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This site gives a glimpse into the background of Jacob Fischer, Sr., who was one of the Pennsylvania Deutsch.  He may have first settled in Maryland.   We pick up his story at the time of the French & Indian War, and detail his service in the 1st Battalion of the 60th Regiment of Foot  (Royal Americans).

After the War he settled near Berlin, Pennsylvania, before immigrating to Canada in 1796.

For those of you who have an old 1991 edition of The Fisher Family History, a 1995 update is available. For further information please contact the author directly at to ensure a prompt reply.
Also available ALLIN/WALTER family history - Devonshire, England to Huron County, Canada (Colborne/Goderich).
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These pioneers of yore
Are kin whom God hath lent.
They lived their lives and did their deeds,
Their time on Earth now spent.

They plowed the fields and sowed the crops,
Built homes and factories and mills.
They shaped this great Dominion of ours
Into a land of freedom and good will.

Their passing hath created
Within this Universe of ours,
A void which we must strive to fill,
A task which God empowers.

Don't fail these pioneers who're gone,
Don't fail yourselves as well.
Don't cause their toil to be for naught.
For Canada, it's your turn to excel.

by Sharon Smith Troian, Author of
Fischer-Fisher Family History -
A Legacy From The Past For The Future

Spelling Variations
Our Quest
Jacob Fischer Senior (c1739-1827)
- French & Indian War, 1755-1763
- The Battle for Canada
- Attack on Fort Le Boeuf
- Frontier Posts during French & Indian War
- Disposition of British & Colonial Forces
Jacob Fischer Senior
- In Pennsylvania
- In Canada
Summary of Associated Names
Fisher Genealogies
Fisher Arrivals at Philadelphia, 1727 - 1755
The Pennsylvania - Canada Connection
- (A list of settlers emigrating from Pennsylvania to Ontario, Canada)
Partial Listing, 1st Bn, 60th Regiment of Foot (The Royal Americans)

 To better assist you in determining if this Jacob Fischer is your ancestor, I include here the names, dates and spouses for his ten children.  The author is descended from the last child, John Michael.  Because of translation, transcription, or just due to memory, birth dates sometimes do not agree with all records.  For example, Elizabeth's birth is shown as March 31 in the Bible and "Cummer Memoranda", her tombstone states March 5, and the Parish records of the Reformed and Lutheran Church of Berlin, PA, show June 28, 1777, which is one day away from the Bible date of Eve's birthday.

    1.  Michael, 3 Jul 1767 - bef 1784
    2.  John, 27 Apr 1769 - 17 Sep 1799; m. Catherine Hommen
    3.  Jacob Jr., 26 Mar 1771 - 19 Aug 1856; m. Catherine Hartman
    4.  Peter, 15 Jun 1773 - bef 1784
    5.  Elizabeth, 31st or 5th Mar 1775 - 31 Mar 1854; m. Jacob CUMMER
    6.  Eve, 27 Jun 1777, PA - 21 Feb 1859; m. Nicholas COBER
    7.  Valentine, 14 Jul 1779, PA - 1842; m. Hannah
    8.  Catherine, 22 Nov 1781, PA - 13 Jul 1852; m. Joseph SHEPARD
    9.  Rachel, 16 Sep 1783, PA - 18 Aug 1853; m. John OSTER
    10. John Michael, 4 May 1786, PA - 20 Nov 1844; m. Susannah Holly

Some Fischer/Fisher websites and genealogies show the father of the above Jacob Fischer Sr. (c1739-1827) as Herman Fisher (c1702-1760) of   New Goshenhoppen (Philadelphia).  I believe I have disproved this theory:
Generation I: Jacob Fisher, c1670-8 Mar 1748; m. Sophia
        - Emigrated to Philadelphia (German Town/New Goshenhoppen) c1727
Generation II: Hermanus, c1702-1760; m. Margareth
         - The reference "Jacob Fischer The Immigrant", states the eldest son of Hermanus was Jacob, b. c1727,
           who m. Hanna Danckler
         - The reference "The Jacob Fisher Family", states this Jacob settled in Rowan County, North Carolina,
           therefore he cannot be our Jacob Fischer who immigrated to Canada c1796.
         - Our Jacob Fischer's land documents state that he was "a native of Germany",
           and therefore not born in America.
Generation III: George; m. Barbara Eberhard
Generation IV: Herman Fisher, 1771-1825; m. Mary Cline
Generation  V: Jacob Harmon Fisher, 1804-1888; m. Eliza Jane Cummer.  

Some descendants of this family are buried in Union Burying Ground, Burlington, Ontario, and are listed in "Union Burying Ground"

I believe this family to be completely separate and only connected to my Fischer line through the Cummer name.   Eliza Jane was a descendant of Jacob Fischer Sr. of York County, Canada, whose history is the content of this website.   Therefore, ONLY the descendants of Jacob Harmon Fisher and Eliza Jane Cummer are descendants of both Fischer lines.

Another reason for Herman to not be Jacob Sr's father is that according to the old tradition of naming children, the first son was named after the father's father.   Jacob Sr's first son was named Michael.  This child died young and the last son was also given this same name, which suggests that Jacob Sr's father could be named Michael.   However, tradition states that the second son should be named after the mother's father, which was not the case.

Naming Traditions:
Oldest son named after paternal grandfather (England, Germany)
Second son named after maternal grandfather (England, Germany)
Oldest daughter named for maternal grandmother (England, Germany)
Second daughter named for paternal grandmother (England, Germany)

- "The Importance of Given Names", D. Przecha,
- "18th Century PA German Naming Customs", C. Kerchner, Jr.,

HOWEVER, "Cummer Memoranda", by W.W. and C.L. Cummer, 1911, Chapter 1, Family 1, states that a Herman Fisher was the father of our Jacob Fischer Sr.   I believe this to be incorrect and meant to state that the father of Jacob Harmon Fischer was (correctly) Herman.   If any Cummer descendants have proof that Jacob Sr.'s father was Herman, please get in touch with me so that I can amend this history.

"Fischer-Fisher Family History, A Legacy From The Past For The Future", and poems, are under copyright, 1991.  If you connect to this family and wish further information on the descendants, please contact me at and I will be pleased to assist.

There are only a few copies of this family history left, and no more editions will be printed. The book is 8-1/2" x 11", professionally bound, hard cover, and contains over 260 pages of text, charts, documents and photographs. Why pay to search the genealogy websites or purchase documents, etc. when you could have a copy of your family history already researched and written.

Give the gift of family history to your children and grandchildren.
If you wish a copy please E-mail me directly to check availability and cost. I do not check this site every day. Thank you for your interest.

Online June 5, 2004

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