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My goal is to have my own picture pedigree of about 4-6 generations.  I lack only one or two pictures.  This picture is a picture pedigree of my grandmother.  I will load it in a smaller version.  Click on these words or the picture below to see it in a larger version.


Baker, Beulah

Baker, Brummet

Baker, Carol Jean & mom

Baker, Cora Harlan

Baker, Dean

Baker, Dulcey & Dean

Baker, Earl LeRoy

Baker, Erastus Darias

Baker, Edwin

Baker, Edwin  Erastus  (face)

Baker, Elmer

Baker, George Alfred & family-- his wife--Catherine Mabel Shepperson  daughters Beulah (the young girl & Thelma Jane the baby.

Baker, George Alfred (face)

Baker, George Alfred (older)

Baker, George Alfred & May Shepperson his wife.

Baker, Guy

Baker, Guy in his World War II uniform

Baker, Ira's kids

Baker, James

Baker James (face)

Baker, Jane Louden Christy

Baker, Jane Louden (face)

Baker, Jane Louden (older in front of house)

Baker, Jenny or Ada

Baker, May Shepperson

Baker, May Shepperson (Young face)

Baker, Mayme, Roy & family

Baker, Thelma Jane

Blackmer, George

Blackmer, George & Edith Pease

Boyer, Bazil  (Taken from Newspaper Clipping of his obituary--no mention of the paper or date.)

Boyer, child

Boyer, John

Boyer, Sarah Burger

Byington, Violace

Carlson, Alex (face)

Carlson, Rae Carter (face)

Carlson, Rae Carter & Alex  (Wedding Picture)

Carter, David (face)

Carter, David & Lionne Rawlings (Around their wedding?)

Christy, James Ambrose & Clara Helen Shepherd  (They went by Ambrose & Clara.  He is the son of Henry Daniel Christy & Irene Jane Shoptaugh)

Christy, Ambrose & Clara & family.  (Same James Ambrose & Clara Helen Shepherd above.)

Christy family & Inlaws--- Close-up.  (I don't know who this family is for sure but Christy family & Inlaw is how it is labelled.  I also know these were labelled at least 50 years after the pictures were taken.  They are definitely related to Catherine Mabel Shepperson & Erastus Darias Baker.  To me the woman looks like a Shepperson, but I don't know.  Most likely a Christy, Baker, Shepperson or Boyer family.)

Christy family & Inlaws--Full picture.  Shows that the above picture was taken in Gorin, Missouri.  To me, the father of this family looks like one of the sons of George Washington Christy who is son of James & Hannah Christy.  See the man sitting next to Martha Shaffer in the family picture for G. W. Christy.)

Christy, Arthur Edward--close-up (son of Joseph K. Christy & Mary Ann Shepperson.  Joseph K. Christy is the son of James Christy & Hannah Rice or Royce)  see Joseph K. Christy family picture.)

Christy, Clifton Richard-- close-up (son of Joseph K. Christy & Mary Ann Shepperson.  Joseph K. Christy is the son of James Christy & Hannah Rice or Royce)  see Joseph K. Christy family picture.)

Christy, Frank Elbert-- close-up  (son of James Andrew Christy & Martha Belle Shepperson.  James is the son of Joseph K. Christy & Irene Shoptaugh.  Joseph K. Christy is the son of James Christy & Hannah Royce or Rice.)

Christy, George Washington  close-up (taken from the picture of his family)

Christy, George Washington & Martha Shaffer--  (This is a scan of a photocopy.  Does anyone have the original to scan in a large 1000 by 1000 jpg for me?)

Christy, George Washington, Martha and family ---- older  This picture has Hannah Rice or Royce Christy sitting right next to G. W. on the far right.  (GW/2)  This is obviously a scan of a photocopy.  Can anyone get me a scan of the original picture?

Christy, Grace-- closeup (daughter of James Andrew Christy & Martha Belle Shepperson.  James is the son of Joseph K. Christy & Irene Shoptaugh.  Joseph K. Christy is the son of James Christy & Hannah Royce or Rice.)

Christy, James Ambrose (face) ---see Ambrose Christy & Clara Helen Shepherd

Christy, James Andrew (face)  --- Taken from the picture of his family.

