texas in the early 1870's, it's reasonable to conclude that they moved to Texas about 1871.

             Thomas Alfred Bragg--Son of Benjamin

     Further genealogical investigation clarified statements made in our family book published in 1993. Specifically, no evidence exists, either directly or indirectly, that Thomas Albert Bragg had an Indian ancestor, parent, relative, friend, or neighbor.

     Additionally, it's impossible that Thomas Bragg was born on an Indian Reservation in Texas in 1874. A search of The Bureau of Indian Affairs's records revealed that an Indian Reservation has never existed in the state of Texas. The Bureau Director in The Southwest area confirmed our research.

     Additionally, the 1910 Federal Population Census listed Thomas and Mollie Delphora Goats Bragg as W--White, not In--Indian. A final indication of Tom Bragg's ancestry was his death certificate which listed him as "White." Conclusively, a Goatz (several Goats became Goatz) descendant from Benjamin Goats, Grandfather of Mollie Goats, provided documentation that her Goatz line was White.

     Thomas Bragg arrived in Lincoln County, New Mexico after 1885 but before January of 1888. This was deduced from the fact that the family of Thomas wasn't reflected on the 1885 State census. The 1890 Federal Population Census would be a preferred census, but it was destroyed by fire.

     According to the Federal Population Census of 1900, Thomas arrived before January 1888 because his sister, Emma, was born in January of 1888 in New Mexico. Eva was born in Texas in 1883. Fred P. Cleghorn, Alfred's son-in-law, was born in Texas in 1886. Fred's sister was born in New Mexico in 1888. Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude Thomas arrived in New Mexico in 1887.

     Thomas Bragg told, his great granddaughter, Janet Ann Greer, that he came to New Mexico in a wagon train when he was a boy. Thomas was about thirteen years of age when he arrived in the White Oaks mining area.

     The wagons were pulled by up to six yokes of oxen, except Ben Bragg's wagon was pulled by six mules. It was Tom's responsibility to water and feed the mules each evening and to inspect them for any trail injuries or sores. He developed an instinct about mules that he carried until he died.

     The census records revealed the Bragg, Skinner, Goats, Greer, Cain, Corn, Kennedy, Collier, Cleghorn, Grumbles, and Zumwalt families came to Lincoln County in the same era and each moved from the state of Texas. The roots of early Lincoln County grew in Texas soil.

     How the various families knew about the Bonito Country is a mystery, but word surely spread across Northern and Western Texas that gold was plentiful on the Bonito, a land of fresh flowing streams, clean air, and tall trees. Texas newspapers carried accounts of the riches in White Oaks and Nogal. Finding but little gold, immigrants turned to other professions.

     One inconsistency occurred in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 Federal Population Census for New Mexico concerning the Thomas Bragg family. Thomas maintained his father was born in Texas. Annie, 'Anna', Stanphill Bragg Beckman, his mother, said he was born in Alabama. By 1920, Thomas had changed his father's place of birth to Mississippi. That inconsistency verified a genealogical axiom that a census is a signpost that points in several directions. Ben, himself, revealed he was born in Texas in the 1880 census, and that settled the question.

     Thomas Bragg was a rugged individualist. He stood 6'4" tall, wore a western style hat and sported a thick, black mustache. Thomas preferred mules to horses and was known in Lincoln County as a mule skinner. He often raced his mules against horses for spending money.

     Tom, as he was known, was born in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas on 27 December 1874. In 1887, Tom's father and his family with other relatives and friends, travelled by wagon train to Lincoln County, New Mexico. His other relatives were his grandfather, Alfred C. Bragg and family, and Tom's uncle George T. Bragg, a son of Alfred. The families of Oswald, Johnson, Cleghorn, and Kennedy also joined the wagon train.

     Tom received many painful blows during his life in Lincoln County. He outlived his captivating wife, Mollie Delphora Goats Bragg who died in his arms.

     Tom never remarried after Mollie died in 1923. He once remarked that Mollie filled his heart. He had no need to take another wife. Although his life was often filled with dark emotions, Tom was blessed by a long life. He arrived in Lincoln County by wagon train as a young man, yet lived long enough to witness a man walking on the Moon.

     In 1895, Thomas was hired by J. L. Doughtery as a herder. Doughtery's main business was mining, and he held two mining deeds in the Nogal District, Lincoln County. Doughtery purchased a flock of sheep from miscreants who had stolen them from a rancher Southwest of Lincoln, Lincoln County, New Mexico. They were moved to upper Eagle Creek where Thomas and his herders took over.

     One evening in 1896, a band of Mexican raiders rode across the open range, which was Public Domain, from Lincoln to Eagle Creek east of Alto where Tom was camped. Thomas was living in the rough for some time, so it was necessary for his loving father, Benjamin, to bring in supplies for him.

     As Benjamin approached Tom's camp on the Eagle Creek trail, he was discovered by the raiders who came to retrieve the stolen sheep. The raiders waited in hiding as Ben negotiated the trail on his mule followed by two pack mules laden with supplies. They opened fire. Ben fell from his mule mortally wounded.

     Tom rode his mule the short distance to investigate but was turned away by gunfire. After the raiders gathered and removed the sheep, Tom took Ben's body to Nogal for burial. Ben was buried in the Nogal Cemetery.

     Tom chipped a headstone from a slab of rock and buried it in the drifting sand of Nogal Cemetery. Ben's name was scratched on it's face with an awl. That tombstone was lost until 1993 when it was discovered jutting above the sand on a grassy slope.

     The minister who conducted the funeral service was probably John H. Skinner, the  Greer and Bragg family minister for several years. Ben's mother, Emiline Bragg, fell into depression after Ben's death and experienced mental problems the rest of her life.

     A short time later, Thomas Alfred Bragg, Leo Oswald--Tom's brother-in-law from White Oaks, and uncle George T. Bragg from Raventon quietly slipped through the scrub oak on their mules to the open range near Lincoln. They remained in hiding except to make surprise attacks against the raiders.

     According to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Day Book, warrants were issued for George T. Bragg and Thomas A. Bragg by Lincoln County Sheriff Emil Fritz, but they never went to trial. From the day of his father's death onward, Tom packed a rifle. George eventually departed Lincoln County only to be murdered in Arizona.

     Leo Oswald moved to Carrizozo, New Mexico and became a Deputy Sheriff of Lincoln County by 1910. He owned a home in Carrizozo free and clear. Before 1920, Leo moved north to Valencia, New Mexico. Tom held his place in Lincoln County.

     Several stories survive about Tom's rough-necked deportment. Tom wasn't shy, for certain, but he wouldn't permit anyone to take his picture. He was a fist-fighter, mule skinner, and mountain man. Men who provoked Tom knew anguish.

     Tom once stopped a supply train of mule-drawn wagons bound for Bonito City. He removed his belt and placed it around a lead mule, unbuckled him from the team and lead him away. The mule was named Rhoda, a prize mule belonging to Tom which was stolen a month earlier. Tom spoke not a word during the incident.

The children of Thomas Bragg are outlined below:

     Lee Charley Bragg, first child of Thomas, was born in Benado on 4 April 1899. The Lincoln County Historical Society determined that he was buried at Carrizozo. The family claim he was buried at Angus. He died on 2 January 1938 of influenza. He was only thirty-eight years old.

     Bertha Fannie Bragg, second child of Thomas, married Lester Greer on 2 August 1920. Lester was born 20 June 1896. Bertha was born 19 August 1901. Their dates of death were 31 March 1971 and 21 April 1967 for Lester. They were part of the Greer Family from which the Greer Society was formed.

     Tom's third child was Emzy Everett Bragg, born 30 August 1905 near White Oaks, married Jewell A. Bullard--born on 30 August 1905 in Capitan, New Mexico; they married on 22 September 1930. Their children were Evelyn, John, Mary Nell, Earl, and George. George died while an infant and was buried under the marker "Baby Bragg" in Angus Cemetery.

     One summer Emzy was at the old Parsons Hotel which was converted into a saloon. The rooms upstairs were said to be places of lascivious behavior. The Parsons was a rough place to visit. It was here Emzy got into a fight with a man named George Mannis. Mannis pulled a hunting knife and stabbed Emzy in the right thigh and left shoulder.

     The nearest doctor was in Carrizozo, thirty miles away. Emzy drove his pickup truck toward Carrizozo but bled to death before he reached the hospital. He died on 19 May 1941. He was only thirty-five years old. Fist-fighter Emzy was buried next to Thomas Alfred Bragg in an unmarked grave. Mannis was convicted of manslaughter.

     Roy Harman of Carrizozo said Emzy had a menacing side to him. He enjoyed fist-fighting. He provoked others to fight without reason. He liked to aggravate and challenge people. Emzy's sons were also well-known experts with bare fists.

     Emzy's son, John, was taken-in by John Harkey who raised him and taught him business practices. John helped Mr. Harkey with his business operations in Lincoln County until he was killed in a car accident. John was only twenty-five years old when he died. John was born 23 September 1933, died 18 September 1958, and was buried in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

     Evelyn Bragg became a nurse in Ft. Stanton. Mary Nell married and moved to Texas. Earl Bragg became a ranch foreman in New Mexico at the famous O BAR O Ranch. He married a beautiful lady named Beverly.

     After World War I, Tom and a brother established a Goat ranch in the Oscuro Mountains each having a half interest. Later, the Greer family purchased the Bragg ranch and moved their Mohair Goats from the San Andres Ranch.

     A stock brand recently discovered by a Goats descendant was    "T X B". This was the brand of Lee Goats's brother-in-law, Thomas A. Bragg, of Parsons. It was short for Thomas X Bragg. Other brands in the New Mexico Brand book of 1915 were under the name Annie Bragg of Parsons; J. W. Bragg of Quemado, J.W. Bragg of Angus; Jake Goetz of Stanley; Otto Goetz; and Lee Goates.

     The brand of Lee Goats was Mollie's brother. J. W. Bragg was James W. Bragg, son of Alfred, of Quemado; and his grandson, James William Bragg of Angus. New Mexico had two places named Quemado. The one in question was in Socorro County.

     Thomas Alfred Bragg was born on 27 December 1874 an died on 9 September 1968. He was ninety-four. He's buried in Angus Cemetery. He lies next to his beloved Mollie D. Goats Bragg. His grave is marked by a small brown stone.                  

                        Alice J. Bragg

     Alice, later called Texana, was the second child of Ben and Anna Bragg. She was born October 1876 in Texas, most likely in Hill County. She married Leo Oswald, a family friend, about 1895 in New Mexico. During her childhood she was called Fannie, a name which she cast aside upon her marriage.

     Alice gave birth to three children in Lincoln County: Claud, born October 1894; a baby child, born about 1896, who died while a child, named R. F. Oswald; Emma Oswald, born April 1897, who was named after Alice's sister. There is no record of additional children. She moved to Valencia, New Mexico after 1910 where she resided until after 1955. She was then 74 years old.

                         Emma E. Bragg

      Tom's younger sister was Emma E. Bragg, born 30 January 1888 in White Oaks, New Mexico. Emma married Ernest William (Cap) Henley 24 December 1907. Their children were Eugene born about 1909; Gerald born about 1913; Clayton born about 1916; Annie Mae born about 1918; and Elinor who was born about 1920, all in Carrizozo.

     William Bragg showed typical Bragg generosity toward the Henley family. The Henleys lived on the property adjoining William's which was near Thomas's property and also near the Greer property on Bonito Creek. William assisted his sister and brother-in-law to get established in the valley on the Bonito.

     Ernest William Henley, William Bragg, and Thomas Bragg were alike in several ways. They were easy to identify, because they were over six feet tall. James William Bragg stood 6'5" tall in bare feet on a hardwood floor. Each had wide shoulders carried above slim hips, each had enormous fists.

     These three often traveled together. When they went to the Parsons for a bucket of beer, they attracted wary attention, but they had a quiet way of going about their business. Handsome Henley had a reputation as a lady's man.

     After 1925, Ernest William and Emma Henley moved to Mill Valley, California which was two hours from where Emma's brother, William Bragg, lived. Emma Bragg Henley worked at a navy base and retired near San Francisco about 1954.

                     Charles Alfred Bragg

     Charles (Charlie) was born 17 February 1882 in Albany, Shackleford County, Texas. A photograph of Charles revealed he was about 6'4" tall, slender and handsome. When he became a young man in Lincoln County, he was the foreman on the Texas Park Ranch east of Benado. This ranch was on private land, not subject to Lincoln National Forest regulations. It was named Texas Park because most of the ranchers in that area came from Texas.

     Texas Park was a beautiful area with varied and abundant wildlife. Several early homestead families lived in Texas Park east of White Oaks. Some of those families were:

     Augayo    Bragg     Bartlett  Bailey    Blanchard

     Chew      Cleghorn  Current   Farr      Fewell

     Glenn     Harris    Hicks     Johnson   Keith    

     Lacy      Leslie    Madden    Mahon     Oswald   

     Palmer    Slacks    Swain     York      York(e)

     York Springs was named for the York family. Bertie Cleghorn was raised by the Blanchards, family relationship unknown. Some descendants still live in Blanchard Canyon. The Hicks family lived in Deer Canyon.

     The Texas Park Ranch was sold on 8 July 1887 by S. A. McClellan to a Mr. Bragg who was the father-in-law of Mr. J. W. Sutherlin. Texas Park was often referred to as Bragg Park. Mr. Bragg was Alfred C. Bragg of White Oaks. His daughter was the Mary Bragg who married J. W. Sutherlin. John Sutherlin arrived in Lincoln County, New Mexico in 1884 or 1885.

     Charles Alfred Bragg married Emma L. Peters on 1 June 1913 at the Angus Church. She died on 20 August 1916. A headstone emgraved with the name Emma Bragg exists in the Pfingsten section of the Angus cemetery. Under that marker lies Emma Pfingsten Peters Bragg. An abridged list of Emma's family is shown below.

Henry Pfingsten                   1840 Germany

Sophia Bahe                  Jul  1847 Germany

Edward Pfingsten             Jul  1869 Ohio

Frederick Wells Pfingsten    Feb  1871 Nebraska

Josephine 'Josie' Pfingsten  Mar  1873 NE  Adopted Mary V. Bragg

Albert Thornton Pfingsten    Jun  1874 Colorado

Emma Pfingsten               Mar  1879 Colorado

     married Edward Peters   May  1870 Iowa  Divorced

     married Charles Bragg   Feb  1882 Albany, Shackleford, TX

Mary Bragg, Emma's daughter  Jun  1814 Capitan, Lincoln County

Minnie Pfingsten             Aug  1885 New Mexico

Louisa 'Agnes' Pfingsten          Jun  1886 Bonito, Lincoln County


     Emma Pfingsten Peters and Edward Peters lived on the property next to Joseph and Anna Beckman on Bonito Creek in 1900. One house down the road lived the family of Frederick Wells Pfingsten. Bachelor Charles Bragg often visited his parents, Joseph and Anna Beckman, on Rio Bonito.

