Register Title: "Register of Marriages, St Senan's, Kilrush 1829-1906"

Marriages Jan 7, 1829 - Dec 6 1880
LDS Film Family History Library Microfilm 0979696

Note: BCR = Ballinacrenan   KRC = Kilrush Chapel  IPO = In presence of
YearDateEntryParties marriedWitnesses
182927-JanPatrick MacTigue son of Michael MacTigue of BCR married to Mary MacMahon of BCRMichael MacTigue John MacMahon BCR Tim McDonnell "Mayru"?
18295-Feb35Maurince Quinlivan of Kilkee to Anne dau of John Comyru?
183131-Jan130Pat McTigue a servant at Wm Knight's of Donogrogue married to Mary Morony daughter of Tho's Morony Carhudota (Villaperer)Pat Morony Tho's Morony Biddy McTigue
18306-Jan140Michael Driscoll son of Richard Driscoll of Donogrogue married at brother's house to Catharine Quinlivan of BCRThomas Quinlivan Joan Quinlivan Dennis Quinlivan
183114-Feb161Mich'l Nailon of BCR married in Kilrush Chapel to Ellen Mingane of BCR (Killlinpower)Mich'l Leo Martin Mingane Joan Quinlivan
183218-May246Michael Mohoney of Kilrush married to Anty Quillingham of Kilrush at Mr. Kenny's home Mary Mangan Cathrine Coughlin
183317-Jan269Michael Ready of Limerick mar: in Kilrush Chapel to Mary Boyle d: of Edmund Boyle of the GlinEdm'd Boyle Biddy Barry Biddy Boyle
18335-Feb277Tho's Quin to Jane O'Dea
18335-Feb278Pat Quinlivan to Casey [Carey?] (dead) dead d: of Widow Casey BCR Thomas Quinlivan Jone Quinlivan Thomas Purtill
183312-Feb286Mich'l Quinlivan son of Den's Quinlivan of BCR mar: in KRC to Biddy Mangane d: of Jn'o Mangane of CarhendotaJn'o Quinlivan Jn'o Mangane Mary Mulvihill
183312-Feb289Fran's Quinlivan of Shanavalla mar: in KRC to Mary d: of Pat Finnill CarnacallaPat Finnill Law'ce O Connor Pat Wit[Mc?]Gratte?
183319-Mar318Jn'o Quinlivan of Kildysart Parish mar: in KRC to Anne Beatman d: of Jn'o Beatman of BurraneJohn Beatman Pat Beatman Francis Gorman
183316-Sep326{Faded} Thos Keating of the Glin mar in KRC to Mary Quinlivan daughter of Patt Quinlivan of Ballykit.?Patt Quinlivan Biddy Lynch James Quinlivan
183328-Oct327Thos Hierce? [Pierce?] mar to Ellen Quin daughter of John Quin in Kilrush ChWilliam Purtole? Thos Purtol? Honora Quinlivan Wit
183417-Jan342James Quinlivan dead son of Patrick Quinlivan of Ballinkit mar in Chapel to Bridget Lynch daughter of John Lynch of Ballinkit (see page 68)John Bohannore Ellen Quinlivan [note: this is on p.36]
18344-Feb362Thomas Reidy of Kilmichael Parish mar at her father's house to Margaret Cusack d: of John Cusack ofBallinoteThomas Cusack John Cusack Micheal Cusack wit
183410-Feb377Thomas Lynch son of John Lynch Nullimor mar in KRC to Peggy Nalon d. of John Nalon PowernardaneeJohn Lynch Tom Culligan Michael Culligan Wit
183410-Feb384Lawrence Quin of Carhudota mar in KRC to Mary Monsell
183411-Feb395Darby McGrath dead of Disert mar to Mary Quinlivan d of Michael Quinlivan BCR John Quinlivan J's Maugher? JamesConnell
1834Not Recorded412Mich Mahomey son of John Mahoney Ballinoteruar? In KRC to Mary Reidy servant at W D Scanlon?Biddy Walsh Biddy Downs
183420-Jul439John Nealon married in KRC to Mary Mangane daughter of Widow Mangane of BCR John Ellen Wallace John McCoskin
183424-Jul434John Dempsey of Kilrush to Ann Doyle d Martin Dayly
18353-Mar502Pat Quinlivan of BCR (see p 30 no 14) married at her father's house to Briget Brown of Knockerra Tho's Browne her father
183520-Apr520Michael Quinlivan son of Augustine Quinlivan of Ballinkit mar to Judith Conyer? d: of Michael Coruyh? High Street Kilrush John McCloskey Catharine Black Mich'l Corrigan?
183610-Feb573John Batton son of thomas Batton of Kilrush mar in KPC to Mary Quinlivan dau of Augustine Quinlivan Ballinkit Augustine QuinlivanThomas Balton Mary Flavahane
183610-Feb572Joan Quinlivan wit to John Madigan & Bridget Dixon
18363-Sep617John Quinlivan & Margaret Glyn?Martin Cusack Brid Culligan [incomplete entry?]