Christy, James Andrew, Martha Belle Shepperson Christy and their first 2 children-- Frank & Grace.

Christy, John James-- son of James Christy  & Hannah Rice or Royce.

Christy, Joseph K. & Mary Ann Shepperson----  That is what this picture is labelled.  This is obviously a Shepperson girl, but I do not think that this is Joseph K. Christy.  He was 60 when she married him.  The other picture I have that is taken in Carthage, IL, is most surely Joseph K. & his family.   Most people get pictures taken close to where they live.   Joseph K. never lived in Kahoka and he and his Shepperson bride were never close to the same age.  Does anyone know who this is?

Christy, Joseph K. (face)  taken from family photo next.

Christy, Joseph K. & Mary Ann Shepperson  and their two children.  Oldest is Arthur Edward.  The baby is Clifton Richard Christy.

Christy, Martha Shaffer face (taken from the family photo with George W. Christy)

Christy, Martha Belle Shepperson (portrait)

Christy Shepperson Chart  (Show intermarriages of 3 different familes--Christy, Shepperson, Baker

Evans, Elizabeth Goldsmith  (Again this is a scan of a copied picture.  If anyone has the original and can get me a clearer picture that would be wonderful.)

Evans, Julina Ann, (young girl)

Evans, Sarah Yadon (old picture from photocopied or copied picture)

Evans, William (Again this is a scan of a copied picture.  If anyone has the original and can get me a clearer picture that would be wonderful.)

Evans, Wiliiam & Elizabeth Goldsmith together.  (Again this is a scan of a copied picture.  If anyone has the original and can get me a clearer picture that would be wonderful.)

Follett, George (portrait)

Follett, Lucelia Estella (from family photo)

Follett, Mary

Hannay, Lucena  (young)

Hannay, Lucena  (mid-aged)

Hannah, Lucena (old)

Hazel, Annie

Hazel, Harry, Jr. -- children

Hazel, Harry, Jr. wife and children

Hazel, Harry, Jr. with his wife

Hazel, Mary Follett & child's family.

Helvy, Irene Wooley

Helvy, Omer

Helvy, Omer & Irene Wooley

Horton, Betsy (Grandma Kingsbury)

Hunter, Coit  (graduation)

Hunter, Coit  (baby)

Hunter, Foster

Hunter, Foster & Julia

Hunter, Joseph Foster  (his shirt says "Salvation Army")

Hunter, James Foster graduation (face)

Hunter, Julia (baby)

Hunter, Julia with doll

Hunter, Julia (portrait)

Jaynes, Mariah

Miller, Addie (high school graduation pic)

Miller, Addie (older)

Miller, Alice

Miller, Clarence

Miller, Dell Stanford (from engagement or early marriage picture with Fred--below)

Miller, Dell Stanford   (older)

Miller, Fred & Dell Stanford

Miller, Fred     (younger from above picture)

Miller, Fred   (older)

Miller, Obadiah Chase   (from family photo)

Miller, Thelma  Lucille,  (young girl)

Miller, Thelma Lucille,    (high school graduation)

No name 1

No name 2

No name 3

Paul, Rosalie Rawlings  (face)

Paul, William  (face)

Paul, William & Rosalie

Peaksville Church1--  in Peaksville, Clark County, Missouri  (Christy family very involved in this church)

Peaksville Church 2

Pease, Beulah Kibbee

Pease, Edith

Pease, Ethel Elizabeth Byington

Pease, George Amos

Pease, George Jr.

Pease, Homer

Pease, Homer Albert & Sarah Mariah Taysom  (Younger)

Pease, Homer & Sarah (older)

Pease, Mariette Calista Worden (face)

Pease, Mariette Calista Worden & unknown child

Pease, Mayme

Quance, William  (portrait)

Quance, William & Stella

Rawlings, Augusta & friends.  The friend on the Right is Mary Guthrie.  I do not know the one on the left.

Rawlings, Bessie (small child)

Rawlings, Carrie Augusta (went by Gussie) --This is the picture I use for my homepage for my main website.  She is my great-grandmother and I think she is very pretty.

Rawlings, Clara Scott (face-older)

Rawlings, Clara Scott (young-full picture)

Rawlings, Clara Scott (young-face from above picture)

Rawlings, Edna Jane Watt (beautiful picture from picture below with Paul Rawlings)

Rawlings, Edna Jane Watt & Paul Rawlings.  I love this picture.