     Charles also visited Edward and Emma Peters. On 1 June 1913 Emma and Charles married after her divorce from Edward Peters. The Peters children became wards of Edward Peters. Emma Pfsingten Peters Bragg died 20 August 1916.

     Charles Bragg's second marriage was to Alice B. Purcella on 17 July 1917. Alice was a beautiful lady from Roswell, New Mexico. Her relatives were farmers and ranchers from Tinnie. Charles died in Southern California about 1955 according to Margie Cowan, his niece.

     Charles moved to California on 5 January 1923 together with his brother, William Bragg, and other families. Margie Cowan stated Charles left his daughter, Mary V. Bragg, in the care of a Nogal family three years prior to his going to California. Mary never saw her father again.

     Mary Bragg was born 27 June 1914 in Angus, according to Opal Peters. Mary was two years old when her mother, Emma, died. She was only four years old at the time she was forsaken by her father.

     The children of Charles A. Bragg and his wives were:

     Wife #1: Emma Peters Bragg:

Jennie Peters born 1900 Lincoln County

Gilbert Peters born 1901 Lincoln County-She raised Mary Bragg

Ralph Peters  born 1913 Lincoln County

Mary Bragg    born 1914 Angus, Lincoln County

     Wife #2: Alice Purcella Bragg:

Edith Bragg   born & died in 1919 in Lincoln County

     Alice Purcella's family of Tinnie, Lincoln County follows.

1910 Census: Tinnie

A. M. Purcella     Age 40    Arkansas

Minnie Purcella    Age 31    Illinois    Minnie Irene Shears

Alice Purcella     Age 14    New Mexico  Married Charles Bragg

Wesley Purcella    Age 13    New Mexico

Joe Purcella       Age 11    New Mexico  M. Gregoria Perales

Mabel A. Purcella  Age 08    New Mexico  M. Samuel E. Hardcastle

Silas Purcella     Age 06    New Mexico

Walker Purcella    Age 04    New Mexico

Mamie Purcella     Age 02    New Mexico

Elza Purcella      Age 1/12  New Mexico


     Frank K. Purcella, Brother to A. M. Purcella, Age 30 born in Arkansas on 9 January 1882. Minnie, above, was the daughter of John H. Shears and Alice J. Collins. She was born 6 June 1879 in Weatherford, Texas. Below is a Purcella family in the Agua Azule Las Palas Precinct No. 3.


1910 census

Louis Purcella          Age 38    Texas 

Annie E. Purcella       Age 31    New Mexico     

Annie Purcella          Age 13    New Mexico

John Purcella           Age 11    New Mexico M. Nettie Pruitt

Martin Purcella         Age 09    New Mexico

Willie Paul Purcella    Age 07    New Mexico B. 16 Oct 1904

Alice Purcella          Age 04    New Mexico

Ida May Purcella        Age 5/12  New Mexico


     Louis Gordon Purcella was born 19 June 1871 in Limestone County, Texas. His father was Joseph Purcella and his mother was Nancy Elizabeth Goodwin. He married Annie Elizabeth Van Winkle. Willie Paul was born in Capitan, Lincoln County, New Mexico.


1910 census continued:

Andrew Purcella    Age 25    New Mexico  Married in 1906

Lillie             Age 23    New Mexico

Orlean             Age 03    New Mexico


1920 Census: Tinnie

Frank K. Purcella  Age 40        Texas

Edna Harris--Wife  Age 26        New Mexico M. 28 June 1917


Henry Purcella     Age 45        Texas

Nannie             Age 40        Texas

Ernest             Age 16        New Mexico

Pearl              Age 13        New Mexico

Josie  Female      Age 11        New Mexico

Ruby               Age 08        New Mexico

Charles            Age 2 11/12   New Mexico


Minnie I.          Age 40        Oklahoma

Silas              Age 15        New Mexico  

Walter             Age 14        New Mexico  

Mamie              Age 12        New Mexico  

Elza               Age 11        New Mexico  

Lewis              Age 10        New Mexico

George             Age 08        New Mexico

Mary               Age 05        New Mexico

Veronica           Age 3 7/12    New Mexico

Elvalie            Age 1 2/12    New Mexico


     Alice Purcella was born 9 February 1896. She married Charles Bragg on 17 July 1917. She died and was buried in Tinnie in 1919. She had a daughter named Edith. Margie Cowen remarked that both

mother and child died at Edith's birth.

     Minnie F. Purcella was married to Andrew Purcella who died in 1920 according to information supplied. The 1910 Oscuro census Pricinct #5 showed Andrew Purcella aged 25 married to Lillie aged 23 with child Orlean aged 3. All were born in New Mexico. Lillie and Minnie cannot be the same person.

     The Purcella patriarchs were Joseph and Nancy Purcella. The 1885 New Mexico census revealed the following family:


     Joseph Purcella    age 58    Louisiana

     Nancy              age 45    Arkansas

     Ammon              age 16    Texas married Annie     Lewis              age 12    Texas

     Rosa               age 10    Texas

     Henry W.           age 07    Texas married Nannie   

     Almira Meddie Alice age 05    Texas

     Frank              age 02    New Mexico

     Andrew             age 6/12  New Mexico

     George W.--Adopted age 2/12  New Mexico

     Joseph, Son        age 20    Texas


     Joseph Purcella and Nancy Elizabeth Goodwin had another child not shown above named Mary A. Purcella who was born in Nacogdoches County, Texas in 1857. She would have been twenty-eight in the 1885 census. For more information, see IGI Batch # 8526806, Sheet 94. Nancy had her first child at age seventeen and her last at the age of forty-three.

     It appears that the Purcella family arrived in New Mexico in 1883. There is a record of a marriage between A. W. Purcella and Cleotilda Nejeres on 23 April 1919 in Tinnie, both were from Tinnie. A. W. was born 20 February 1874 in Coldwell, Texas. Nejeres was born in Ruidosa, New Mexico 6 May 1893. One may wish to reconcile the 1885 census with the later censuses as a mental challenge.

                           Eva Bragg

     Eva was the last Bragg child born in Texas from Ben's family. She was born in Shackelford County in June 1883. After 1900, she vanished from our records. A search of the 1910 Lincoln County census for a person named Eva with a different last name, assuming she married, who fit her age couldn't be found.

     In September 1993, a search of Angus Cemetery in Angus, New Mexico, located two Bragg graves without headstones. It's possible one of these graves holds Eva or she may be buried in the Bragg Cemetery near White Oaks.

     Did Eva marry a gentleman of the Goats family and depart New Mexico when the Goats families went North; or, did little Eva marry a Kennedy, Collier, Grumbles, Johnson, or Cleghorn? If Eva was a nickname, her destiny may forever remain a mystery. My heart tells me her proper name was Eveline Anna Bragg.

     This letter* was received just prior to printing.

Dear Charles:

     I learned you were seeking information about Eva Bragg. She was my relative. Eva married Joseph Hurley about 1901. They were married by a minister, but we think her marriage was never recorded, because we searched the records in Carrizozo without success.

     Joseph was the brother of Rebecca Eliza Hurley. Rebecca married Richmond 'Little' Hust in Nogal in 1891. They had children Melvin, Marion, Ottis, Gladys, George, Elmer, and Leroy. Joseph was Elmer Hust's uncle. Joseph was my mother-in-law's brother. I married Elmer Hust.

     Eva had three loving children; Irene, Lillian, and Bennie. They moved to Truth Or Consequenses where Eva died in a nursing home about 1965. Bennie was at her side until the end. Bennie died a few years later.     Sincerely, Inice Hust



     Unselfish people like Inice Hust made this book possible. Her testimony draws attention to another fact about Lincoln County: Families were interlaced by marriage across the county and across classes.

     In no other county in America will this curiosity be found as in Lincoln County, New Mexico. The Husts were related to the Greers. The Greers were related to the Braggs. The Braggs were related to the Hurleys. AND, the Hurleys were related to Husts.

     A brief list of the Hurley family follows based on the 1910 Lincoln County census, Ruidoso, New Mexico, and other sources.

     Joseph Hurley-father              Texas

     Eliza May-mother                  Texas

     Joseph Martin Hurley         1871 Texas

     Eveline Anna Bragg, Eva Jun  1883 Texas--Wife of Joeseph

     Florence Hurley              1902 Texas

     Orineo Hurley (Irene)        1905 Texas

     Baby Hurley                  1906 Texas--died an infant

     Gillien Hurley (Lillian)          1908 Texas

     Bennie Hurley           Abt  1910 New Mexico

        Mary Virginia Bragg--Daughter of Charles Bragg

     Mary was raised near Nogal and Bonito after her birth in Angus 27 June 1914. She was taken-in by Mrs. Josie Bourne when she was four years old. They moved to the railroad town of Duran, New Mexico where Josie owned a telephone exchange.

     Mary was adopted by Robert and Josephine Bourne in 1918. When Mary was seven, Josie died. Josie's niece, Edith, cared for the child for two years and then Edith died. At that time, Mary Bourne was taken to the orphanage in El Paso, Texas.

     Mary attended school in El Paso, but was allowed to live with Chloe May (Zumwalt) Peters in Nogal during school vacations. Chloe was married to Mary's half-brother, Gilbert Peters. When Mary was fifteen, she became a ward of Chloe and Gilbert and lived with the Peter's family in Capitan, New Mexico. She graduated from Capitan High School.

     Mary had emotional problems during her teenage years. She refused to take naps and didn't sleep well at night, often staying up all night. Once Chloe, Mary's sister-in-law and overseer, asked her,

     "Why won't you sleep, child?"

Mary replied,

     "If I sleep, I'm afraid I'll lose you too, Chloe."

     Mary grew into a lovely women. She was much admired by young men. She was petite, healthy, and had an aura of innocence about her. She excelled in academics. She was a respectful child who worked hard around home.

     Mary Bourne married Robert J. Clarke 3 November 1934 in Angus. Bob Clarke was a Fort Stanton resident. He was born 2 August 1909 in Oxford, Colorado. They moved to Idaho where she brought forth two children named Bobbie, a daughter, and Donald Butch Clarke. Later, she married Kenneth Carroll and moved to Stockton, California where she passed away.

     A brief Bourne genealogy appears below.

Robert H. Bourne   Mar  1870 Virginia 

Josephine E. Bourne Apr  1871 Nebraska      Josie Pfingsten

Laurie H. Bourne   May  1893 New Mexico    Son

Emma C. Bourne          1902 New Mexico    Daughter

Mary (Bragg) Bourne May  1914 New Mexico    Adopted             

                      James William Bragg

     James William Bragg, son of Ben and Annie Bragg, was the youngest child in the Bragg/Beckman family. He was born in Bonito Lincoln County, New Mexico 17 June 1891. He died in Napa Valley California, 26 January 1970.

     William was a loving son and stepson. William married a lady named Nettie Jane McDaniel 21 August 1917 in Bonito City, Lincoln County. They were married by Arthur Marston. The marriage took place in Water Canyon. Nettie Jane McDaniel Bragg died on 15 November 1973 in Santa Rosa, California. She was born in Bradley, Indian Territory, Oklahoma on 27 December 1894.

     William and Nettie had a child named Bennie in 1918 in Capitan, Lincoln County. William was a rancher in the Capitan area, probably on the Texas Park Ranch. William moved to St. Johns, Arizona in 1913 but returned before 1918 to care for his parents.

     When World War I began, William joined the service. After the war, he was discharged as a PVT, US Army, and he returned to Lincoln County, Bonito. William and his family and the McDaniel family loaded their automobiles with family and tangibles and worked their way to Southern California. It was said they appeared like a desert caravan, because they had so many vehicles in their party. 5 January 1923 was the last time any of them saw Lincoln County.

     On the exact day William took to the highway, Thomas Bragg moved his family into a new home he built with his own hands. It was a happy day, but unknown to him at that time, Tom's world would crumble in only eleven months for his lovely Mollie would be gone.

     In 1945, William's family moved to Napa Valley, California. William became a carpenter. His wife died in Santa Rosa on 15 November 1973 with interment at St. Helena Cemetery. She had these children:

Bennie Bragg born 24 January 1918 in Capitan, Lincoln County,      married Mary Jane Mills. Their children took the Mills name.

Their children were born in Ft. Bragg, California:

     Sylvia Louise Mills 6 June    1949

     Rosalind Jane Mills 3 November 1950

     Betty Ann Mills    3 March   1952


Margie Bragg married Scott Cowen. She was born in Capitan,              Lincoln County, New Mexico about 1921.

Edna Bragg born 21 January 1922 in Bonito, Lincoln County,              married Edwin Lawver.

Elsie Bragg born 15 February 1926 Delano, California married       Joe Wells.

Beulah Bragg married an Anderson of North Hollywood.

Roy Bragg, lived in Seattle. He was the last BRAGG of the James    William Bragg line.


                    The McDaniel Connection


     James William Bragg married Nettie Jane McDaniel in Lincoln County. That family moved to California on 5 January 1923 from Lincoln County on the Overland Route. They settled in The Napa Valley about 1945. Nettie's family is presented next, briefly.

John McDaniel, born in Scotland about 1695.

George McDaniel born 17 May 1722 in King Wm County, VA

     died 15 November 1821 in Amherst County, VA.

John McDaniel born in 1721 in Albermale County, VA

     died 23 January 1830 in Amherst County, VA.

Ambrose Rucker McDaniel born in 1787 in Amherst County, VA

     died 1858 in Barren County, VA.

Lindsay D. McDaniel born 1820 in Amherst CO. VA. Died after 1841.

William Henry McDaniel born 10 April 1944 in Barren County, KY

     died 22 January 1926 in Grady County, OK.

Samuel M. McDaniel born 10 September 1867 in Cedar County, KY

     died 9 June 1915 in LINCOLN COUNTY, NEW MEXICO.

William Walter McDaniel born 10 December 1890 in Indian             Territory, Oklahama. Died 1937 Burbank, California.

Martha Isabell McDaniel born 16 October 1893 in Indian Territory,      Oklahoma. Died 11 February 1974 in Bradley, Grady CO. OK.

Nettie Jane McDaniel born 27 December 1894 in Bradley, Indian      Territory, Oklahoma. Died 15 November 1973, Santa Rosa, Napa County, California. Married James William Bragg in Water          Canyon, LINCOLN COUNTY, NEW MEXICO about 1917.

Nannie May McDaniel born 24 December 1896, Indian Territory,       Texas. Died 7 September 1979 in Windsor, Sonoma County, CA.

Albert McDaniel born 3 April 1901 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma         Died 1 September 1971 in Napa, Napa County, California. This      McDaniel married another McDaniel named Delila May.

Stella Gertrude McDaniel born 28 September 1905 in Indian               Territory, Oklahoma. Died 8 September 1991 in Glendora,   California.

Nellie Ann McDaniel born 20 June 1907 in Indian Territory,              Greer County, Oklahoma. Died 19 December 1984 in Napa,         Napa County, California. Nellie married another McDaniel       named Vina Owen. Vina was the brother to Delilia May, heretofore mentioned.