183717-Jan630John McTigue servant to Mr William Brew's of Leadtown mar to Margaret Monan?
183721-Jan632John McTigue brother to the wife of Thomas Mangan the clerk mar to Honour Tahy of Tamon
18377-Feb662Micg Quinlivan of BCR married in KRC to Bridget Casey (Carey?) daughter of widow Carey (Casey?) of BCR Thomas Quinlivan Margaret Martin
183717-Oct687Tim Behane late of Burrane mar in KRC dead Ellen Quinlivan of Ballinkit John McCloskeyDaniel McMahon Edmond Walsh
183810-Feb718Michael Anglin of Killard Parish Bridget Quinlivan widow of J's Quinlivan Mballinkit (see p 36) mar in KRC James His Brother Michael Lynch Her Father Mary Sheehan
183820-Feb729Michael Walsh of church street Jane Mctigue stepdaughter to Charles Blackhall ...Michael McTigue Carnacalla her uncle
183827-Feb759Thomas Quinlivan Of BCR Anne Conroy? Of BCR Mar in KRC Patrick Quinlivan his brother Dennis Mulvihill of Donogrogue John Quinlivan his brother
18395-Feb819Michael Mcnamara Of Kildysart Parish Briget Reidy Of Knockerra Mar at her brother's James Reidy Mich MahoneyJohn O Brian
184014-Jan865Michael Brennan Servant At Hugh Mcclohessey's Leadmore Catharine Quinlivan D Of Pat Quinlivan late of Ballinkit mar in KRCPat QuinlivanHugh McClohessey
184112-FebJames Corry Kilrush Mary Flattery mar in KRC Thomas Slattery Catharine Quinlivan
18449-Jan986Patrick Connell son of Peter Connell Brigit Quinlivan widow of Thomas Quinlivan BCR mar at her house Peter ConnellJohn Parkingson Briget Quinlivan
184419-Feb1027Michael Cullinan Kilmurray Parish Briget Quinlivan BCR mar at her father's house John Quinlivan James Cullinan Michael Casey
184419-Feb1030Michael Reidy Margaret Madigan at John Dillon's in the Glin mar in KRC Patrick Millane Brigit Dillon Michael Conway
184523-Aug1129Simon Quinlivan of Farrudu? Briget Flaherty of Knockerre marJohn O Neill Hondon Flaherty
18468-Jan1132Martin McNamara Joanna Reidy mar in KRC Michael Conway Ellen Lyons
184610-Feb1156Dennis Quinlivan BCR Honora Meany BCR marJohn Quinlivan Jane (James?) O Dea
184614-Feb1163John Quinlivan BCR Margaret Shannon? MarPat Shannon? Bridget Dixon
184618-Feb1175Michael Keane Kilferagh? Joan Quinlivan BCR marJohn Kean Pat Quinlivan Bridget Keane
184612-Apr1220John Reidy Kilrush Mary Knight d of William Knight Donogrogue? MarWilliam Knight Martin Scanlon Marg (Mary?) Nolan
184711-Feb1264Pat Cahill Glin Margaret Riedy (undecipherable) marMargaret Kennedy Michael Hickey
184716-Feb1271James Cusack at Rev McYoung's ? Joanna Quinlivan d of Austin Quinlivan Ballinkit marWilliam Waters Catharine Quinlivan
18487-Mar1328Anthony Ryan Glin Catharine Quinlivan Ballinkit marThos O Connell Mary Cunningham
184830-Dec1342John Reily? Cath MaddenWallace Ch. Lane
18499-Jul1380Pat Conroy? Bridget Reidy of KilrushThomas Reidy ?? Burke
18504-Nov1429At her father's house Kilrush Lawrence Quinlivan Mayor of Limerick to Ellen Mary Kelly her father Martin KellyJohn O'Donnell John Kelly
18513-Mar1452At Kilrush Pat Reidy? Reily? To Mary Fealy of Kilrush Mich'l Bonyham? James Wallace
185225-Apr1502Edmond Meany to Margaret Reidy?
185230-Mar1513Wm Daly (indecipherable) to Margaret Daly?
1853Feb 7?1547Thomas Reed to Margaret McInerney
185321-Nov1585John Burke to Mary Quinlivan
185612-JanThomas Blake to Catherine Reidy of Skattery
185718-Feb1773John Grogan to Mary Quinlivan of KR
187220-Jan2338John Blake to Hanora Reidy
18706-Mar2277Patrick Riedy of Ballinagan Parish of Kilmacduan to Bridget Carmody of Ballyerra
187325-Feb2377John Mcinerney to Bridget Reidy (Reily?) Kilrush
187416-Feb2417Thomas Kennedy of RathKeale to Ellen Reidy of KR
187416-May2425Patrick Quinlivan to Bridget Purtill
187625-JulJohn Quinlivan of Leadmore to Mary Scanlon of Pound St
Register ends at Feb 16 1881
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