Rawlings, Edna Jane (from family picture with Joseph Henry Rawlings)

Rawlings, Gussie (Augusta)  Grew up to marry Frank P. Riggs.  Taken from picture with her father (Joseph Henry Rawlings & family.

Rawlings, Hester (daughter of James Rawlings & Clara Belle Scott)

Rawlings, James (son of Joseph Henry Rawlings & Juliana Ann Evans)

Rawlings, Jim (face middle-aged -- taken from the picture with his wife & children below)

Rawlings, Jim (son of Joseph Henry & Julina Anna Evans)  & wife Clara Belle Scott Rawlings and their children Earl, Pauline, Hester and Paul)

Rawlings, Joseph Henry & his son Jim & David Carter, husband of Lionne Rawlings.  Mostly this is a picture of their horses & barn.  I'll show this one two times.  Once the regular size & one twice as large but cropped to show the people better.  This one is the overall picture.

Rawlings, Jim, Joseph Henry & David Carter & the barn 2.  This one shows the people better.

Rawlings, Joseph Henry  (face)  from the family picture

Rawlings, Joseph Henry-wife Juliana Ann Evans & family. (Back Row Left to Right  Lee [Rosalie], Edna, Lionna, James.  Middle front-- Bessie [Rebecca Elizabeth]  Very Front-- Gussie [Carrie Augsuta])

Rawlings, Julina Ann Evans (portrait)

Rawlings, Julina, Edna, Rosalie, Lionne (older)  great picture!

Rawlings, Lee  (Henry Lee -- I believe he is the son of Daniel Rawlings & Lizze Scott) cousin to Gussie & the children of Joseph Henry Rawlings.  He looks to be in a Marine uniform.  The picture is taken at Hemmen Studio in Waukegan, Illinois.

Rawlings, Lee's children.  I do not know their names or who their mother was.

Rawlings, Lee (high school gradutaion)

Rawlings, Lionne (face) taken from the picture of her father Joseph Henry Rawlings

Rawlings, Lionne Carter Hunter and her daughters  Grace & Rae.  This is what the back of the picture said.  I believe these girls are daughter of David Carter and Lionne.

Rawlings, Paul  (son of Jim & Clara Belle Scott Rawlings - I believe)

Rawlings, Rosalie  (Went by Lee)

Riggs family picture.  I believe this is the Riggs family.  Martin & Bessie Rawlings Riggs are on either side of the older people in the back.  I believe that the older people are George Washington Riggs & Ann Maria Ellis.  This is probably taken in Oregon.  I believe the children that are closest to Bessie are her children.  The three men in the back are definitely all Riggs men.  Look at their noses!  I believe that probably the other man in the back is a brother or uncle to Martin, but I don't know who he or the woman and other children are.  Picture had to have been taken before 1909 for Ann Maria Ellis Riggs to have been in the picture.  If anyone knows more about this picture, please contact me.

Riggs, Alvin (George Alvin)  & Walter (Charles Walter) and their wives Nina Belk and Cynthia respectively.  This is how this picture is labelled.

Riggs, Ann Maria Ellis (face)

Riggs, Bessie Rawlings (face) taken from family picture with Ruth and Martin

Riggs, Beth (high school graduation picture)

Riggs,  boys.  We're not sure who all these boys are. I'm fairly sure that one is Frank P. Riggs and one is Ira.

Riggs, Frank P. & Augusta Rawlings Riggs 50th Wedding Anniversary picture.  (Cake picture)

Riggs, Frank P. & Augusta Rawlings Riggs 50th Wedding Anniversary picture.  Family Around Table.  Cutting cake.   (L. to R. Beth Riggs Benham, Helen Riggs Benham, Augusta Riggs, Frank P. Riggs, George Riggs, Ralph Riggs, Russel Riggs)

Riggs, Frank P. & Augusta Rawlings Riggs 50th Wedding Anniversary picture.  Do you see the family mischief creeping out?   These are really wonderful people. (L. to R.  Helen Riggs Benham, Russel Riggs, George Riggs, Beth Riggs Benham, Ralph Riggs.)