     Samuel M. McDaniel was killed on 11 June 1915 on the Bob Henley ranch in Bitter Canyon near Rio Bonito. Samuel was separating a mule colt from her mother when the mare kicked him in the stomach causing instantaneous death. The mare then turned on her colt and killed her too. The mule, thereafter, took up a position near Mr. McDaniel preventing rescuers from approaching him. The vicious mule was dispatched.

          Alfred Charles Bragg--Grandfather to Thomas

     Alfred Charles Bragg, son of Jesse, was born on 19 September 1829 in the state of Alabama. He married Susan Emiline Boggs Harris in 1850. He moved first to Young County, Texas in 1860 then to Hill County in 1870. Ben's wife was from Hill County, and it's probable Ben and Alfred were in Hill County during part of the 1870's.

     Alfred had 12 children by 1880 and most may have moved to White Oaks New Mexico in 1887. By 1910, many of his children did not appear on the Lincoln County census.

     Alfred owned a ranch in Texas Park. Roy W. Harman, a White Oaks historian who was born in Texas Park, reported the Bragg Ranch headquarters were located in a canyon on Patos Mountain northeast of Benado.

     Roy Harman's mother, Ollie Fewell, came to the White Oaks area in 1898 in a covered wagon. Ollie's mother was named Elizabeth Fewell and was a widow. Her deceased husband was named John Fewell. They started out of Lampassas, Texas in early 1896 driving fifty head of cattle.

     They journeyed via Floydada Texas, where they camped for the winter in 1897. They stopped at Portalas, New Mexico to rest before crossing the Pecos River at Ft. Sumner in the spring of 1898. Portalas was only a trading post at that time. Their next stop was Texas Park.

     Elizabeth Fewell married in 1904 and had a girl named Ollie who married Leslie Harman. One son was named Roy Harman who lived on the Harman Ranch near the old Crumb place. The Harman and Bragg families were closely associated for many years.

     Roy Harman reported a lady named Nan Johnson lived with the Alfred Bragg family on the Bragg Ranch. Nan was Nancy A. Johnson, Alfred's granddaughter. Nan moved to Phoenix in 1920. Johnson Springs and Johnson arroyo near White Oaks were named for the Johnsons. Frank Johnson, listed below, was born in Llano County, Texas. His father was also named Frank. Llano County was a popular Texas County for Bragg relatives as we shall see.



             Alfred and Susan Bragg of White Oaks

                  Lincoln County, New Mexico

Alfred C. Bragg         1829 Alabama   Miner, Farmer, Rancher

Susan E. Harris     Sep  1830 Alabama   Wife of Alfred

Mary Francis Bragg Jun  1853 Texas     Daughter of Alfred

John W. Sutherlin   Jan  1842 Illinois  Husband of Mary

Millie Marie Sutherlin  1870 Texas     Daughter of Mary

Julia Alice Sutherlin   1877 New Mex   Daughter of Mary

Mary Elizabeth Sutherlin     1879 Texas     Daughter of Mary

Revena Josephine        1880 Texas     Daughter of Mary

Patrick Sutherlin       1883 Texas     Son of Mary

Alfred Robert Sutherlin 1885 New Mex   Son of Mary

John Stanley Sutherlin  1889 New Mex   Son of Mary

George Wesley Sutherlin 1891 New Mex   Son Of Mary

Ethyl Sutherlin         1893 New Mex   Daughter of Mary

Benjamin Bragg      1854 Texas     Son of Alfred

Anna D. Stanphill   Oct  1847 Alabama   Wife of Benjamin

Thomas A. Bragg     Dec  1874 Texas     Son of Benjamin

Alice J. Bragg Oct  1876 Texas     Daughter of Ben

Alfred C. Bragg         1879 Texas     Son of Benjamin

Charles A. Bragg    Feb  1882 Texas     Son of Benjamin

Emma Peters         Mar  1879 Colorado  Wife, nee Pfingsten

Mary V. Bragg  Jun  1914 New Mex   Daughter of Charles

Robert J. Clark    Aug  1909 Colorado  1ST Husband of Mary

Kenneth Carroll         191- ++++      2ND Husband of Mary

Donald Clark            193- ++++      Son of Mary

Bobbie Clark            193- ++++      Daughter of Mary

Alice P. Purcella   Feb  1896 New Mex   Wife of Charles

Edith Bragg         Feb  1919 New Mex   Daughter of Alice

Eveline Anna Bragg Jun  1883 Texas     Daughter of Ben

Joseph Martin Hurley    1871 Texas     Husband of Eveline

Florence Hurley         1902 Texas     Daughter of Eveline

Irene Hurley            1905 Texas     Daughter of Eveline

Lillian Hurley          1908 Texas     Daughter of Eveline

Bennie Hurley           1909 New Mex   Daughter of Eveline

Alice J. Bragg Oct  1876 Texas     Daughter of Ben

Leo Oswald          Aug  1871 Kansas    Husband of Emma

Claud Oswald        Oct  1894 New Mex   Son of Alice

R. F. Oswald        Abt  1896 New Mex   Son of Emma

Emma Oswald         Apr  1897 New Mex   Daughter of Emma

Emma Bragg          Jan  1888 New Mex   Daughter of Ben

Ernest Wm. Henley  Sep  1881 New Mex   Husband of Emma

Eugene Henley           1909 New Mex   Son of Emma

Gerald Henley           1913 New Mex   Son of Emma

Clayton Henley          1916 New Mex   Son of Emmm

Annie Mae Henley        1918 New Mex   Daughter of Emma       

James W. Bragg Jun  1891 New Mex   Son of Ben

Nettie J.McDaniel   Dec  1894 Oklahoma  Wife of James William

Bennie Bragg       Jan  1918 New Mex   Son of James

Margie B. Bragg    Abt  1921 New Mex   Daughter of James

Edna Bragg         Jan  1922 New Mex   Daughter of James

Elsie Bragg        Feb  1926 Calif     Daughter of James

Beulah Bragg            192- Calif     Daughter of James

Roy Bragg               192- Calif     Son of James      

Nancy J. Bragg      1855 Texas     Daughter of Alfred

Jack Cleghorn       185- ++++      Husband of Nancy

Lula Cleghorn  Abt  1878 Texas     Daughter of Nancy & Jack

May Cleghorn        Mrh  1884 Texas     Daughter of Nancy & Jack

Fred P. Cleghorn    Jun  1886 Texas     Son of Nancy & Jack

Edna M. Collier     May  1892 New Mex   Wife of Fred

Bertie Cleghorn     Jly  1888 New Mex   Daughter of Nancy & Jack

Ida P. Cleghorn     Jun  1912 New Mex   Daughter of Fred & Edna

Joseph B. Collier       1900 Missouri  Brother of Edna

Margaret E. Bragg       1858 Texas     Daughter of Alfred

Frank Johnson       1848 Miss      Husband of Margaret

Nancy A. Johnson        1878 Texas     Daughter of Margaret

Christopher Johnson 1878 Texas     Son of Margaret

Emma Johnson            1880 Texas     Daughter of Margaret

Bill Johnson            188- Texas     Son of Margaret

Jack Johnson            188- Texas     Son of Margaret

George Johnson      1893 Texas     Son of Margaret

Dink O. Johnson         1896 Texas     Daughter of Margaret

Alfred Johnson Abt  1898 Texas     Son of Margaret

Thomas Bragg            1862 Texas     Son of Alfred

Alfred N. Bragg     Feb  1864 Texas     Son of Alfred

Lula A. Bragg       1865 Texas     Daughter of Alfred

Edward Brooking     Nov  1865 Texas     Husband of Lula

Lula Brooking  Jun  1896 New Mex   Daughter of Lula

Maurice Brooking        189- New Mex   Son of Lula

Ida E. Bragg        Jun  1871 Texas     Daughter of Alfred

William N. Kennedy Oct  1866 Texas     Husband of Ida

Jesse A. Kennedy    Jun  1892 Texas     Son of Ida

Lula L. Kennedy     Sep  1894 Texas     Daughter of Ida

Emma OliviaKennedy Dec  189  New Mex   Daughter of Ida

Celesta M. Kennedy Aug  1899 New Mex   Daughter of Ida

C. L. Kennedy       190- New Mex   Son of Ida

Pearl Kennedy  Abt  1906 New Mex   Daughter of Ida

James C. Bragg Jun  1873 Texas     Son of Alfred

George T. Bragg     Aug  1876 Texas     Miner, Son of Alfred

Francis Bartlett    Mrh  1881 Texas     Wife of George

Ula A. Bragg        May  1899 Texas     Daughter of George

John H. Grumbles    May  1858 ++++      Husband of Mariam

Mariam E.Grumbles   Mrh  1859 Texas     Sister of Edward Brooking

Lena M. Grumbles    Jun  1884 Texas     Daughter of Mariam

Zella M. Grumbles   May  1885 Texas     Daughter of Mariam

Allie E. Grumbles   Jun  1886 Texas     Son of Mariam

Walter E.Grumbles   Sep  1887 New Mex   Daughter of Mariam

Sallie R.Grumbles   Nov  1889 New Mex   Daughter of Mariam

Roy H. Grumbles     Aug  1894 New Mex   Son of Mariam

Ida B.Grumbles Aug  1896 New Mex   Daughter of Mariam


     It's important to recognize that most of Alfred's

grandchildren were born in Texas. Therefore, the Bragg wagon train was large to handle all of these families.

     One of Alfred's children went to Colorado according to a statement made by James William Bragg a few years before his death. That person hasn't been identified at this time, but he may have been either Alfred Newton, Thomas or James Bragg, each a son of Alfred.

     Emiline Harris's family travelled extensively before settling in New Mexico. Information from Helen Henagar's files are presented next.

Harden E. Harris        1807 North Carolina

Mary Harris             1810 Tennessee

Emiline B. Harris  Sep  1830 Alabama

Calvin G. Harris        1832 Alabama

Nancy J. Harris         1836 Alabama

Mary Ann Harris         1838 Mississippi

William H. Harris       1839 Mississippi

Lucinda Harris          1843 Mississippi

Frances Harris          1846 Mississippi

Telisha Harris          1848 Mississippi


     We found additional relatives. Specifically, if we return to Hill County in the 1870's, we find a Melton J. Collier married Fannie E. Stanphill. Fannie was the sister to Anna Stanphill, wife of Ben Bragg. Melton was the half brother of John Sutherlin who married Mary Francis Bragg, who was the daughter of Alfred Bragg.

     Remembering the above paragraph, in the 1920 Lincoln County

census, a Fred P. Cleghorn found himself in White Oaks. He was

married to Edna M. Collier. They had a daughter named Ida. Fred

was the son of Jack and Nancy Cleghorn. Jack was a businessman.

     The Cleghorn--Collier mystery can be understood by combining the 1885, 1900, 1910, and 1920 fragments of information found in the Lincoln County censuses and newspapers.

Father}       Joseph Collier          1831 Virginia 

Mother}       Sallie C. Collier  Feb  1837 Missouri

              Stephen Collier    Jul  1858 Missouri

              Elbert J. Collier  Aug  1864 Kansas

              Joseph C. Collier       1868 New Mexico

              Elizabeth L. Collier    1870 New Mexico

              Evanna E. Collier       1873 New Mexico

              Agustus R. Collier      1877 New Mexico


Son}          Stephen Collier    Jul  1858 Missouri

              Billie C. Collier  Jul  1865 Tennessee

              Clyde J. Collier   Feb  1888 New Mexico

              Ida C. Collier     Dec  1889 New Mexico

              Edna M. Collier    May  1892 New Mexico

              Joseph B. Collier  Jun  1895 New Mexico

              Lolly B. Collier   Jun  1898 New Mexico


Son}          Elbert J. Collier  Aug  1864 Kansas

              Lilly B. Collier        1876 Arkansas

              Maurine Collier         1897 Texas

              Elbert J., Jr.          1906 New Mexico

              Lillian M. Collier      1907 New Mexico

              William Collier         1909 New Mexico


Granddaughter} Edna M. Collier    May  1892 New Mexico

              Fred P. Cleghorn        1886 Texas


     Clyde J. Collier married Beulah Dale 4 July 1916. Clyde and Beulah lived in Jicarilla. Clyde was born in White Oaks 28 February 1888. Beulah was born in Silver City 20 May 1898.

     Fred Cleghorn was appointed a Precinct Judge in 1918 in the Rabenton (Raventon) Precinct. He was on the Board of Registration for Military Service during WW I. He and Edna had a girl, Ida Cleghorn, who attended college at Trinidad, Colorado.

     Ida C. Collier married Harry A. Gallacher on 18 April 1918. Both grew up on ranches near White Oaks. Ida moved to Roswell, New Mexico after her marriage to Gallacher. Later, they moved to Oklahoma City.

     Elbert J. Collier owned a ranch in Coyote Canyon near White Oaks. His wife had five sisters, Mesdames Cole and Cantor of Meskogee, Oklahoma; Mrs. S. M. Wharton of Tucumcari; Mrs. George Brown of Inglewood; and Mrs. L. Hopping of Pasadena. Lillian Maurine Collier died 16 September 1926. She was born 8 November 1906 in Brown County, Texas. Collier Hill, which is located two miles north of White Oaks, was named for the Collier family.

     It was reported by Roy Harman that Jack's actual name was Fred Pearl Cleghorn. He went by Jack, because he wanted to avoid being called Pearl. Fred was born 16 June 1886 and died 21 June 1948. He was buried in White Oaks.

     Jack Cleghorn and his brother-in-law, Joseph B. Collier, lived three miles east of White Oaks on homesteads. That was 1 1/2 miles northeast of the coal mine. Joseph worked in the coal mine. Jack fired the boilers in the power house. Robert Leslie worked in the mine with Joseph.

     The Leslie family and the Bragg Families were neighbors and friends. Robert Ward Leslie remembered his mother telling him as they passed the old sheep corral in Bragg Canyon, "That's just Ben's (Bragg) place." The forked corner post of that corral stood for over forty years.

     The Leslie family came to New Mexico in 1883. They were Robert Leslie, born 17 May 1853 in Georgia, and his wife Elizabeth Ward, born 6 January 1857 also born in Georgia. Their child, Elisha Leslie who was born in Earth County, Texas 14 February 1873.

     Elisha remembered a man named Jack Farr came to Texas from Lincoln County and told about a wonderful land and friendly people in Texas Park, Lincoln County, New Mexico. Robert Leslie moved his family to Lincoln County with two other families, Yorke and Arthurs, and two brothers of the Carter family who took care of the wagons and stock.

     In 1884, Robert filed on a homestead after passing through and camping on the Farr Ranch before reaching his new home. That home remained in the Leslie family for one-hundred years. Elisha married Minnie English after moving to Arizona but returned to Texas Park. Minnie died, then he married Ruby Wright.

     Robert Leslie died in 1932; his wife, Elizabeth died one month later. They had ten children with six surviving in 1930. Those were Elisha, Lura, Robert, Ward, Ben, and Ellis.

