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Choosing a DNA test
DNA testing 101
Understanding the Science of DNA (for beginners)
Y-DNA Tests explained by Roberta Estes
DNA for Newbies
DNA for Newbies2
Understanding y-dna (father to son)
Understanding Family Finder (autosomal) test for men and women
Explanation of autosomal DNA testing by Angela
Basics of mtdna (mother to daughter & son)
Basic DNA information (Four types of DNA)
X Chromosome DNA (recombination)
Chromosomes Explained
Megan Smolenyak's Roots Television
Access your personal FTDNA page
FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) about results
How to update your FTDNA personal page
How to understand your results
How to upgrade your analysis
How to Join Forces by contacting people you match
Retesting at FTDNA after testing with another company
DNA testing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The DNA Test kit and how to use it
More detail about how to take a DNA Sample
Reference Information
Companies selling SNP Tests
Companies selling Y-DNA STR Tests
Getting Started in Genealogy
Simple explanation of SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms)
Dealing with unexpected DNA results
Family Finder FAQ
Pitts Surname Distribution in the USA
Pitts Surname Distribution in 1881 in England
Pitts Surname Australian Genealogy Research Site
TED talk, Drew Berry Explains how DNA works (very complicated)
DNA replication simulation (very complicated)
How many ancestors share our DNA
How to do Chromosome Mapping
Autosomal DNA - How to Analyze by Maurice Gleeson
FTDNA lab tour by Roberta Estes
FRTDNA lab tour by Jennifer Zinck
Contribute to the Pitts DNA General Fund (be sure to select the Pitts Group)

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