Riggs, Frank P.  (portrait) older

Riggs, Frank P. (as a child--face from family picture)

Riggs, Frank P. & Augusta Rawlings Riggs in the original frame (older)

Riggs, George Washington (face from family photo)

Riggs, George Washington & Ann Maria Ellis in front of their home

Riggs, George Washington & Ann Maria Ellis and their family.  (Left to right back row:  Edgar Ellis Riggs, Charles Walter Riggs, George Alvin Riggs, Martin T. C. Riggs;  front row:  George Washington Riggs, Ira Lee Riggs, Ann Maria Ellis Riggs, Frank P. Riggs)

Riggs, George Washington or Benson B. Riggs?  We don't know which Riggs this is.  I believe this picture is older than the one with George W. and his family.  That is what makes me think it could be Benson B. Riggs.   The style of his clothes is much older than the picture with George W. & family.  Do you know who this is??

Riggs, Gussie Rawlings (larger version of her from the picture of her and Frank in the frame)

Riggs, Helen (high school graduation picture)

Riggs, Ira Lee 1  (small picture in a much larger frame.  Whole picture is only face)

Riggs, Ira Lee's first wife.

Riggs, Ira Lee in cowboy hat

Riggs, Ira Lee in uniform.  I don't know if he went to a military school of if he was involved in World War I or what.

Riggs, Ira (young face from the family photo)

Riggs, Martin T. C. & Bessing Rawlings Riggs and their first child.  We think this is Ruth Riggs.

Riggs, Martin T. C.  (portrait)

Riggs, Martin T. C. (young father from the photo with Bessie & Ruth)

Riggs, Russel (older in cowboy hat--dressed up)

Riggs, Russel (high school graduation)

Riggs, Russel & Thelma (older in front of our forsythia)

Riggs, Russel, Thelma and baby

Riggs, Ruth (daughter of Martin T. C. Riggs & Bessie Rawlings Riggs)

Riggs, Thelma (older)

Riggs, Walter & Cynthia  (This may be mislabeled)

Riggs, Walter & Frank P.

Seccomb, John

Seccomb, Joseph W.  (taken by the Barnes Studio in Rockford, Illinois)

Seccomb, Joseph W.  (face)

Seccomb, Sally Ann

Sedgewick, Lottie & Willie (cousins of Shepperson family?)

Shaffer, Martha (from photocopy of her and her husband)

Shepperson, Ada---  This is the way this photo is labeled.  I know they were labeled far after they were taken.  I believe this is either a younger picture of Sarah Jane Boyer Shepperson or her daughter Susan Shepperson Yates.  I looks to me to be taken around 1890 to 1900.

Shepperson, Caroline Augusta (face from family picture)

Shepperson, Catherine Mabel  (face from family picture)

Shepperson, Clinton

Shepperson, John Measures and his wife, Sarah Jane Boyer Shepperson and their two youngest daughters-- Caroline Augusta (Carrie) & Catherine Mabel (May)

Shepperson, John (portrait)

Shepperson, John M. & son  (labeled that the son was a buddy, but if you look at Joseph David & Mary Jane Cooley's picture then it seems fairly obvious that this is John M.'s son.)

Shepperson, Joseph David (face from picture with Mary Jane Cooley)

Shepperson, Joseph & Mary Cooley

Shepperson, Martha

Shepperson, Martha Belle (face from picture with her husband James Andrew Christy)

Shepperson, Mary Ann (face from picture with her husband and children with Joseph K. Christy)

Shepperson, Mary Jane Cooley (face from picture taken with her husband Joseph David Christy)

Shepperson, Sarah Jane Boyer

Shepperson, Susan --married name is Yates.

Shepperson, Susan Yates??  Labelled Ada Shepperson, but I'm pretty sure this is Susan Shepperson

Shepperson, Wilbur Stanley

Stanford, Addie

Stanford, Addie in her graduation for becoming a Doctor.  One of just a handful of women doctors in her time.  She never married.

Stanford-- Family picture with adult children and Rachel Antoinette Allen Stanford.  Most likely taken after 1916 when Charles Stewart Thorne Stanford passed away.  (Back row left to right:   Addie Stanford, Lynn Watson, Glenn Stanford, Dell S. Miller;  Front Row left to right:  Callie S. Watson, Earl Watson, Maggie Stanford, Ellis Stanford, Rachel Antoinette Allen Stanford.)