     Ward Leslie was born in January 1888 in White Oaks. He married Leoly Slack in 1909. His children were Robert Ward Leslie, born 2 September 1912; Bessie Pearl Leslie, born 4 April 1916; and Callie Irene Leslie, born 15 July 1918.

     Robert Ward Leslie became a member of the White Oaks Historical Association about 1970 working hundreds of hours in preserving the cemetery and historical treasures around White Oaks.

     Ben Leslie once recorded memories of his childhood. He, his brother Lisha, with Roy Grumbles and Roy's sisters, Ollie and Sally, played baseball with the team at White Oaks. Another girl player was Margaret Gallacher. Those girls played as well as any boy and he was glad when they were on his team. Jane Gallacher managed a hotel in White Oaks.

     The Colliers were cousins of the Braggs. As Helen Henager revealed through the 1880 Hill County, Texas census, a full circle was made by marriage of the Stanphill, Collier, Bragg, and Cleghorn families thus:

     James Stanphill    1820 Alabama--Father of Anna Bragg

     Mary Stanphill     1864 Alabama--Daughter

     Margie Stanphill   1868 Mississippi--Daughter

     Milton Collier     1869 Texas--Son-in-law

Wife Fannie Stanphill   1869 Alabama--Daughter of James

     James R. Collier   1876 Texas--Son

     William Collier    1878 Texas--Son

     Nathan Collier     1879 Texas (December)--Son


     It shouldn't shock anyone to learn that Frank Johnson and wife, Margaret Bragg--granddaughter of James Stanphill, lived a short distance down the road from the Stanphills and Colliers in Hill County, Texas in 1880.

     Additionally, a tragedy may have occurred in Hill County. Two Cleghorn children were living with families other than their own. Jiff, age nineteen, lived with a "Collins" family. Close by, lived little Alice Cleghorn who was barely nine years old. She lived with the Scott family. Naturally, they lived on either side of a Johnson family. Their parents were not found in Hill County in 1880.

     With the utmost suspicion, I speculate that the "Collins" family was actually a "Collier" family misspelled by the census enumerator and these children were the brother and sister of our Jack Cleghorn who married Nancy Bragg in Lincoln County. Further, I believe they had another brother living in Hill County named William Cleghorn with his wife, Sarah. Both were born in Alabama.

     The Gallachers were in the family stew along with the other families mentioned. Harry Alexander Gallacher married Marian Evalena Grumbles on 24 September 1903. Marian isn't to be confused with her mother, Mariam R. Grumbles. Marian Evalena went by Lena.

     Further, Alice Blakestad discovered, that on 7 December 1905, Zellah May Grumbles married Robert Ridley Byrd of Globe, Arizona. Zellah reported her birth place as Llano, Texas 23 May 1885. Her Grumbles family arrived in Llano County about 1881 and departed about 1887 via wagon train.

     This placed the Grumbles in Brooking territory in Llano County, Texas through which Alfred Bragg briefly passed where marriages occurred and families joined in friendship. That bond was transplanted into Lincoln County, New Mexico.

     The Carrizozo News reported the Collier family owned a family cemetery area at White Oaks. Joseph Collier was a Fireman at the White Oaks Power company. The Collier children were probably all born in Lincoln County.

     We know Nancy Bragg married a Cleghorn who was related to the Collier family. This made a sturdy lacework of in-laws considering a Collier married a Cleghorn.

     To continue, on the 1900 and 1910 Lincoln County censuses, Mariam Grumbles lived in White Oaks, then in 1920, Carrizozo. The father of that Grumbles family wasn't shown. S. J. (Rox) Grumbles of El Paso, visited the Grumbles family frequently. Rox married Cassie B. Cooper of White Oaks 25 October 1891. Mariam's family is listed below according to the 1900 Lincoln County censuses with other information added.

Mariam Grumbles wd.     Head      1859 Texas

Marian Evalena Grumbles Daughter  1884 Texas  m. Harry Gallacher

Vaden Gallacher       Lena's Son 1904 New Mexico

Zellah M. Grumbles      Daughter  1885 Texas  m. C.C. Hurst

Ollie E. Grumbles       Daughter  1886 Texas married Niles

Velma Niles     Ollie's Daughter 1906 New Mexico

Ollie Niles     Ollie's Daughter 1908 New Mexico

Walter Emmitt Grumbles  Son       1887 Texas  m. Katherine    

Sally R. Grumbles       Daughter  1889 NM  m. William Owen

John William Owen       Son       1907 NM  Son of Sally

Roy H. Grumbles         Son       1894 New Mexico WW I VET

Ida B. Grumbles         Daughter  1896 New Mexico College Degree

Lula B. Brooking        Niece     1896 New Mexico Visiting


     Mariam Grumbles owned a ranch North of Carrizozo in 1918.      Mariam's husband, determined from cemetery records, was John H. Grumbles who died 10 March 1896. They were married in Llano County, Texas 21 December 1882. The document recorded her name as Mariam R. Brooking.

     Marian Evalena Grumbles married Harry Gallacher in 1903. Next she married Richard C. Morgan about 1915. Last, she married George W. Jeffery. Herman, son of George, was killed by a passenger train north of Carrizozo. Fay Jeffery was a younger sister of Herman.

     On the 1910 Carrizozo census, Lena M. (Evalena) Gallacher was divorced and had a child named Vaden Grumbles Gallacher. Zeliah (Zellah) married C. C. Hurst. Ida and Rox Grumbles moved to Riverside, California in 1917. Roy died on 25 October 1918. In a joint project, Mrs. Ira Greer and Mrs. Walter Grumbles moved to Tucumcari after their respective husbands died.

     Sally Grumbles married William Owen. Children by that marriage were Johnny, Dola, Raymond, and Robert. Sally and William left White Oaks about 1923, moving to Jerome Arizona.

     John Grumbles's brothers were Stonewall J. (Rox) Grumbles and Jefferson Grumbles who lived in White Oaks. John was born in Texas in 1859 and Stonewall, 1861. They arrived in White Oaks before 1885. The dates of births of the Mariam Grumbles children indicate they came to New Mexico about 1887.

     Jefferson Grumbles married Hannah L. Calvin. Hannah was born in 1861 and died in 1923. She was buried in White Oaks beside her husband. Jefferson was born 1861, died in 1891. S. J. Grumbles married Cassie Cooper 25 October 1891. He moved to El Paso, Texas soon after 1900.

     Walter Emmitt Grumbles was an Honor Student at Carrizozo in July of 1917. In 1931 his daughter, Evelyn, attended the University of Arizona. His son, Walter (Teat), moved to California when he became an adult. Walter's family appears below from the Carrizozo 1920 census:

     Walter E. Grumbles 32   Texas

     Katheryn Grumbles  27   West Verginia

     Evelyn D. Grumbles 06   Texas, married Walter Lefleur

     Walter R. Grumbles 04   New Mexico, m. Mildred Goldstein

     Tootsie Grumbles   ++   Born after 1920


     Mariam R. Grumbles, a widow in 1920, lived in Carrizozo in her home that she owned free and clear. Living with her were two female grandchildren, Velma and Ollie Niles, aged fourteen and twelve. They were born in New Mexico. These were the children of Ollie E. Grumbles who married Mr. Niles about 1905.

     By August 1927 Mariam Grumbles moved to Riverside, California with several relatives. Her Daughter, Mrs. George W. Jeffery moved to Riverside as did Mrs. Jeffery's son Vaden Gallacher. S. J. Grumbles moved to Riverside by July 1927.

     The Grumbles inventory is important for in order for Lula B. Brooking to be Mariam's NIECE, Mariam was Lula's AUNT which necessarily means Lula must be a daughter of Alfred Bragg. This confounds our study. Who was Lula?

     Lula wasn't Mariam's niece from a Bragg perspective, rather, Mariam was Mariam BROOKING who married a GRUMBLES. In which case Lula B. Brooking was the child of Robert Lee Brooking and Lula A. Cleghorn. A recently discovered marriage license stated John H. Grumbles married Mariam R. Brooking 21 December 1882 in Llano County, Texas. This confirmed our speculation.

     Lula B. Brooking was a daughter of Mariam's nephew, and the granddaughter of Mariam's brother, and the granddaughter of her sister-in-law. Actually, more than one Lula Brooking lived in Lincoln County, but an attempt to analysis their relationship to Mariam is reserved for the reader.

     Similar chromosomes were shared between these relatives, but the exact terminology which explains their relationship escapes me. Before we leave this subject, note that four ladies were named Lula Brooking. Determining who belonged to which family was quite aggravating.

     The Bragg family's web extended further. In 1900 this Brooking family lived in White Oaks:

     Maggie Brooking         Mother    Apr  1859 Texas

     Josephine Brooking      Daughter  Oct  1894 Texas

     Robert P. Brooking      Son       Oct  1887 Texas

     Linus Brooking          Son       Mar  1889 Texas

     Merel Brooking          Son       May  1893 New Mexico


     This family didn't have a male head-of-household, but nearby lived an Edward S. Brooking who was born in 1865. Was Maggie a Grumbles prior to marriage? Another Grumbles family lived only four houses from Alfred. They were Stonewall J. Grumbles and wife Cassie B. Cooper. He was born in Texas in 1863. She was born in Texas in 1873. The Grumbles and the Colliers lived only two households apart. I speculate William married Maggie in Texas about 1881. Be careful to observe that Robert P. Brooking was not the same person as Robert Lee Brooking.

     The 1920 Lincoln County census, Precinct #7, Jicarilla, revealed that Maggie Brooking remarried. Her family was recorded as follows: Brooking was spelled Brookin.

          Arnold Norton      74   Virginia

(Maggie)  Margaret Norton    66   Texas         nee Brooking

(Merel)   Maurice Brooking   25   New Mexico    Stepson

(Linas)   Bivian Brooking    27   Texas         Stepson

          Sylvina Brooking   22   Texas         Wife of Bivian

          Vivian Brooking   3 3/12     Arizona       Dau of Bivian

          George Brooking     8/12     New Mexico    Son of Bivian


     Was it a coincidence that the families of Grumbles, Collier, and Brooking lived near Alfred Bragg if they were not related? Probably not. Those surnames were not common, and Bragg children married spouses with the same surnames which makes it a certainty they were related. Also, a check of current telephone directories suggests that the surname GRUMBLES appears once for every five-million people.

     Some revealing marriages recently discovered are listed below:

Robert Lee Brooking to Lula Cleghorn. 14 March 1895 at White Oaks, Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Julia Brooking to H. S. Needham. 9 April 1895 at White Oaks, New   Mexico. Julia may be 'Sallie' of the R. K. Brooking family.

Lula B. Brooking to D. J. Vent 16 January 1915 at Carrizozo, Lincoln County, New Mexico. She was the daughter of Robert   Lee Brooking.


     Relatives listed below were buried in White Oaks prior to 1905.

J. D. Grumbles, Infant, died 6 February 1891 age 14 days.

J. D. Grumbles died 7 October 1891 at age 29.

Mrs. Sallie C. Collier died 20 February 1896 at age 59y 8m 19d.

Mrs. Lula Brooking died 9 March 1896 at age 29. She was Lula A.    Bragg--Brooking.

John H. Grumbles died 10 March 1896 age 36 y 10 m.

Robert Lee Brooking died 5 January 1897 age 28y 7m 2d.


     Our lesson: Even if we know little about our ancestors, we will gain genealogical knowledge by using our minds, our intuition, old newspapers, wills, censuses, marriage records, family legend and persistence.

     We can't leave the Brooking puzzle without making a mental journey through time to Llano, Texas. In 1880 in Precinct # 4 there lived a family as shown next:


     R. K. Brooking     56   Kentucky

     Pauline E. Brooking 43   Kentucky

     Mariam Brooking    21   Texas

     William Brooking   19   Texas

     Walter Brooking    17   Texas

     Edward Brooking    15   Texas

     Lee Brooking       12   Texas   Robert

     Franklin Brooking  09   Texas

     Jimmie Brooking    07   Texas

     Sallie Brooking    06   Texas

     John Brooking      02   Texas


     The Brooking puzzle is solved. But why did we choose Llano County for our search? Because the death certificate of George T. Bragg stated he was born in Llano County, and this was at a time, 1876, when his sisters were old enough to marry. Edward Brooking to Lula Bragg was one of those marriages. Notice the similar names in the Grumbles family and the Brooking family.

     William Brooking married Maggie as previously listed. It's highly likely they married in Llano County, Texas. William and Maggie were about the same age and followed their relatives to Lincoln County about 1890. William's fate is unknown.

     The family structure isn't completed. In the 19 April 1918 Carrizozo News, it stated Alfred Johnson was visiting home and was a nephew to Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Kennedy. Since Ida Married William Kennedy and Nancy Bragg married Frank Johnson, that was correct. The intermarrying in the Bragg, Collier, Cleghorn, Kennedy, Johnson, and Grumbles families generated a huge, loosely-bound extended family. They were each nephews or nieces, and cousins, concurrently. To expand on that thought, let's look quickly at our Robert Lee Brooking.


Robert was the son of Robert K. and Pauline Brooking.

Robert married Lula Cleghorn.

Robert's funeral expenses were paid by Mrs. Mariam Grumbles.

Mr. John Grumbles died one day after Lula Brooking, Robert's wife's aunt died, at the same place, and from the same cause.

Edna Collier was the sister-in-law of Robert.

Nancy Bragg was Robert's mother-in-law.


     We'll end our scrutiny there. The reader may desire to challenge the above conclusions, but you will find even more complex relationships. It's easy to understand why people were often introduced as cousins when they were no such thing.

     William Kennedy was a machinist and mechanic for the mining companies at White Oaks. C. L. Kennedy was a Precinct Judge in 1917 and died on 12 October 1917 on his small ranch in the Jacarilla Mountains near White Oaks.

     By 1910, Emiline Bragg was deceased and Alfred was 80 years old, alone except for his son James. He was widowed, and living in the ghost town of White Oaks. In the 1920 census, Alfred Charles Bragg vanished. James C. Bragg may have moved to Arizona or Colorado where he had several cousins.

     Family legend purports several Bragg relatives were buried around White Oaks. Susan Emiline Boggs Harris Bragg was buried on Alfred Bragg's ranch on Bragg Flats. Another relative buried there was a child of Mary Bragg Sutherlin and four other Bragg relatives. These graves are unmarked.

     The Lincoln County Historical Society located the resting place of Alfred Bragg. He was buried in the White Oaks Cemetery, but the grave is unmarked. Alfred was born on 19 September 1829 in Alabama and died on 4 January 1919 in Carrizozo. He lived out his life on Bragg Flats. The Grumbles, Brookings, and Johnsons apparently stayed on after Alfred's death to operate the ranch for a short time.

                  The Tragic Gallacher Family

     The Gallacher folk were friends and cousins of the Braggs by Collier and Grumbles marriages. Jane A. Malcolm was born in Scotland 26 July 1858. She married William Wilson Gallacher 20 July 1877 in Joilet Illinois, but was widowed on 19 November 1893. She was the mother of Harry Alexander Gallacher born 11 August 1879, Illinois; John Malcolm Gallacher born 11 May 1882, Illinois; William Wilson Gallacher, Jr. born 1 April 1887, New Mexico; and Margaret Mackie Gallacher who was born 2 June 1890 in the Ozane Hotel in White Oaks, New Mexico.

      Jane's mother was Margaret Malcolm nee Mackie, born 4 April 1823 in Scotland. Her father was John Malcolm. Jane and her mother ran the Ozane Hotel in White Oaks. The Gallacher family received United States citizenship in 1871.

     William Wilson Gallacher, Sr. was a miner. He fell down the shaft of the South Homestake mine on 19 November 1893. He fell a distance of 390 feet. The mine owners blamed the accident on William, claiming intoxication, rather than on unsafe mine conditions.

     Margaret Gallacher was a school teacher in White Oaks. She married William Morham Kelt. They had a girl named Willie Henietta Kelt. William Gallacher, Jr. had a girl, Jane. He had a boy, Bill. In 1900 William was a miner. After 1920 William owned a ranch called the Indian Tank Ranch in the Oscuroes. He died 12 December 1985.

     John Gallacher married Elizabeth Truman, a lady from Ohio, 20 June 1925. Prior to 1901 John was a miner but later owned a ranch in the Northern Range of the Oscuroes. On 31 May 1929, John died from falling off the Chupadero Mesa. It crumbled while he stood upon it to look for a Cougar that had killed his lambs. He died in El Paso and was buried at White Oaks.

     Harry Gallacher first married Lena Grumbles; secondly, Ida Collier. Ida married George Goodson after her marriage to Harry. Harry owned a ranch 20 miles north of Carrizozo near the Mal Pais. He died 23 December 1938 from ingesting poison. He left this note:

     >Don't blame anybody for what I have done as I am

     tired of living and my troubles will be over here

     on this earth as life has only been a dream.


                   The Sutherlin Connection

     Without doubt, the Sutherlin and Bragg families had a strong relationship. The marriage of Francis was previously noted. In 1861, F. M. Sutherlin married Nancy Bragg in Young County according to IGI Fiche #888. Nancy was the daughter of Thomas and Francis Bragg. Thomas was the son of Jesse.

     The large family of Mary and John Sutherlin is listed briefly:

     John Wesley Sutherlin   1842 Illinois  Had a twin.

     Mary Francis Bragg      1853 Texas

     Julia Alice Sutherlin   1877 New Mexico

     Mary Elizabeth Sutherlin     1879 Texas    

     Revena Josephine        1880 Texas    

     Patrick Sutherlin       1883 Texas    

     Alfred Robert Sutherlin 1885 New Mexico

     John Stanley Sutherlin  1889 New Mexico   

     George Wesley Sutherlin 1891 New Mexico   

     Ethyl Sutherlin        ~1893 New Mexico   


     Most Bragg relatives had a love-hate relationship with Lincoln County. The Sutherlin family was an example. Millie, Ernest, and Mary were married in Lincoln County, yet, they moved from her. Alfred Robert, John, George, and Ethyl were born in Lincoln County, yet they left her. John and Mary were pioneers in Lincoln County, yet, they moved back to Texas and returned to Lincoln County and departed once again.

     Some of the Sutherlin children were born in Albany, Shackelford County, Texas. That's exactly where our Thomas Bragg was born. Some returned to Albany to live and die after leaving Lincoln County. The mixing of families by marriage and by locality seems too complex to have been by mere chance.

     Julia Alice Sutherlin married Ernest Elsworth Wright who was born 9 June 1863 in Boston. He married Julia on 9 October 1891 in Deming, New Mexico. Elsworth was called "Boston" because of his distinctive speaking. Their children are listed below.

     Elsie Rebecca Wright    Nov 1894  Capitan, Lincoln, NM

     Florence Ella Wright    Feb 1897  Lincoln, Lincoln, NM

     Frank Benjamin Wright   Oct 1898  Carrizozo, Lincoln, NM

     Mary Jane Wright        Sep 1900  Capitan Gap, Lincoln, NM

     Elizabeth Wright        Apr 1902  Capitan Gap, Lincoln, NM

     Pansy Wright            Apr 1904  White Oaks, Lincoln, NM

     Kelly Arthur Wright     Mar 1906  Roswell, Chavez, NM

     Georgia Johnie Wright   Jun 1908  Carrizo Canyon, Lincoln

     Della Wright            Sep 1910  Carrizo Canyon, Lincoln

     Joseph Wright           Aug 1912  Carrizo Canyon, Lincoln

     Patsy Josephine Wright  Dec 1915  Carrizo Canyon, Lincoln


     Florence Ella Wright married James Trainor who was born 14

January 1884 in Lincoln County. They were married on 8 May 1915.

They had the family listed below.


     Ernest Albert Trainor   Mar 1918  Clifton, Greenlee, AZ

     Ruth Mae Trainor        Feb 1920  Eagle Creek, Greenlee, Az

     Glenn Owen Trainor      Apr 1923  Metcalf, Greenlee, AZ

     Helen Leona Trainor     Jan 1936  Globe, Gila, AZ


     The Patriarchal Sutherlin family was headed by Ashley

Sutherlin and Nancy Jane Young. All Sutherlin and Wright data was compiled by Helen Henagar.


     Ashley Sutherlin            1809  North Carolina

     Nancy Jane Young        Apr 1810  Indiana

     Mary Margaret Sutherlin      Jan 1829  Vermilion, Indiana

     William David Sutherliin     Feb 1830  Vermilion, Indiana

     Sallie Minerva Sutherlin     Sep 1831  Vermilion, Indiana

     James AshleySutherlin   Nov 1838  Vermilion, Indiana

     Martha Jane Sutherlin            1840  Vermilion, Indiana

     Miriar Louise-Twins     Jan 1842  Clay, Illinois

     John Wesley-Twins       Jan 1842  Clay, Illinois

     Amelia Malissa Sutherlin     Jun 1844  Clay, Illinois


          George Thomas Bragg--Son of Alfred C. Bragg

     George married Fannie Bartlett on 9 May 1898 in Raventon, New Mexico. Raventon no longer exists. In 1934 they were living in Inglewood, California, but they came to Bowie, Arizona to visit Fannie's brother, James Bartlett. This was the George T. Bragg who rode with Thomas Bragg and Leo Oswald in 1896.

     George and James got into a disagreement, and James took his hunting rifle and shot George who fell to the floor. When authorities arrived they found George Thomas Bragg dead.

     James said it was self-defense, but a trial was held and it was determined three shots were fired. The most damaging evidence against James was one of the wounds suffered by George Bragg had a knife slit therein which was inflicted to cause George to bleed to death. James was sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. George Bragg was buried is Pinal Cemetery, Globe, Arizona.

                      Mary Francis Bragg

                  Daughter of Alfred C. Bragg

     Mary Francis Bragg married John Wesley Sutherlin in Hill County, Texas 4 October 1869. The Sutherlin and Bragg families had a extended relationship and friendship.

     John Sutherlin and Mary Bragg married in Young County. In Fort Belknap, Young County, there was a George Bragg, son of Jesse, and the Nathan Bragg Family, the Martin V. Bragg family and several slaves named Britt Johnson, a daughter of Johnson's, and Eliza Bragg, and Sol Bragg, Negroes. These settlers fought in the Battle of Fort Belknap on 13 October 1864.

     George had a daughter named Margaret. Little Margaret hid under the bed during the attack. Years later, she told the story repeatedly to her grandchildren how her father stood his ground in the doorway, firing his pistol even as he suffered the pain of an arrow which had struck it's mark.

              Joseph Beckman--Thomas's Stepfather

     Joseph Beckman arrived in Lincoln County before 1885. He was a miner and there are indications he was an educated man, perhaps in Engineering. After Ben Bragg was murdered, Joseph Beckman and Anna Stanphill Bragg were married 10 November 1898 in White Oaks.

     Joseph realized the mining business was dead, so he moved his adopted family to the Bonito area. Joseph got out of mining and turned to ranching. He secured a lease in the White Mountains.

     He sold his holdings for $3,000 on 20 January 1916 to a man named Arthur. He continued to live on the Bonito in Crocket Canyon until he and Anna moved to the Greer goat ranch in the San Andres Mountains.

     His wife, Anna D. Stanphill Bragg Beckman, died 31 October 1927 in Otero County on the Greer goat ranch in the San Andres Mountains. Anna was transported to the Nogal Cemetery where she was buried Monday, 7 November 1927. Her first husband, Benjamin Bragg, was also buried in Nogal Cemetery in 1896. Reverend John H. Skinner performed the ceremony and was the minister who married her and Joseph Beckman thirty years earlier. Joseph died on 9 July 1931 in Nogal, New Mexico. He was buried in Nogal Cemetery. No children were born by Anna and Joseph.

                     The Henley Connection

     The Henleys consisted of several families that came to Lincoln County, New Mexico about 1880 from Missouri. Ernest William Henley married Emma Bragg who was the daughter of Ben Bragg. The Henleys acquired power and prestige for several years in Lincoln County. Then, the Henleys drifted to other states until by 1993 there was only one Henley family remaining in Lincoln County.

     The Henleys acquired land in the Nogal and Bonito area. Henley children attended the Nogal Academy which operated for several years. Ernest William Henley was a sworn official of the Court and acted as sheriff in the absence of the Sheriff Langston (1891). Charles Henley often assisted William in discharge of his duties. In 1917, Charles Henley purchased a ranch in Quemado, Socorro County, New Mexico near the ranch of James W. Bragg.

     It was William and Charles who were involved in the Brazel Ranch shootout which left Deputy Smith shot in the head. Jim Conner had been traced to the Brazel Ranch after an armed highway robbery at Henley Hill near Rio Bonito on 10 September 1891. Conner escaped.

     Around 1902, the Henleys had established the Henley School House for use by their children and by others. Tom Henley was the Justice of the Peace in Bonito for several years. Combining a Henley School House, a Justice of the Peace, two Officials of the Court, and Henley land holdings, gave the Henleys considerable clout. Some Henleys of early Lincoln County are listed next:


(I)Thomas W. Henley, brother to T. J. Henley, born 27 October 1841 in Missouri. He married Nancy Malvern Williams. Nancy was born about 1845 in Arkansas. Thomas died 23 April 1921 in Lincoln County. He died in a home for elderly people in Carrizozo.


Robert H. Henley, son, was born November 1874 in Missouri, he lived in Alamagordo, Otero, New Mexico after 1900. He was married to Deloras Tolson. She was born December 1879 in Texas. Robert worked for the railroad. They married in 1899.


Nellie Ann Henley, daughter, was born 27 April 1876 Cole County, Jefferson City, Missouri.


Allen Henley, son, born 6 June 1901, died 25 June 1902.


(II)T. J. Henley born October 1842 in Missouri. He married Nancy M. about 1872 in Missouri. Nancy M. was born February 1854 in Arkansas.


Lucy Henley, daughter, was born November 1885 in New Mexico.


John Henley, son, was born May 1889 in New Mexico.


(III)William J. Henley was born 2 January 1842 in Missouri. He was a brother to Thomas. He died 12 September 1913 in Lincoln County. He was buried at Angus Cemetery. He married Fannie Francis. She was born 11 August 1843 in Illinois and died 24 April 1904.


James A. Henley, son of William, was born in October 1865 in Illinois. He married Lillie who was born in August 1874. They married in 1893. Lillie was born in Mississippi.


William S. Henley, son of James, was born April 1895 in New Mexico.


Neoma M. Henley, daughter of James, was born October 1896 in

New Mexico.


Edward Henley, son of James, was born January 1899 in New Mexico.


James A. Henley, Jr. was born 1901 in New Mexico.


Gordon, son of James Henley, Jr. was born 1903 in New Mexico.


Bertrus, daughter of James Henley, born 1904 in New Mexico.


Edith, daughter of James Henley, was born 1906 in New Mexico.


Ruben A. Henley, son of James Henley, was born February 1910 in Lincoln County.


Lucy C., Daughter of William, was born 7 September 1866 in   

Missouri. She died 28 September 1947.


Charles F. Henley, son of William, was born September 1868 in MO.

William J., son of William, born February 1871, in Missouri.


Clarabell B. Henley, daughter of William, was born September 1874 in Missouri.


Elizabeth D. Henley, Daughter of Wm., married Albert J. Roberts 24 Decembeer 1895 in Lincoln County.


E. D., son of William, born September 1876 in New Mexico.


Ernest W. Henley, son of William known as Cap, was born 2 September 1881 in New Mexico. He married Emma Bragg in Lincoln County 24 December 1907.


Eugene Henley, son of Cap, born 1909 Bonito, Lincoln County.


Gerald Henley, son of Cap, born 1913, Bonito, Lincoln County.


Clayton Henley, son of Cap, born in 1916, Bonito, Lincoln County.


Annie Mae Henley, dau. of Cap, born 1918, Bonito, Lincoln County.


Elinor Henley, dau. of Cap, born 1920, Bonito, Lincoln County.


     The 1885 Lincoln County census revealed the Patriarch of the Henley family which entered New Mexico about 1880.


     Precinct # 8, White Oaks, Lincoln County


     Wm J. Henley       40   Missouri  Rancher  (III above)

     Fannie Henley      42   Illinois  Fannie Francis

     James Henley       19   Kentucky

     Lula Henley        17   Missouri

     Charles Henley     15   Missouri

     William Henley     13   Missouri

     Clarabell Henley   11   Missouri  

     Elizabeth Henley   08   Texas

     Ernest Henley      04   New Mexico

     Lucy J. Henley 70   Virginia  She was Wm's mother.


          It was reported by Alice C. Blakestad that the husband of Lucy J. Henley was Allen Henley. The reader may enjoy comparing the 1885 data to the Henley Genealogical data which preceded it.

      Charles Henley, born 7 September 1868 and died 28 September 1947, married Addie Lee "Edy" May who was born in Stone County, Missouri on 9 October 1879. Addie died 19 November 1979 in Ft. Bayard State Hospital in Silver City, New Mexico. They had a daughter, Enid Henley who married a McCargish. Addie's parents were Cynthia Ann "Tiny" Hust and Abram May. Addie's son was John Grayson Henley. See Henley/May shootout below.

     Cynthia was related to the Coats Clan. The Mays were related to the Pfingstons. The Pfingstons were related to the LaMays. Other relatives were the Skinner, Terrell, and approximately 100 other families, a labyrinth of relatives.

     The Henley family knew heartache. On 9 October 1903, in Nogal, Frank May was shot to death by Jim Henley at two in the morning in a saloon owned by Clark Hust. Frank and Jim exchanged hostile words for several days prior to the shooting.