Stanford, Carrie (daughter of Harvey Eugene Stanford & Eula Almira Andrew)

Stanford, Charles Stewart Thorne Stanford (portrait)

Stanford, Charles Stewart Thorne Stanford in Civil War uniform (Union Army) -- closeup

Stanford, Charles Stewart Thorne Stanford in Civil War uniform (Union Army) -- whole picture.

Stanford, Chloe (portrait)

Stanford Cousins, young-- Mom explains that four children of Richard Stanford and Sally Ann Thorne had only one child.   When they wanted to have their children's pictures taken, the four families got together and took pictures of their children as if they were brothers and sisters.   This picture was taken at Stacy Brothers.  On the other end of the picture it says Sodus and Alton, NY.  (Left to Right:  Rena Stanford [dau. of John Franklin Stanford and Isabell Virginia Watson], Stella Stanford [dau of Daniel Jonathan Stanford and Lynda Minerva Boynton], Leon Woodhull [dau. of Louise Rodella Stanford and Byron Joseph Woodhull] , Carrie Stanford [dau. of  Harvey Eugene Stanford & Eula Almira Andrew].

Stanford Cousins  same as above only just the people, not the frame.

Stanford Cousins, older-- see above explanations.  Stella Stanford married Mr. Quance, Leon Woodhull, Carrie Stanford Groves, Rena Stanford Thompson

Stanford, Daniel Jonathan

Stanford, Daniel Jonathan and his wife.

Stanford, Dick

Stanford, Ellis

Stanford Family Reunion 1907 at Sylvan Beach

Stanford Family Reunion Cards

Stanford, Frank & Isabel Watson Stanford and daughter Rena.

Stanford, Frank and Isabel Watson (young)

Stanford, Glen

Stanford, Isabel Watson (from picture with her husband)

Stanford, John Franklin

Stanford, Jonathan (supposed to be husband of Eunice Morton)

Stanford, Jonathan, Jr. (husband of  Ann Augusta Hannay)

Stanford, Lydia Minerva Boynton (from the picture with her husband)

Stanford, Maggie Gerard

Stanford, Stella (married name Quance) from picture with her husband William Theron Quance.

Stanford, Rena

Stanford, Richard

Stanfords, Dick, Addie, Dell Miller, & Fred Stanford (Older-outside)

Stanford, Rosa Dell  (Miller is her married name.  Went by Dell)

Stanfords, Children of Charles Stewart Thorne Stanford & Rachel Antoinette Allen: PLEASE NOTE:  The discription on the back of the real picture (at the bottom of the net version) is somewhat confusing.  The names were put in the exact places of the people and not in Left to right order.  The description on the bottom of the picture is exactly backward.  Grandma always thought that Dick & Glen were switched and it is obvious from other pictures that so are Callie and Addie. Left to right order is:  Addie Stanford,  Glen Stanford, Dell Stanford, Dick Stanford, Callie Stanford Watson.

Stanford, Stella

Stetson, Geneva

Taysom, Sarah Maria

Thorne, Sally Ann (married Richard Stanford)

Vankirk, Clethra

Vankirk, David (cowboy hat)

Vankirk, David (WWII uniform)

Vankirk, Earl

Vankirk, family without Beulah

Walker, Edna Jane Rawlings (portrait)

Walker, Lon C. (portrait)

Watson, Callie Belle Stanford (face-from wedding or engagement photo)

Watson, Lynn  (face-from wedding or engagement photo)

Watson, Lynn & Callie Stanford

Webster, Martha Little Allen (face from family portrait)

Webster, Samuel & Martha Allen and their daughters.  I don't know which ones.  Perhaps the 2 youngest??

Webster, Samuel (face from family portrait)

Woodhull, Byron  (whole picture)

Woodhull, Byron (face)

Woodhull, Leon (face)

Woodhull, Rodella Stanford--daughter of Richard (whole picture)

Woodhull, Rodella Stanford (face)

Worden, Marietta Calista

Yadon, Sarah (Sally)  Married Andrew C. Evans, Jr.

Yates, Susan Shepperson (portrait)

Yates, Susan's children or grandchildren

Yates, Susan's daughters-- taken at Kahoka, Missouri.

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