     Frank went to a dance that evening then went to the Hust saloon around 1:00 a.m. Frank sat at a table with friends when Jim Henley entered and walked directly to his table. Jim challenged Frank, and Frank immediately arose taking-up a chair to strike young Jim.

     Henley drew his pistol and fired directly into Frank's right shoulder. Frank fell in pain. Jim was caught-up in the emotion of the moment and continued to fire. Two more bullets struck Frank in his head and a third passed through his hat. Jim Henley fled only to be captured by the sheriff in the Hills of Nogal on the following afternoon.

     James A. Henley was tried for the murder of Frank May in the county of Lincoln, town of Capitan. Col. Pitchard of White Oaks vigoruosly defended James Henley, and demanded he be released on bail.

     The families of Henley, May and Hust were so well known in Lincoln County that the trial attracted widespread attention and heated debate. The May and Hust families were related by marriage and were long-time residents of Lincoln County. Thus, hard feelings persisted for several years.

     Present at the Hust saloon that early morning was Thomas Alfred Bragg. He told the story to his grandchildren. He revealed a fight ensued, after the shooting, between the Henley and May supporters. Tom had friends on both sides but was caught-up in the altercation. Broken heads and broken tables resulted. Tension in the area persisted for several months.


These Headstone Inscriptions are at Angus or Nogal Cemeteries:

William J. Henley B 2 January 1842 D 25 June 1913

Thomas W. Henley B 27 October 1841 D 23 April 1921

Allen Henley, Son of RHH & KDH  B 6 June 1901  D 25 June 1902

Fannie Henley  B August 11, 1843  D April 24 1904

Emma Henley  B March 3, 1906  D February 16 1914

John Grayson Henley  B 9 Sept 1912  D 15 Feb 1914    .

     Emma and John Henley were Charles Henley's children.


                      The Branum Cousins

     The Branums were a successful pioneering family in early Lincoln County. Nellie Anne Henley, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Henley, married Lin Branum on 6 June 1896 at Nogal, New Mexico. Nellie was blessed with the following family.

Lin-Lindsay A.Branum, Husband, born 9 August 1861 Texas.

Nellie A. Branum, wife, born 27 April 1876 in Missouri.

Alley May Branum, Daughter, born 19 April 1885 in New Mexico.

Nancy Margaret Branum, born 14 August 1896 in New Mexico.

Claud A. Branum, born 8 July 1889 in New Mexico.

Rufus Bertie Branum, son, born 6 December 1900 in New Mexico.

Lindsey Wilson Branum, son, born 18 September 1903 in New Mexico.

Clinton Albert Branum, born 29 March 1907 in New Mexico.

Mrs. Margaret Branum, mother of Lindsay A. Branum, was born in Kentucky 10 February 1825.

Nellie A. Branum died 6 February 1959 in Carrizozo, Lincoln County, New Mexico.


     In Socorro County in the 1900 census, Precinct #10, this Branum family was recorded in household #214:

George G. King     Aug  1846 Missouri

Martha E. King     Feb  1862 North Carolina Nee Branum

Lonnie C. Branum   Jan  1885 Texas

Cecil A. Branum    Apr  1883 Texas

Clyde H. Branum    May  1889 Texas    







         The Family of Jesse & Nancy Waney Bragg





          William Bragg                     George A. Bragg

          Mary                              Mary Polly Meyers




James C. Bragg                             Joseph Bragg

Francis Harris*                            Julia A. E. Hamilton



                        Jesse Bragg

                        Nancy Waney




Alfred Charles Bragg                            Thomas Bragg

Emiline Harris*                                 Francis




          Benjamin Bragg                    Nancy Bragg

          Martha A. Beasley                James Allen Johnson


















                  Jesse and Nancy Waney Bragg

     The following page lists possible descendants of Jesse and Nancy Waney Bragg. Researchers are advised to check the actual censuses as our list is not complete.


Census Year: 1850


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

George        36   Alabama

Mary          26   Alabama

Martin V.     12   Mississippi

Nathan        09   Mississippi

Martha        07   Mississippi

Susan         02   Texas



Thomas        30   Alabama

Frances       22   Alabama

Joseph        05   Mississippi

Nancy         03   Mississippi

John          01   Mississippi



Waney Bragg   54   Tennessee  ---Widowed

Benjamin      29   Alabama

Alfred C.     20   Alabama

James C.      17   Alabama



Census Year: 1850

County>>Rusk--Listed as information only

NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

William       55   Tennessee

Patience      25   Tennessee

Eliza         09   Tennessee

Amanda        07   Tennessee

Martha        05   Tennessee

Columbus      03   Tennessee



Census Year: 1860


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

Thomas        40   Alabama

Francis       31   Alabama

Joseph        15   Mississippi

Nancy         13   Texas

George        05   Texas

William       03   Texas

Eliza         01   Texas



Census Year: 1860


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

George        45   Alabama

Mary          42   Alabama

M. B.         21   Mississippi

Martha        14   Misissippi

Margaret      08   Texas

Luvilla       07   Texas    

Elizabeth     04   Texas

Emily          01   Texas



Nathan        18   Mississippi

Virginia      19   Tennessee



William       48   Alabama

Mary          43   Alabama

Nancy         18   Mississippi

Jessee        17   Mississippi

Jane          14   Alabama

George        12   Alabama

Francis       09   Alabama

William       04   Texas



A. C.         31   Alabama

Emiline       30   Alabama

Benjamin      08   Texas

Mary          06   Texas

Nancy         05   Texas

Margaret      02   Texas



Benjamin      32   Alabama

Martha        21   Texas

Matthew       05   Texas

James         04   Texas

Jessee        3/12 Texas



J. C.         32   Alabama

Francis       15   Mississippi  Francis James, wife?

Mary James    17   Mississippi







Census Year: 1870            Census Year: 1880

County>>Hill                 County>>Hill

NAME      AGE  Place of Birth NAME      AGE  Place of Birth

Alfred    36   Mississippi   Alfred    50   Alabama

Emeline   33   Mississippi   Emiline   49   Alabama

Mary E.   17   Texas         married      

Benjamin  16   Texas         married

Nancy J.  14   Texas         married

Margaret  12   Texas         married

Thomas    08   Texas         married

Newton    06   Texas         Alfred    17   Texas

Lula A.   05   Texas         Lula A.   14   Texas

                             Ida E.    09   Texas

                             James C.  07   Texas

                             George    04   Texas


James C.  39   Alabama   Same as J. C. Bragg as in 1860.

Francis   25   Mississippi


Census: 1870


NAME      AGE  Place of Birth


William   22   Alabama --lived one house from Alfred Bragg

Sarah     23   Alabama   (Alfred's dau married a Cleghorn)



Hiley O.  47   Alabama --lived one house from Thomas Bragg

Sarah M.  57   Mississippi (Alfred's dau married a Johnson)



Census Year: 1880


NAME      AGE  Place of Birth

James     49   Alabama

Frankie   34   Mississippi  --Nickname for Francis


Census Year 1870


NAME      AGE  Place of Birth

Thomas    44   Alabama

Frances   41   Alabama

Joseph    25   Mississippi

George    15   Texas

William H 13   Texas

Mayble    09   Texas

Texana    08   Texas

Desdemonia05  Texas


Prescella 28   Housekeeping  Arkansas (Bragg)


Census Year: 1880


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

John P.       25   Texas

Mary E.       20   Alabama

Lucy E.       01   Texas

L.E.B.        55   Tennessee --Mother, Widowed


George        21   Texas

Maggie        20   Alabama

Anna L.       6/12 Texas


William       30   Texas

Sarah         30   Texas

Virginia      02   Texas


Benjamin      52   Alabama

Martha        40   Mississippi

Matthew       24   Texas

James         22   Texas

Jesse         20   Texas

Eliza         18   Texas

Martha        08   Texas --Twins

Mary          08   Texas --Twins


Census Year: 1880


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

William       23   Texas    

Jennie        20   Tennessee


Census Year 1880


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

Alfred        50   Alabama

Emiline       49   Alabama

Alfred        17   Texas

D'lila A.     14   Texas

Ida E.        09   Texas

James         07   Texas

Georgia       04   Texas     --a male person


James C.      49   Alabama

Frankie       34   Mississippi

Elkins, Mattie Servant


J.B.          34   Mississippi

Mollie        27   Texas

Azlee         08   Texas

Hattie        05   Texas

Tomy          03   Texas

Benjamin      4/12 Texas

Census Year: 1880


NAME          AGE  Place of Birth

Franky        46   Mississippi   --a female person

Tomy          19   Texas         --a male person

Texie         17   Texas

Desta         14   Texas


George        21   Texas  Son (OVERSTRIKEN WORD IN CENSUS)

Bettie        16   Mississippi


Census Year: 1900

County>>Lincoln, New Mexico

NAME               DOB       PLACE of Birth

Alfred C. Bragg    Sept 1829 Alabama

Emmiline B. Bragg  Sept 1830 Alabama

James C. Bragg     June 1873 Texas     Son

May Cleghorn       Marh 1884 Texas     Granddaughter

Fred P. Cleghorn   June 1886 Texas     Grandson

Bertie Cleghorn    July 1888 New Mex   Granddaughter


George J. Bragg    Aug  1876 Texas

Annie Bragg        Mrch 1881 Texas

Ula Bragg          May  1899 New Mexico


Census Year: 1910

County>>Lincoln, New Mexico

NAME               AGE       PLACE of Birth

Alfred C. Bragg    80        Alabama

James C. Bragg     36        Texas


This family lived east of Alfred:

Leslie W. Harman   34        Texas

Ollie B. Harman    26        Texas

Lloyd L. Harman    3         New Mexico   

Roy W. Harman      11/12     New Mexico Born on Patos Mountain,                                 'Duck Mountain' in English.


This family lived west of Alfred: See text for details.

Elizabeth A. Fewell 58        Arkansas

Annice O. Fewell   24        Texas


 This note was paraphrased from Alvin Allen:

     Find enclosed the Bragg research for which you inquired. It appears FRANKY Bragg was the widow of THOMAS Bragg. TEXIE in 1880 was the same as TEXANA in 1870. DESTA was short for DESDEMONIA of 1870 census. Franky's daughter TOMY was MAY S. or Mayble of 1870. In 1880, the census enumerator used all nicknames. FRANKY was Francis in 1870. GEORGE was listed adjacent to FRANKY'S dwelling and he wrote "SON" but struck it out. Some ages are incorrect which was not unusual in a census especially among the ladies during that time period.        Signed: Alvin Allen

                     The GOATS Connection

     Goetz is a German family name. It means beautiful God, or a God of beauty, or something close to that meaning. Goetz which is pronounced like Goats should not be interchanged nor confused, because Goats is an English name over one thousand years old.

     I believe some Goats families were lost in the 1880, 1900 and 1910 Federal Population Censuses, because Goats was recorded as Goetz. The time required to search out the name of Goats was lengthy. At some future date, the family name of Goetz may be investigated for the census years which have importance to our inquiry. A study of the Ancestral File suggested a few Texas Goats families changed their name to Goatz and Goates which further compounds genealogical study.

     The family name Goats was derived from working with Goats. Other names associated with Goats are Goates, Goate, Goater, Gothard, Goddard, Godard, Goatman, Goatherd, Goaterman, Goatcher, and Godart. The name Goats originated in medieval England.

     Family legend suggested Mollie Delphora Goats had an Indian father who tended Goats from whence she received her name. Many early settlers tended goats for milk and cheese made from goat milk. It seems unreasonable that all members of Mollie's family also took the name Goats.

     The 1910 Federal Population Census reported a Lee E. Goats living with Thomas and Mollie Bragg in Bonito, New Mexico. He was twenty years old. Did he also take the name Goats from his father's animals? The 1910 Federal Population Census registered Lee E. Goats as White. A Social Security Death Record exists for Lee Goates (not Goats) who was born in Texas and died in Texas and who was the same age as Mollie's brother. He apparently changed his name to Goates from Goats. He was reported as White.

     One fact is certain about Lee E. Goats/Goates. He was very dear to Mollie's heart. She named her child Lee Charley Bragg after him, and her other son after her father, Emzy Everett Bragg. She allowed him to live in her home after he became a man at a time when living was hard in poor economic times. The great depression loomed over the horizon, but she cared for him as if he were one of her own children. Mollie's family was known for it's generosity toward their family relatives of Goats, Bragg, and Greer.

     Mollie had a child named Emzy Everett Bragg. An unusual name. A check of the Social Security Death Index revealed an Emzy Oscar Goatz. Extensive inquiry tracing the name EMZY led to his granddaughter, Helen McClausland, who provided valuable information for this study. Unfortunately, the descendants of James William Bragg who were located after months of tracing provided very little information. A wealth of knowledge may be lost forever.

     One Goats family was listed on the 1885 State Population Census in Bonito. We know that Thomas married Mollie in 1898. I speculated that Mollie was a daughter of that 1885 Goats family, but she wasn't listed with them. Her parents were later determined to be Emzy Oscar Goats and Margaret S. Rafter.

Goats     Age  Pos  Occ  Place Born         Year(Calculated)

James     38   Head Farmer    MS            1847

Nancy     40   Wife          AL            1845

Wm        16   S             TX            1869

Alice     14   D             TX            1871

Delroe    12   D             TX            1873

Julia     10   D             TX            1875

Doe       08   D             TX            1877

Oscar     06   S             TX            1879


     Mollie's brother, Lee E. Goats, had not been born as of 1885. He was born in 1891 in Texas, possibly in Amarillo where other relatives had migrated. The 1890 Federal Population Census might clear up the questions about the Goats family, but it's forever lost.

                  The Mystery of Mollie Goats

     Perhaps the greatest mystery in genealogical history is where was Mollie D. Goats Bragg and child, Lee, in 1900? In 1900, a federal census showed that Thomas was in jail and had been married for two years. The 1910 census showed that Lee C. Bragg was born in 1899 which was about a year after Thomas and Mollie married. Mollie married Tom on 2 April 1898.

     Thomas's mother, Annie Beckman, told the census Marshal that Thomas was a member of her household and was married, but no mention was made of Mollie and her child. Surely, if Mollie lived with Annie's family, Annie would have told the Marshal. It's significant that Lee was Annie's first grandchild. A proud grandmother would have mentioned her first grandchild to the Census Marshal. So, where was Mollie and child?

     A check was made of the complete 1900 Federal Population Census for the state of New Mexico. Mollie couldn't be found. I acknowledge that fatigue may have made me miss an entry after a day or two of viewing the microfilm. Still, I couldn't find her under a Goats surname nor a Bragg surname.

     I searched the State of Texas census in 1900 figuring that Mollie became pregnant before Thomas went to jail. Then Mollie gave birth without Thomas available to help her care for her first child. Mollie was only eighteen years old. So, Mollie went home to her family. After extensive study, I couldn't find Mollie nor her family anywhere in the state of Texas. Where had she gone?  To where had the family of James and Nancy Goats vanished?    Emzy Ellis Goats was born in Nogal, Lincoln County, New Mexico on 4 June 1895. Where was his father Emzy Oscar Goats in 1900?

     Mollie Bragg returned to Bonito by February 1900 because she had child, Bertha, on 19 August of 1901. Perhaps, she never left Lincoln County at all. It's evident that the Benado operation was kept alive until 1906, because Mollie's son Emzy Everett Bragg was born near White Oaks, Benado, in 1906. Therefore, the Bragg and Goats families floated between Bonito and Benado.

     The answer to elusive Mollie's mystery is she was living in Benado. Her Goats family was also in Benado. Her beloved brother Emzy, was in Benado. Her father and possibly her grandfather were in Benado or on the Bragg Ranch in Texas Park. The census Marshal may have elected to avoid the mule trail leading into the wilderness to record a few individuals; thus, they escaped enumeration.

                     Mollie Delphora Goats

     Mollie was born on 5 January 1881 in Williamson County, Texas. She was a perfect match for Thomas Alfred Bragg whom she married on 2 April 1898. Mollie had a love of life about her in everything she did. Life was often harsh in the wilderness, but she always had a cheerful disposition. She was playful, almost childish at times, but she had a way to turn long, hard days into joyfulness.

     The Bragg family moved out of Benado when it was claimed by the expanding Lincoln National Forest. They moved to Parsons on the Bonito just before 1910. It was there Little Mollie became ill with a fever which never went away. On 15 October 1920 Mollie had a mastectomy in Carrizozo. She died of cancer on 27 November 1923. Thomas cradled Mollie in his arms as she passed beyond.

     Mollie was buried at Angus Cemetery. Friends, Goats, and Braggs from all over the territory traveled to Angus to demonstrate their concern and respect. 

                       Benjamin F. Goats

     Benjamin F. Goats was from the great Goats's state of Arkansas. Many Goats families can trace their roots to Arkansas. Benjamin's family moved to Texas before 1857, possibly before 1850. Benjamin produced a large family who brought forth many other Goats families which migrated to almost every state in the United States.

     On 7 July 1858, Benjamin Goats took a wife from Williamson County, Texas named Rebecca Smith. Rebecca was a Texas lady who was born about 1841. The International Genealogical File #3,008, Texas, recorded that Rebecca married Benjamin in 1858.

     The family of Rebecca consisted of the following:

Taylor Smith, a farmer, was born in 1810 in Georgia. Sarah, his    wife, was born in 1815, in North Carolina.

Anthony Smith, son, was born in 1827 in Georgia.

Anthony married Amanda, who was born in Pennsylvania,                   about 1829. They and had a child named Alice in January 1850 in Williamson County, Texas.

Taylor Smith, son, was born in 1835 in Tennessee.

Elizabeth Smith was born in 1837 in Texas.

Rebecca Smith was born in 1848 in Texas.


     Benjamin Goats was a wealthy farmer. He lived in Williamson County in 1858 but moved after that date. He returned to Williamson County before 1880. One of our researchers believes Benjamin's parents were Arkansasonians named John L. and Francis Goates. Benjamin's family was as follows:

     Benjamin F. Goats was born in 1843 in Arkansas.

     Rebecca Smith was born about 1848 in Texas.

     Albert J. Goats was born in 1859 in Texas.

     Emzy Oscar Goats was born in 1861 in Texas.

     Lee H. Goats was born in 1863 in Texas. Lee was deaf.

     Long Goats was born in 1866 in Texas.

     Sally Goats was born in 1868 in Texas.

     Harvey Goats was born in 1872 in Texas.

     Bettie Goats was born in 1874 in Texas.

     Delzy Goats was born in 1877 in Texas.

     Maggie--Margaret, was born in 1864 in Texas and was the wife of Emzy Oscar Goats. They lived with his parents in 1880.


     Benjamin's son, Albert or Elbert, married Mary J. about 1883. Their family consisted of the following:


     Albert J. Goats was born in 1859 in Texas. He married

     Mary J. Goats was born February 1863 in Missouri.

     Daniel F. Goats was born in August 1884 in Texas.

     Katie R. Goats was born in January 1887 in Texas.

     Ida Goats was born November 1891 in Texas.

     Etha Goats was born in June 1892 in Texas.

     Albert Goats was born in December 1894 in Texas.

     Bessie A. Goats was born in April 1896 in Texas.

     Maud Goats was born in March 1897 in Texas.

     Emma Goats was born in February 1898 in Texas.

     Emmet Goats was born in May 1899 in Texas.


     Emzy Oscar Goats, second child of Benjamin and Rebecca, married Margaret S. Rafter before the 1880 federal census in Williamson County, Texas. Margaret was listed as living with the Benjamin family at that time. Their first child was born in January of 1881; therefore, Emzy and Margaret must have married about March of 1880.

     Emzy Goats was an adventurous man. He departed Williamson County before 1888 and moved to Potter County, near Amarillo. Emzy and Margaret had a child named Martin Joseph Goatz according to the International Genealogical Index, on 18 February 1888. This was the first hint that this line of Goats had changed the spelling of their surname to Goatz.

     Emzy Oscar Goats had a cousin named Henry Lee Goats who married Mary Louise Whisett. Emzy's family and Henry's family moved to Amarillo together. Henry and Louise had a child in Amarillo who they named Henry Lee Goats on 9 April 1911.

In 1911, Henry Lee's family contained the following members.

     Henry L. Goats married in 1906. Born in 1865, Texas.

     Mary Goats born in 1875, Missouri. Was Henry's second wife.

     Grady Goats, Daughter. Born 1908, Texas.

     Elizabeth Goats, born 1909 in Texas.

     Susie Goats, born 1902, Texas. She was by a previous               marriage.

     Emzy Oscar Goats moved his young family to Nogal, Lincoln County, New Mexico probably around 1890. It's certain that of the eleven children of Emzy and Margaret, one child named Emzy Ellis Goats was born in Nogal, Lincoln County, New Mexico. This was determined by family records of Karen Folmer, the granddaughter of Emzy Ellis Goats.

     Emzy and Margaret's family was reconstructed from various sources and is presented next.

     Emzy Oscar Goats was born in 1861 in Texas. He married

Margaret S. Rafter who was born in 1864.

Mollie Delphora Goats was born on 15 January 1881 in Liberty   Hill, Williamson County, Texas.

Charley Claud Goats was born on 9 December 1882 in Texas.

Annice Ida Goats was born on 10 September 1884 in Liberty Hill,    Texas. Annice was extremely beautiful.

Loss Franklin Goats was born on 28 October 1886 in Texas.

Martin Joseph Goats was born on 18 February 1888 near Amarillo,    Potter County, Texas.

Ede Lee Goats was born on 25 May 1890 in Texas.

James Oscar Franklin Goats was born on 2 December 1892 in Texas    or New Mexico.

Emzy Ellis Goats was born on 4 June 1895 in Nogal, Lincoln    County, New Mexico.

Thomas Jefferson Goats was born on 3 October 1898 in Lincoln County, New Mexico.

Lelia Pearl Goats was born 21 May 1901.

Mertle Rebecca Goats was born 1 August 1904.


     Martin Joseph Goats married Mary Kelso. Their family is shown below.


     Verily Goatz(Goats) was born on 25 September 1918.

     Everett Goatz(Goats) was born in 1932.

     Bernadine Goatz(Goats) was born on 26 July 1923.

     Kenneth Goatz(Goats) was born on 18 April 1925.

     Vivian Goatz(Goats) was born on 12 August 1928.


     Annice Ida Goats married Andrew May. Their children were:


                   Earl May

                   Archie May

                   Ida May

                   Andy May


     Emzy Ellis Goats, eighth child of Emzy Oscar, married Vicie Mable Martin in Couer d' Alene, Idaho, on 29 October 1921. Their family is displayed next. All of their children were born in the state of Washington. Note the various surname spellings.


Emzy Ellis Goats was born 4 June 1895 in Nogal, Lincoln County, New Mexico. He married Vicie Mable Martin who was born 19 January 1906 in Boise Idaho.

Leroy Ellis Goetz was born on 3 November 1922 in Yakima.

married Maria Stever.

Clarence Cecil Goatz was born on 4 October 1924 in Yakima.

married Blanch Iladee Questell.

Helen May Goatz was born on 30 January 1927 in Yakima.

married Raymond Henry McCauseland.

Gordon Lee Goatz was born on 13 January 1929 in Yakima.

married Jean Dora Linaman.

Miles Donald Goetz was born on 2 September 1930 in Yakima.

married Donna Pauline Harrison.

Ernest James Goatz was born on 29 November 1932 in Yakima.

married Mary Joyce. Had a son, Ellis Goatz.

Richard Dale Goatz was born on 18 May 1935 in Wapato.

married Evelyn.

     Emzy Ellis Goats moved to the state of Washington after departing Lincoln County before 1910. His parents, Emzy Oscar and Margaret Goats, either moved with him or followed soon for they died in Washington in 1926 and 1927 respectively. Emzy cared for his parents as they grew older. Emzy Ellis retired as a railroad worker in Washington.

                               The Cowboys

     The Goats men learned ranching skills when they were in Lincoln County. They first worked the sheep ranch of Ben Bragg at Benado; then, they worked the cattle ranch of Joseph Beckman in the White Mountains. They departed Lincoln County before 1910 and went to the states of Colorado, Texas, Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.

     Recently discovered post cards found in Bremerton, Washington prove that Mollie was writing cards to her brothers during 1910 from Angus, New Mexico. Thus, the Braggs had moved to the Bonito and Parsons area at that time as Angus was the only Post Office except for Bonito City. This established that the Goats family departed Lincoln County before the 1910 census.

     Annie Goats moved to Trinidad then Elmora, Colorado and lived on a cattle ranch. After 1910, Bertha Bragg began sending post cards to her mother's sisters who scattered across the Western states. Pearl Goats moved to Rifle, Colorado.

     Another Goats family was uncle Henry L. Goats, his wife Mary and their children Grady, Elizabeth, Susie, and Henry. Susie was from a previous marriage. This family lived in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas. This was the same city where Mollie's father, Emzy, lived in the 1880's. Mollie Lived there between 1881 and 1892.

     Tracing old postcard's post office stamps placed Claud Goats in Plattervill, Colorado in 1913. Jim Goats was in Kenimere, Wyoming along with other brothers.

     On 22 May 1909, Lee Goats, the brother Mollie loved dearly, accompanied a train-load of cattle to market in Durham, Kansas. He sold the herd, collected payment, and returned home in a passenger car. He had become a man.

     The brothers of Martin, James, Jeff, and Claud worked out of Rockford, Washington after 1913 as independent ranch hands. Each spring they hired-out to round up stock on different ranches. They took care of roundup, branding, cutting, and shipping.

Later, they engaged in buying and selling cattle for several years.




                                  Tell your children so

                               they may tell their children   





A. M. Purcella............ 24

Abram May 51

Addie "Edy" May........... 51

Agustus R. Collier........ 35

Albert Bragg............... 9

Albert Goats.............. 64

Albert J. Goats........... 64

Alfred C. Bragg........ 8, 32

Alfred Charles Bragg.. 22, 31

Alfred Johnson............ 33

Alfred Newton............. 33

Alice B. Purcella......... 23

Alice Blakestad............ 2

Alice J. Bragg........ 20, 32

Alice P. Purcella..... 32, 33

Allice May Bragg........... 9

Allie E. Grumbles..... 33, 39

Alvin Allen................ 2

Amanda F. Bragg........... 10

Andrew May................ 66

Andy May  66

Anna D. Stanphill......... 32

Anna Stanphill............ 14

Anne Bragg................. 9

Annice Ida Goats.......... 66

Annie Mae 21

Annie Stanphill .......... 11

Anthony Smith............. 64

Archie May................ 66

Arnold Norton............. 41

Bellah M. Grumbles........ 39

Ben Bragg 11

Benado    12

Benjamin Bragg.. 5, 8, 14, 32

Benjamin F. Goats...... 5, 63

Bennie Bragg.............. 29

Bennie Hurley............. 32

Bernadine Goatz........... 66

Bertha Fannie Bragg....... 19

Bertie Cleghorn........... 33

Bessie A. Goats........... 64

Bessie Nations............. 9

Bettie Goats.............. 64

Beulah Bragg.............. 29

Beulah Dale............... 35

Bill Johnson.............. 33

Billie C. Collier......... 35

Bivian Brooking........... 41

Bob Clarke................ 28

Bobbie Clarke............. 32

Braggs    16

C. C. Hurst............... 39

C. S. Frank Purcella...... 24

Cains     16

Calvin G. Harris.......... 34

Cassie Cooper............. 40

Cecil A. Branum........... 53

Celesta M. Kennedy........ 33

Charles A. Bragg.......... 32

Charles Barnum............. 2

Charles Bragg.............. 9

Charles C. Bragg........... 9

Charles F. Henley......... 50

Charles Henley............ 48

Charles Stanphill..... 13, 14

Charley C. Nations......... 9

Charley Lee Bragg......... 19

Chloe Mae (Zumwalt)....... 27

Clarence Cecil Goatz...... 67

Claud     21

Clayton   21

Cleghorn  17

Clyde H. Branum........... 53

Collier   17

Corns     16

Cynthia Ann "Tiny" Hust... 51

Cynthia C. Stanphill...... 14

D. J. Vent................ 42

Daniel F. Goats........... 64

Dee Carrol Nations......... 9

Delia Bragg................ 9

Deloras Tolson............ 49

Delzy Goats............... 64

Deputy Smith.............. 49

Dink O. Johnson........... 33

Donald Clarke............. 32

Dora Bragg................. 9

Earl 19

Earl Bragg................ 20

Earl May  66

Ede Lee Goats............. 66

Edith Bragg........... 24, 32

Edna Bragg................ 29

Edna Collier Cleghorn..... 33

Edna M. Collie............ 35

Edward S. Brooking........ 41

Edwin Lawver.............. 29

Elbert J. Collier......... 35

Elinor    21

Elisha Leslie............. 36

Elizabeth 9, 13

Elizabeth Fewell.......... 31

Elizabeth G. Bragg........ 10

Elizabeth Goats........... 65

Elizabeth Smith........... 64

Elizabeth Truman.......... 45

Elizabeth Ward............ 36

Ellen Bragg................ 9

Elsie Bragg............... 29

Emiline B. Harris......... 34

Emiline Boggs Harris...... 31

Emily     9

Emma Bragg............ 21, 32

Emma Goats................ 64

Emma O. Kennedy........... 33

Emma Oswald............... 21

Emma Peters............... 32

Emmet Goats............... 64

Emzy Ellis Goats...... 62, 66

Emzy Everett Bragg........ 19

Emzy Oscar Goats.. 62, 64, 66

Ernest W. Henley.......... 50

Ernst James Goetz......... 67

Etha Goats................ 64

Eva Bragg 26

Eveline Anna Bragg........ 32

Evelyn    19

Evelyn Bragg.............. 20

Everett Goatz............. 66

Fannie Bartlet............ 47

Fannie Hammill............ 14

Fannie Stanphill.......... 14

Fay Jeffery............... 39

Florence Hurley........... 32

Fort Belknap.............. 47

Frances Harris............ 34

Francis   10

Francis (James?)........... 8

Francis A. Hammill Stanphill 13

Francis Bartlet........... 33

Francis Goates............ 64

Francis Harris............. 8

Frank Johnson............. 33

Frank Purcella............ 25

Fred P. Cleghorn...... 33, 35

Freewall J. Grumbles.. 39, 41

George    9, 10, 19

George A. Bragg............ 8

George Bragg............... 9

George Brooking........... 41

George G. King............ 53

George Johnson............ 33

George Massie............. 19

George T. Bragg....... 18, 33

George Thomas Bragg....... 47

George W. Jeffery..... 39, 40

Gerald    21

Gilbert Peters............ 27

Goates    60

Goats     16, 60

Goetz     60

Gordon Lee Goatz.......... 67

Grady Goats............... 65

Greer Society............. 19

Greers    16

H. S. Needham............. 42

Harden E. Harris.......... 34

Harry Alexander Gallacher. 38

Harry Gallacher....... 39, 45

Harvey Goats.............. 64

Helen Henagar.............. 2

Helen McClausland.......... 2

Henry Lee Goats........... 65

Henry Purcella............ 25

Ida B. Grumble............ 39

Ida B.Grumbles............ 33

Ida C. Collier............ 35

Ida E. Bragg.............. 33

Ida Goats 64

Ida May   66

Ida P. Cleghorn........... 33

Irene Hurley.............. 32

J. Clyde Collier.......... 35

J. D. Grumbles............ 42

J. L. Doughtery........... 17

J. W. Sutherlin........... 22

Jack Cleghorn............. 33

Jack Farr 36

Jack Johnson.............. 33

James     11

James A. Henley........... 49

James Allen Johnson........ 8

James Bartlett............ 47

James Bragg............... 10

James C. Bragg......... 8, 33

James Oscar Franklin Goats 66

James Stanphill........... 37

James William Bragg....... 28

Jane 10

Jane Gallacher........ 37, 44

Jane Malcom Gallacher..... 44

Janet Ann Barnum........... 2

Jesse     11

Jesse A. Kennedy.......... 33

Jesse Bragg................ 7

Jessie    10

Jewell A. Bullard......... 19

Jim Conner................ 49

Joe B. Collier............ 33

Joe Wells 29

John 19

John Bragg................ 20

John Gallacher............ 45

John H. Grumbles.......... 39

John H. Skinner....... 18, 28

John Harkey............... 20

John W. Sutherlin......... 32

John Wesley Sutherlin..... 45

John William Owen......... 39

Johnson   17

Joseph    25

Joseph B.J. Collier....... 35

Joseph Beckman........ 29, 48

Joseph Bragg .......... 8, 10

Joseph Collier............ 35

Joseph Martin Hurley...... 32

Julia Ann Eliza Hamilton.. 10

Julia Brooking............ 42

Karen Folmer........... 2, 65

Kate H    13

Katie R. Goats............ 64

Kennedy   17

Kenneth Carroll....... 28, 32

Kenneth Goatz............. 66

LaMays    51

Laura Bell Nations......... 9

Lee Charley Bragg......... 60

Lee E. Goats.............. 60

Lee H. Goats.............. 64

Lelia Pearl Goats......... 66

Lena M. Grumbles.......... 33

Leo Oswald............ 18, 21

Leroy Ellis Goetz......... 67

Leslie Harman............. 31

Lester Greer.............. 19

Lillian Hurley............ 32

Lilly B. Collier.......... 35

Linda Greer................ 2

Liza 11

Lolly B. Collier.......... 35

Long Goats................ 64

Lonnie C. Branum.......... 53

Louis Purcella............ 24

Lucinda Harris............ 34

Lula A. Bragg............. 33

Lula B. Brooking...... 33, 42

Lula L. Kennedy........... 33

Luvilla   9

Maggie Brooking........... 41

Margaret  9

Margaret E. Bragg......... 33

Margaret Gallacher........ 37

Margaret L. Phoena Bragg... 9

Margaret Mackie Gallacher. 44

Margaret Norton........... 41

Margaret S. Rafter........ 64

Margie Bragg.............. 29

Margie Cowen.............. 25

Margie Stanphill.......... 37

Mariam R. Brooking........ 39

Mariam R. Grumbles........ 38

Marian Evalena Grumbles... 39

Marian Grumbles........... 39

Mark Bragg................. 9

Married Virginia........... 9

Martha    9

Martha A. Beasley...... 8, 11

Martha Allen............... 9

Martha E. King............ 53

Martha Mattie Jennie Bragg. 9

Martin Jophes Goats....... 66

Martin Joseph Goatz....... 65

Martin V. 9

Martin V. Bragg........ 9, 47

Mary 8, 10

Mary Ann Harris........... 34

Mary Ann Nations........... 9

Mary Bourne............... 28

Mary Bragg............ 24, 32

Mary Francis.............. 32

Mary Francis Bragg.... 45, 47

Mary Goats................ 65

Mary J. Goats............. 64

Mary Jane Mills........... 29

Mary Kelso................ 66

Mary Louise Whisett....... 65

Mary Meyers................ 9

Mary Mollie A. Bragg....... 9

Mary Nell 19

Mary Polly Meyers.......... 8

Mary Stanphill............ 37

MaryHarris................ 34

Mathew    11

Maud Goats................ 64

Maurice Brooking.......... 41

May Cleghorn.............. 33

May Nations................ 9

Melton L. Collier......... 14

Mertle Rebecca Goats...... 66

Mildred Goldstein......... 40

Miles Donald Goetz........ 67

Minnie English............ 36

Minnie F. Purcella........ 25

Minnie Nations............. 9

Mollie Bragg............... 9

Mollie Delphora Goats..... 63

Mr. Niles 40

Mrs. Josie Bourne ........ 27

Muloamo   12

Nancy     10

Nancy A. Johnson.......... 33

Nancy Bragg................ 8

Nancy E. Bragg............ 10

Nancy J. Harris........... 34

Nancy Purcella............ 25

Nancy Waney................ 7

Nancy Waney Bragg......... 55

Napa Valley............... 28

Nathan    9

Nathan Bragg.............. 47

Nettie Jane McDaniel...... 28

Nogal     16

Norris Maxwell............. 2

O BAR O   20

Opal Meyers................ 2

Oswald    17

Parsons Hotel............. 19

Pfingstons................ 51

R. G. Smith............... 14

Raventon  47

Rebecca Smith............. 63

Richard C. Morgan......... 39

Richard Dale Goatz........ 67

Robert Clarke............. 32

Robert H. Henley.......... 49

Robert Leslie.......... 2, 36

Robert Ridley Byrd........ 38

Roy Bragg 29

Roy H. Grumbles....... 33, 39

Ruby Wright............... 36

Ryan Garrett Bishop........ 4

S. A. McClellan........... 22

Sallie R. Grumbles........ 33

Sally Goats............... 64

Sally R. Grumbles......... 39

San Andres Ranch.......... 20

Scott Cowen............... 29

Sheriff Emie Fritz........ 18

Sheriff Langston.......... 48

Skinners  16

Stephen Collier........... 35

Susan     9

Susan E. Harris........... 32

Susan Emiline Boggs Harris. 8

Sylvina Brooking.......... 41

T. J. Henley.............. 49

Taylor Smith.............. 64

Telisha Harris............ 34

Texas Park Ranch.......... 29

The Branum Cousins........ 53

The McDaniel Connection... 30

Thomas A. Bragg........... 32

Thomas Alfred............. 12

Thomas Alfred Bragg........ 5

Thomas Bragg............... 8

Thomas Causey.............. 9

Thomas D. Bragg............ 9

Thomas Jefferson Goats.... 66

Thomas W. Henley.......... 49

Ula A. Bragg.............. 33

Vaden Grumbles Gallacher.. 39

Verily Goatz.............. 66

Vivian Brooking........... 41

Vivian Goatz.............. 66

Walter E. Grumbles.... 33, 39

Walter Lefleur............ 40

White Oaks................ 16

William   10

William Bragg.. 8, 10, 11, 32

William C. Nations......... 9

William H. Harris......... 34

William Henley............ 48

William J. Henley......... 49

William J. Nations......... 9

William Kelt.............. 44

William L. Bragg.......... 10

William N. Kennedy........ 33

William Owen.............. 39

William T................. 11

William Wilson Gallacher.. 44

William(Cap) Henley....... 21

Willis Carrol Nations...... 9

Zella M. Grumbles......... 33

Zumwalts  16


...Please read endnotes, because they clarify text. We encourage everyone to record their family history. A copy of this book on computer disc is available free upon request as is a copy of the GEDCOM file which contains vital statistics.

...The Greer Family Genealogical Society of the Southern States was formed to preserve family history. It has representatives in most states. It's a volunteer supported association. Most of its information is sent to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City.

m..Branum is not to be confused with Barnum. The Barnums became Bragg cousins in 1965.

...Lincoln County was divided into Chavez, Eddy, Roosevelt, Curry, Guadalupe, Otero, and Torrence Counties over the years.

:..The Carrizozo News. Note: Raventon was also spelled Rabenton even on the same page of the newspaper. However, on 26 February 1896 the Post Office of RAVENTON was established six miles east of White Oaks. On 10 June 1910, the spelling was officially changed to RABENTON. Raventon was a Spanish spelling.

..orris Maxwell, Bragg researcher.

..ased on Fort Belknap; Barbara Ledbetter. Eakin Press, Austin, TX, 1982.

..his essayist considers slavery the most vile sin against mankind and only mentioned it here as a fact of history.

s.his union brought forth Nations. See Norris Maxwell's in depth work for details. fact which ties the family together genealogically is that all of Benjamin's sons were named after his brothers.

..ubstantial information in this booklet was supplemented with information supplied from Helen Henagar, Saint Johns, AZ, a Bragg Researcher who is highly regarded.

.. place named Bernardo also exists near Benado. They're not the same location. There's a Bernardo arroyo nearby as well. A little south of Benado Gap, lies Benado Arroyo. Verbal testimony about Benado provided by E. L. Greer, family historian with whom Bragg and Goats family archives are safeguarded.

..amily legend persists that one of our relatives married an American Indian. An old photograph of Alfred's granddaughter hints that she was an Indian. However, I have no method to verify whether or not a person was of any particular race by viewing a photograph.

..aution must be exercised when using the 1885 New Mexico State Census for it wasn't taken professionally, and much of it has been lost due to fading.

..s a test, one day I asked my son which state was mine by birth. "New Mexico," he said with authority. I walked into the library and asked my husband in what state had I been born. "Texas," he said without hesitation. Had I been the Census Marshal, I may have recorded incorrect information based on what I was told.

..or more information on Thomas Bragg see the Barnum and Greer Book and Research Guide, June 1993, by C.W. Barnum; on file with The Lincoln County Historical Society. Thomas is mentioned in several books written about Lincoln County, New Mexico. LaMay of Lincoln County provided a written statement that Ben was murdered near Doughtery Springs.

..he word "cousin" as used in this work refers to any allied family created through marriage. The Skinners later became cousins by marrying into the Greer family who were close relatives of the Braggs.

..erbert L. Traylor, Lincoln County Historian and former teacher of the Bragg children, oral testimony September 11, 1993, Capitan New Mexico. Letter dated 22 September 1993. Saga of the Sierra Blanca by H. L. Traylor. Mr. Traylor is 94 at this writing. Also, family legend.

..he Bears Den by Traylor. "The Barnum and Greer Families" by C. W. Barnum.

r.3.The Carrizozo News. I assume Tom's brother who held that half interest was Charles Alfred Bragg, not William who just returned from overseas.

.. wrote to every Oswald family in New Mexico to obtain more information but received no reply.

..5.One witness said Charles was "no good". We should not judge unless we know the heart of the sinner. Perhaps, he loved little Mary dearly.

..he 1927 obituary of Eva's mother listed a daughter, Mrs. Rufus Brown of Hurley, New Mexico.

.. $25.00 reward will be paid to the first person who proves the marriage date or death date of Eva Bragg.

s.he Zumwalt genealogy appears in "The Barnum and Greer Families" by C. W. Barnum on file with the Lincoln County Historical Society. The account of Mary Bragg provided by Chloe Peters.

..t's interesting that James William was known as BILL to his immediate family; He was know as WILLIAM to his relatives in Lincoln County; but His actual first name was JAMES. That is the reason Genealogists become prematurely gray.

,.onfusion exists about the name Bonito in Lincoln County to those who are not familiar with the area. There was a Bonito City, which was actually a Village, there was and is a Bonito Dam, a Bonito Lake, and a Bonito River, which is actually a brook. There is no Bonita. This book uses Bonito River, Rio Bonito, or Bonito Creek to refer to Rio Bonito. The word 'Bonito' when used in this book means any area near Bonito Dam or any route leading to that area. Bonito refers to the general area, not a specific location. LaMay.

..y family has lived both in Lincoln County and The Napa Valley, California, as well as Northern and Southern California, and Oregon and Arizona. None compares favorably with Lincoln County.

n.he word "Indian" refers to "Native American" and denotes admiration and respect for that race of people.

r.reer County is now named Jackson County. Nellie was born near Blair.

g.900 Lincoln County census. Fiche #888, Texas, IGI.

n.Letter of Helen Henagar 5 October 1993. She is the great granddaughter of Alfred Bragg. All Sutherlin data provided by Helen Henagar.

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y.estimony of Inice Hust. The Hurley family data was based on the 1900 Lincoln County census and Inice Hust, a relative. A baby Hurley died an infant in Texas in 1906.

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n.910 Lincoln County, New Mexico census.

r.910 Lincoln County, New Mexico census.

n.910 Lincoln County, New Mexico census.

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g.1880 Hill County census. 1900 Lincoln County census. 1870 Hill County census indicated she was five years older than claimed.

y.900 Lincoln County census.

y.arrizozo News.

g.900 Lincoln County census.

t.uneral Record. She was also called Fannie, Annie, or Anna.

g.900 Lincoln County census.

s.eath record at Lincoln County Recorder's Office.

s.900 & 1910 Lincoln County, New Mexico census. 1880 Llano County, Texas census. Mariam was also spelled Mariana, Marrium, Mamie, and Marian.

..rom the files of Helen Henagar. Details available upon request.

..or a complete study of these other families, please see  Mrs. Clayvielle's extensive work, The Hust Genealogy.

..arrizozo News, 9 Oct. 1903; submitted by Jane Buntrock. Greer & Bragg family stories and legends.

..he Carrizozo News. Hundreds attended the funeral.

..The age of Rebecca appears impossible, but the data was reported as found.

..amily records show this child as: Martin Jophes Goatz.

s.ther records show her as Molly Delphero Goats.

..verett was a common Goats, Bragg, and Greer given name.

..his story covers only a small part of the Lincoln County Genealogical story. Who will come forward to write another chapter?